The Muslim Brotherhood in America (video)

Stakelbeck on Terror examines the Muslim Brotherhood – a group committed to jihad, sharia law and establishing Islamic domination in the U.S.
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20 thoughts on “The Muslim Brotherhood in America (video)

  1. Thank you for posting this erudite treatment of a serious subject that the main stream media is still not taking seriously.

    How much do intelligence groups, law enforcement, and scholars have to do to get the main stream media to cover what is a planned campaign to subvert the US government while hiding behind religious protection?

    This is as serious if not more serious than the Cold War.

  2. Great expose! Any Muslim organization cannot be trusted as it is just a capillary that funnels an arteriole that funnels an artery that pumps from the heart. It all
    comes from a lie (Liar) and we know what and who that is.

  3. Just when are people in this country going to wake up to the threat in our own back yards? Are they just going to remain in denial until, well say they have 5 or 6 suicide bombers go into the Mall of America at peak Christmas shopping time and blow themselves up and take 100’s of innocent victims with them? What will it take or will it just be too damn late???

  4. You can buy a lot of presidents, prime ministers, congressmen, senators, politicians, lawmakers, governors, mayors, and media with Muslim OIL Dollars.

    It was Muslim OIL Dollars that helped move Barack InSane ObuMer into 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

    Islam cannot take America down going head on with the American People, but they are attempting to buy their way to that same end, with Muslim OIL Dollars.

  5. Brigitte Gabriel discusses this in her book Because They Hate. How is it that this is allowed in America? If the KKK can’t have an organization, neither can the muslim fuckheads.

  6. And as long as Obama is president, they will not only survive but thrive. Note his history with his very good pals from CAIR. Wake up America! Our parents and grandparents had the nazis to fight. and defeat. It is up to our generation to accept the challenge and rid the world of this scourge or else there will be no world for our children. I don’t think I’m overstating the case.

    • I’d say you hit the nail on the head. People here need to wake up before it’s too damn late, the clock is ticking. My Grandfather found in WWII and with some great Uncles. I can’t believe that our peers have not decided to act against this muslim invasion.

  7. Unfortunately most people won’t believe half of what is said here because it’s on a Christian Network. If we don’t do something within the government soon to prevent Sharia Law it will be too late. It makes my head swim to see how fast Islam has grown in the United States just since 911. I used to live in England and I couldn’t believe how quickly they infiltrated and took over entire cities like Bradford and Manchester. Look this is not a religion it a government system that is polar opposite of our constitution. If there is an attack within the American boarders the American people will go nuts and they will be the ones arrested and put in jail not the Muslims. We must group together as they do and say NO to Sharia law and Islam. This is NOT a peaceful religion or government. By the Way!!!!! Where are all the Feminist Movements now???? The afgan, saudi, and all of women in the middle east that are subjected to Islam are treated worse than animals…. Being made to cover themselves from head to toe, genital mutilation and stoning!!! Come on Feminist, where are you now???Are you really looking forward to wearing a Burka???

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If sharia law continues spreading, you'll have less and less freedom of speech - so speak while you can!

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