Islam creeps into the Arctic

“It’s a symbolic place for the Muslims…”

via CBC News – Edmonton – Arctic mosque lands safely in Inuvik.

The world’s most northern mosque has arrived by barge in Inuvik, N.W.T., giving Muslims in the Arctic town a proper place of worship.

A Northern Transportation Company Ltd. barge arrived in Inuvik late Wednesday afternoon, carrying the prefabricated 1,554-square-foot beige building that will soon be a mosque and community centre for a growing Muslim population in the Arctic hamlet of 3,200 people.

Facing an early snow, a crowd of about 40 Muslims greeted their long-awaited mosque at the NTCL shipyard. There were prayers, group photos, hugs and applause.

“It’s a beautiful building. Everyone’s happy to have this small little home for meeting and for prayer, and for the children to be playing in,” resident Amir Suliman told CBC News when the mosque arrived.

The arrival caps an incredible 4,000-kilometre road and river journey from Manitoba, where the mosque was built, through two provinces and the Northwest Territories, down the Mackenzie River to the community just north of the Arctic Circle.

The Zubaidah Tallab Foundation, a Manitoba-based Islamic charity, raised the money to build and ship the structure to Inuvik to help the Islamic community there.

“It’s a symbolic place for the Muslims,” he said. “It means that if anybody comes up here, they’ll find a place to pray and worship. Plus, we’re planning on using it as a community centre.”

Just like it will be symbolic to have a mosque at Ground Zero. hat tip @dominionpundit

Canadian Muslims erect first minaret in Arctic

OTTAWA — Canadian Muslims have erected the Arctic’s first minaret, atop a little yellow mosque which serves as spiritual home to the area’s fledgling Islamic community.

The prefabricated mosque arrived in Inuvik last month to serve a growing Muslim population in Canada’s far north, after traveling 4,000 kilometers (2,485 miles) over land and water.

The minaret — built locally and installed this week — has four levels and stands 30 feet (10 meters) off the ground.

“It’s really beautiful when we turn on the lights in the dark,” Amier Suliman, a mosque committee member, told AFP on Wednesday.

“This is the first minaret to be erected in the Arctic,” Suliman said gleefully by telephone.

“Some will say it’s a new frontier for Islam,” he commented.

21 thoughts on “Islam creeps into the Arctic


  2. This is a sensitive area in the sense that natives and indigenous peoples are particularly suseptible to islamic proselyzation. They’ve been burned by the gov’t and I can see many natives responding to the inclusiveness of islam. “Come be one of us,” would be particualrly attractive to people who feel left out of the traditional gov’t. “We stand on guard for thee”, the last line of the Canadian national anthemn takes on an ominous message in this context. We know islam appeals to those who feel left out of the mainstream. What to do?

  3. I think one of the reasons they want to force a mosque on the small community of Inuvik is that it is at latitude 68′ 16” North, above the Arctic circle. This means that fasting time in Inuvik around September during ramadan is roughly between 6am and 4:30pm, only 10 1/2 hours. Whereas if they were in the Middle East they would have to fast 12 1/2 hours… that makes a difference to the old tummy… greedy muzzies.
    I have worked in some of the Inuit communities, and I don’t think that the Inuit will take too kindly to having Sharia shoved down their throats. What I really wonder is what the hell these muzzies want to be in Inuvik for? I mean they aren’t going to find work there, and it gets bloody cold in the winter: -58C is quite common temperature in the 5 months of winter, and that isn’t taking the wind chill factor into account, either. What the hell are they going to do?
    I guess the good old Government of Canada (with their grubbing to the PC’ers0 will give them all sorts of freebies, because muzzies very good at whining and whinging – oh yes, they have got the work of taking advantage to the west’s humaneness down to an art: they will probably get free – or subsidized – housing, a generous living allowance, food allowance, heating allowance, free clothes, and travel allowance – all paid for by the Canadian tax payers, you bet.
    It’s criminal, that’s what I think.
    You as a Christian go and find out right now if you can ship a portable Church to Mecca in Saudi Arabia, and set up a small community centre there! Ha, when the pig flies over the moon.
    We need someone like Maggie Thatcher again, you bet. During her stint as Prime Minister, there wasn’t a single mosque in England; and at some posh banquet or other the so-called King of Saudi Arabia was sitting next to her and asked her when the first mosque would be built in England. She replied, “When the first Church is allowed to be built in Saudi Arabia.” Well, that shut him up in quick time, believe it.
    The world needs more politicians who will not be afraid to say the ugly truth about the death cult that is islam. It is NOT a religion, NOT even a faith, but a barbaric and moronic death cult started by a raving and psychotic lunatic who put his ugly and filthy feet on the soil of our sweet planet 1400 years ago. And he and his ilk (followers) have been at continuous war with the west since then – a cruel, barbaric, and murderous war that is still being waged against the west today.
    God help the west if it doesn’t wake up soon.

  4. I lived and worked in the arctic for 20 years. The people are kind and very unassuming. They do not like to cause disturbances in their community. What will happen is more Muslims will move into the area and slowly but surely demand changes that will accommodate their way of life.
    As for a community center….watch how many non-Muslims will be allowed to enter.
    I predict, in ten years or less, the native people will leave Inuvik leaving a miniature Dearbourn Michigan above the arctic circle.
    Wake up Canada.

  5. this is very, very, bad news. Their goal is just the same as in any of the other countries they are trying to take over – just read about what is going on in Europe and all the trouble England is having. US is also being infiltrated by Muslims. Hopefully the citizens of Inuvik will be aware of what a Mosque on their land will mean and they will keep their families away from it and the teachings that will take place inside the walls. Community center, my foot! Training center is more like it.
    Think Location, Location, Location!!!! They are getting a mosque in by barge, they can get trained fighters out by barge also. Think young unsuspecting kids, think a friendly community, infiltration, and on and on.
    The bases in Alaska are not a days ride, but barges and missiles could make a journey. Probably don’t even need a barge, depending on range of missile.
    Bad news, very bad news.
    Wake up Canada.
    Wake up USA
    Wake up Inuvik, NWT
    PC is past tense!

  6. Be careful, your paranoia is getting the better of some of you.

    @ohohjojo: 40 Canadians constitutes “infiltration”? Really? How exactly do you suppose 40 people are going to “take over” Canada? It may come as a surprise to you, but not all Canadians are Christian. It may also come as a surprise to you that most Canadians do not immediately point their fingers at anyone who is not white and Christian and accuse them of being traitorous death-cult members.

    @Mary: “Pervasive murderers”? Really? There are approximately 800 000 Muslim Canadians. Please show me the statistics that show that 800 000 of them are murderers. Or else maybe we should come back in a year and see exactly what the body count was? I suppose in addition to having exterminated the entire Northern population, they will have made good inroads on the “Southern” Canadian population as well? Let’s keep an eye on that, shall we?

    @GOTJ13: “they will probably get free – or subsidized – housing, a generous living allowance, food allowance, heating allowance, free clothes, and travel allowance – all paid for by the Canadian tax payers”–Where exactly do you get this idea from? Anyone, regardless of religion or lack thereof, who lives and works in the Far North is entitled to a Northern Allowance, the purpose of which is to offset the higher cost of living in the North (since transportation costs to bring everything in is higher). This is only a (relatively) small offset, which is available to everyone, regardless of skin colour or religious affiliation. Free housing, clothing, travel allowance, all gotten through whining? This is pure fantasy on your part.

    As for building churches in Saudi Arabia, you are repeating a common fallacy. You are assuming that all Western (American/Canadian/European) Muslims are agents of Saudi Arabia, and therefore until churches are built in Saudia Arabia, mosques should not be built in Western countries.

    I think if you look at the facts, you will find that most Western Muslims were in fact born in America/Canada/Europe, and those who weren’t come from all over the world. Muslim does not equal Saudi.

    Finally, it is certainly true that Al Qaeda is a death cult. But please do not make the mistake of equating all ordinary, law-abiding Muslims with Al Qaeda. This would make about as much sense as you and other Christians being discriminated against and branded terrorists because the IRA is Catholic.


    • could’ve saved yerself lot of typing there ANON
      translation of yor post
      racist racist racist
      lie about reality deny deny
      racist racist racist
      moral equivalence/change subject to everyone is bad or Chrsitians did it too

      another Muslim visits creeping! and says:: TA DA!!! same crap they all say

    • Educate yourself. The remark about not liking anyone not “white” is silly; islam is not a race — or a religion. Those who have been studying it for several years now are aware that it is a totaliarian politcal ideology.

      Wanna live under a totalitarian system? That’s your right. But be aware of their intentions. It’s called Sharia, and it’s headed our way.

      (Although you should know: Isn’t Canada the country that put Mark Steyn on trial for “hate speech”? )

      800 people will not take over. But working together, they propose and are fighting for a worldwide caliphate. Open your eyes.

  7. When Christians came to the New World, most Native Americans simply added the Christian God and Christ to their own pantheons. They added one religion to theirs.
    There was some violent response, but it was nothing compared with a Muslim response should Natives try to do this.
    If you become a Muslim, your former culture will have to be repudiated.
    I don’t think Natives understand the nature of the deal with Islam when you convert–
    Abandon the faith or add it to another– and you are dead.
    As I’ve written before, if you worship at the altar of multiculturalism, be prepared to lose your head on it.

  8. For Anonymous (who wrote on September 26, 2010 at 9:05 AM):
    “Free housing, clothing, travel allowance, all gotten through whining? This is pure fantasy on your part.” This is not fantasy on my part: please do a little bit of research on housing for muslims in the UK, in Denmark, in the Netherlands, in Sweden, in Germany and other EU countries. There you will find that the vast majority of muslims do not integrate with their chosen country in any way – they have moved there because they know that they can take advantage of the very generous welfare system that is prevalent in these countries – even though they don’t work, the country has to provide them with housing, food, allowances for heat and so on – it’s all recorded abd available to read about. For example,read about the muzzie woman in London (UK) who was housed in a $2.5 million mansion because she complained to the council that she needed a bigger place for her large brood. This is not fantasy – it’s all recorded in the press.
    “Muslims are agents of Saudi Arabia, and therefore until churches are built in Saudia Arabia, mosques should not be built in Western countries.” Wrong again. Saudi Arabia does not allow any faith other than their brand of Wahhabi to be in their country. I wanted to make that point to show how intolerant of other religions all muzzies are. Have a look at the trouble that Christians are having in Malaysia, in the Philippines, in Pakistan – to name but a few countries. Saudi Arabia was used as an example because of their outright hostility and intolerance to other religions.
    I am aware that “muzzie does not equal Saudi”. please don’t stoop to patronizing people.
    “…do not make the mistake of equating all ordinary, law-abiding Muslims with Al Qaeda.” Patronizing again, please don’t. There have been 16,115 (yes, sixteen thousand, one hundred and fifteen) vicious, cowardly, cruel, and barbaric attacks by muzzies throughout the world since 9/11. One reads about these barbaric and psychotic rages and rabid mouth-foaming attacks every day in the news – every day. Now, tell me – how many ordinary, law-abiding muzzies that you know (or have heard of) have stood up and raised their objections to these barbaric acts or even denounced them? The very absence of objection and denunciation by “your ordinary, law-abiding muzzie” just tells the real story to me of the slow stealth invasion of the west to establish the world caliphate. I am not being paranoid by saying that, either. The war against the civilized west and its values of free speech, human rights, justice, equality and women’s rights (even though these are still a little shaky in some western countries, I admit) is a long war that has been going on for the last 1400 years – and it is still being waged against the west today.
    I think you may be trying to push the fanciful idea of “moderate islam” in your writings. Please listen to the President of Turkey – he recently stated to the world quite categorically that there is no such thing as a moderate muzzie nor moderate islam.
    As I said before, islam is NOT a religion, but a vicious, barbaric and wholly ideological death cult propagated by an ignorant and psychologically deranged tribal warrior and camel-driver who also happened to be a pedophile – yes, despite all the blathering attempts at excuses by muzzies that that was how things were done way back then – he married a six-year-old girl, Aisha, and then “consummated” the marriage when she reached the age of nine: how generous and obliging of him – in a pig’s eye.
    I do suggest you visit The Religion of Peace web site, and bone up on the true and terrible aims of islam around the world (
    I do not use capital letters for islam or muslim (muzzie) in my writing because I try to emphasize that the terms do not need elevation to the importance of the world’s true religions – because, it is not a religion.

  9. Oh Canada……….mosques from sea to sea, east to west, north to south………..

    I pity our children and grandchildren. They’re the ones who will have to deal with the devastating results of multiculturalism, unrestrained immigration, and rabid liberalism.

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