Obama admin to meet with CAIR, ISNA, OIC leadership in Chicago

Obama, CAIR, and the OIC – along with a few other jihad supporting Muslims, meeting in Chi-town. Conference on “Islam and Muslims in America”

Day one, the very first panel features the Obama administration, submitters of the world to sharia law – the OIC, and the infamous unindicted co-conspirators with numerous of its leaders convicted of terrorism-related charges, CAIR:

1st Panel :  The Role of the OIC & The scope for its relations with American Muslims

  • Moderator: Ahmed Rehab, CAIR
  • Ufuk Gokcen, Ambassador of OIC to UN,
  • Rashad Hussain, Special Envoy of the White House to the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC)
  • Sada Cumber, Previous Special Envoy

Organizers: Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC) in cooperation with American Islamic College (AIC)

When: 28-30 September 2010

Where: Auditorium, American Islamic College, 640 W. Irving Park Rd. Chicago, IL, 60613

Rashad Hussain, whom the White House lied for when Hussain was outed for, and later admitted, supporting terrorist Sami al Arian, and speaking out for other Muslim terrorists, is not the only Obama delegate.

Farah Pandith is participating on a panel with Democrat, Congressman Keith Ellison – who traveled to Mecca on the Muslim Brotherhood’s dime.

Dalia Mogahed (mujahid), defender of sharia law for all women, shares a panel with yet another unindicted co-conspirator – and jihad preacher – Siraj Wahhaj (listen to one Wahhaj lecture sold at Islamic bookstores). There are other ISNA participants as well, and another Democrat – Andre Carson, listed to attend.

Hat-tip to Backyard Conservative who linked to us as well as to this post, The Nexus between Barack Obama and the Muslim Brotherhood in the United States:

At the end of September 2010, Chicago will become a destination point for the international community’s top Islamic representation which includes the entire top leadership of the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) together with the top leadership of the Muslim Brotherhood in America.

In a post 11 September 2001 world, the red flag warning should be most clear that the Muslim Brotherhood is a high level national security concern for both Israel and the United States. The leadership of the OIC, Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) and the Muslim Brotherhood are meeting at the American Islamic College in Chicago on the 28 to 30th of September 2010.

The notable who’s who in attendance list includes the full panoply of OIC leadership, the Obama Administration’s OIC liaisons Sada Cumber from the Bush Administration, and Rashad Hussain from the current administration, Dalia Mogahed and Farah Pandith from State Department, as well as Siraj Wahhaj, Ahmed Rehab of CAIR, etc. Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf is not mentioned as attending; however, the upcoming conference features the Gallup group that he worked with previously. Nevertheless, Rauf could well attend quietly. This is a major meeting and initiative between the administration of Barack Hussein Obama, the Muslim Brotherhood here in the United States and the OIC. This international conference in Chicago has received virtually no attention by the main stream media in the United States. WHY?

Obama, CAIR, and the OIC – pay attention folks. It’s all Islam all the time for this administration even if the media doesn’t report it to you.

12 thoughts on “Obama admin to meet with CAIR, ISNA, OIC leadership in Chicago

  1. Look to what moslems do not what they say. maybe we should tell the idiots like Colin Powell who haven’t figured that out yet and who gives statements like obummer is a Christian.

  2. Tell your idiot liberal defenders of the person in the white house that:
    You just might be a muslim if:
    Your father was a muslim.
    Your stepfather was a muslim
    Your sister is a muslim
    You attended muslim schools in your youth
    You tell the new head of NASA that their goal is to promote muslim scientific achievements.
    You apologize to muslims for America’s past nastiness like saving Kuwait and Kosvol and Iraq.
    You think the ground zero mosque is a great idea.
    You think the greatest sound there is. is the muslim call to prayer.
    And your middle name is Hussein

  3. this is the order or nature of things to come. After all
    what is expected from Dhimmius, but buttress the beards of the Mullahs.
    I do not see any change, especially now under Hossain Obama. Policy of appeasement of murderers of 3000 Americans will continue, and Americans Liberal Chrisians will not realize the gravity of the situation.

  4. If you worship at the altar of multiculturalism, if you tell yourself the fairytale that you can be Christian & Muslim at the same time, be prepared to lose your head on that altar by a Muslim sword.

  5. Too bad we couldn’t hit them with a nuke while potus and all of them muslim swine are in a meeting together. Send them all right to hell where they belong!!! Talk about cutting the head off of the snake, it would sure slow them down for awhile.

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