Kellogg’s submits to sharia too

Kellogg’s UK has complied with Islamic sharia law too, and gone halal – like Campbell’s soup.


Are their U.S. products secretly halal? (click images to enlarge)

Following the sharia means slavery is all good. via Amnesty International Accuses Kellogg’s of Child Labor Violations

The maker of poisonous breakfast cereals pulled their ads from Breitbart, a very popular news site associated with the Trump campaign, because it didn’t align with their values — set forth in their advertising guidelines.

They said associating with brands like Breitbart wasn’t ‘consistent with their brand or corporate image.’

In a scathing report on child labor violations for procuring palm oil in Indonesia, Amnesty International lays waste to corporate giants like Unilever, Colgate, Proctor and Gamble and you guessed it Kellogg’s.

Amnesty has testimony and video of children as young as 8 years old, pulled from school to work on a slave plantation to endure ‘back breaking labor’,  exposed to harsh chemicals and very heavy materials.

Let’s be clear, placing ads on pro Trump site is not conducive with Kellogg’s corporate image, but buying palm oil from a slave plantation that works 8 year old children is.


68 thoughts on “Kellogg’s submits to sharia too

  1. Kellogs has also gone Kosher, so what is your point? I think it is great these companies are marketing to various groups as they are consumers also.

    • Yeah great. if its promoted by Hitler Mussolini Stalin and Pol Pot it must be good. I hear Hannibal Lecter also subscribes to it. Do I have to sign anything to go raping or killing, or can I just start now!!! The world must exterminate all muslim ideology from this planet, muslims with it!!!

      • I second that and the sooner the better! (Speaking of the exterminating) These in-human beings should have done to them what they do to others. Follow the Old testament an eye for an eye, etc., etc.

        • OK, so let’s follow the Old Testament:

          1) No pork for you!
          2) Bash in the heads of disobedient children.
          3) Offer up your daughters to be molested instead of the angels in your home (Soddom).
          4) Beat your slaves – If the slave survives the beating then there is no punishment. (Gen 9:6, Ex 21:12, Numb 35:16-21)

          Funny how all the ‘sharia’s coming, sharia’s coming’ crowd (I keep thinking of Gomer Pyle yelling ‘Citizen’s arrest! Citizen’s arrest) likes to quote the Bible but could never live under it.

          Maybe you can all secede to Texas and start a real America. I’d gladly pay your Greyhound fare and the rest of us can progress without you.

          • You forgot to mention what was said in the New Testament by Jesus:

            1) Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, pray for those who despitefully use you and persecute you.
            2)You shall love your neighbor as yourself.
            3) Love on another as I have loved you (He died for us.. can you?)
            4)Greater love has no man than this,that a man lay down his life for his friends
            5)Just in the NT alone, the word LOVE was used over 120 times.

            And this was just the word Love.I didn’t even count the word for justice, mercy, forgiveness quoted only in the NT. There are even more in the OT.
            It strikes me funny, that someone will always pick out the bad stuff in the Bible and not even look for the good stuff. Without knowing the traditions of the time back then, negative judgement is used to point out the bad.Yes, Lot did offer his daughters. But if you read the verses before that, you will find that the men, young & old came to Lot’s home to KNOW the Angels. Knowing as in sexual knowledge… gang rape to put a finer point to it. But the men of the city refused the daughters and told Lot that they would worse to him, than what they planned to do to the angels, if he didn’t turn them over to the men. And back then, anyone who seeks shelter in your home, knows that he or she will be protected. That is what the homeowner had to do. Protect his guests.

            People also forget, that the Israeli’s were slaves too. They know what it meant to be beaten. If you read any further, the slave was only a slave for 7 years, after that he had the option to leave or to stay. Many stayed because they were treated fairly, So very few ever were beaten.
            Also in the NT, Peter & Paul were told that no food was forbidden. Even Jesus said Himself, it’s not what goes in the mouth defiles the man, but those things that come out of the mouth, comes forth from the heart, this is what defiles the man.For out of the heart comes evil thoughts, murders, adultery (sleeping with someone’s spouse), fornication (sleeping with anyone & everyone), thefts, false witness (lying), blasphemies. No where was it written to bash in their children’s heads, other than to stone a rebellious son, (young man), who refused to obey his parents (he was a drunkard and ate everything in the home, He refused to repent. This was done to keep evil away. Evil breeds more evil.
            But while Jesus was nailed to a tree, beaten beyond recognition, skin hanging off of His back, He still had the strength and love, to ask God for forgive them.
            Show me in the Qu’ran where Mohammed suffered like this for his people and that he loved them enough to go through what Jesus did. If you’re going to point out the bad, at least have the decency to point out the good in the NT and the OT as well.

          • Jack of all Tirades, Keep defending the muslim cockroach and you will be exterminated with them. Scum like you and your muslim’s extermination is what I agreed with Hitler and Stalin’s way. The more low life cowards like you and muslims dead, the cleaner MOTHER Earth & Russia will be. God save the Queen and mother Russia. I predict you will be beheaded by a muslim cockroach pretty soon you piece of shit liberal prick

    • I stopped purchasing Kelloggs products several years ago after seeing the minute halal logo beside the ”V’ for veggie symbol, and you could not pay me enough to make eat them now… The kids piped up but there’s no meat in cornfalkes, BUT i corrected them by saying “Any company who submissively bends the knee and kow-tows to a barbaric form of animal abuse that is alien to all that British people believe in (except for the spineless politicians and law-makers) will not get another penny of my money. Thought I would struggle BUT there are plenty alternatives out there…
      NEVER support Animal Abuse of the worst kind!!!

    • Are you aware that there are groups which cannot eat kosher and halal foods? Although I keep kosher myself, I feel for Sikhs, who are not allowed to eat kosher or halal foods. If every company made all their foods kosher and halal certified, what would they eat?

    • Kathy!
      Thank goodness there are some people left who will stand against the barbarity of a Third World, sand dwellers ideology. The moment I saw (the minute logo) obviously to fool the Infidel, that was the last purchase I and many friends made from the good ole company from the US of A…
      As someone, in Primary School, who was sickened to hear that in far away lands savages cut the throats of innocent animals and let them bleed to death. What a mistake the West has made by allowing the vermin who perpetrate such evil, against helpless animals, into our Christian lands…
      Do NOT buy any products which support Animal Abuse, or take a share of the responsibility for CRUELTY!!!

      • When I was in Kosovo, there was a lot of beautiful stray dogs from the war. Albanian government sent hit squads to shoot these beautiful dogs in the head to eradicate them. US & NATO troops like my infantry unit were not allowed to interfere. The same when I was in Iraq & Afghanistan. Those sick muslims would rather have sex with goats/sheeps then their women. Islam is a satanic cult that’s why liberal idiots like Jack of all Tirades defend them. The biggest threat to Earth are muslims & their liberal defenders in the WEST. We must wage war and destroy both!

  2. No problem Don’t buy halal, Kosher I’ll buy any day No jewish person ever tried to kill me or shove his religion down my throat. Sedition against the USA is not being preached by my friendly neghiborhood synogogue.
    Every small change given brings us one step closer to sharia law. Its a free country. Kellogs is off my menu.
    The reason is they bowed to pressure from a group
    that makes no concessions to any other group and is applying the principles of reverse assimilation at
    every opportunity. Jewish companies were formed for the sole purpose of providing kosher food. The
    muslims could do the same. They’d rather get in the face of the dhimmi companies crowd who cave
    in to the poor pitiful muslims.

  3. Yahya: This is the beginning to all products, including here in the States, being “kosher” as you put it. If I may, “another foot in the door” for islams, sharia to take over, and this is mild compared to what the end result will be IF we don’t act and act now!

  4. On this one I disagree. Since they show a break out for Kosher products, what is your point? Kathy are you going to refuse to purchase products that have a kosher designation?
    Tallisin, you say “The reason is they bowed to pressure from a group” why is that different that the kosher products. Didn’t they bow to pressure from a group.

    • Mark in Cleveland: the only companies that do kosher are small companies that cater SOLELY to Jews.

      These multinationals feed the world. As there are 1.5 billion muslimes and 5.2 billion NON-MUSLIMES (2008 figures), we are the majority and we have the right to have the choice NOT muslimes! They can set up their own companies! Except they can’t because out of 1.5 billion they cannot grow any food!

      So they are just taking control of ours.

      But they already have control of your brain so I am not expecting any sense from you!

        • Cheez it. Who cares that it is Kosher. I am not Jewish but I would never mind eating Kosher. The Jewish people are not out to kill the infidel and throw sharia all over the world. Grandma, I am with you. BOYCOTT BOYCOTT!!! For a little levity, if the Italians tried to push their food down our throats we’d love it. ( I’m not Italian , either.) The muzzies are the only people I have a problem with because they would kill my kids and grandkids in a heartbeat.

      • China, Russia, Japan, Korea, Vietnam & Philippines quarantine muslims and don’t take crap from them. The WEST is repeating the same suicidal idiocy before the crusades in Medieval times.

    • Mark, the difference between Kosher and Halal is huge. The Kosher way is done in accordance to Judaic law with prayer and respect shown to the true God. All who wish to partake of Kosher food will know it is Kosher because the packaging will indicate it. Halal is the butchering of animals to a pagan god being introduced to an unsuspecting public being forced to consume the food honoring a false god. Which, according to biblical law, is an abomination for a Jew or a Christian. This is all being done as a form of appeasement to heathens who seems to have everybody quaking in their boots if they do not comply with their demands. With the unspoken hope that in doing so they will avoid being the next “HALAL” sacrifice to their pagan god.

      • But the halal products here aren’t derived from animal products…the same thing applies to the Campbell’s products in that thread. They are all corn products.

        Now, if this were meat products or products containing meat or poultry, that would be reason for outrage.

  5. Campbells also owns the Wolfgang Puck label, and Swanson broth labels. If you google it, you’ll see they have several different labels they own throughout the world. I intend to look up Kelloggs next, and boycott everyone of their labels as well. And, I am sending out all this info to everyone on my email list. I may not be able to do much, but I do have a VOICE.

    • Adam!
      Whether the product has animal products or not is of little relevance. A company such as Kelloggs who appease and bend the knee to islamic cruelty deserves to be shunned by ANYONE with an iota of concern for the most barbaric form of ANIMAL ABUSE on the Planet…
      The justification (although to anyone with a shred of decency there can be none) is that some cereals contain gelatin which is meat based, and therefore to our sand dwelling brothers must be blessed by their paedo god…
      One good reason to carefully inspect the products you purchase, and especially animal based products… or by the time you know it there will be NO alternatives!

  6. I will be totally boycotting ANY company that produces their products halal. The point has been made that the Jews don’t force their kosher laws on anyone else, the Muslims have no right to force their garbage laws on anyone else.

  7. Well here is a thought, my husband works for kellogg’s and while i wish after reading all of this he could just go in and quit that can’t happen. So if people in the US start boycotting and jobs get cut how does that help me and my family?

    • personally I am not going to buy Kellogs anymore I am a Iraq Veteran I dont use heinz anything because of john Kerry his wife family owns heinz
      i will not buy campell soup and now kellogs is history I am sure once my army brothers and sisters get ahold of this they will not buy these brands either
      and u know the boycotting is on the way

    • it doesn’t unless your husband prefers to work for a company that does not choose to submit to Islamic sharia law when Muslims make up less than 1% of the population in the US, and a bit more in the UK

      how does submitting to Islamic sharia law help current or future generations of your family or America?

      answer: it doesn’t, it can only hurt and will only lead to more submission to Islamic sharia law

      it’s not about one person or family…it’s about the future of America and our culture

    • I will be contacting kellogg and letting them know I will not buy there products either. maybe if enough do they will get the message. Our Country is more important and our freedoms and liberties are being taken by Obama and now the sharia law muslims.

    • It’s all about the love of money or the stand for freedom. I suggest learning how to rely on God and HIS Provisions, which entals True Faith.
      I stand for God, Our Troops and Boycotts!

  8. A company who gives a product a halal classification, PAYS the relevant Muslim authority.

    A company who gives a product a kosher classification, gives and gets nothing in the way of money……….but they do undergo very stringent testing to get the certification.

    • “A company who gives a product a kosher classification, gives and gets nothing in the way of money”

      Not sure where you got that idea, but it’s incorrect. Kosher certification authorities do charge fees for certification and use of their certification marks — and if those didn’t, their certifications would be less than worthless. It costs money for periodic inspections to make sure that products labeled kosher actually ARE kosher, to take companies to court if they infringe on the mark and falsely claim certification, etc.

      That’s not to say that the certification authorities charge all the traffic will bear, or even that they’re in it for the money at all, but rabbis qualified to do the inspections don’t grow on trees and they have to eat too. A rabbi who spends his time inspecting delis, food manufacturing facilities, etc., can’t spend that time doing something else to make a living.

      I’ve been through one kosher certification inspection (at a food plant where I used to work), and the guy had to come in from out of town and then spent several hours touring the plant. The company didn’t consider the costs outrageous — they’re one of the biggest condiment producers in the US, so the costs were tiny as a fraction of what they spend every day — but a friend whose family ran a small deli considered them significant.

  9. Jack of All Tirades………..

    You have no idea what you are talking about

    We do not follow the “stories” of the Old Testament or the New for that matter either

    The Bible as we know it, is a collection of stories.

    The Koran on the other hand is the written word of a murderer and paedophile

    Islam is not a religion, it is a complete system that will never fit in with our values and cultures.

    Can we leave Christianity or Judaism?

    Yes, we can.

    Islam Is not a Religion of Peace. Islam was spread by the sword.

    Muslims cannot leave Islam, for fear of their lives. There are support groups everywhere to help them. If they dare to speak out they have a death sentence hanging over their heads Noni Darwish, Wafa Sultan, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Walid Shoebat to name just a mere few
    Here’s one such site

    Look at Geert Wilders, for his anti Islam stance and his film Fitna

    Dutch film maker Theo van Gogh was killed for making a film about Islam

    Then we have the whole to-do over Jyllands-Posten Muhammad cartoons………….and don’t let us forget the teddy bear incident !!

    Have a look at this, it’s a pretty good description of what Islam is about

    Leaving Islam
    Here are stories of people who have become disillusioned with Islam and have left it. Naturally their ID has been kept in secret and in some cases they have changed their names. This is necessary to protect them from becoming the target of Islamic persecution. The penalty of apostasy in Islam is death. Here is the testimony of the site owner.

    Another for you

    Islam Watch

    • Thanks Shirl In Oz: I wasn’t going to acknowledge Jack of All Tirades comment for the simple reason, there are some folks that are just looking for an argument, which is far from a civil discussion, and is conducted with an open mind. And, thanks for the links…. we need to be educated as much as possible, at least I want to be. :-)

  10. We all need to boycott Kellogs. I know I will. I’m tired of “us” submitting to Islam. Muslims are trying to get corporations and products to abide by their so called Sharia Law, so they can plant their feet into American soil and take it over, like they are doing in Europe. We need to stop them now and boycott those who support it, it is the only way to hurt them, by hurting their pockets.

      • I have some news for you Phil, The meak are NOT going to inherit the Earth. Your attitude is going to lead to an early demise. You are PRECISLY whats wrong with this Republic. Lets see if you like getting your head sawn off with a knife while struggling.

        • My god you are a complete idiot!! You have actually bought into all of the scare tactic crap that the republicans shove down your open and waiting throat! Grow up and open your eyes and be accountable and informed. You make me sick!! Move to an itolerant country if that’s who you are and stop sullying this great nation with your naive presence!! Your intolerance actually scores a point for the terrorists you narrowminded, shortsighted imbecile! It’s your type that makes my type really think there is little hope for mankind!

    • I’m with you Chris and so are my family and friends. For sure I’m not eating any of their food mainly because of their prayers to their “god” after slaughter. When I eat out I ask whoever waits on me if any of the food is halal. So far, I haven’t found any eatery or grocery store, etc. in my town with any products.

  11. I agree with Stephen Colbert in his Colbert Report…Kelloggs should start making “anti-muslim” products, such as Pork, to prove that is not muslim-inclined!

  12. I’m sure the Nazi’s were pissed when they found out that many foods they already ate and enjoyed for many years were/always have been Kosher.

    Is that the next target?
    “Is your food secretly Kosher?” Are we going to boycott Hebrew National hot dogs now?

    Are the Jews taking over the country next? Are you going to target every religion or ethnic group until only Christians are left?

    You are all looking like Nazi’s, religious based nuts that are targeting minorities for not being like you. Should American companies, who are trying to make money, not cater to the widest possible demographic?

    Should the government pass a law preventing anything being done to food to make it Kosher or halal? If you thought yes, then why? Isn’t that a violation of this countries First Amendment?

    Tea Party- No Gays, No Muslims, No Liberals, No Religious Freedoms, No Freedom of Speech.
    Don’t Tread On Us, despite the fact we are treading all over your rights.

    We want smaller government! But we want the government to tell you; who you can/can’t marry, weather you can keep your fetus, what you can ask politicians, what you build where you own land, what God to worship and how, what you can see on TV, what you can read in the news, what you can see on the internet, what is ‘moral’, and apparently what you can eat.
    Smaller government controlling every aspect of your life. Don’t think of it as a “Big Government” think of it as a bunch of smaller governments!

    • Jews have never & will never demand that non-Jews follow their religious laws, muslims do demand that we recognize their religious laws (prayer times in schools & at jobs, Foot baths in public etc.) and have said many, many times that they wish to implement Sharia Law (their religious law) over everyone.

      Read the koran, ahadith & sira. Learn about abrogation and shariah. At least establish a level playing field before you try to argue something you know little about.

  13. The scariest thing to me is that there are people out there that are so paranoid, misinformed, unedecuated and delusional that they actually believe Kellogs and Campbell are tools of the Muslim faith and that Muslims are actually trying to take over our country. It’s so far beyond sad and pathetic that I struggle to find words adequate to describe the complete lack of intellect on the conservative political right! I’m ashamed to share this great country of ours with such naive, easily led lemmings!! ! You are exactly why the USA has such a bad rep around the world. You people would have done well during the inquisition and the crusades when people were really scared to death by fanciful fairy tales that strain credulity to it’s maximum! I know it’s hard to accept things you aren’t even capable of understanding, and it’s easy to fear those things, but stop listening to pundits selling gold and convincing you to fight the rich people’s fight for them – you are literally tightening the noose around your own stupid neck and you don’t even realize it….so very very sad and pathetic!!

    • You’re are missing the point. A minority “religion” is dictating to the majority about preparation and consumption of food according to their “religious” law (Shariah). In turn when we are either forced or passively submit to this , we are practicing Sharia law.

      It doesn’t seem like a big deal but if you add up all the little compromises forced on non-muslims, like prayer time at jobs and in school, foot baths in public, people disguising their identity in public (niqab, hijab), lawsuits to force employers to comply with muslim demands and the slaughtered halal animals being “blessed” by a “religion” I neither follow or admire it amounts to us practicing the minorities religious law. I have a huge problem with that. I also have a problem with companies hiding the fact that their meat is halal and my not having a choice about halal food which I do not wish to consume.

      Add up all the little things that are being demanded and soon you are practicing a good portion of Sharia law & you are complying with islam’s religious law. With each goal reached another & another & another compromise will follow.

      Campbells is another issue. They have chosen to have a group associated with terrorists to approve their halal manufacturing methods etc. I will not support any company that supports terrorists.

      And , don’t be scared, we have educated ourselves about islam and we just know more than you do.

    • Well, I’ll tell you what – You go right ahead with your thoughts and opinions and I will go mine and if our paths shall meet – don’t cry on my shoulder because you chose NOT to educate yourself and no doubt let your “emotions” take over. There’s an old saying: “Where there’s smoke – there’s fire.” Another good old saying: “It is best to be safe than sorry.” There are many good old sayings that pertain to life/living and my experiences have been it was/is better to pay heed than throw caution out the window.

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