Disney bus driver placed on paid leave after attacked by Muslim (video)

via the Orlando Sentinel, Video shows man shoving, choking driver at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

A Walt Disney World Resort bus driver has been placed on paid leave after a physical confrontation between the driver and a guest that was captured on video and uploaded to YouTube.com.

In the video, which the YouTube poster says was shot at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, a person shoves and chokes the driver of the bus in what appears to be an unprovoked attack.

According to the video description, the would-be passenger in the video was upset when the driver told him that he and his family would have to wait for another bus to take them to Epcot.

The description says the video starts in the middle of the incident, missing “the most intense part of this fight.”

(ORIGINAL VIDEO) while waiting at hollywood studios for the epcot bus we captured the tail end of a disneyworld brawl : my friends and i were sitting by the line for the bus and i hurried to get my camera out. i missed recording the most intense part of this fight though, this is what happened: a man and his wife with her baby were waiting for the bus. there wasn’t enough room on the bus so the bus driver told them he would call another one. the man was enraged and THREW THE BABY AT THE BUS DRIVER. the woman got her baby and moved back away from them. (then i started recording) thats when the man started attacking the bus driver then everyone called security over…. HAPPIEST PLACE ON EARTH?

Threw the baby at the driver? Then strangled him? Religion of peace?

41 thoughts on “Disney bus driver placed on paid leave after attacked by Muslim (video)

  1. Americans have to wake up. Islam is not any kind of religion. It is a corrupt diabolical cult whose father and ‘allah’ is none other than satan. The practice of this corrupt belief sytem masquerading as a ‘peaceful religion’ should be banned on our soil and all who would practice it need to be ousted, citizen or not.

    Radical? Yes. But radical problems require radical solutions and anything less will not protect us from these corrupt satan worshippers.

    I know some moron is going to accuse me of ‘hate’. No, it is not hate. It is opposition and disapproval. It is quite easy for me to oppose and disapprove of a bunch of freaks who for 1400 years have done what they do. It is not ‘radical’ islam, it is REAL islam that is doing these things. And I oppose and disapprove of it.

    • These folk are told in the koran that every thing on this planet
      for the use and pleasure of muslims. The guy with the baby
      feels he is entitled to what he wants when he wants it from any kuffar. What about the poor baby ? If you’d toss your baby at a person what next ? Wire her up with explosives ? How little he values the females in his warped life. Did any of those around help the driver ? If not , why not ? What’s Disney going to do. Blame the driver ? This kind of behavior is not a problem for us to condone its one that the so called “moderate ” muslims need to address and address it
      quickly, Its a problem that has gone on way to long.

    • You are 100% spot on, RP! I’ve been saying it for years… We are both “preaching to the choir.”

      muslims do not belong in America. They all need to be expelled and sent back to the middle east where they can keep their cult to themselves. [The best way to handle it would be for us to get completely out of the M.E. and make mecca and madina glass parking lots! That would be a start.]

      You and I will both be accused of being racists and haters. I could care less. Yes, I am a racist when it comes to all things islam/muslim and yes, I hate all things islam/muslim.

  2. Unfucking believable – the dude in the green shirt should have been arrested for Assault 2nd Degree, or merely clubbed with a tire thumper.





    • In all likelihood, it’s because they don’t want the fight to escalate and for an innocent party to get hurt. If there’s a fight, chances are it’s spilling in or out of the bus…leaving an angry dispatcher as a result trying to find two additional buses.

      Frankly, you don’t know what he has on him.

      From frequenting mass transit boards, in addition, a company often will not back its drivers. Shameful, but true.

  4. Threw the baby at the bus driver? Why hasn’t the baby been taken away from the parents and placed in the FL foster care system? The husband to me should have been arrested by the county police for assault of 2 people: the baby and the driver.

    (BTW, if he had done that in New York, it would automatically be a felony.)

    As for the bus operator being placed on leave after being assaulted on the job, that’s pretty standard in the industry…he’ll be back in 3 days unless he suffered other injuries. But I wonder this about the industry: Why not have driver shields on buses? (It is commonplace in the United Kingdom.) Also, will Disney Transport stand up for its driver? If that were me, I would have grabbed the guy in the green shirt and pinned him to the ground while the driver awaits the Orange County (FL) sheriff.

    Also, if he insists on staying on: park it and don’t move the bus! After all, that family can get where it’s going…in a paddy wagon!

    Aside: I will be reposting this on a NYC-based mass transit board that deals specifically with transit issues.

  5. Sometimes hate is justified and this is one of those times. How dare that barbarian throw his baby? How dare he attack a bus driver? Has he been arrested or is this another case of letting the “Peaceful Religion” once again get away with breaking our laws? He needs to be arrested for assault and battery as well as felony child abuse. I’ll bet he wasn’t prosecuted and probably someone even apologized to him.

    It’s time for us to wake up and stop these people and their seventh century political system before they take over the US.

    • Looks like more of a Florida thing…if it were in New York, he would be trying to make bail.

      Aside, since it’s the case in NYC: Disney needs to put Call 911 messages on its signs for things like this. But if it were me, I would have immediately closed the doors to prevent escape so that the husband and the wife would both be arrested, and the child taken away from them.

      @Paula – if you watched the video, they did get off the bus in the final seconds of the video. Presumably, the bus left the stop without them, but as I said before, they should have left the stop in the back of a police cruiser.

  6. It looks like it was a group of Muslims. The 3rd guy who intervened may have been the group leader.

    I wonder what finally happened. Did the attacker get to stay on that bus? It wouldn’t surprise me. Muslims can’t back down; they “know” their
    rights take precedence over the kuffars’. The Holy Koran
    tells them they are superior.

  7. The muslim guy in the green Tshirt oozes arrogance..he thinks its his right to stay on the bus even though its packed like sardines…all non muslims must give way to allahs chosen which is written in their vile book of fables..This is the average muslim behaviour, troublemakers, whingers, and violent!! I hope the bus driver is OK now…

  8. Have you ever seen Muslims in the back of a stake truck? They hang out over the sides and rear so it would seem that this Muslim moron is thinking the same way. The driver should have told him to hang out of a window. I’d put money on it that if there was only one seat he would take it and have his wife stand. Guaranteed! Ever watch a Muslim man go into a store or bank with their wife? She has to open it for herself!

  9. The entitlement mentality of muslims ia just breathtaking! If this bastard cared about his baby then why did he throw her at the driver? I wish that we knew if this loser was arrested or was the driver too intimidated and let him on the bus anyway?

  10. Did you see the rage of these people? Spectacular, completely out of control. I wonder how they would enjoy the IDF taking care of them?

    I am surprised the woman did not try to kill the driver. Someone should send this to the FBI. I am sure they need to track our new masters. Such incredible contempt for the dirty infidels that feed them welfare.

    Like any of them could hold a job.

    Whats the Muslim load on florida?

  11. After watching a 10th time, the bus driver had every right to shoot this muslim muthafucker – looks like the muzlim intentionally, with malice aforethought, tried to strangle and kill the driver. This is a reason to carry. Better to be tried by 12 than be carried by 6.

  12. I’m really getting sick and tired of these muslim swine thinking they can push anyone around. They need to go the way of the Dinosaurs.

  13. You kuffar need to learn that no kaffir should be allowed to be served before allah’s beloved. If they don’t get privilege & priority in all things they try to “keel” you, as evidenced in the video. Everyone there has just experienced a small taste of what Dhimmi status will be like for them.

    I ask you, what benefit is their immigration to Western countries? All I ever see is trouble & destruction in their path.

  14. I want to think the administrative leave is, in part, to protect the driver, sad as that thought is. I know its a standard procedure when this type incident takes place. Here is where depositions from riders on the bus could help make a case for child endangerment, if these people stay in the U.S.

  15. Anyone notice its a Black bus driver? Where is the NAACP on this? Shouldn’t they be sticking up for their own? Muslims love beating their women and that carries over to their belief that they can get away with anything when in public. Time they learn to wait in line like the rest of us.

    • Not the NAACP’s business; this is par for the course in the transit industry (abuse of drivers by the riding public, verbal and physical), although it usually takes place with larger operations than Disney Transport.

      • Adam – you are consistently on the side of the wrongdoer

        Since when has the NAACP only gotten involved in “its business” – nothing the NAACP gets involved in is their business and not much of what you say is very relevant

  16. A commenter left this over at IBA, where I posted a link to this story here at Creeping Sharia:

    I work for bus operations and the entire incident was caught on the security cameras.Every load zone has a high def camera that sees the bus and load zone. We can actually zoom in with the cameras and read the drivers name and his hometown on his name tag on their uniform. Also in the video one of the gentleman on the bus,{I wont identify him} was one of our plain clothes security officers and was in the load zone at the time and witnessed the attack. Security was called along with the OCSO,and yes it took them a few minutes to get to him. This was because the bus was in load zone C7 which is in the charter bus lot and away from the regular Resort load zones near the entrance to Hollywood Studios. If you watch the video closely you will see flashing red and blue lights illuminating the side off the bus.When the wife saw them pull up the wife took off,and tried to hide in the crowd,and left her child with the husband. Other guests identified her to security. They were then removed from the bus and load zone and taken backstage. The gentleman was then arrested and handcuffed for assault on the driver. He is also facing charges for Terrorist threat due to the assault happening on the bus, and public endangerment. They were also ejected from the resort they were staying at,and trespassed from Walt Disney World property.They will not be returning to the Happiest Place on Earth ever again.

    Also everyone will be happy to hear the driver was not reprimanded for the incident,and continued with his job that evening. I actually saw and talked to him last night and he is doing fine.

    Also forgot to add copy of the security tape was provided to the OCSO,they are in turn forwarding it to the state attorney for possible further charges of Felony child neglect and endangerment.


    • I am so glad to hear the family was escorted off Disney property and hopefully barred for life from and Disney place around the world. Also hope charged for endangering the child when thrown at bus driver. Much so lack of respect for life on the baby

  17. that poor baby must have been a girl.

    i don’t blame the wife; if the power of the USA can’t be effectively brought to bear against these animals, why do we think a woman without rights can?

  18. i is a felony everywhere if you attack any transit employee but at Disney they would normally side with the guest but with the video evidence here most likely sided with the driver I will check on this when i go to work tonight I think I will be working at Disney tonight(i am a former Disney driver I now drive for an outside company but still do work there)

  19. Most of the people commenting on here are racist bigots. All this stereotyping and labelling is disgusting. There is bad apples everywhere, and the media uses that to their advantage.
    “Black man robes a has station”
    Well heck why does the fact that he’s black matter?
    “Muslim man attacks driver”
    Why does the fact tht he’s muslim matter? If it was a Jew, a Christian, a Buddhist, a Hindu would matter? Aren’t they all humans. You will find amazing muslims out there and bad ones too, and you’ll find terrible Christians and good ones too. Get over this islamophobe bullshit. Geez people. What this guy did was wrong but it is in no way supporter by his religion.

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