Imam and wife arrested on immigration fraud charges

And terror-linked CAIR calls on a Democratic senator to have the charges dropped. From IPT News at:

15 thoughts on “Imam and wife arrested on immigration fraud charges

  1. It is completely inappropriate, and even criminal if Harkin were to intervene, to attempt to have a politician completely outside of law enforcement try to influence this case.

    This is where you run into problems of those who do not understand the impartiality of American jurisprudence. You cannot buy intervention into criminal matters. Those who think so come from countries where this practice of subverting the rule of law is common.

  2. I live in DSM, IA and Harhin is just dumb enough that he’ll most likely try to halp CAIR out. I will send this to my friends and we’ll E-mail Harkin to him not to help CAIR. I can’t wait until we get to vote Harkin out, but that’s not until 2012.

  3. From my experience in UK, imams are usually criminals, have criminal records going back before they became imams and usually became imams in Her Majesty’s University of Convicted Crims.

  4. I’ve said this before, well -printed it- ENFORCE our laws and the muslim tide will recede. This takes a police force dedicated to protecting all citizens, not the type in Dearborn MI where islam rules. Just ENFORCE THE LAWS.

    • It also takes the will of the mayors .

      Look at NY where the mayor won’t let police officers dismiss muslims praying in the street.

      He would allow a group to display their hostility to the country & their territorial stake
      in the streets, never mind the double parked cabs on both sides. Why?
      If put to a vote the citizens would vote against it, but he makes a unilateral decision to protect them.

      Couldn’t have anything to do with his middle eastern business pursuits could it?

      It’s up to the vote sucking mayors to get out of the way & let the police enforce the law equally regardless of “religion”.

  5. They will likely have the charges dropped. This 7th century system of despots has the highest backing of our political system as they topple this country, and all of the oil money to buy our government. This self serving Islamic supporting politically correct government is the most corrupt of 200 years.

    Vote like the country depened on the outcome. We must replace our Islamic government here. De-burkah the west!

  6. Uh, why wasn’t Dremali tried with Hassoun when Hassoun was tried? Not enough evidence?

    @den – charges dropped? Are you kidding me? I have no reason at all to believe that the charges will not proceed to at least a plea agreement involving a lengthy jail sentence.

    Remember, a judge has to agree to dismiss the charge.

  7. great!! the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, does it…the son in a scissor attack on another student,,know what I think?? the first time these immigrants break their host countries Laws they should be deported back to where they come from! that should cut down the muslim immigration by half, don’t you think? and get rid of the troublemakers!


    In Singapore, immigration and frauds are serious criminal offences. It is high time that Muslims learn how to respect the laws of the land, and not always demanding for special treatment and dispensation.

    If they hate America and the West so much, good for them to go back to where they came from. And then they can have all their dreadful Sharia Laws that they want.

    In America, only American laws must apply. Ditto if they come over to Singapore! Period!

    • This has nothing to do with hate or love but it is domination. They want to control the world.
      Screw sharia law in America, this is AMERICA not some backward muslim country who get their rocks of killing children and women. Keep America clean.

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