Maine: Woman may have been target of chemical bomb outside mosque

An infidel woman. A disturbing update to this post, Maine: Muslim teen sets off chemical bomb outside mosque – no charges, from Gadi Adelman who reports on police and FBI indifference or incompetence. Or is it submission? via Taqiyya, She Wrote

Debbie’s story is rather interesting, since she was not only there when the bomb went off, but was possibly targeted.

Debbie is an employee at the Back Bay Grill. Debbie’s explanation is rather different from the news accounts and the D.A. to say the least,

“At about 7:45 I decided to go get my phone charger from my car. The Mosque (The Islamic Society of Portland) back door and parking lot is directly behind the Back Bay grill and it was filled with people and cars.”

“As I walked I saw a van loading up with women and children. The Kids ran in front of me in an obvious scurry and closed the vehicle door.”

Building on left-Islamic society of Portland, building on right-Back Bay Grill

Then she explains about the blast,

“I took several more steps and then the chemical bottle bomb exploded directly in front of me.  It stopped me in my tracks. It was exceedingly loud. A child that sounded like it came from the van full of children shouted, in a proud- sort of accomplished way, “He did it! He did it!”

Debbie’s first reaction was to yell,

“Who did this, who did this?”

Then the Taqiyya began. Debbie heard the woman in the van respond,

“Not MY Children”.

As Debbie explains further, the Taqiyya continues,

“I then turned to my left and behind me and there was a Musilm man standing there, and I said, ‘Who did this? Who did this?’ And he said to me ‘Did what?’ I said, “Set off that explosion?” He said in complete denial “What explosion?”

Parking lot behind Islamic Society and Back Bay Grill

The Back Bay Grill Manager came out and she told him what happened. The manager went over and picked up what was left of the plastic bottle and looked it over.

The manager, who would later suffer from a burn on his face from the chemicals on his hands, told Debbie that while he was speaking with the men, they took the exploded bottle inside the mosque.

Debbie returned to the restaurant to calm down. She was, “scared, upset and angry.” When the manager returned he phoned the police at Debbie’s suggestion.

The manager then waited outside for the police to arrive.

The 9-11 operator was told that there was just an explosion outside the mosque. One would think that the police, fire department and ambulances would be there in a matter of minutes, right?

I have to enlighten everyone that this is not the safest part of town. It has its share of homeless people sleeping on the street, prostitutes and other characters. The main Portland Post Office is located only half a block away.

According to people I have spoken with, across the street from the Back Bay Grill is the Portland vehicle maintenance depot where all the police cars fill up at the start of their shifts. There are regularly police vehicles in this area at any given time.

15-20 minutes after the explosion the Portland Police finally arrived. That would be just the police, no fire, no EMS, no sirens, no emergency flashing lights, just the police.

When Debbie saw the police arrive she went outside. She explained,

“The police officers shouted “Walk around, walk around, there is another one” and found yet another undetonated chemical bottle bomb underneath a taxicab in the parking lot.”

She points out that one of the policemen even commented,

“How lucky everyone was to have at least one member on the bomb squad on duty this evening, otherwise we probably couldn’t do anything… The bomb squad officer used a BB gun and shot a hole in the device to relieve the pressure so it didn’t detonate.”

In a later conversation Debbie told me that the bomb squad member was actually the head of the Portland bomb squad.

Her conversation with the police and their reaction was strange as well,

“I told the police that the first bomb “had exploded about ten feet in front of me”

“The police stated that clearly this was “kids being kids” and from the start I felt as if the police were belittling the situation.”

At this point Debbie went back inside the restaurant. She told me,

“When the manager came back he said that the police were speaking with the adults from the mosque and that they had given the plastic bottle back to the police.”

One very interesting side note here, over the last year Debbie has seen the back door of the mosque go from one regular back door to three security doors. She explained to me,

“There used to be just one door, they have added on two more doors, so now, where you used to go inside the mosque through one, you now have a security type area that when you enter it leads to another door.”

Remember, the back door leads to the parking area and according to everyone I have spoken with, the back door is the one that is always used.

This is important because according to Debbie the manager told her,

“It was very important to the Muslims that the Police enter through the front door out of respect. The Muslims told the Police that they don’t let anyone use the back door.

He also told me that the Muslims brought a child forward that admitted to making the bombs and showed the police inside the mosque what he used to make the bombs.

He said it was some sort of toilet bowl cleaner. I asked what kind and he said he would go look because the police had thrown everything in the Back Bay Grill dumpster. He pulled out a large plastic bottle of toilet bowl cleaner. I thought it was weird that the police had thrown everything in our dumpster.”

[I must be watching too much CSI, I thought the police would gather all the evidence, not throw it away, silly me.] Debbie told me how she felt,

“My husband and I felt that people needed to know about this. The police had said many times that it was just kids being kids but I was there. I experienced the explosion and it was much more than kids being kids. I felt that the other people and children around knew something was going to happen. There were too many adults around for it to be kids being kids. They watched it happen and then denied it to my face. Only when police pressed the issue did the Muslims admit that an explosion had happened and move forward with admitting to what happened.”

Debbie later suffered physical pain,

“The next morning my teeth, skull, eye sockets and ears hurt. They ached, but different from a headache.”

As Debbie explained to me, it wasn’t until Friday of that week that the detective interviewed her:

“I began to explain to Detective Murphy what happened. He stopped me in mid-sentence and told me “In their eyes, as a woman, you are a speck of dirt.” That bothered me but I tried to brush it off. I proceeded to tell my story to the detective; I signed a statement that Murphy had written. He told me he’d be working with the Juvenile Prosecutor Christine Thibeault to decide what charges the child would face.”

It appeared to me that Debbie and I were getting the same runaround, as she told me,

“I called detective Murphy after two weeks had passed. He told me he was still investigating and to speak with Christine Thibeault. I called Thibeault and she told me that this is how the system works and these things take time. Both the detective and the Juvenile prosecutor told me they would call me when they knew something more. I never received any calls.”

Jessica Fletcher where are you when we need you?

It is interesting that during my research I found that three teenagers, two juveniles and an adult were charged with six counts each of criminal use of explosives, a Class C felony by the same District Attorney less than 5 months earlier for the exact same type of bombs.

As I explained in my second article,

“A bomb is a bomb and the law is the law. Yes, I can understand that they would want to know what the bomb was made of, but if the components were needed in order to charge someone most other cases would go un-charged. I can hear it now on the news. A bomb went off today, police know who did it, but since there is nothing left the perpetrator will not be charged. Yeah, right.”

So, once again political correctness, or as I like to call it “political incorrectness” has run amuck. The D.A. is obviously dragging their feet over the prayer rug that the police swept the evidence under.

Can what happened to Debbie not be classified as a “hate crime”? She was the only non-Muslim there and the one in closest proximity to the bomb. Remember, at one point during an interview Detective Murphy stated to her “In their eyes, as a woman, you are a speck of dirt.”

He understood this aspect of Islam and yet threw away the evidence or allowed it to be thrown away?

Debbie explained to me that she even contacted the local office of the FBI,

“The agent on the telephone refused to give me his name but kept saying “it sounds like a local matter and you should contact the D.A.”

What? I know Jessica Fletcher would disapprove, but can I say WTF?

The FBI doesn’t care about bombs going off? Forget that it occurred outside a mosque, forget that the main Post Office, a Federal building (the Post Office) is less than a block away, and forget that a Muslim admitted to it, it was a bomb!

During my last conversation with D.A. Anderson she told me,

“The 13 year old is changing his story, now he says that he was cleaning inside the mosque the bottle started to bubble and he threw it out the window.”

Hmmm. So where did this second bottle that the police had to disable come from? The one that she said was disposed of that we later found out was thrown away by the Portland Police?

I relayed this conversation to Debbie and she laughed saying,

“That is physically impossible since there are no windows in the mosque that look out in to the parking lot.”

There is much more, read it all here.

23 thoughts on “Maine: Woman may have been target of chemical bomb outside mosque

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  3. America, wake up before finally induce you to sleep,
    rape your children, sisters and even mothers and convert them to Islam. When men die, women have no alernative to succumb and become Muslim. This is the story from Spain, to Egypt, Persia and entire south and southeast. AWAKE AND STOP THIS CARNAGE OF YOUR CULTURE, CIVILIZAION AND RELIGION.

  4. This is the Obama DOJ and the administration’s PC attempt to downplay Muslim crime for their own agenda. It stinks for victims, and it should end. I suggest people end it during this election. Vote GOP.

  5. It sounds like this is indeed the type of bomb that is easily made using drain cleaner (or chemically similar agent), metal filings and (usually) a 2-liter plastic soda bottle with a screw cap. Kids usually make it because the materials are easy to get, it makes one hell of a bang and they see it as a lot of fun. And maybe it is, But it is also very dangerous with corrosive liquid flying all around. Whether it was intended to hurt someone or not, this should still have become a police matter, investigated and prosecuted. Anything less is laziness, indifference or worse, appeasement.

    • Exactly – I wonder if the Portland Police and the Cumberland County DA have been bought and paid (or sold)—the state police should be investigating because there may well be a conflict of interest.

  6. Dear Creeping I clicked on the “There is much more, read it all ‘here’. “….do you have a PDF for this?

  7. My folder in Yahoo mail that I named Creeping Sharia and have kept all items you have sent for the past year has disappeared from my folders as I was trying to put this item into it. Has this happened to anyone else that you know?

    • Just one more reason to dislike (vehemently) anything YAHOO

      I tried several free emails including the OS default hotmail when I first got started……I settled (and have loved ) gmail

  8. If teenage muslims boys want to play like a muslim adult male they can be shot between the eyes as well. You wanna play you gonna pay.

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  11. I am going to say that it should not be classified as a hate crime, for the only reason that hate crime laws are inherently unconstitutional (I believe that there should be no such thing as a hate crime, because it protects one group over another). It’s also not the FBI’s territory because federal property was not actually damaged.

    Therefore, I believe it’s completely the issue of the Portland Police and Cumberland County (Maine) DA, upon whom I place all of the blame for foot-dragging and wonder if they have been bought off by the mosque, which should be investigated by the state AG.

  12. simple solution. we citizens private contract the IDF from Israel to look into it, and help them settle here.

    call the police and tell them a local militia will form if these people are not deported.

    may be the local bike gang can be asked to keep an eye out for street muslims.

  13. I just ran across a video in which a Taliban insurgent clearly says that Britains as well as Americans fund them and “are ready to attack” themselves, given the word…….here’s the link:

    IMO this story sounds like bomb making was being practiced and the woman unfortunately was in the wrong place at the wrong time….but there’s something SERIOUSLY wrong with a bomb going off and it not getting a full force investigtion

    • Which leads one to believe (presuming that the story as mentioned is what happened; I have seen nothing as of yet to discount it) that the local authorities whose jurisdiction it is has been bought and sold.

      Where is the state police on this?

  14. If the victim was a muslim woman & the perps were a non-muslim group, what do you think would happen?

    There’s something really wrong here, and if the citizens don’t get a handle on it now they will be very sorry.

  15. From Bill Warner’s site ~
    “Islam declares that the Koran and Sharia law are divine, and, as such, are the only “legitimate” law in the world. In that way, Islam “self-legitimizes” its right to use physical force anywhere in the world, and the right of every Imam in every mosque in the world to call for physical force and violence at any time. This makes every Imam in every mosque a military leader.

    Islam is a state by every definition and theory, and is a state hostile to and at war with the United States of America and its Constitution.”

  16. Seeing that I live 30mi from Portland, here’s the scoop. Portland has the largest infestation of politically correct ta-ta’s in the state of Maine. They thrive on hassling citizens and give everything to the somali’s and everyother freeloader. How syupid can you get? These kids are blowing up bombs and themselves all over the middle east. Time for them to go! In Lewiston another city in Maine, of all the somali’s that catholic charities dumped up here 51% are still unemployed after over 5 years! Time to go!! Don’t let the door hit you on the way out!!

  17. The important thing to note here is not that some kid was making a plastic bottle bomb. Kids will be kids. No, the important thing is that both the parents and the Mosque backed the kid instead of showing him the error of his ways.

    Had this been any other religious institution, the kid would have been disciplined, and the parents would have probably whupped his ass.

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