Islamic Charity Uses Earthquake Relief to Push Mosque Expansion in Haiti

Hate to say we told you so, but we told you so. From Shariah Finance Watch:

One of the largest Islamic charities in the United States, LIFE for Relief and Development, has used the ongoing crisis in Haiti to fund mosque expansion in Haiti.

Haiti has almost no Muslims. Even Islamic sources, which are notorious for wildly overestimating Muslim population levels, put the figure at 3,000 Muslims in the Caribbean nation out of nearly 9.9 million people. Reports indicate that as much as $3 million will be used to “renovate” 5 mosques.

You can rest assured that “renovate” in this case does not mean fix the roof, replace the broken windows and slap a coat of paint on the walls. Renovate almost always means enlarge and it was just this type of activity that some observers warned about when Islamic charities began to move in to Haiti following the disastrous earthquake. Islamic charities have historically used such disasters to conduct missionary work and the long-term mess in Haiti seems ripe for Saudi Wahhabi money…and everything that accompanies that money…

LIFE for Relief and Development’s past is not comforting at all.

The organization was founded in 1992 to send relief to Iraq, which was then under international sanctions for its illegal invasion of Kuwait and support for terrorism, among other things.

The organization operated in Iraq after the overthrow of Saddam Hussein and its operations there were raided by U.S. forces. Two years later the organization’s offices in the U.S. were raided by the FBI. Complete details and more are available at the excellent Investigative Project web site:

And here is the news story announcing LIFE’s mosque expansion operations in Haiti…

The first of those observers was Creeping Sharia in this post, Islamist groups set up camp in Haiti (video).

Hat tip to the recently turned one year old Money Jihad.

26 thoughts on “Islamic Charity Uses Earthquake Relief to Push Mosque Expansion in Haiti


      Because islam allows jinns (demons) a haven and a place of honour in the Quran, especially in chapter 72 there appropriately called “Al-Jinns” (“Demons”), to immortalise the memories of the great help demons gave to their Prophet Mohammed (s.a.w) to spread islam.

      But if it is about ISLAM, the worship of ALLAH, the Creator God Abraham and the ancient and modern-day Arab Christians worshipped long before the late-come Quran came on the scene, then I really have no serious issues and problems with it and with the true Muslims wgo were created in God’s glorious image too.

      • the Muslims were not Arab Christians OM- they were pagans who circled the Kabaa, placeof the meterorite from the moon god and godesses, same as today kissing the black rock- Mohammed was unseucessful selling his BS to the JEWS in Median so he killed them- he needed Meccans on board- they refused his one God idea- so he compromised- making AILALAH the Male moon god into ALLAh- he made them give up godess worship (see Satanic verses)- yes there is no feminine in ISLAm no YIN for the yang- and the reason Mohammedism is so misogynistic- they slew the feminine- the ROCK is pagan, idol worship and so is ISLAM- at it’s heart BLACK as the stone in Mecca

  1. right, try and build a mosque where people have no food, are being ravaged by cholera and need the most fundamental of necessities. predators of the weak annd hopeless…indeed a cancer; a scourge upon this planet.

    • hizbollah has mastered this as well

      standard guerrilla warfare/insurgency tactic – win over the local populace by giving them what the govt won’t or can’t

  2. As usual, this website jumps to conclusions and only gives partial information in order to make people jump to erroneous conclusions. The money that was given towards the Mosque renovation in Haiti was pre-designated for that purpose so that the donors knew in advance where the money was going.

    To Mary, Islam is not cancer, hatred is.

    • {Yahya, on October 25, 2010 at 1:05 PM Said:

      The Bible: A Manual for Genocide}
      {creeping, on October 29, 2010 at 8:29 PM Said:

      As usual, ….[Yahya] is intentionally trying obfuscate and confuse…}

      Yahya, I am still waiting for you to respond to my article in this blog at:

      on what I wrote on on October 26, 2010 at 5:24 AM:

      So when are you going to take up my challenge to debate on what I wrote?—–


      Mark my words: That is why I bet this Islamist Yahya will be scared of debating with me here, unless he has enough brain cells to do so. But does he? If he believes that my Bible is a manual for genocide, then why are his islamic suicide bombers and assassins doing such a great job mass-slaughtering on behalf of the Christians and the Jews—to even merrily mass-slaughter their own innocent Muslim children, women and children? When did Christians and the Jews ever make any request to those sex-hungry islamic holy fighters to mass-slaughter their own people?……for their allah’s false promises of their marriages to 72 or more voluptuous heavenly virgins who would give them their eternally-free sex they hanker for. Crazy!! ……”

      • Yes, it is crazy. It’s true that the old testament written thousands of years ago does speak of killing. The difference, of course, is Christ. He gave us a whole new way of living–“Love your neighbor.” Muslims continue to follow a warlord of the seventh century and obey his instructions to behead, rape, pillage, sexually mutilate little girls, etc. etc. etc. they will not understand that in this day and age, such behaviour is considered psychotic. To follow such a barbarian is to be mentally ill. And they are.

  3. No, Islam is not like a cancer. In some cases, cancer can be cured or put in remission. Islam is a terminal illness, particularly for “Infidels.” There is no cure for this dreadful plague.

    And hate them? Oh, yes I do. I know all about them and they are worthy of hate. How should one feel about a political ideology that wants me dead? Love them? Hogwash. And should we not hate pedophiles? Well, I do. I hate their very soul and curse them. Mohammed “Married” a six year old girl. Muslims must emulate him. So, even today in Saudi Arabia and other Muslim countries, they marry little girls. Sometimes these little girls bleed to death. I hate them. Take it or leave it.


    However, our Muslim-run relief orgnisations used the money to help disaster-stricken people in Aceh (for tsunami victims), in Haiti’s, China’s Sichuan and Pakistan’s earthquake (and flood victims), not to expand their mosques. I am proud of Singapore Muslims’ moral-clarity and true charitable spirit.

    Evidently, Islamists are using donations for disasters to propagate Islamism in Haiti and augment their foot soldiers to try taking over western and non-Muslim countries with their backward and benighted version of islam and putting the whole world under the heavy yoke of islam.

    This is something people in the free world have to worry about since this will be a regression, not a progression, of human civilisation!


        Ya, they did a very good job helping the Chinese stricken by the Sichuan erthquakes, and Christians ahave helped a lot, working alongside Mercy relief, to help the Muslims in Aceh hit by the tsunami—to complement the lead taken by our gallant and caring PM Lee Hsien Loong and our Defense Minister RADM Teo Chee Hean to render succour to tsunami victims.

        Our PM Lee was also the ones who quickly SOS and got President Bush to come in to help out. So President Bush quickly despatched his immense air-craft carrier and kind-hearted Marines to help distribute succor to those victims in that dire situation.

        May God have all our praises!

    The Israel Forum for International Humanitarian Aid – IsraAID – is sending a team to Haiti Thursday night to check the progress of its work on that quake-struck island.

    Since January 16 – four days after an earthquake rocked Haiti, destroying much of the infrastructure in the island’s capital city of Port-au-Prince – Israeli medical professionals and others have worked to help local residents recover from the disaster.

    Now a cholera outbreak is threatening the city and its surrounding communities. Thus far, some 200 people have already succumbed to the epidemic.
    the JEWS help for no ulterior motives- no selling their faith, no synagogues built- just real HELP

    emergency medical care, included primary family medical care, medical rehabilitation, informal education, food production, women empowerment and children’s safe-space programs.

  6. Haitian mother who gave birth in field hospital names baby Israel

    The 220-member delegation of the Israel Defence Forces (IDF) Medical Corps, which includes 40 doctors and 25 nurses, arrived in Haiti on Saturday.

    The hospital, with a capacity to treat up to 500 patients a day, was set up on a football field in Port-au-Prince within eight hours on the same day. It consists of a radiology department, an intensive care unit, an emergency room, two operating rooms and a pharmacy.

    So far, it has treated more than 270, most of whom suffered from limb injuries and bone fractures, according to the IDF.

    The Israeli team on Saturday freed a Haitian government worker who had been trapped for over 90 hours in the destroyed customs office in Port-au-Prince.

    Israeli rescuers also helped to recover eight students from the collapsed, eight-storey university building in the city.

    The rescuers included a six-member team of the Zaka International Rescue Unit, an Israeli non-governmental organization of Jewish religious volunteers experienced in collecting body parts after suicide bombings.

  7. @isahiah. That’s very interesing; no yin to the yang. That fundamentally puts everything off balance. Read a wonderfully informative book that explains the very essence of islam by a Syrian doctor (female) who fled Syria to the US. It’s called “A God who Hates” by Wafa Sultan. She nails it by explaining the essence of islam is devotion to god; a god who hates, who has no room for forgiveness nor sympathy. It was a good read (not tedious) and once you understand there’s no room for love or kindness, your eyes are forever opened to the hateful POLITICAL idealogy that is islam.

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