Michigan: Islam forbids dogs, so blind Muslim brings horse to class

Her parents, and Islam, wouldn’t let her use a guide dog. Islam in America, 2010.

Cali, the mini-guide horse of blind Michigan State graduate student Mona Ramouni, is probably the first pony to attend college.

Photo: Mira Oberman / AFP / Getty Images

This story is in the news again, so caption this if you’re bored…

More from FSM:

Though guide horses and their acceptance in public places are not Islam-specific innovations, the above story nevertheless does bring to mind the matter of reciprocity regarding Muslims in the West. One cannot hear the tale of Ramouni and Cali without recalling the countless examples of people with guide dogs being turned away, on both sides of the Atlantic, by Muslim-staffed restaurants, Muslim taxi drivers, Muslim bus drivers, and non-Muslim bus drivers placating irate Muslim passengers. Furthermore, who could forget Tyler Hurd, a man suffering from seizures who, like Ramouni, only wanted to attend school? Two years ago, his Muslim classmate at St. Cloud State in Minnesota threatened to kill his service dog, forcing Hurd to leave the course.

22 thoughts on “Michigan: Islam forbids dogs, so blind Muslim brings horse to class

  1. That’s funny. Never heard of a seeing eye pony before. Will bus drivers allow the pony on the bus, will a muslim cabbie let the pony into the cab?


      It was said that because dog’s salivas are dirty. But water or food drank or eaten by cats are still considered clean, as the Prophet says that “cats are one of us.”

      Another story has it that once Prophet Mohammed and his band of ‘holy’ warriors were walking to somewhere. Being dogs, they started to bark at strangers when they saw the great prophet and his followers coming their way. And this annoyed the great prophet of islam as the dogs had failed to give him the respect he expected, even of dogs. They were barking like crazy, something dogs love doing, to alert their masters to strangers.

      So he pronounced a curse on the dogs for being disrespectful and sacrilegious towards islam’s greatest and most honoured prophet. So dogs also ended up with infidels on Muslims’ hate-list.

      King Solomon says: “A righteous man has regard for the life/needs of his beast” (Proverbs 12:10), as animals are created by God too.

      • Oh Tham Eng..you forgot to finish the story of the prophet Muhammad.. he hated dogs so much he had all the dogs hunted down and killed when he got control of Mecca.. and its interesting about dogs,,do you know that a dog is an excellent judge of a mans character? they have a sixth sense if a man is good or evil!! they will always growl or bark when they sense evil and danger in a man, and we all know that Muhammad was definitely NOT a nice person!!THATS why the dogs of Mecca barked at him, they could sense his evil..no wonder he had them killed, I just bet every time he went to Mecca the whole township was deafened with the howling of the dogs..

    • You know that maho had syphilis. This sickness always causes hallucinations. Every night, maho had those but he said to the people around him that it was the archangel Gabriel who was visiting him. One morning he woke up and realizing that Gabriel did not come that night he looked around him and saw a puppy near the bed in the room. He then proclaimed that it was because the angels did not like dogs that he had no visitors that night and decided that dogs were impure. Sorry for my English, but I hope you understand.

  2. It’s a very good photo, and a great use of mini horses. They’re smart. They certainly will bite more than a dog will, however, but they’re great animals. They don’t know that they are mini horses. They think they are the kings of beasts. But can you house train a pony? Apparently so.


    But horses cannot match up to the intelligence and loyalty of the many reported faithful and intelligent dogs. This is further evidence of how islam can make people stupid or stupider.

    Because dogs are smarter and more loyal to humans than horses and other animals. Heart-tugging stories continue to abound of how dogs have sacrificed their lives to look after and protect their masters—from fighting alligators in Florida, to snakes, or alerting its master of a fire breakng out in the house, etc. That is why Singapore is a nation of many dog-lovers.

    Just yesterday in Singapore, there was a heart-tugging media report of a faithful and intelligent stray dog (which had been cast away when its owner moved). A vagabond (who was once a beautiful transgender sex worker and who had fallen on hard times) had paired up with this intelligent dog to live a life together on the streets. And this dog was so protective of its adoptive master, always staying by her side (she was once a he before the operation). She begged for a living on the streets, with her faithful dog in tow.

    Now the transgender has been put in a home by the government, and the dog was taken away from her and put in the animal welfare shelter awaiting adoption. The new owner must sign an undertaking that he/she must bring it to see its adoptive owner every two weeks before it can be adopted, as the bond between them was very close and strong. I wish I have the time to adopt this dog—so loyal, protective and intelligent.

    So many dogs are very much better that those sex-driven islamic suicide bombers who would even want to mass-slaughter innocent Muslim children, women and men just for allah’s false promises of 72 or more voluptuous virgins for free sex in heaven if they succeed in their heinous crime to massacre the innocent.

    allahu akbar? You must be mentally retarded!

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  6. Why do muslims not like dogs?
    Dogs are born into the dog family, and they always behave like dogs.
    They eat, shit, fuck and sleep most of the time, they bark at nothing, and they carry diseases.
    Dogs shit in their homes and they bite the person that feeds them.
    Muslims behave in the same way, just eating shitting, fucking and sleeping.
    They bark at nothing and carry diseases.
    They shit in their own homes and bite those who feed them.
    Therefore muslims belong to the dog family.

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