Proof Terrorists Crossed Mexican Border (video)

Justin Farmer at continues exposing border insecurity and the terrorists who are crossing the southern borders of the U.S. via Channel 2 Uncovers Proof Terrorists Crossed Mexican Border

ATLANTA — Government officials deny that terrorists have crossed our open border. Still, Channel 2 Action News has proof they have.

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Retired immigration agent Michael Cutler says the actual threat is being covered up. “Incredibly the government is attempting to keep the citizens like a bunch of mushrooms. Keep us in the dark and feed us a bunch of manure.”

Channel 2 Anchor Justin Farmer found documents filed in federal court in San Antonio, Texas, in May. They show an indictment against Ahmed Muhammad Dhakane for allegedly smuggling hundreds of people from Brazil to Mexico, then into the U.S. The federal indictment states it includes some Somalis from the terrorist group Al Shabob. Terrorism experts say the group is responsible for terrorist attacks and suicide bombings worldwide.

To this day we do not know where those 300 Somalis are,” said Rep. Michael McCaul of Texas. “We do know they are in the United States.”

More here, Channel 2 Raises Questions About Border Security

Previous post on Farmer’s earlier reports here:

Evidence Hizbollah, Muslims crossing illegally into Arizona (video)

17 thoughts on “Proof Terrorists Crossed Mexican Border (video)

  1. This is an outrage! Democrats are supporting illegal immigration for votes. At the same time, they are jeopardizing our security.

    The Federal Government’s prime directive is to protect its citizens. They failed! Its time to pursue secession! Its time for the people to arm themselves. The experiment is over!

    • You actually think they care about you? They only care about their agenda and it isn’t warm & fuzzy toward America or you.

      • And they are using our money to accomplish it all. The early American colonists would have started rebeling years ago.
        We don’t because we’re afraid to lose what we have. Maybe we have too much. Revolutions are carried out by those who have nothing to lose.

  2. The Democrats are controlled by many moslem groups from the Muslim Brotherhood. ISNA and CAIR being a couple of them. Although we have not had a good voice from the Republicans either. A few, but not many and certainly not the majority of them.

  3. Saudi Arabia has a no-visa agreement with Brazil which has a no-visa agreement with Mexico which visas directly from Saudi Arabia. Once in Brazil, Muslims get false IDs as Hispanics, fly to Mexico to cross the US-Mexico border as any other illegal alien. It is true that the US has a no-visa agreement with Saudi Arabia, too, but the use of false IDs is much more difficult and is not likely to succeed with the tight SA airport security system we can’t seem to master.

    • US has a no-visa agreement with Saudi Arabia

      and you must wonder why after 29 hijacking murdfereing JIHADIS who came here from KSA, we sitll do ??

      stop ALL unscreened travelers from ISLAMIC nations
      ALL amke the requirements stringent and the reasons they conme here explained fully. We should issue GPS tracking for immigrants like we do for COWS – visa expired? out you go

  4. If your “leaders” really cared about stopping terrorism the fence at the border would have been the first thing they got in order. Of course terrorists are going to enter there, it’s a no-brainer.

    When there’s another terrorist attack, remember how the terrorists got in and severely punish those “leaders” who aided & abetted. They are guilty of treason.

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  8. Well, Janet Napolitano is too busy implementing her forced foreplay on american citizens to do anything about this. At least her employees are getting off.

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