LA sheriff gives Muslim men helicopter tours of patrol stations

…and invites bin Laden and Hizbollah supporters to speak to the FBI and LAPD about countering homegrown jihadis.

“Sheer madness” via Islam’s PC Pal In L.A. –

Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca seems more interested in currying favor with radical Muslim groups than fighting terror. He’s even invited one to lecture police about “radicalization.”

Next week, Baca’s department will host a conference for the L.A. Police Department and the FBI on “radicalization and homegrown violent extremism.” Among featured speakers are two suspect figures with the Muslim Public Affairs Council.

L.A.-based MPAC claims to be “moderate.” But according to a new report put out by a coalition of U.S. security officials, it’s “an aggressive propaganda arm” of the radical Muslim Brotherhood, parent of Hamas and al-Qaida. MPAC’s own publication, the Minaret, has proudly called its founder “a close disciple of” Brotherhood founder Hassan al-Banna.

While that’s bad enough, one of the MPAC officials slated to speak, Edina Lekovic, edited the magazine Al-Talib when it editorialized that “our brother” Osama bin Laden was a “freedom fighter” who should be defended by Muslims. This was in 1999 — a year after bin Laden bombed our embassies and declared war on us.

The other official is MPAC President Salam al-Marayati, who the same year was booted from the National Commission on Terrorism by then-House Democratic Leader Dick Gephardt for praising Hezbollah. He wasn’t fit to serve on an anti-terror panel in 1999. What makes Baca think he’s fit now?

“The segment in question is a learning module for first responders to ask intelligent questions and hopefully get intelligent answers,” Sheriff’s Department Chief Mike Grossman explained in a statement to us. “Understanding the deeper roots of the problem requires dialogue.”

Intelligent answers? Count on more disinformation. MPAC has fought every counterterror program the LAPD and FBI have tried to get going in the Muslim community since interrogations of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed revealed L.A. as a prime al-Qaida target.

The group has advised Muslims not to cooperate with investigators, not to inform on each other, not to self-police. It has defended terrorist suspects even after their convictions.

So it’s sheer madness that its leaders would be invited to headline a cop workshop on combating terror. But then, Baca is mad with PC. In 2006, he started the Muslim Community Affairs Unit to do more outreach with Muslim groups.

The unit is staffed with at least seven Muslims, including two deputies who invited the MPAC leaders to lecture officers. Baca’s even been taking young Muslim men up in department helicopters and giving them tours of patrol stations as part of “outreach.” He’s also got MPAC and the Council on American-Islamic Relations giving mandatory two-hour Islamic “sensitivity training” to new cadets.

Much more via the Investigative Project on Terrorism’s Executive Summary: LA Law Enforcement Conference on “Radicalization” Features Islamist Radicals who have Impeded U.S. Counterterrorism Efforts and the full report:


Federal, state and local law enforcement officials are organizing a two-day conference starting Sunday in central California entitled, “Radicalization Conference 2010: Radicalization and Homegrown Violent Extremism.”

The official program makes it immediately clear that the word “Islamic” is missing before the word “Radicalization” or before the words “Homegrown Violent Extremism.” This politically correct self-censorship in avoiding the use of the word “Islamic” before “Radicalization” or “Extremism” follows the growing censorship adopted by the Departments of Justice and Homeland Security, and even the White House.

Yet, sources knowledgeable about the conference say its aim is to focus on how to counter radicalization in the Islamic community. It is being organized by the LA Prison and Radicalization unit of the LA Joint Regional Terrorist Threat Assessment Center (LA-JRTTAC), which itself is part of the DHS-funded LA “Fusion Center.” The Fusion Center is underwriting the conference. The Fusion Center includes representatives from LA FBI, LA Sheriff, and LA Police Department.

High-ranking officials from all of LA law enforcement agencies are scheduled to speak including Chief Michael Grossman of the LA Sheriff’s office, LAPD Chief Michael Downing, a senior LA FBI official, several detectives of the LA Sheriff’s office and investigators from the district attorney’s office.

Most surprisingly, also appearing at this federally funded conference are two officials from an Islamist organization which has served at the forefront of impeding U.S. counterterrorism efforts, has issued statements in support of terrorist groups like Hizballah and, perhaps most significantly, has issued incendiary statements that actually cause Muslims to be radicalized.

16 thoughts on “LA sheriff gives Muslim men helicopter tours of patrol stations

  1. It is at once a shame and sheer blunder that Calif. Police is curryng favor with Jihadist Islamists. Are we living in an era of technology or a desert-sand society of stupidity. After claiming ourselves being highly informed, masters of technology, can’t we recognize the danger and call a spade, a spade and make anattemtp to stop or counter them. U.S is losiing to China economically and politically to the dangerous Islamists.

  2. We as a country, and a society, had reach our zenith at about the presidency of Ronald Reagan, not necessarily because of who he was, but because up until that time the rule of law was the standard to which all things were measured. We have been coasting on the hard work of history’s past. Not all that have lived in America were of a Christian belief, but all those that lived here were subject to the Judeao/Christian based laws of the land. This was so from the earliest inception of rule within the original colonies. Islams one and only intent is to subvert, kill all those that resist their belief, and destroy all that isn’t Islam. Sounds a lot like “The devil romes about like a lion seeking whom he may devour” and “Satan come but to steal, kill, and destroy” What else is left to explain?

    • Yeah I was working in homeless shelters when ol Ronnie was President, and I remember well when he threw tens of thousands of mental patients in hospitals out onto the streets. Supposedly set up “clinics” where they could go to get their meds, but that never happened and even the few that were created, most of the people were schizophrenic and didn’t know the difference between a lamp post and a car, their brains do not function correctly.

      So ever since then we’ve had tens of thousands of mentally ill people out on the street even the elderly who should have been kept in the hospitals and cared for – this particular population was WAY to ill to just throw out into the streets but that’s what Ronnie did alright.

      Every time you pass a mentally ill old homeless lady, thank Ronnie that she can’t go to a hospital where she belongs, but has to sleep out in the cold not even understanding what’s happening to her. Or thank Ronnie the next time some innocent person is stabbed by a homeless schiophrenic who believes he’s seeing demons instead of people.

      I hope Ronnie is burning in hell for what he did to tens of thousands of innocent mentally ill patients – literally , I mean he REALLY DID just have them all tossed right into the streets. I don’t think that there has ever existed a bigger MORON than Ronald Reagan.

    • And oh yeah, tossing mentally ill people into the street might be a CHRISTIAN thing to do but it is certainly NOT a Judaic thing to do. Ever.

  3. What a horror that Edina Lekovic is! Sucking up to muslim males who have total contempt for her anyway, witch-faced, Euro-muscum!

    She needs to be reminded that her not too distant relatives were Christians who were raped by muslims!

    Also, she is not that popular among her own; she has 9 friends on facebook!

  4. Trusting the sheriff is allowing or providing appropriate photographic equipment. Next is the night flyover with infra red devices. Otherwise, the muslims will not be able to assault …..

    • the pity is most CALIs are not liberal- the DEM party gerrrymandered the state so as to deny them any elected reps- the districts like Boxer’s (ugh) & Pelosi are drawn in a way to exclude any REP majority – If districts were not drawn so as to guarantee “minority” and liberal majority- CALI would be a RED state-all the areas outside the large cities are Rep

  5. I can’t believe this! we are seeing the decline of the western civilization, and no one is doing anything to stop fact under Obama this process will accelerate daily..

  6. {alwaysonwatch, on November 19, 2010 at 5:27 PM said:

    Gah! The stupidity is mind boggling.}

    Thanks, “creeping” for posting the above report. But how sure are we that such alarming reports are being effectively mass-circulated to all patriotic Americans, and rouse them from their slumber and naivety?

    That’s why I say again that the God-hating and feckless liberals are of the devil too. That is why the liberals are in cahoots with Islamists to undermine and destroy Christian America and the West for allah.

    “Resist the devil, and he will flee form you. Draw near to God, and he will draw near to you.” James 4:7.

    So this is God’s battle that all must join in to do combat. Or America and Americans’ freedom and lives will be lost forever to allah and Islamism!

    But this battle must be fought on the premise that Islamism is against the goodness in the Quran, so as not to freak out those good and honest Muslims. Tell them that if we win this existential battle for God, Muslims will also be winners. All will be winnners. There will be no losers.

    But if we lose, Muslims will also lose to allah, that divine impostor, and will forever remain in oppression, backwardness, benightedness and great fear for their lives; and in perpetual fear of the unnecessary violence inherent in allah’s islam.


    Ms.Ayaan Hirsi Ali believes the nature of Islam in its current manifestation – let alone the more radical jihadist interpretations – makes it difficult for Muslims to be integrated into Western societies, though the U.S. seems to do it better than Europe. She therefore advocates initiatives to open Muslim minds by various groups, including open-minded Christians and Jews. She believes it is harmful for integration the notion that immigrant groups need to stay together for social cohesion after migrating, something most progressives seem to believe.

    “Multiculturalism helps immigrants postpone the pain of letting go of the anachronistic and inappropriate. In this way it locks Muslims into corrupt, inefficient and unjust social systems, even if it does preserve their arts and crafts. It perpetuates poverty, misery and abuse.”



  9. I can just imagine what they told the police:
    we can stop
    radicalization of islamic youth by withdrawing our support for Israel, by welcoming muslims into our countries and instituting shariah law, and by stopping the pursuit and killing of terrorists in muslim lands.

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