Russia: Muslim stabs 2 police for not allowing people to live under sharia law

Where’s that car-driving, bear-hunting tough guy Putin? It’s getting worse in Russia, via Interfax-Religion.

Ufa, November 19, Interfax – A local resident burst into a police station in the town of Oktyabrsky in the Russian Republic of Bashkortostan and stabbed two police officers with a knife.

“Late on November 18, an unknown man shouting “Allah Akbar” broke into Oktyabrsky’s police station and stabbed Police Senior Lieutenant Vilmir Minnikhanov, born in 1980, who was guarding the entrance to the building, with a knife. The policeman sustained stab wounds to the neck, the chest and the left forearm,” a spokesman for Bashkortostan’s Interior Ministry told Interfax on Friday.

The attacker tried to flee, but he was stopped by other officers in the yard of the police station, after which he slightly injured one more policeman, the spokesman said.

The police officers then managed to seize the knife from the man.

Investigators do not rule out that the crime could have been motivated by religion because a note saying “Oktyabrsky and the whole of the world must be ruled by Allah’s law” was confiscated from the attacker.

Measures will also be taken to determine whether the man is sane or insane, the spokesman said.

A criminal case has already been opened based on attempted murder charges.

The detained man has already admitted to deliberately planning to kill any police officer because, as he said, they [police] do not allow people to live under Sharia law,” Bashkortostan Deputy Interior Minister Ruslan Sharafutdinov told Interfax.

The attacker does not suffer from any psychiatric disorders, but he has regularly been undergoing neurosurgical treatment, Sharafutdinov said.

Numerous religious books confiscated from the man’s apartment will be examined by specialists to determine whether or not they contain any extremist ideas, the minister said.

The man was involved with religious extremist cell members active in Oktyabrsky and the Askino and Alsheyevsky districts who were neutralized in mid-2010, he said.

“We view the attack on the police station as a kind of revenge for law enforcement services’ effective fight against extremism in the republic,” Sharafutdinov said.

OTBR, from Jihad Watch: Human Rights Watch: Chechnya’s enforcement of Islamic dress code violates International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights

17 thoughts on “Russia: Muslim stabs 2 police for not allowing people to live under sharia law

  1. All muslims will eventually become terrorists or be killed by their own kind. When faced with the choice and told they are not a good muslim and that the westerners hate them anyway, they will change over.

    The enemy is in the camp and getting stronger every day.

    Deport all muslims NOW!

  2. More proof that Islamic attacks are not because of the Wests support of Israel, which is the usual mantra of muslims..Islam is an enemy of the west full stop. and Russia doe not support Israel.. so there goes that excuse

  3. Clearly the Police are being “Islamophobic” because they are not letting the murderous muslim zombies run amok as they please. Out of the way Kuffar!

  4. Allah is a masquerade word for satan, the devil. Allah is not the God from Heaven. Allah is the god from hell. Be very careful about the word allah. It is the god of islam from hell. Islam is a very deadly cult.

  5. Today muslims have 57 nations. Deport all muslims from the nations they want to in force their laws . No compromise. They are killers need to put in jail with no food.

  6. Whats wrong with are Leaders of are Nations, have they all gone soft in the head!.

    Give this Man the treatment and any of his sort a bullet in the back of the head.

    For this Vermin spreads and saps are Nations Culture to replace it with there own Satanic order.

    Be brave and show us what you are and rid us of this Infestation of evilness.

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