NJ: Muslim girl gets non-Muslim boy suspended for saying ‘Taliban’

Sharia and dhimmitude run amok. This Muslim girl is probably considered to be a peaceful, moderate Muslim. Yet like many other supposedly peaceful and “moderate” Muslims, the goal is to silence non-Muslims.

Note how the school and the media have reported this as a “bullying” incident. It is bullying – Islamic bullying, aka sharia. via Bullying dispute erupts at Wayne school over ‘Taliban’ comment – NorthJersey.com.

WAYNE — On one side, a Wayne Valley High school student claims that his use of the word “Taliban” was innocent, mentioned in a conversation about a video game, according to his mother.

But to a Muslim student who overheard it at school on Thursday, it was upsetting. And she had perceived that he had looked at her when he said it, Principal Robert Reis said.

Now the boy is facing a one-day suspension on Monday, because, Reis said, he continued to talk about the incident and it got back to the girl and upset her. Reis said she felt the boy was boasting that he’d gotten away with something.

“This has nothing to do with the fact that the boy used a word,” Reis said. “This has everything to do with the boy hurt a girl’s feelings.” And after the boy was told by administrators not to discuss what happened, Reis said, “He went back and hurt her feelings a second time.”

But the boy’s mother, Rosa Giordano, said the incident “is totally being blown out of proportion” and she plans to fight the disciplinary action.

h/t to ELL who rightly titles the post “More Knee-Jerk Submission to Sharia” as Atlas opined.

62 thoughts on “NJ: Muslim girl gets non-Muslim boy suspended for saying ‘Taliban’

  1. If hurting someone’s feelings (whom you don’t even know or speak to) is cause for being attacked by the school or gov’t, then we are truly skrwd. People want to live in imaginary worlds without facing reality, forcing everyone to walk on pillows around them infringes the rights of everyone else to be whom they are.

    freedom of speech must be defended.

      • Schools these days are like a state/ federal mandated religion.. its the religion of liberalism.. and nothing else is acceptable… Political correctness and socialism at its finest..

    • My goodness. If everyone who had their feelings hurt while in any school, be it private, public, even college, were responsible for having the supposed perpetrator suspended, then all our schools would be eternally empty. Learning how to deal with hurt feelings is part of growing up in America, really the whole world, and without learning how to persevere even though your “feelings” are hurt, we will have a bunch of grownups who think they can rely on the courts to insulate them from any hurt. Nothing could be accomplished in America with a populace made up of people unable to deal with everyday occurrences. We are very nearly there now.

  2. It’s all a bunch of BS!! What happened to OUR RIGHTS??? Those who want hate and racism spread like wild fire amongst us is sure doing a good job. This is enough for a saint to lose their kool.

  3. The school district is obviously in fear that Muslim extremists will bomb the school, and so bent over to show they are islamophobic. Since when is an individual not allowed to discuss censuring?

      • With that in mind, there should be no suspension, because in the context of what was said, it was not aimed toward that student. Common sense is obviously absent from school administrators these days.

      • In case you’re wondering, it’s Bethel School District v. Fraser, a case where I feel that the Supreme Court overreached, as this isn’t disruptive to the Muslim student’s learning (this was noted in Thurgood Marshall’s dissent).

        I hope the mother sues and wins…and in the process, gets that wrong decision overturned.


    I would rather die honourably in the battlefield fighting the enemies than to cringe in fear of Islamists and die of fright, even before the battle could get started. “Cowards die many times,” so observed William Shakespeare.

    Shame on that school principal and the staff there!

    So better get others to join in the big battle for 2012. Time is running ut for us to muster our forces, O gallant Americans!

    “If God is with us, who can be against us?” Romans 12:19.

    “Resist the devil, and he will flee from you. Draw near to God, and He will draw near to you.” James 4:7.

  5. Who’s raising these kids to be such wussies?!.. I think they’re trained to listen and watch for things like that so they can cause problems is all.. They’re here to cause trouble.. the kids not in her face.. calling her.. e-mailing or facebooking her.. and not even talking about her directly.. she needs to grow a pair and grow up.. or leave…

  6. Absolutely ridiculous!! That boy’s mother should fight tooth and nail. How foolish is this society getting that we have to watch every word for fear of upsetting a muslim. They are indeed taking over and as long as we bend to their every whim we are making it easy for them to dominate. Fight, I say, Fight!! We have to fight for our right to not be dominated by them!!!

    • AMEN Mary!! I have this little saying, “I may not get me a meal, but I sure in hell am gonna sget me a sandwich. Sooner or later all this crapolee will come to a head and it won’t be pretty.


      Fight the good fight of faith and patriotism. We can be always cringe and bend backwards to appease the perpetually whining Islamic cry-babies.

      Tiy are right, Mary! “How foolish is this society getting that we have to watch every word for fear of upsetting a muslim. They are indeed taking over and as long as we bend to their every whim we are making it easy for them to dominate.”

      yes, you slumbering, naive AMERICANS. Fight, I say, Fight!! We have to fight for our right to not be dominated by them!!!


      You who love America and God! You slumbering, naive Americans! Cringe not in fear of the perpetually whining islamic cry-babies!

      We should never be always bending backwards to make it easy for Islamists to take over America and impose on everyone their dreadful Sharia Laws—using American Laws and Constitution to subvert American Laws, truths and justice.

      Let it be known to all good Muslims that they are not being targeted. If we win this epic battle for Good against Evil, Muslims will stand to gain too.

      But if we lose, everyone will be terrible losers, and the world will soon some under their dreadful Sharia Laws and eternal bondage to that divine impostor allah.

      And then all Americans will suffer the same pay-backs for their stupidity, like the bloodied and stupid Kurdish people and their ancestors. For all that the Kurds and their great ancestors rendered in great services to islam and helping it to spread, their very existence, lives, language and culture are all threatened. They have to live in perpetual fear for their lives, with all their wealth and ancestal lands robbed and forcefully taken away from them. That is why they have no state to call their own.

      Ironically, for all that the stupid Kurds did for islam—to obey mindlessly their illiterate Prophet Mohammed’s command to kill infidels like the Americans, it has been the infidel Americans (whom they have always wanted to slaughter for their allah) who have helped them to regain their pride and some of their ancestral lands in Iraq that they can now call it their own—Kurdestan in Iraq.

      How odd!

  7. Taliban MEANS “Student of Islam”. Muslims ARE “student[s] of Islam”. This PRO ISLAMIC/ANTI-JUDEO-CHRISTIAN travesty MUST be stopped.

  8. Who is harrassing who? I hope this Mother sues the pants off the School! @ little miss Muslim get the hell out of our country if you don’t believe in THE BILL OF RIGHT and THE CONSITUTION! Every hear about FREEDOM of SPEECH? Total garbage!

    • No, No, Keith, lips sewn up is only when muslims protest in Immigration Detention Centres, to get the “look how desparate I am” sympathy vote to stay in our country to plan jihad to blow us up! …this is what got front page news here in Oz when they first displayed their barbarism! No, Keith, soon under Sharia you will have your lips and tongue sliced off!! That LIBERAL( I bet Democrat voting) Principal needs to be booted out of the school, and parents should vote with their feet and withdraw ALL their children from the school until the muslim girl APOLOGISES for victimising this poor boy, then they should demand the Principal of Dhimmitude RESIGN!!

      • My other suggestion would be for all students to gather in the school yard en masse, protest for freedom of speech with PLACARDS displaying the words FREEDOM OF SPEECH and that dreaded word TALIBAN!! Then after the speech to shout in one chorus T A L I B A N !!! lets then see if the Principal of Dhimmitude suspends the whole school! that would be calling his bluff!! He does NOT determine freedom of speech!!

        • Ann of Autralia -if the N word was uttered all hell breaks out – the person who said it will be branded a racist….etc….there is no freedom of speech in America.


          But who can start the ball rolling? Something must be done urgently and timely, when the opportunity and threat present themselves.

          Can you Americans reading this post please take up the idea to your activists and patriots, before it is too late to do anything!

  9. Apparently, this is a good situation for real Americans fight and stop sharia and to be able to express their opinion free and frank. Minorityism and blind liberalism is killing American Nationalism and Liberty. Common American brethren resist, stop and defeat this politically correctism. It is Now for NEVER.

  10. The more you appease them, the more they demand.

    So what if the muslima heard the word “taliban”? The “Taliban” she seems so offended by are the spawn of the religion she worships. Those are the facts. Deal with them.

    I’ve had about enough of muslims inverting the truth. The truth is, the little boy did nothing wrong and should not be punished. These idiots are playing right into the hands of the power seeking bullies who seem to start this typical muslim behavior at an early age.

    Either stand up for yourselves & culture or be prepared to bend over & submit FOREVER.


      Make no mistake about this—there will never be an end to appeasing the impossible-to-please islamic cry-babies. Because it is scripted in the DNA of islam to incessantly whining and crying foul, such as in Ali-Imran 3:118-120 of their Quran.

      And Jews have been defamed for all eternity by their Quran to be “monkeys and pigs” too (re Al-Maida 5:60). Yet those same “pigs and monkeys” are the real smart ones that do the most scientific research and produce the most scientific papers and discoveries; established the most outstanding world-class universities and hospitals in the Middle East; and nurtured the most and only democratic state in the whole of the Middle East.

      With the Quranic “monkeys and pigs” from Israel to help Singapore build up our people’s army from scratch; and to help us in high-tech agriculture and economic development, Singapore is able to achieve and enjoy its advancement, peace, prosperity and progress.

      Now our red-dot Singapore even outclasses mighty Muslim Malaysia in economic output, though we are between 25 to 50 times smaller than Malaysia. Isn’t it amazing what “monkeys and pigs” of the Quran can be so much smarter, superior and so much more progressive than the noble human Muslims?

      allahu akbar? They must be mentally retarded!

      “Lo! Is it not they who are of the devil’s party who are the losers?….Lo! is it not they who are of ALLAH’s party who are the successful ones?” Al-Mujadilah 58:19, 21.

      • malaysia, is one of the small asian country, is not mighty in any way and not everyone is moslem though it is horribly a predominantly islamic country with horrible islamic and negative asian culture creeping in everywhere.. singapore(an island formerly part of malaysia and where I used to lived), another one of the asian country with quite a sizable islamic minority, too is badly infitrated by negative asian and islamic culture/ideology, though singapore is not a predominantly islamic country.

      • Economically, Singapore may be much better off than Malaysia but both these asian countries (of various beliefs and nonbeliefs) are still very draconian ( according to their whims and fancies).


          Like some months ago this year, a young Chinese air-con repair-man was arrested by Singapore police following complaints to the police from the perpetually whining islamic cry-babies that he had put cards on the wind-screens of their cars posing his scribbled questions about Mohammed and islam.

          After a criminal trial, he was jailed for 2 weeks—-just like that. None of us had any clue what he actually wrote, as the islamophobic authorities and local media were afraid to let us know.

          Those islamic cry-babies tried repeatedly to do the same to me, but the police ignored their complaints, though I wrote much stronger stuff about islam and Prophet Mohammed (s.a.w).

          That is the reason why I need Anne and you people to cite your sources of references, and not just say who said this and that about islam and Mohammed. I am only interested in sources from the Quran and the Hadiths, just to avoid myself getting into troubles with the Singapore police.

          Moreover, I can’t be doing the same thing as you people in America or Australia love doing—unwisely bashing islam or Mohammed the way you people love doing.

          If I do, for sure tonight the Singapore police will be outside my home knocking at the door looking for me with their handcuffs.

        • Oh Tham Eng, I do hope you don’t get a knock on the door at your home in the middle of the night by Singapore police!! surely Singapore is not Islamic, ?? do they have laws on hate speech like muslims tried to pass into Law here?? with the Vilification Act they almost succeeded banning us from discussing Islam, especially ex-muslims, but after the trial of two Christian Pastors , one an ex-muslim, brought by the Victorian !islamic Council the Law was changed to not include “religion” …are you a muslim, or an EX-muslim?? …you know a lot about Islam..


          We do have very strict laws in Singapore. Even if one scribbles some questions on a card on islam or on Prophet Mohammed, and put it on the windscreens of cars belonging to Muslims, or slipping it under the door of Muslims’ homes, for sure they will lodge a complaint to the police and get the non-Muslims arrested.

          Already a few had ben arrested, charged and jailed for sedition, as the Singapore authoritiies take a very stern view on such hypersentitive matter.

          That’s why I had to ask you for your source of reference of what you shared. I only go for references taken from the Quran or Hadiths, and not from non-islamic sources, so that I can cover my grounds in the court, should I be hauled up there.

          No, I am not a Muslim. I was never one, and never contemplating to be one. I am a Chinese and proud to be so. And I attend this mega-church in Singapore at: http://www.lighthouse.org.sg . This church was started by one Pastor Rony Tan after his amazing conversion from Taoism/Buddhism.

          My knowledge of islam is from my years of reading and surfing the Internet for the excellent information. Otherwise those crafty taqiyyans are really very hard to handle. That is why I could “float like a butterfly, and sting like a bee”, while they are unable to touch me. But I can’t be overconfident, as I may cut down by an islamic assassin one day.

          Pastor Rony Tan had a hard time trying to bring his dad to Christ. When he finally succeeded, his dad claimed to have seen Jesus in a vision. He said Jesus visited him.

          That is why the best way to overcome Islamism and their dreadful Sharia Laws is to pray that God will let those fanatical islamists see more visions or dream more dreams of Christ, or experience miracle healing or deliverance.

      • well said, Thang Eng….I have great respect and admiration for the Qurans “pigs and monkeys” they have won most of the Nobel Prizes, and muslims have won a piddly 3 ( if that many)


        To help Singapore, we would have perished and swarmed over by the islamic hordes.

        If we are to believe in the Quran, “pigs and monkeys” in the Quran are really smarter and cleverer than all the noble Muslims. It is a fact which cannot be denied. LOL!

  11. There is no free speech in America any longer…say the N word and you are branded a racist…one has to be careful not to offend “undocumeted immigrants” – i.e. illegal aliens.. Certain music is frowned upon – most of Stephan Foster’s beautiful songs..i.e. My Old Kentucky home – the words”the darkies” has been has been changed ….I do not remember the exact word but it is folks or some such word. It is utterly disgusting that we have to be careful or every word we say so we do not offend Muslims, any race..or religion….

  12. NOW THATS WHAT I CALL DEALING WITH BULLYING!WHAT A BAD RUTHLESS CUNNING AND CRAFTY KID HE IS!HE NEEDS 30 SHARIA LASHES;;;of course if the student had intent on bullying the girl it would be wrong;and a warning disipline would be in order;BUT WOULD THE SAME BE DONE TO A MUSLIM STUDENT/OR A RICH SPORTS SUPPORTER’S KID?

  13. Sura 2:282:
    Narrated Abu Said Al—Khudri:
    The Prophet said, ‘Isn’t the witness of a woman equal to half of that of a man?’ The women said, ‘Yes.’ He said, ‘This is because of the deficiency of a woman’s mind.’ That girl’s parents should be asked if they think her word alone should count against a man, since their transvestite prophet didn’t. If they say yes, they should be reported to their imam for punishment.

  14. This is only going to get worse as we continue to bow down to these people and treat them as if they have a free pass on everything. Muslims are no different than anyone else and shouldn’t be treated any more sensitively than anyone else.

  15. I’m all for freedom of speech, however, no one gets constitutional rights in a school. Law 101 you bozos.

    A first year class in any constitutional right class, taught at your local high school might educate you as to the numerous rights students lose upon entering the facilities. For example, no student, despite an NRA permit, has the right to bear arms. While freedom of speech is similarly a constitutional right, the school can strip you of it. Furthermore, you were not there, have no idea what the context was, nor the communal perspective of the students and administrators.

    Now furthermore, about what is being done here. Think of it like a soccer match. If there are a dozen little penalties being thrown at one player, but nothing flagrant, does the referee have a responsibility to step in and prevent further mistreatment? Yes! Can he do it with a thousand little indirect kicks? No. He has to throw up a card for what might seem to be a minor infraction so that everyone understands that there are limits which need to be drawn.

    The school can, will, and has the right to suspend the boy for talking about pea soup if they deem it to be done in a disruptive fashion.

  16. That is why schools is most probably going to be obsolete in the near future if any school keep on pandering to a certain group of extremist and intolerant muslims. The muslim girl (another of their islamic bad eample) is itself guilty of being disruptive by instigating a suspension due to utterance of certain word or words.

  17. How is one going to learn in any schools, if one keeps on getting disrupted by some muslims who don’t want people to talk about their disgusting taliban?

  18. It is better not to go to school, if those irrational islamics keep on disrupting one individual analytical skills and limiting one right to expand one vocabulary.

  19. If those irrational intolerant islamics keep on disrupting what little freedom one may have in schools, then how could real freedom exist, if it exist at all ?

If sharia law continues spreading, you'll have less and less freedom of speech - so speak while you can!

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