Shia’s get $7M mosque in New Jersey

That’s about $47,000 per worshiper. As reported at an Iranian news site, Somerset County Flock Finally has its Own Mosque.

(AhlulBayt News Agency) – After more than a decade of worshipping in a tiny home on Cedar Grove Lane, about 150 Shi’a Muslims can finally spread out in their brand new 30,000-square-foot mosque in Franklin Township.

The Mas Jid-E-Ali, Muslim Foundation Inc., was built behind the brick-front house on 3.3 acres of land, cresent moons and stars jutting from golden minarets sitting atop its three-story frame.

Officially opened last week, the mosque is equipped with a large community events hall, warmly decorated prayer rooms for men and women, a full industrial kitchen and 11 classrooms that will eventually be used for K-3 students.

The $7 million building is a source of accomplishment for the Muslim community, said the mosque’s vice chairman Aftab Husain, 55, of Edison.

“Everybody is very happy and proud of their new mosque and that’s what one of our goals was, to make sure the children were proud of their place of worship,” he said. “It’s very beautiful and has everything that the community needs in terms of the school, community halls and dining facility.”

About $3.5 million was raised for the mosque, said Asghar Kharazi, director of fundraising committee since 2005.

Will they be broadcasting the Islamic call to prayer? Will Shia v Sunni hatred spill over in New Jersey in the coming decades?

Not far away: Muslim Center of Middlesex County~ We Have Created an Islamic Society

24 thoughts on “Shia’s get $7M mosque in New Jersey

    • allies are political and not religious
      100% wrong
      ISLAM in IRAN is not separate from it’s politics
      they are ONE
      all straight from ISLAMIC KORAN per Kook00meni and KhaKha meni
      the pigeyed one takes orders from Khakah his lover, kisses his lips and most likely his ass too. KHAKAH speaks for his ALLAh – those Persian Shia have ONLY religion in mind-They talk of destroying ISRAEL for ONE REASON ONLY- RELGIOUS ONE- otherwise what politics? Hezzbo cares not for Fakestinians-the pigeyes one feels his DESTINY is to make sure the MADHI- their Messiah boy will come if they destroy Israel

      MUSLIMS are liars

    • MOderate? Iran is 95% Shia. Do you consider their Shia government moderate? What gives you that impression? No indeed, they have a “papacy” of sorts that makes them even more reactionary than the SUnnis, who do not have an official clergy.

  1. SHIAS are more fanatic group of Islam, mainly concentrated in Iran. Anyway in the final analysis thery are the same, except with their own phiosophic differences in terms of their loyaty. Sunnies and Shias do fight with each other, but when the Islam is in “danger” they group together and pursue their jihad!!

  2. Moderate? Fanatic? What’s the difference? They are all followers of the same prophet and the same the same teachings. Not all Muslims are terrorists, true, only the good ones are!

  3. Its a well known fact that Saudi Arabia funds all mosques in America..Interesting, isn;t it, that Wiki-Leaks just released the news that Saudi Arabia funds all the terrorists assailing the West… yep!! another breeding ground and training camp for terrorists now operating and fully functional in Franklin….Muslims themselves acknowledge that mosques are used as recruiting tools for jihad.. Just remember what the radical Muslim Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan said about Mosques “The MOSQUES are our barracks, the DOMES our helmets, the MINARETS our spears, the BELIEVERS our soldiers ” WHEN will the stupid West realize that we need to believe what the muslims are saying about THEMSELVES!! we need new policies to deal with those who want to use our freedoms to destroy our society while they deny those same freedoms to others!! these people are in our countries to subvert them, change them, attack and subdue them, and do not love the freedoms our forebears gave their lives for defending in 2 world wars.. IDENTIFY the ENEMY!!! then deal with them, close their mosques, deport those who break the Law, and those who preach hatred and sedition, and anti-western sentiments, oh and those who burn the American Flag( our National flags) do that PROVES they hate us!!


      You wrote: “…the radical Muslim Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan said about Mosques “The MOSQUES are our barracks, the DOMES our helmets, the MINARETS our spears, the BELIEVERS our soldiers ” This is a very interesting statement.

      I will be grateful if you can post along your source of reference(s). That will make it very useful for people like me living in Singapore.

      Otherwise, it is going to be time spent in jail if we got arrested and charged in court for sedition or the crime of offending Muslims.

      In recent months, a young air-con repairman was arrested by police following complaints from the perpetually islamic cry-babies that he had been scribbling questions on Prophet Muhammad and islam on cards and putting them on the windscreens of cars which belonged to Muslims.

      So please try to understand our precarious legal situation in SIngapore.

  4. The mosques are their barracks.

    And when officials finally wake up the mosques will all be removed from North America, as they should be. But it will probably take another attack, bigger than 9/11 to rid them of their delusions before they actually see the big picture.

    “..Islam is “a totalitarian theocratic political ideology, it is not a religion.”-Alan West

  5. Shia mosques are assuredly not funded by Saudi Arabia. These people in this story are pursuing their rights as anyone else in America. They should not cease until they have secured each and every last right, and may God bless them in that.

    • I was very happy in the beginning that our Shia community is making a mosque. I was going as a teacher in Sunday School for Quran teaching to Kid. But I was very much disappointed when my father invited Nehad Awadh a wahabi to Shia Mosque. But my father wants to build bridges between sunni and shia which is not possible but He is doing this due to the Hatred for Jews and Christain. I hate my father.

      • He is doing this due to the Hatred for Jews and Christain. I hate my father

        Thank you for telling the truth about Muslims being united- yes the one and only thing that unites them- hatred of others

        I hope you will succeed in taking back ISLAM to whatit shouldor could be or if not consider leaving it like others have

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  7. Salam brothers and sisters in Ahlul-Beit’s stright path to Allah Islam.

    Please see what Allah swt says in surat Al-Jinn (72) at the end of the last aya (28): “And he counted all things in numbers”.

    Now see the 12 letters of “WaAl-Latheena Aamenoo” in ayat Al-Wilaya (5:55) :)

    Pease see how Allah swt uses prime numbers (not odds) in surat Al-Fatiha to show it is the Key to unlocking The Quran which literally means: The Readable Encrypted Text (in multi-layer encryption).

    See also how Laylat Al-Qadr is indeed the 23rd of Ramadhan just as our Imams (as) told us.

    Details at:

    God > infinity

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  10. I live in New Jersey, and I am a shia so this is a great thing to me. I been going to Al Khoei Foundaton in Jamaica,Queens since I converted. Now I can save money in sha allah.But what part of Franklin Township?

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