Civil legal cases involving sharia law, in at least 11 U.S. states

…and this is just a representative sample. As we noted here, Intro to Islamic Family Law in US Courts, even Muslims have acknowledged that U.S. judges are “creating a body of case law” that involves Islamic sharia law. From the Public Policy Alliance:

Legal Cases Involving Shariah

A recent (11-08-2010) representative sample of 17 civil legal cases from 11 states where plaintiffs or defendants attempted to use Shariah law is provided here.  The states for these sample civil cases are Illinois, Louisiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Tennessee and Texas.

Shariah_Civil Legal Cases_Representative_11 States

Shariah is frequently encountered in family law cases across the USA today; in Shariah-compliant accommodations that may result in discrimination against non-Muslims; and in Shariah-Compliant Finance on Wall Street and in the U.S. government.

There’s more, and a long list of accommodations to Islamic sharia law in the U.S. at the PDF link above. For those interested in uncovering more cases, here are some tips from the Public Policy Alliance on how you can find them:

Anyone can easily research legal cases which may involve Shariah law in your own state, using search terms such as Shariah, Sharia, “Islamic Law,” or the names of countries where the Shariah is applied for family, civil, contractual and/or criminal cases.  Let’s walk through a sample search from a different state than those above – Virginia:

1. First, go to Google Advanced Scholar Search:

2. Enter the search term “Islamic law” in the search field for “the exact phrase”

3. If you scroll down, you’ll see that you can search for “legal opinions and journals” for all legal opinions, just U.S. Federal opinions, or court opinions from one or several of the 50 states.

Select “

home of many of the authors of the Constitution

5. Click “Search Scholar”

6.  You’ll see this page:

And you’ll see two legal cases:

7. The first case is Ahmed FARAH v. Naima Mansur FARAH, Record No. 0184-92-4, Court of Appeals of Virginia, May 11, 1993.  In this case, the lower court had accepted Shariah law (Islamic law) as valid law in Virginia.  The appeals court held that “trial judge erred by declaring the Farahs’ marriage to be valid in Virginia based on the trial judge’s finding that the marriage was valid under Islamic or Pakistani law.”

8.  The second case, ALI AFGHAHI,v. NEDA GHAFOORIAN, Record No. 1481-09-4, Court of Appeals of Virginia, Alexandria, March 30, 2010, was also a divorce case.  The court of appeals affirmed the lower court decision for the husband to pay the wife 514 gold coins; he had claimed his wife was not an expert on Islamic or Shariah law, and the appeals court stated that she was not required for the purposes of testifying on the marriage contract to be an expert in Shariah.

8.  Caveat: Google scholar is not a professional search tool, like Westlaw, so additional cases may be found using more thorough methods.

Another way to see how sharia law is creeping into your state is to use the “Select Category” drop-down just below the Geert Wilders sketch, above right.

33 thoughts on “Civil legal cases involving sharia law, in at least 11 U.S. states

  1. They can make a judgement against you over there, and bring it here to be enforced.

    Fiction or not the courts here will give it to them.

    I suppose the sentence could be stoning, and so they could get a writ enforcing it here.

      • Agreed! Obama has Sharia Boards in place in many government held businesses like AIG,, this was one of his first acts as POTUS, to set up Sharia Compliant Boards( oh , his very FIRST act was to make a speech to the Arab people, NOT the AMERICAN people who he just hoodwinked, but to the muslim Ummah on ARAB Tv) ..And did you know that those Boards of the government owned companies, many of which the government gained control of through the Bailouts, , ensure that a percentage of profits are paid to the Board as ZAKAT , ( Islamic tithe) and those monies are disbursed as they see fit, which is to MUSLIM “charities” another name for terrorist orgs. IRONIC , isn;t it, that Americans are helping fund terrorists with their own money, helping to kill their OWN soldiers, all done under Sharia..this is what your treasonous “president”has done since in office!! all these Sharia Boards must be dismantled!! why arent Americans shouting out about this?? beats me! Obama should be tried for treason!! and the liberals like Pelosi with him!

        • as for scott *yawn* I have to assume he’s another useful idiot! those who are not a part of the solution are part of the problem… some RESEARCH , scott..

        • Pelosi HELPED Obama defraud the USA. She is complicit with Obama’s treason. Yes,Obama IS a Traitor. He is surrendering the Country to Islam.
          It is a moral imperative for us to defend this republic. Obama was warned about engaging in Sharia Financing yet he does so with impunity. Obama supports “Zakat”. He has said so publicly.
          Yopu are correct about AIG and other banks who engage in Sharia Banking. These programs are anathema and repugnant tto American law. Zakat sends one eigth of all so called “Charity” to the Islamic military. Obama IS INDEED financing the
          death of many american soldiers and sailors:

        • Wow, take it easy on the wild conspiracy theories. You sound almost as crazy as Glenn Beck. Next you’re going to say that the Jews are taking over the world.

  2. I hope that people who have been lashed for being homosexual, or for want to live outside Islam, start filing civil suits against Sharia courts, entities and judges.
    That would be an absolute hoot.

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  4. *yawn*

    Every state in the Union has family law provisions that recognize marriages, divorces, and adoptions etc performed overseas provided:

    1) The act was legal in the jurisdiction where it was performed; and
    2) The act is not repugnant to public policy.

    Nothing to see here.

  5. *yawn*

    Every state in the Union has family law provisions that recognize marriages, divorces, and adoptions etc performed overseas provided:

    1) The act was legal in the jurisdiction where it was performed; and
    2) The act is not repugnant to public policy.

    Nothing to see here.

  6. It will take the supreme court, as in the Amistad and Dred Scott, case to decide the constitutionality of this practice. And it will take a Thurgood Marshall to argue a case of this nature write this in light of the events in Oklahoma where the citizens who voted saw their will bolcked by a judge.

  7. Sharia Law in any form , must be stopped . Bleeding liberals think its okay , whats the harm, for Sharia to rule in Muslims family matters, BUT its not!! for instance look at the muslim teenage girl who wanted to be a christian, and ran away from home in fear of her life, ( and we all know Sharia calls for DEATH for those who leave Islam) She was in REAL danger of being a victim of “honor killing” . Thankfully after battling through the Courts her rights were established UNDER OUR LAWS. But in the meantime her parents fought to have her returned, and she had to go into hiding.. IF Americas Judicial system OUTLAWED Sharia without exception, a lot of discrimination against muslim women would simply disappear, they would be treated not as PROPERTY for a muslim man to do with what they will, but as a person with the same human rights as anyone else.. we MUST stop pandering to this hostile. vocal minority, NO OTHER minority gets favored treatment under the Law and neither should Muslims. Especially as Muslims stated AIM is to make their host countries MUSLIM dominated and Sharia compliant…we need to wake UP!

  8. Any judge that even considers sharia in a US courtroom should be prohibited. Keep a list for later prosecutions.

    It is not appropriate nor legal to insert a religious law into the legal system of the USA. Fight it wherever you see it and get these liberal assholes out of office everywhere, they are selling the country down the river to any minority who complains. It’s time to get back to majority rule and indifference to hysterical minority whining which is being abused & has gone too far.


    So where are those treacherous, feckless and hypocritical people who shouted and opposed so vociferously against Christians for the separation of Church and State when Christians said nice and meaningful prayers in schools?

    But when it comes to Sharia Laws, why are they keeping so very quiet? Why are the American authorities allowing American Laws and Constitution being allowed to be trampled? And why are the craven American authorities bending backwards to pander to a small, trouble-making and impossible-to-please religious minority?

    O! Your who love God and America! Wake up and join in the battle for Good against the fast rising tide of Evil!—while there is still time!

    O! You gallant and patriotic Americans! Help each other to get organised for 2012 Poll!


    Beat the drums louder! Sound the alert! The writing is in the wall. The evil tide is rising and rolling in!

    But “If God is for us, who can be against us?” Romans 8:31. “Resist the devil, and he will flee from you. Draw near to God, and He will draw near to you.” James 4:7

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  16. All of the rapist, sexual offenders, criminals and scum will claim they are muslim to get away with their criminal sex acts. DOES AMERICA UNDERSTAND, SHARIA LAW removes all human rights from a woman and children and allows CRIMINAL SEX ABUSE to woman and children, with no hope of ever gaining freedom from abuse !!!!
    I believe any official who makes decisions adhering to sharia law over American law should be impeached from their position, the judgment reversed to follow the American Constitution, and they be considered a terrorist, they are a danger and a threat to American society.

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