Maryland man gets year in jail for “eradicate Islam” email

How many Muslims are prosecuted, investigated even, for their threatening emails, comments, tweets, etc? Sharia is a one-way street. 12-months jail, 12-months supervised release, and a $3,000 fine.

via Post Now – Md. man sentenced for threats to mosque.

A 25-year-old Maryland man has been sentenced to a year in prison after pleading guilty to threatening the members of a mosque in Illinois.

The U.S. Department of Justice says Ilya Sobolevskiy was sentenced Thursday in federal court in Urbana.

Authorities say Sobolevskiy pleaded guilty in August to violating the civil rights of members of the Central Illinois Mosque and Islamic Center.

According to authorities, Sobolevskiy wrote in an e-mail to a member of the mosque that he would “do WHATEVER it takes to eradicate Islam.”

Judge David Bernthal called Sobolevskiy’s e-mail “an act of terror” and gave him the maximum possible sentence.

A first person account of the court proceedings via Criminalizing Free Speech: The Kafkaesque Persecution of Ilya Sobolevskiy (Atlas Shrugs)

The defendant took the initiative to contact law enforcement about the Islamic group’s apparent jihadist sympathies.

In spring of 2008, the defendant, against his better judgment, fired off some nasty emails. For that, he got the maximum penalty: 12 months incarceration, a fine, and 12 months of supervised release.

The defendant was unjustly punished out of proportion to the crime (if it was a crime at all). The government twisted the law to “make an example” out of someone who did not deserve it. I was present at the hearings, so I can attest to what happened during the proceedings.

Moreso, many activists of all stripes regularly receive threats far harsher than what the defendant said. For example, Robert Spencer regularly receives death threats that he publishes on his website, To my knowledge, few if any of those threats by Muslims are investigated or prosecuted.

84 thoughts on “Maryland man gets year in jail for “eradicate Islam” email

    • Around here, absolutely – goes double for a synagogue.

      The only reason it’s in federal court is because the targeted mosque was in Illinois and he’s in Maryland.

      • As for Robert Spencer – instead of publishing it, he should be forwarding them directly to the DA’s office, and let them handle a prosecution – unless – they declined to bring charges.

        • It appears the authorities only care about threats made TO muslims, not FROM them. (read “Londanistan” for a better understanding of this phenomenon). They are afraid of repercussions from the savages so they appease them in the hopes they will not cause trouble..

          • Savages?

            You mean most of those complaining about this dud being arrested?

            If so, I agree with you!!

            If you’re somehow referring to Muslims, it is so typical for vain Christians to refer to anyone who doesn’t believe as they do in such a demeaning manner. So, that wouldn’t even be a surprise.

  1. What the Hell here islam can theating amaricans i thank the maryland authorities beter get there head out of there but and see what the hell is realy going on i thank a year in jail is a letle over doing it when is lame sends out threating emails to pepole who even talk about them.Whats going on here it seams that the Authorities are a fraid of islam if thay say any thing about chritians what do thay get?

    • It can’t affect this blog (I don’t think). The man in the article overplayed his hand by sending those messages through e-mail across state lines.

    • there is an OBAMA plan called “net neutrality” a benign name for a law that would FORCE YOU to present opposing views on your websites- no newspapers in USA are under similar forced content- in fact the mostly liberal papers NEVER print any conserv views and certainly not in EQUAL measure. Who would be the decider of what’s EQUAL??

      the nanny state (communist politburo) wants to make is so any website with ANTI ISLAM views would be forced to print pro ISLAM views

      this more than intrusion into free speech it makes a MOCKERY of our laws

      this man will win on appeal- he made no real threat- and yes MUSLIMS have made them and more reality based ones- with proof and gotten off scott free by HOLDER”S in the tank for any browns skin person DOJ (Department of Brown Justice)

      sounds like the guy is a Russian immigrant from his name and most likely very familiar with MUSLIMS actions like BESLAN child killers and torturers, the Chechens.

      Russian and other immigrants from Eastern EU are extremely vigilant in watching for encroaching communism in USA and rightly so- they UNDERSTAND how it works and SEE it is happening here

  2. I was threatened in a YouTube response to some comment I made to a YT video. My comment was not threatening. The response I received was graphic about wanting me to die and my guts being ripped out or something. It was horrifying. That was when YT actually had a way to report stuff like that. I don’t know what happened in the end. I wish I could recall the specifics, but it was lost in a computer disaster.

    But hey, no one cares about that, right?

    • If you have an account on YouTube, you can go to ANY PC/laptop and find any comment addressed to you.

      Are you new to YouTube to NOT know that…..?

      I’ve been addressed in that way, too. To me, it’s funny. I call they cyberpunks. They would be cowering in a corner somewhere if they and I were in a room together. So, they’re just typing words that they have no means to back-up.

      No one knows where anyone lives or works, so what difference does it make if some punk (115 lbs., soaking wet with 4 cinderblocks strapped to them) is threatening me?

      • Of course anyone can threaten anyone else online. The difference is that Muslims have a religious mandate to do violence to unbelievers. But even for those who don’t believe that (maybe you?) those poor confused Muslims keep misunderstanding their religion and actually carrying out their threats, all over the world, on a regular basis.

  3. This man’s name seems to indicate that he may have been an immigrant from Russia (or the Former Soviet Union – FSU), so he probably has some first-hand experience of the terror and the violence that these muzzie vermin cause and/or create. I hope that when he’s released, we in the SANE world will make a hero of him and use his message to awaken the slumbering masses – who STILL don’t get it!! What in hell will it take to awake our fellow citizens that shari’a is not just creeping – it’s damn galloping to choke off our rights, our liberties & our civilization!! Aux armes, mes amis – le Revolution est arrive – is here!!

  4. LAW IS LAW;The judge needs to be removed from the bench.The threat was to Islam;not a person or tangible property.A vain attempt at precedent setting.I hope this man has learned a lesson though;it was simply un-wise to address the islamic people in the first place.I beleive this man will be excused ;maybe with just a spanking……naughty boy.

  5. Hate is hate and no form of it is acceptable. Muslim aggression toward those who do not believe in Islam is wholly unacceptable and deplorable, as is intolerance of Islam. It is never acceptable to intimidate and inspire fear. It is a two-way street and we all have to be mindful of the hate that exists on both sides.

    • Save your attempts at moral equivalence and “hate that exists on both sides” spiel for another site. We’re used to that nonsense here and you will be called out for it.

      • thanks MO
        yeah take your moral equivalences and your tolerance and shove them whree the sun don’t shine- does not FLY with us here

        tolerance of EVIL is a CRIME- we did not SET OURSELVES against them- they ATTACKED US and threaten us daily- and prove it by actions and rhetorics
        they set us as their ENEMY we did not CHOOSE this g=fight but we will NEVER!! READ NEVER!!! BACK DOWN or BOW DOWN

        It is not about the BOOKS nor religion- USA has more than tolerated ISLAM – not reciprocal so far-
        RESPECt is two way and earned – MUSLIMS earned NONE and deserve NONE and give NONE

        If youare too stupid to see embracing your enemy and allowing them to live in your house while planning to destroy you from INSIDE is a good idea you are byuying MY NATION”S DEATH, my children a dismal future- and you don’t get to do that- as long as you support STUPID SUICIDAL ISLAM you are also ENEMYof me and mine-

    • I do not hate Muslims I hate the religion and its’ message of religious/political dominance. America has freedom of religion and this is no real religion it is an invention by one man to rule.

        • muslims rule is really bad. their islamic horrible mismanagement is the worst and had cause motivated nonbelievers like myself out of work and most reluctant to work under their shabby, backward rule.
          too much hypocrisy and disgusting islamics trying to ruin our quality of life with their poor islamic governance.

  6. There are several issues here…Now that this case has set a LEGAL PRECEDENT in Law,that is that a threat against a RELIGION is deemed the same as a threat against a person, this will open up the floodgates of litigation not only for muslims but for Christians getting death threats online. I hope Robert Spencer uses this court decision to pursue and prosecute MUSLIMS who have sworn to kill him.. I hope he prosecutes them to the full extent of the Law.. I can’t help thinking this Russian immigrant did not get adequate representation from a good lawyer…to plead guilty as charged was not in his best interests , as he didn’t threaten death to anyone, just to eradicate ISLAM, which is an ideaology, NOT a person!! I hope this guy can appeal the sentence , another concern of mine being that the Prisons are the main breeding ground of radical converts to Islam, and this guy might be in for a rough time , unless he can be segregated for his own safety! This is not an exaggeration! Islam is the fastest growing “religion”in the prison system, due to prisoners already hating the system, and being ripe for exploitation.. The madness of the government is that Imams are allowed inside prisons to spread their sedition and hatred of western governments. Lets hope there are people to help Ilya survive, because I would be VERY AFRAID if I were him! Fatal stabbings are par for the course, perpetrator unknown, in US prisons..I fear the muslims will finish him off in there..he should ask for protection and isolation from other inmates, the threat is real..

    • It’s really difficult to keep one’s place while trying to read long e-mails when there are no spaces or paragraphs. So, i don’t read yours.


        Hi dude!

        I feel the same difficulty as you reading Anne’s posts without paragraphing. But I just persevere and read on for their contents. I do often get good information from her posts that I do not know, especially on what is happening in Australia.

        On the other hand, it would be good if Anne takes note of your ‘grievance’ and do some paragraphing of her posts for people like you.

        How about my post? Are my paragraphing okay with you? Or you want still shorter paragraphs?

        Thanks for reading my posts, “WFP”. Thanks too for your posts. It is our labour of love. God bless!

    • Guilty pleas don’t set any legal precedent, however…only guilty verdicts upheld on appeal set precedents.

      I don’t know about Australian law, but in the USA, it’s how I described it.

      As I said before, he can’t appeal, since he pled guilty. You cannot appeal a guilty plea at the federal level.

      BTW, as Oh Tham Eng said…please paragraph!

  7. I say ‘eradicate islam’ and their sharia/koran/hadith say ‘eradicate non-moslems’. And we see by the actions of moslems worldwide that killing non-moslems is a very real thing. Funding them with their zakat is a very real thing. But what we got are a bunch of useful idiots who probably just soak up the words of some taqiyya dribbling moslem instead of finding out what islamic texts really say.

  8. I live near a radical Mosque in Sydney Australia , i too can be locked up for saying things against Islam but i have on footage where imam’s incite others to commit voilence , one crying out in clear english ” is there not one man among you who will kill this thorn in our path ” that was about me , I lodged a complaint about how they park there cars in people driveways without regard to those who live there , people are trapped in thier homes as they cant get their car out of driveways , so the council reveiwed the zoning of the mosque as its supposed to be a public housing house not a commercial premises or house 400 worshipers , thats the law , so islamic cry on TV that i must be killed , but thats freedom of speech , a desperate man who must be understood , not a blood lust cry for revenge

    Islam lies , those who support it lie or are fools

    remove it from our land remove it from thiose lands where they do not come from , send it back to the hole it came from ‘

    wipe it out of the western world or live like we do here in Australia , dominated by islam its criminals and its touters ( politicians who take their money)

  9. I say “eradicate Islam” every day. When will I be thrown in jail? Islam is organized crime that needs to be 100% eradicated because it is 100% incompatible with Western Civilization.

    • Many people have said in the past that Jews are incompatible with Western civilization and that American Indians were also incompatible. What say you about those groups? What is incompatible is intolerance: Muslim intolerance of non-Muslims as well as your ignorant intolerance.

      • Islamic law and Western freedoms (and specifically the American Constitution) are diametrically opposed and therefore incompatible. That simple and incontrovertible fact.

        If you love sharia law so much, go live in an Islamic country. We do not want it here in America, nor in any other country that values freedom.

        • When did I say I “love shari’a law”? I was merely stating that ethnic and religious intolerance are offensive. If you attack those who engaging in intolerance by being intolerant yourself you are only worsening the problem. Also, you should probably not speak for the entire nation. There are millions of American citizens that do not fit in to the “we” you mentioned.

      • I know the past history of Islam and it’s current history. If you choose not to see Islam for what it is your head will roll, but not mine.

        • Do you, indeed? Are you also familiar with the history of Christianity and its intolerance? Are you familiar with the history of American intolerance? I don’t believe that either of our heads will roll, but thank you for your concern for my well being.

        • Isn’t it incredible how much people suck up to this ideology? Look at D.Briles’ ridiculous comments on this thread. He/she completely denies what Islam teaches about them as an unbeliever, and continues to bow down to it and defend it. (Unless he/she is actually a Muslim.)

        • I am not “sucking up” to anything. I am not a Muslim and I am well aware of what Islamic writings have to say about nonbelievers. I am also familiar with Islamic history and how the concepts in their writings have been implemented.

          The Qur’an, much like the Bible, includes a fair about of metaphorical writings which are not meant to be taken literally. Try reading the Bible; you will find many passages that can be very offensive. These include: the condoning of slavery, the selling of one’s children into slavery, polygamy, the stoning of homosexuals and many other topics of interest.

          I do not defend extremism or intolerance. I defend moderate Muslims who are also horrified by the acts of the extremist minority.

  10. We should not stand for this or we could be next. The next non-muslim who is threatened needs to report it and hire a lawyer to insist that it be followed through. That’s the only way to put an end to this double standard. It is absolutely reprehensible for a government to treat it’s indigenous people like this.

      • D. Briles, why would he have to be? If that were the case, he’d have had to say “native American [Indian].” “Indigenous” refers to a person who’s inborn to a particular area. It is 100% correct to say that someone who was born in, say, San Francisco, is indigenous to San Francisco.

        Also, if you take time to read the article and are familiar with some parts of the world, you can reasonably suspect the nationality of the man who was thrown in jail: Russian.

        • Indigenous peoples are any ethnic group who inhabit a geographic region with which they have the earliest known historical connection. The indigenous peoples of the Americas are the pre-Columbian inhabitants of North, Central, and South America, their descendants, and many ethnic groups who identify with those peoples.

      • Indigenous is the term some are using to describe the 4th or 5th+ generations of a country, It helps to differentiate between citizens who aren’t recent or 1st or 2nd generation immigrants. Perhaps you could come up with a better term?

        • Why do we need to differentiate between citizens? An American citizen is a citizen regardless of how long said person has resided in the U.S. A better term is not needed because the differentiation you are attempting to make is pointless.


    To have the museums of the Smithsonian Institution exhibiting anti-islamic images of an ant-covered Jesus (whom Muslims revere as Prophet Isa), male genitals, naked brothers kissing and other “momo-erotic art’, C.A.I.R demurs that it is art, so they “don’t want to be in a position of banning or censoring art.”

    Yet Muslims will make death threats when “art” in the form of comics depict Allah or Prophet Mohammed. How blatantly dishonest and hypocritical is CAIR!

    Just an image of the man (who had been poisoned to a slow and painful death by his young, pretty but vengeful captive Jewish wife) will be enough to get a head lopped off.

    But it is fair game for others to denigrate their “Prophet Jesus of the Injil”, Whom the Quran says “ALLAH has taken up Jesus onto Himself. ALLAH is mighty and wise.” An-Nisaa 4:158.

    Every day CAIR shows how little it thinks of other religions and other groups, and by extension, America. Even when it is clear that they need positive PR, CAIR rigidly keeps to its insular beliefs.

    My guess is that they would have burned the Smithsonian down if such a video depicted Mohammad.

    Of course they won’t; their double standards reek of Islamic doctrines like cutting off the heads of anyone depecting Mohammed in any way.

    CAIR is a joke and have very recently been found guilty again of supporting HAMAS. They have no credibility and have been cut off from funding.

    Read on—-

    “The Council on American-Islamic Relations said it supports “common decency” and “mutual respect,” but CAIR spokesman Ibrahim Hooper stopped short of calling for the removal of an exhibit that features images of an ant-covered Jesus and “homoerotic art” currently at the Smithsonian Institution’s National Portrait Gallery.

    “We don’t want to be in a position of banning art or censoring art,” Hooper told on Tuesday.

    As reported Monday, the federally funded National Portrait Gallery, one of the museums of the Smithsonian Institution, is currently showing an exhibition that features images of an ant-covered Jesus, male genitals, naked brothers kissing, men in chains, Ellen DeGeneres grabbing her breasts, and a painting the Smithsonian itself describes in the show’s catalog as “homoerotic.”


    • CAIR – go pound sand. Kindly show how this is obscenity…I don’t see how it is. They surely wouldn’t complain about the David sculpture…why is this any different?

      (Whether or not it’s Constitutional isn’t the subject of this blog.)

  12. We alol have to do what we can to “Eradicate Islam”. It is a matter of societal self-defense. Self-defense has always been legal.

  13. Quote:
    Judge David Bernthal called Sobolevskiy’s e-mail “an act of terror”
    end quote.

    An email is not an act of terror.
    Blowing up the mosque would be an act of terror.
    Kidnapping or opening fire with a gun, these would be acts of terror.
    This judge does not know the difference between free expression and terrorism.
    This case needs to be appealed all the way up to the Supreme Court.

    • SCOTUS is looking the other way with regards to “Caliph” Obama and his Muslim agenda. We are under Sharia Law. Obama has seen to that.

    • Yes this dose need to be appealed because
      Ilya Sobolevskiy is the sweetest man I have
      ever known and he thinks so much about his family and friends and the people he dose not even know standing on the corner with signs saying homeless please help me. Also he is a duel citizen he gets somethings out of contecs not understanding what somethings mean here in this country he loved so much that he chose to live here.
      Also some of this email that he had sent wasent it straight out of Bushes mouth when the towers went dowen on 911 or am I mistaking it anyways it happend 2 and half years ago and no one stoped worshiping at this musslum church because it was
      full of hot air and meaning less plus the web master had met Ilya in person and he should have known by his looks he was not going to set right with what was being preached in the musslim church
      infact I feel not many in America would this needs to be appealed and Ilya scentence lessened because he never acted on the email he never brought it to the table

    • If that was the case…he should have pled not guilty…by pleading guilty, he gave up his right to appeal.

      Ilya Sobolevskiy had bad representation who told him to take a plea deal…oops!

    • America has made great mistakes in it’s existence but mark my words, islam is the biggest mistake it has made. It is satan’s stronghold for the last days of this world. islam shall be crushed by Jesus Christ. America and the rest of the world should safeguard against this mess in form of an evil organisation.


    Many are stunned that American taxpayer’s money supported Smithsonian to embrace diviant art for a Christmastime display. Such is life in post-Christian America. Ants crawling all over Christ on the cross is art in America today. Homosexuals and lesbians think they are being brave. If you gays really want to show some stones, have an “art” display showing ants crawling around on the prophet Mohammad.

    Over the weekend, a high school football player in Tacoma Washington got flagged for a fifteen yard penalty after dropping to his knees and pointing upward after scoring a touchdown. So, giving thanks to God gets the same penalty as delivering a vicious head shot to the Quarterback.

    Now, of course, Muslims get to operate on their own special rules, so get use to that as well. God forbid we should ever offend a Muslim. Oh my! We must bend over backwards to accommodate them.

    Why are liberals so anxious to defend Islam at almost every turn, yet Christ can be mocked, and Christians offended under the disguise of freedom?

    The answer is simple: Because the left and Islam are both enemies of Truth, and their common enemy is Christ, THE Truth. Not so hard to understand.

    In Portland, after a Muslim man was arrested for trying to kill thousands of Americans at a Christmas tree lighting ceremony, what did the openly homosexual gay mayor of Portland Samuel Adams do?

    Did he beef up security to protect innocents from radical Islamic Nazis? Or encourage the FBI to continue their work in protecting America? Or call upon the Muslim community to help the Police find these terrorists in our midst? Or give thanks to the FBI for saving the lives of thousands of Americans? None of these.

    What this crackpot Mayor Adam did was to order more police protection for the Muslims in Portland; to protect them from Americans

    Peaceful and law-abiding Christians are the problem in America, according to liberals. Samuel Adams (the new modern version) the homosexual, who admitted (just last year) to a relationship (sex and more sex) with an teenage boy, an intern,thinks he needs to protect Muslims in Portland from Americans.

    So homoerotic “art” is cool in Government buildings at Christmas, but not a nativity scene at a local courthouse. “We don’t want to offend Muslims and gays.”

    But it was the Iranian President, not Christians, who boasted to Columbia University students that they execute gays. Yet gays don’t mock Muslims with their “art”. Cowards.

    It is the Muslim religion around the world that treats women like cattle and homosexuals are given no rights to practice their “lifestyle”. Yet this wonderful taxpayer supported “art” display, showed brothers in a gay/incestuous act.

    If you gays really want to be audacious, then show two Muslim brothers doing the same thing with a picture of the Ayatollah Khomeini hanging in the background. We’ll see how brave you are.



      Adam, you don’t get the point. When a player scored, he’ll be very happy and the rest will swarm around him to hug and kiss him in great joy.

      But that high school football player in Tacoma Washington chose to express his exhilaration differently and peacefully after he scored a touchdown; and he got flagged for a fifteen yard penalty after dropping to his knees and pointing upward to praise and thank God.

      So, it is an offense under the rules of the pseudo-religion of secularism/atheism to give thanks to God. That is why that atheistic and intolerant referee gave him the same penalty as one delivering a vicious head shot to the Quarterback.

      But did any bomb exploded and anyone killed just because he peacefully dropped down to thank God after he scored?

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  16. Everything you need to know to BAN ISLAM per US Code, Law and Constitution is HERE:

    Once one is familiar with the Q’uran, Hadith, Sira, the core of Islamic teaching in every mosque, combined with 1400 years of observing Islam INTERPRETING AND ACTING UPON THE TREASONOUS SUBVERSIVE Jihad commands in the Q’uran and knowing Islam has overthrown 66 governments so far through violent Jihadi Treason, Subversion and Insurrection, it becomes incontrovertible that:

    Here is A SMALL SAMPLE of TITLE 18 of US Code which carries a DEATH PENALTY for aiding enemies of the United States:

    TITLE 18, PART I, CHAPTER 115 , § 2383
    § 2383 – Rebellion or insurrection

    Whoever, owing allegiance to the United States, levies war against them or adheres to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort within the United States or elsewhere, is guilty of treason and shall suffer death, or shall be imprisoned.

    TITLE 18, PART I, CHAPTER 115 , § 2385
    § 2385 – Advocating overthrow of Government

    Whoever knowingly or willfully advocates, advises, teaches the duty, necessity, desirability or propriety of overthrowing the government of the United States or prints, publishes, edits, issues, circulates, sells, distributes, or publicly displays any written or printed matter advocating, advising, or teaching the same or:

    Whoever organizes, helps or attempts to organize any society, group, or assembly of persons who teach, advocate, or encourage the same; or gains membership, association or affiliates with any such society, group, or assembly of persons, knowing the aforementioned purposes thereof: Shall be fined or imprisoned not more than twenty years, or both, and shall be ineligible for employment by the United States or any department or agency thereof.

    Be advised that Free Speech and Religious Protection Laws OFFER NO HARBOR FOR CRIMINAL ACTIVITY, TREASON, MISPRISION OF TREASON or displaying materials that advocate or teach the desirability of subverting or overthrowing the US Government or its Constitution or Amendments.

    Neither Mohammad, nor the Q’uran, nor Islamic culture nor Islamic countries, nor Sharia Law PERMIT CRITICISM of Islam, FREE SPEECH or the unfettered pursuit of Jewish, Christian, atheist or secular happiness.

    Islam has but one goal: To Destroy, Subvert and Overthrow all non-Islamic governments and to establish Islamic Theocracy and Sharia Law upon all people. They are well on their way.



    Like what the 25-year-old Maryland man Ilya Sobolevskiy did. He was rightly sentenced by a federal court in Urbana to a year in prison after pleading guilty to threatening members of a mosque in Illinois in his e-mail that he would “do WHATEVER it takes to eradicate Islam.”

    Thanks to “creeping” for putting up the above post. It shows clearly why I should not be influenced by my detractors, like “Gammyof4” and “Gmama”, into believing the same thing, that “Islam is all evil! The Quran is totally and absolutely pure evil!”

    First of all, their claims are scripturally incorrect, as my Bible says, Satan would often come in the form of an angel of light (2 Corinthians 12:14) to tell beautiful truths too, like: “Jesus is the Son of god” (Mark 3:11); and that Paul and his companions were servants of the Most High God. (Acts 16:17).” In this way, Satan could fool and deceive many more people into following him to hell.

    So if I were Satan, I wouldn’t want to come to humans and freak them out with my red hanging tongue, with blood-dripping fangs and blood-shot devilish eyes to frighten them that I was the devil.

    “Grammyof4” had claimed to be a minister of the Gospel. Yet to this day, he/she was rather shy of sharing anything with us from the Bible.

    So if I were to mindlessly take up the suggestion of my detractors to tell others that “Islam and the Quran is totally evil! So we must eradicate Islam!”, soon I would have met the same fate as IIya Sobolevskiy and be languishing in Singapore’s famous Changi Prison by now.

    Then I would have been taken off from all of you in our common battle against the fast rising tide of evil.

    May God have all our praises!

    • I wrote the forgoing to reply to “Grammyof4”.


      {Grammyof4, on November 29, 2010 at 6:16 PM said:



      [Scripturally incorrect. Read Philippians 4:8]


      [Correct. Read 2 Corinthians 12:14, Mark 3:11, Acts 16:17, etc]


      [No lah! ISLAM means submission to the Forev-living, Supreme, Benevolent and Creator GOD ALLAH (in Arabic language). islam means submission to the devil allah. ISLAM of Jesus (in Matthew 7:21-23) is of ALLAH—the same ALLAH Who took the forever-living Jesus to Heaven to be with Him (An-Nisaa 4:158; the same ALLAH Who cursed Mohammed to death through eating poisoned goat meat served on him by his young and pretty, but vengeful captive Jewish wife].

      Goto the link for the details of our debate there:

    • {Grammyof4, on November 30, 2010 at 1:53 PM said: …..

      And you tell us to read the Quran?? People need to stay far from it!}

      You’re also right, “Grammyof4”. This was what I told people too—-“No need to read the Quran. Just trust what I tell you about the Quran should be good enough. Don’t waste your time reading it.

      But if you want to confirm that I spoke the truth, go ahead and read the Quran to verify it. If we have God and His angels with us, nothing will happen to us from the Quran.

      “Fear not, those who are with us are more than those who are with [the enemies]” 2Kings 6:16.



      But I can’t be taking this stand, even from the standpoint of what the Bible says about Satan (also called Shaitan in Islam), such as in 2 Corinthians 12:14, Mark 3:11, Acts 16:17, etc.

      Anyway, please understand that I am never contemplating spending my life behind bars in Singapore’s famous Changi Prison. But if I have to go to jail, it will be for the cause of truth, justice and to uphold the rule of law—as my way to honour God, and to remain faithful to Him and my God-given conscience.

      But when you come to Singapore, don’t ever go around and openly tell Muslims or other people that “Islam IS totally evil”. If you say that, you better quickly run back to America as soon as possible, and never put the Singapore police to any test—just to find out how efficient they are to arrest you.

      And even that, the American Muslims can also file a police report against you back in your US if they can locate you, just like what they did to the unwise 25-year-old Maryland man Ilya Sobolevskiy.

      I best advice to you is that you MUST help to wake up Americans who are still slumbering and get them organised for the big day in 2012, and get them to be available whenever they are needed in the interim—-in this epic battle for Good against the fast rising tide of Evil now threatening to engulf America and the world.


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  20. Islam is all evil! The Quran is totally and absolutely pure evil

    and this is wrong how? Oh Tham Eng? muzzies LOVE death! they treat woman like crap! Your love of the 7th century is sick! pisslam is EVIL and hopefully will be DESTROYED!

  21. Good arrest!!

    What? Is the author of this article suggesting that he should have NOT been arrested for threatening Muslims?

  22. (Direct ‘reply’ button is not showing again, so leaving this here.)

    @ DeucePrez


    Yep. Normal people consider those who threaten, riot, and murder others on a regular basis for no reason to be savages. You don’t?

    “You mean most of those complaining about this dud being arrested?”

    I must’ve missed that bit. Especially since it doesn’t exist and is not the focus of the post or the comments.

    Instead, you’re defending Islam. Why? Are you a Muslim?

    “If you’re somehow referring to Muslims, it is so typical for vain Christians to refer to anyone who doesn’t believe as they do in such a demeaning manner. So, that wouldn’t even be a surprise.”

    Ah, now the cat is out of the bag. You are either a Muslim, or one of those people who despise Christianity.

    Hm, I don’t see anything in the post mentioning Christianity or Christians. And yet you come here spouting off nonsense, defending Islam which teaches forced conversion, subjugation or death to unbelievers like me, and instead start accusing people of being Christians when the post says nothing of the sort, and complaining about Christianity. (Which, by the way, teaches nothing of the sort.)

    Why is that?

If sharia law continues spreading, you'll have less and less freedom of speech - so speak while you can!

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