TSA head oversaw outreach to U.S. Muslim Brotherhood while at FBI

Next up, TSA’s top dhimmi, via Human Events, TSA’s John Pistole

TSA Director John Pistole.

Pistole served for over seven years as the Deputy Director of the FBI until he became the Director of the TSA a few months ago.  During his time as the No.2 man in our nation’s most powerful law-enforcement organization, Pistole oversaw the bureau’s outreach program to American Muslim organizations blossom.  The organizations to which the FBI reached out were all Hamas fronts, Hamas support entities or fronts for the root organization of the global jihad: the Muslim Brotherhood.  They included the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR), the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), the Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC), the Muslim American Society (MAS) and the Muslim Students Association (MSA) among others.

Not only did Mr. Pistole fail aggressively to seek to target these groups investigatively, he sought their approval.  Under Mr. Pistole’s watch, FBI General Counsel Valerie Caproni invited Hamas/Muslim Brotherhood front groups and the ACLU into FBI headquarters to ensure the attorney general’s Investigative Guidelines were not offensive.  We wouldn’t want to offend, Hamas might make them angry at us.  FBI field offices around the country were given training from CAIR, an organization created by the International Muslim Brotherhood to be a front for Hamas as demonstrated by evidence in the largest Hamas trial in U.S. history–the Holy Land Foundation in Dallas, Tex., in 2008.

During Mr. Pistole’s tenure as FBI deputy director, the Joint Terrorism Task Forces failed to share information properly with state and local law enforcement organizations, so the states began creating Fusion Centers.  Nine years after 9/11, local and state agencies are still frustrated with the FBI’s lack of response to significant terrorism issues within the domestic United States (e.g. Jamaat al Fuqra training camps in the U.S.), and the continued lack of information sharing.  Did I mention the over $500 million flushed down the toilet in the FBI’s failed attempt to create a Virtual Case File, or the current failings of the FBI’s data systems?

Now Mr. Pistole is the head of TSA.  Instead of profiling likely terrorists, which any professional security specialist knows is the only chance you have of keeping a port safe because you cannot successfully screen 100% of your travelers, Mr. Pistole is defending TSA’s policy of strip-searching grandmother’s, nuns and three-year-olds.  Wouldn’t want to offend Hamas would we Mr. Pistole?  Gross incompetence at the FBI rewarded by making him the head of TSA.  We shouldn’t expect the results to be any different.

David Meyers is a former officer in the U.S. Army who spent a career in the U.S. Intelligence Community. He has lived and traveled widely in the Middle East, Africa, and Europe. He currently consults on security, intelligence operation and policy matters.

9 thoughts on “TSA head oversaw outreach to U.S. Muslim Brotherhood while at FBI

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  2. What planet is this? Where is the OUTRAGE of the American people. The OUTRAGE of those who knew this all along while it was happening? Don’t we care anymore about freedom? Is everyone just going along with everything because they don’t care about America? Come on people—-do something!!!!

  3. Perfect! I can’t imagine a better job for someone already trained to pander to muzlims.

    Are you yet seeing the lunacy of the governing party?


    Can Americans allow ourselves to forget that when Napolitano began her new job she wanted to expunge the word “terrorism” from the vocabulary and call these incidents “man-caused disasters?”

    Or can Americans forget the exchange in congressional hearings between Congressman Lamar Smith, R-Texas, and AG Eric Holder where Holder refused to acknowledge a link between terrorism and radical Islam, despite the mountains of evidences?

    Holder said then, “There are a variety of reasons why people do these things. Some of them potentially religious.”

    If Eric Holder cannot, or refuses to see a connection between radical Islam and terrorism, what, in his view, does define who these individuals are, who are hell-bent on massacring Americans and destroying America?

    And if he cannot do it with more precision than “there are a variety of reasons why people do these things,” how can Americans possibly hope to have an effective strategy for identifying and dealing with terrorists?

    So it’s hard to sort out whether our current administration is simply confused and naive; or whether they actually sympathize with our enemies.

    Either way, Americans and other peoples are the ones paying the price—in being held up in long queues, in the wasted money being shelled out for those costly scanners and detectors, and the humiliating invasions into one’s privacy.

    • You have a confused outlook on reality of the situation regarding leadership in Washington. Whether you like to hear the truth is up to you, but I am willing to share what I have found about Obama.
      Obama is a closet Muslim who isn’t as far in the closet as most people might suspect. Barack’s own words “America is not a Christian nation, but has Christians living in it.” Then later he stated that “America is one of the largest Muslim nations in the world.” Not sure where he gets his statistics, but Muslims are only about two million in the USA, which makes his statement more about convincing Americans that there are large numbers of Muslims in America. We cannot forget Grandma Obama in Kenya who stated she witnessed Barack’s birth in Kenya, which then rules him out of contention for the presidency. But it gets better when you find out Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal set up funds for Barack to go to Harvard Law school and had asked a person of prominance (Percy Sutton) to write a letter of introduction for Obama. We should be asking: How did he get to be president of the largest nuclear weapons nation in the world? Corruption of the Democrats.


    According to the legendary ancient Chinese military strategist Sun Tzi, to win any battle, there are two cardinal principles which must be followed: “Know your enemy and yourself. A hundred battles fought; a humdred victories won.”

    So the first rule of warfare is to know your enemy. The Israeli and Singapore authorities have always known who their enemies are without using the “enhanced pat-downs” and the numerous costly “nude body scannners.” They know exactly what to look for and their priority is to identify and stop them.

    Not so for President Obama and his appointees for homeland security. It runs against the president’s nature to see the evil where it truly sits. It is unlike him to name radical islamic jihadists as the problem when all acts of terrorism and the terrorists captured for the last two years are Islamists. It is completely within his mode of operation to let TSA keep feeling up the ladies who are important to us, merely to try to appear “fair” to “everyone.”

    So is it hubris, or ignorance that caused TSA to molest the breasts of mothers, wives, and girls as young as 12 this past weekend? Is it stupidity or mental disability that causes the administration to continue to believe that they have kept us safe while on duty?

    Fundamentally, the administration somehow believes that by looking at all passengers on airplanes in as COLOR-BLIND WAY as possible, they are doing what is necessary to keep Americans safe from danger.

    How can we possibly use technology to identify and root out terrorists when the leaders of our country cannot, and refuse to identify with clarity who these individuals are and what they are about?

    This latest round of humiliation that America citizens have to endure – electronic strip searches or intimate physical groping of our bodies – is the result of the so called “underwear bomber” incident from last Christmas.

    Two Harvard University students have commenced lawsuits against US Government on 12 Nov 2010 over nude scanners and enhanced pat-down at airports, claiming they violate constitutional rights in the Fourth Amendment of the US Constitution. They said: “Plaintiffs found the process highly intrusive , including touching, or prodding and lifting up of the genitals and buttocks ”

    This problem came about also because the very creative and determined islamic terrorist bombers had one of their guys blown up in Saudi Arabia last year, with a bomb hidden inside his anus; and the female ones were planning to hide bombs in their breasts through surgery.

    Sexy brunette, Ms Tammy Banovac (who is a surgeon) complained that “TSA agent ran her hands up my skirt; it was the most unpleasant experience. I would rather strip down than go through what I did the first time.” And strip she did, on Tuesday 30 Nov, 2010)

    “But President Obama, you’re running out of time. Start profiling on the basis of actual data. Find the killers–not the weapons. Become as aggressive and ruthlessly pragmatic about the security of the American people as you were say about health care. Americans deserve it. You work for the citizens who voted for you….remember that.”

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