Baltimore: Muslim arrested, planned to car bomb military recruiting station (updated)

via Federal Bureau of Investigation – The Baltimore Division: Department of Justice Press Release.

BALTIMORE—Antonio Martinez, aka Muhammad Hussain, age 21, of Baltimore, a U.S. citizen, was charged by criminal complaint today with attempting to murder federal officers and employees and attempted use of a weapon of mass destruction against federal property in connection with a scheme to attack an Armed Forces recruiting station in Catonsville, Maryland. Martinez was arrested this morning after he attempted to remotely detonate what he believed to be explosives in a vehicle parked in the Armed Forces recruiting station parking lot.

Martinez has his initial appearance today in U.S. District Court in Baltimore at 2:00 p.m. before U.S. Magistrate Judge James K. Bredar.

The charges were announced by U.S. Attorney for the District of Maryland Rod J. Rosenstein and Special Agent in Charge Richard A. McFeely of the FBI.

U.S. Attorney Rod J. Rosenstein stated, “First, there was no actual danger because the people Mr. Martinez asked to help carry out his attack actually were working with the FBI. Second, every person Mr. Martinez asked to join in his scheme either declined to participate, tried to talk him out of it, or reported him to the FBI, and there is no evidence that Mr. Martinez received direction or support from any other person. Third, undercover investigations are pursued only when supervisory law enforcement agents and prosecutors conclude that there is a serious risk that cannot be ignored. I am grateful to the FBI for the care it takes to evaluate all credible allegations of terrorist threats and to investigate people who threaten violence.”

The affidavit filed in support of the criminal complaint alleges that on Sept. 29, 2010, Martinez publicly posted on his Facebook account a statement calling for violence to stop the oppression of Muslims, and that on Oct. 1, 2010, he publicly posted a message stating that he hates any person who opposes Allah and his prophet.

On Oct. 8, 2010, an FBI confidential source (CS) brought these public postings to the attention of the FBI. The affidavit alleges that on Oct. 10, 2010, in response to these postings, the CS began communicating with Martinez through Facebook. The affidavit alleges that during Martinez’ discussions with the CS over Martinez’ Facebook page, Martinez wrote that he wanted to go to Pakistan or Afghanistan, that it was his dream to be among the ranks of the mujahideen, and that he hoped Allah would open a door for him because all he thinks about is jihad. The CS provided copies of the communications to the FBI.

After learning from the CS that Martinez was seeking to attack and kill military personnel, the FBI recorded a series of conversations between Martinez and the CS. During the conversations, Martinez identified his target as the Armed Forces recruiting station on Route 40 in Catonsville, Maryland.

The affidavit alleges that during the undercover operation, Martinez told the CS about five persons he believed would join in the operation. Martinez allegedly attempted to recruit at least three of those people to join in the operation, including an individual whom he said had the ability to obtain weapons. All three of them declined, and one of them expressly attempted to dissuade Martinez from committing jihad. Thereafter, Martinez allegedly agreed to meet the CS’s “Afghani brother,” an undercover FBI agent (UC), whom the CS represented would be interested in assisting in the operation. Martinez’ conversations with the UC were also recorded, and the FBI continuously monitored Martinez’ activities up to the time of his arrest.

On Nov. 4, 2010, Martinez introduced the CS to another person whom Martinez described as a potential recruit for his operation. The affidavit alleges that Martinez spoke to the person about his plans and the person refused to participate, telling Martinez that what he wanted to do was wrong ideologically, would cause harm to Muslims.

On Nov. 16, 2010, the CS introduced Martinez to the UC. Martinez allegedly told the UC about his goal to become a martyr and his desire to attack the Armed Forces recruiting center on Route 40 soon. According to the affidavit, the UC and the CS repeatedly asked Martinez if he was sure that this was the right path for him and told Martinez it was OK if he did not want to go through with the operation. Each time, the affidavit alleges that Martinez stated his intention to go forward with the plan.

The affidavit alleges that Martinez and the CS met again on Dec. 2 to look at the parking area around the recruiting center. Martinez allegedly drew a map detailing where the vehicle containing the bomb should be parked, which he gave to the CS for the UC. On Dec. 4, 2010, Martinez and the CS spoke over the phone. The CS told Martinez that he wanted to make sure that Martinez was not doing this because he felt “like someone pushing you.” Martinez replied, “I came to you about this, brother.”

According to the affidavit, on Dec. 7, 2010, Martinez met with the UC and CS to finalize plans for using a vehicle bomb to attack the Armed Services recruiting center. The UC allegedly showed Martinez the device that would activate the bomb and explained to him how to use it. The UC also showed Martinez the components for the bomb that were in the back of the SUV. According to the affidavit, Martinez pulled out his map of the recruiting center and told the UC where he believed it was best to park the SUV the next morning. It was agreed that all three men would drive separate vehicles, and the CS would pick up Martinez after the SUV was parked at the center. Martinez and the CHS would then drive to a vantage point where Martinez would detonate the bomb. The parties agreed that after the operation was over, they would not meet until Friday to arrange their getaway.

On the morning of Dec. 8, 2010, the affidavit alleges that Martinez met as planned with the UC and the CHS. Martinez was observed by surveillance agents inspecting the components of the bomb in the back of the SUV. It appeared that he was arming the device as instructed by the UC the day before. Martinez then drove the SUV to the recruiting center, parked in front of the building and left the area with the CS. Martinez and the CS drove to a vantage point near the recruiting center, where Martinez allegedly attempted to detonate the device, which was, in fact, an inert bomb. Martinez was immediately placed under arrest.

Martinez faces a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison for attempting to murder federal officers and employees, and life in prison for attempted use of a weapon of mass destruction against federal property.


Suspect in Maryland terror plot has ties to Boston – says wife knew he wanted to wage jihad & supported him

The alleged target in this case and the arrest took place in Maryland, but the suspect under arrest is married and his wife is a college student here in the Boston area.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

If you have Facebook, he’s got an open Facebook page too.

Update: Pony tails? Can you say biatch? Maryland terror suspect ordered held until trial

Commentary: Homegrown Hate Crimes Against Our Troops – Americans show more emotion over Dancing with the Stars than they do over troops’ deaths.

22 thoughts on “Baltimore: Muslim arrested, planned to car bomb military recruiting station (updated)

  1. I really can’t wait for the MSM to not identify this conspiring fool as a terrorist. If a soldier yelling Allahu Akbar can’t be identified as a Muslim terrorist, who can?

  2. Every freaking day it’s another “religion of peace” scumbag that get a nice life in America and then tries to kill us in large numbers.

    All Muslims in America should be placed in intern camps pending investigations which would lead to deportations if they will not denounce Hamas, Hezbollah and Sharia Law.

  3. Thank God for the FBI…Obama must not have placed devout muslims in its upper ranks yet, like he’s PERSONALLY appointed them to top positions in Homeland Security… Just give him time and these Undercover operations will be dismantled too… to allow yet another disaster like Fort Hood .. Oh but Obama didn’t allow the use of the muslim word into the Fort Hood Report, when we all knew Hasan was a filthy muslim jihadist!!

  4. Bummer is placing key muslims in positions to cripple our systems of defence, and provide them with wikki leaks style info. Bummer appointed Kagan to support Islam and defend the Saudis against us. Bush was hooked into the Saudis.

    How can we fight an enemy we are not even allowed to speak of?

    Track as much as you can, and wait for bummer and his party of extreme lefts to be out.

    Then we clean house.

    • AGREED!! I hope when you clean house their sorry @sses will be impeached and given prison time…for Obama maybe the ultimate penalty by military Tribunal for TREASON!


    Keep up your good job!

    Anne, you can go to the link here for the right stategy for fighting Islamism at:

    I did not post it there. My many posts were made in Then they removed them. But too late for them. All my posts there went viral and appeared in many other countries’ blogsites.

    The best way to fight Islamism is to use the LONG SWORD OF ISLAM to cut down allah’s agents who are merely wielding their short daggers of islam at us. So what is thee to fear them.

    Hope you are enjoying reading my posts and finding them useful and enlightening!

    God bless!

    • @Oh Tham Eng
      You are a righteous person and your excellent posts will make people aware of the danger that is Islamism.

      May God Bless You, too, My Friend !

  6. The suspect’s wife will start her wailing and whining and acting like a victim. I can hardly wait (please note sarcasm). I get so sick of moslem wailing and whining AFTER their jihadists either fail or are successful and their TOTAL LACK OF CONCERN for the victims of those jihadists or their TOTAL LACK OF CONCERN TO CHANGE WHAT CAUSES THE VIOLENCE IN ISLAM.

    We all need to crack open the book on sharia based on the koran and sunnah which says ALL moslems must wage jihad and it can be waged by violence, pen/word (taqiyya), wealth (zakat – which is a pillar of islam and 1/8th is required to be given to their violent ones), and any strategy of war.

    So those moslems who tried to play down this guy by saying that the area is quiet are full of B.S.

    As I have been told in a court of law – ignorance is no excuse and that is their usual excuse about jihad and funding of it to us. (they are full of excuses)


    Several weeks ago, Palestinian Authority police arrested 26-year-old Walid al-Husseini because of a series of anti-religious blog posts he had written. Husseini CONDEMNED ALL RELIGIONS EQUALLY on his blog, and explained his reasons for leaving Islam in particular detail. He had criticized Mohammed, revered by Muslims as a prophet, as a “sex maniac” who was :”no different than barbaric thugs.”

    Last week, a new post appeared on Husseini’s blog, ostensibly authored by him, in which he apologized “for the offense I have caused to all religions and especially to Islam”.

    When Husseini was first arrested, several residents of his hometown of Kalkilya, just east of Kfar Saba, told journalists they wanted him to be put to death. His blog sparked condemnation online as well, with some opponents forming a Facebook group calling to “fight the blasphemer” with Sharia laws, which mandate death sentence for blasphemy.

    Now PA officials say Husseini is not in jail for his religious beliefs, but rather, for his own safety. “It is impossible to release him because we are afraid he will be killed by his family,” a PA officer told AFP. The officer said Husseini’s family had disowned him.

    The PA had faced criticism over the arrest from Human Rights Watch, which said Husseini’s right to free speech had been violated. In addition, HRW organizers said, under PA law Husseini was supposed to have been released after three days, as he had not been charged with a crime at that point.

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    Because ‘moderate’ Muslims are often caught financing islam-inspired terrorism, whose aim is to impose Sharia Laws all non-Muslims for their World Islamic Caliphate.

    Again high ranking members of the Saudi Govt is implicated in facilitating islamic terrosim. This time the Saudi Ambassador to Philippines Muhd Amin Waly.

    WikiLeaks revealed that secret State Department communications expressed US concerned that he was engaged in “terrorism facilitation” He intervened to get local authorities to free two suspected terror financiers from Intern’l Islamic Relief Org (IIRO), a Saudi-based ‘charity’ the US Govt had black-listed for financing terrorism.

    IIRO was set up by al-Qaeda leader Osama BL’s brother-in-law to backroll al-Qaeda network in South East Asia. The cable gave no clue to the identity of the two.



      Legendary ancient Chinese miltary strategist Sun Zi laid down two cardinal principles needed to win a battle: “Know your enemy and yourself; a hundred battles fought, a hundred victories won”

      But Obama isn’t keen on defeating islamism as all his relatives in Kenya are Muslims, and he was said to have told the Egyptian Foreign Minister that he was a Muslim too.

      That is why he forbids the use of such words and phrases to describe accurately the enemies of America and the war Americans are fighting in their national security documents: “terrorism”, “war on terror”, “Islamic extremists” and “jihadists” , etc.

      In place of them, Obama and Janet Napolitano have gentler phrases such as “man-caused disaster” and “overseas contingencies” for acts of terrorism; and criminals (or whatever) for “terrorists,” etc.

      But American people aren’t buying from them yet, though Obama and gang are still trying hard.

      The Obama Administration – in an attempt to be sensitive – has banned the phrases, “Islamic extremists” and “jihadists,” from its national security documents. Obama and Janet Napolitano have been trying to hardsell kinder, gentler phrases such as “man-caused disaster” and “overseas contingencies” instead of the word, “terrorist.” The American people haven’t bought it (that pesky worldview again!) but Obama has tried.

      However, the left’s worldview has succeeded in other ways since Obama was elected. The word, “Islamophobia”has now entered the terrorism debate lexicon in order to condemn those


    Thank you so much, “rhlt”, for your very kind words. May God bless you!

    I need to share with people in the world the right strategy for battling the fast rising tide of islamism that is threatening America and the world. I believe that the strategy to use the Quran and the Hadiths as weapons against islamic terrorism must no longer be denigrated.

    And I am not the only one having this thought. “The only force that can challenge islamic terrorism is ISLAM itself,” wrote Phillip Blond, senior lecturer in Philosophy and Religion in the University of Cumbria, together with Adrian Pabst, lecturer in Theology, University of Nottingham.

    For some years, Muslims in Yemen Observer had liked what I shared with them in 2007 my article “Crusading for the Prophet’s Prayer”. They had taken three days of consideration before they decided to accept my post for publication on November 22, 2007 at 20:41. .

    But recently, they decided to remove it after pressures and complaints from islamists in Singapore, who deemed those goodness and beautiful verses in their Quran and Hadiths I had shared with people as “satanic verses”.

    So ISLAM is not a threat. But the mindset of Muslims in primarily wanting to master the evil and wrong teachings in their Quran and Hadiths to take over the world for their benighted, backward and violence-ridden World Islamic Caliphate is what is getting all of us very worried.

    So the following article of mine in the Yemen Observer is no longer there at:

    But here it is in its short entirety:

    “Crusading for the Prophet’s Prayer

    Sad to say, Islam has been so badly messed up by the Great Muslim Ummah into such a terribly dysfunctional faith that is searching for a religion. And in the Prayer of Prophet Suleiman, Islam has found the true religion. So what all Muslims (not just Arab countries) need is not democracy, but the Prayer of Prophet Suleiman.

    For democracy cannot change lives, and it is too messy—“two steps forward and one step back” kind of thing. Or even one step forward, and three steps backward, as happened in Gaza when over-run by Hamas in a democratic election. Or in Afghanistan when ruled by the cruel, semi-literate Talibans, who were then very popular (an ersatz democracy, which proved to be a poison potion for all Afghans). But the Prayer of Prophet Suleiman (a Jewish prophet) can revolutionise one’s life and nations.

    So not only is the Prayer of Prophet Suleiman good for the Muslims, it is good for the whole world too. If every warm human heart can be lodged this miracle prayer, we can soon bring forth a great moral and spiritual revolution in the world, the likes of which have never been seen before! Then peace, enlightenment, progress and prosperity will surely ensue for the world whole! And Allah will be greatly pleased with humankind!

    Prophet Suleiman (otherwise known as King Solomon in the Holy Bible) has prayed: “Inspire me, Lord, to be thankful to Thee for Thy favours to me and my parents to do good deeds that will please Thee. Admit me through Thy mercy to be among Thy righteous.” An-Naml 27:19. “For the noblest in Allah’s sight is he who is the most righteous.” Al-Hujurat 49:13.

    So can everybody please help me to promote worldwide this miracle prayer for a humankind renaissance”
    Oh Tham Eng – 11/22/2007 – 20:41 (Yemen Observer)

    • By above post was in reply to “rht” kind words to me below:

      {rhlt, on December 9, 2010 at 2:32 PM said:
      @Oh Tham Eng

      You are a righteous person and your excellent posts will make people aware of the danger that is Islamism.

      May God Bless You, too, My Friend !}


      For those who enjoy reading my posts, like “rhlt”, there are more of them at:

      More important to enjoying reading my posts is, please make it the result of your own research, and share them with as many people as possible, to equib them for the difficult battle against the fast rising evil tide of islamism.

      More must join in for this epic battle of Good against Evil. If we win, every body turns out to be winners (including Muslims too). If we lose, all our freedom that we cherished so much will be buried under their dreadful Sharia Laws. “If God is for us, who can be against us?” Romans 8:31.

      So arise, you slumbering and naive Americans! “Resist the devil, and he will flee from you. Draw near to God, and He will draw near to you.” James 4:7.


    Why? Because there are demons hiding in the Quran, such as in Surah 72 called Al-Jinns (i.e. the Demons.

    Chapter 72 of the Quran was named that in honour of the demons who had converted to islam and then went on to help Mohammed spread islam by the sword and much bloodshed.

    That was why ALLAH had to curse Mohammed to die of a slow and painful death from eating poisoned goat meat served on him and his booty-hungry and sex-crazy holy fighters for their slaughter of her parents, siblings, husband and people.

    More information about this new convert of islam becoming a terrorist can be read at:


    A self-proclaimed Shiite Muslim stabbed his stepfather Wednesday night with a butcher’s knife in the hopes of a payday from the international terrorist organization al-Qaida, township police said.

    Alex Williams, 21, 204 Forrest Drive, stabbed his sleeping stepfather, James Williams, with a 13-inch butcher’s knife and ran from his bedroom yelling to his mother, “I had to do it … I’m a terrorist … I’m a Shiite,” according to an affidavit.

    Alex Williams’ mother, Jo Ann Williams, told officers that prior to the stabbing, she had knelt down to peer through a gap between the floor and the door to her son’s bedroom to see what he was doing.

    Mrs. Williams saw her son kneeling and “praying to Allah” while a “CD of Muslim chant music” played in the background, according to the affidavit.

    Police said Mrs. Williams notified officers Wednesday night that Alex Williams had met with a Muslim man earlier that day, but did not know what their encounter regarded….”


    • Islam is a satanic cult, I read Quran Surah 72 “The Demons” insane stuff !! Demons talking to muhammad, and becoming muslim? fits like a hand to a glove! That Alex Williams is demon possessed as are all muslims who read Quran.. it is the Satanic Bible! all it talks about is killing, war, and torture..

    • you have almost hit the mark here OM- people need to realize ISLAM is a mental illness- and in this story we can see clearly HOW ISLAMIC PRAYER is the CAUSE of this illness- a direct reqaltion cannot be ignored but by the blind deaf and dumb

      The chants and prayersof ISLAM create ALPHA wave cadences in people’s brains- – that means HYPNOSIS-they are hypnotized andf fed suggestions (death to YOU)
      in alpha state one is susceptible to ANY SUGGESTIONS- it is a TRANCE stae more serious and as effective as LSD or sodium pentathol- – mass hypnosis causes riots almost any FRIDAY evening when mosques let out in Muslim majority countries they do mass RIOTS burning out other faiths destory churches kill a JEW or Hindu —

      they are ZOMBIFIED-
      watch any good hyponotist- he can make people bark like dogs and place suggestions for later-

  13. Oh Tham Eng… you are right about the word “Islamophbia” being promoted.. It is the Organization Of Islamic Conference ( OIC) ‘s favorite expression.. They are running a Bill on Islamophobia in the UN to outlaw it, there is no such thing…as usual they want to appear the victim, when it is really us Kuffar that are the victims suffering the onslaught of noisy hatefilled muslims invading our countries…I think western non muslim countries should pass a Bill of our own, and ajm it against the OIC… a charge against all muslim countries of KUFFARPHOBIA or INFIDELPHOBIA… Either of those two terms would be suitable to challenge muslims and their Quran..seeing that 60% of the Quran is taken up with how to badly treat the Kuffar, kill the Kuffar, wage jihad against the Kuffar….all non muslims eg, pagans, buddhists ,hindus, christians, jews, zoroastrians, shinto, atheists,, ALL are classed as KUFFAR! Islam is the religion of KUFFARPHOBIA!! would you agree?

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