The ‘Islamophobia’ myth

More on those FBI “hate” crime stats, excerpted via The ‘Islamophobia’ myth – The Boston Globe.

America is many things, but “Islamophobic’’ plainly isn’t one of them. As Time itself acknowledged: “Polls have shown that most Muslims feel safer and freer in the US than anywhere else in the Western world.’’ That sentiment is powerfully buttressed by the FBI’s newly released statistics on hate crimes in the United States.

In 2009, according to data gathered from more than 14,000 law enforcement agencies nationwide, there were 1,376 hate crimes motivated by religious bias. Of those, just 9.3 percent — fewer than 1 in 10 — were committed against Muslims. By contrast, 70.1 percent were committed against Jews, 6.9 percent were aimed at Catholics or Protestants, and 8.6 percent targeted other religions. Hate crimes driven by anti-Muslim bigotry were outnumbered nearly 8 to 1 by anti-Semitic crimes.

Year after year, American Jews are far more likely to be the victims of religious hate crime than members of any other group. That was true even in 2001, by far the worst year for anti-Muslim incidents, when 481 were reported — less than half of the 1,042 anti-Jewish crimes tabulated by the FBI the same year.

It’s actually closer to 9 to 1, but who’s counting? Read it all or check out our posts on the topic here and here.

After you’ve reviewed the evidence, read How the Term “Islamophobia” Got Shoved Down Your Throat.

29 thoughts on “The ‘Islamophobia’ myth

    • yes youar correct thereis a direct correlation in increase of Muslim immigrants to the increase in JEWHATE crimes- as we know many EU and UK harbor the same feelings anyway and now they can have a facade of “human rights” and other bullcrap lies of Fakestinian thugs who say “anti Zionist” to hide behind.
      And of course we have OBAMA and HIllary contributing to this MYTH as much as possible as they subscRibe to same feelings about JEWs AND ARE RAPIDLY using all means to push their anti ISarel Muslim (oil) asskissing agenda. ALL OF OBAMA former “friends” are jewhaters, his “church” of jewhate and says he never heard that in 20 years yeah sure- he never protested it either- Obamais a MUSLIM loving jewhater and the saddest part he conned many American JEWS- Israelis are not as easily DUPED having played this game before with Carter the jewhater Arafat asskisser

  1. Well they may feel save in the USA, but we do not in the UK or should we say “Islamic Land” for we sold off its assets, and now submissive to alien religion, that slaughters its own people, and then we feed them at we the Taxpayers expense,are you also mad in your country, also

  2. Well they should feel safe. They have one of them in the White House and one of them is in charge of the DOJ. Hell they are well protected and they have more rights than any American does.

  3. They need to keep pushing the “islamophobia” lie so they can become victims. They need to make muslims believe they are victims of islamophobia . Then muslims are easier to manipulate & radicalize because they’ve become angry about being “victims of islamophobia”.. It’s all part of their plan.


      You are right. Blame it on the poison their Quran pumped into the minds of the perpetually whining islamic cry-babies, especially Ali-Imran 3:118-120:

      “Muslim, do not make friends with non-Muslims, but with people of your own faith. Non-Muslims always want to sabotage you and make your life difficult. Greater is their hatred of Muslims inside them than what they utter with their mouths. When Muslims are blessed, non-Muslims are very sad. And when Muslims meet with misfortune, non-Muslims are very jubilant and gloating!”

      But when Muslims got into legal problems, and their Muslim leaders could not help, I was the one who went in and help them out of that criminal charges.

      When tsunami struck Muslim Aceh some years ago, Singapore’s PM Lee Hsien Loong and our Defense Minister were the first foreign leaders to organise great relief efforts and rush down to help the poor Acehnese who were drowning like lemmings.

      Our PM Lee then SOS President George Bush to render succour. He did, and sent his gigantic aircraft carrier with his kind Marines and reliefs to help the poor Muslims. But not much was heard about the initiatives of their fellow Muslims i other countries. Christian went in sizeable numbers to help the poor Achenese too.

      We non-Muslims certainly did not burst into great jubilations the way the Quran slandered and lied about us to the mindless Muslims in Ali-Imran 3:118-120.


        When Osama BL’s sex-driven and evil suicide bombers struch WTC on 911, majority of Muslims all over the world erupted into great jubilations. Once the media focused on them, they quickly scurried to hide their wild jubilations, and pretended to put on a mournful face.

        But many Muslims were still brazenly and shamelessly celebrating in front of TV cameras. Well, I blame all these on the mass poisoning delivered on them by their Quran and on Prophet Muhammed’s false and wrong teachings in his version of islam.

        Only the ISLAM of Isa (Jesus) and of Prophet Suleiman is the true ISLAM, not Prophet Mohammed’s islam.

    • afraid the reason is much more dastardly WPF- the only way MUslim can justify killing you is to brand you an oppressor of ISLAM- he must offer you conversion to Islam first- if you refuse he can kill you legally per Koran-
      if you do any “oppression” killong becomes Koranic approved- so Muslims make sure to FRAME all situations with themselves as victim for this reason only – It justifies violent killing of YOU- of course they love to parade the verse about murder is not legal under ISLAM, technically this is so- but like most Koran it comes wioth many exceptions–so MURDER of another MUSLIM is a crime- but people of the book can only be killed if they can pin a crime like “insulting or corrupting Islam” on you- that is why you hear so much hate speech form muzzies- they need to make their crimes halal

      • also they try to copy what they saw JEWS and Blacks do- they thinkj they can win sympathy and “rights” by pulling the race/vixtim card- they are quite good copycats as we see through- stole Judaisma nd re-wrote it to suit Mo- stole science and architiecture form Greeks and ROmans- then desstoryed the Libray of human knowledge-at Alexandria – the “math” they supposedly invented was stolen from Hindus- Islam crushes any creative forces , itis wholly anti inllectual and anti science- not one postive contribution has been made by ISLAM any “cultural ” beauty was there befoer ISLAM arrived in PErsia Egypt eetc- ISLAM is a destroyer of worlds- In our faiths we CO CREATE with G-d ISLAM is the opposite- death of anything not itself- and anyone who may challenge that


    When upside-down Muslims found their upside-down religious ideology threatened, it is always convenient to blame islamophobia. Then no thinking is needed—because they believe Ali-Imran 3:118-120 of the Quran about non-Muslim “conspiracy” against Muslim is never wrong.

    Otherwise, they feel non-Sharialands are always the safest places to run to from their dreadful, oppressive and dangerous Sharialands they orignated from.

    And yet they want to import their dreadful Sharia laws into their host countries—-to spread their islamic dysfunctionality, unnecessary violence and islamic evil.

    Years ago, Muslims in the Indian subcontinent wanted a country and government to call their own—“safe” from the “domination” and “ill-treatment” of Muslims by the Hindus. And with great freedom and opportunites to dream their great Islamic dreams and furtures. So that was how Paksitan came into being, after a million plus Hindus were slaughtered by Muslims (and they in turn slaughtered many Muslims, but not so many as the Muslims did).

    Yet today, Muslims who chose to remain in Hindu—sic—-secular India are so much more freer and have many more opportunities in life to develop for education and to develop their future; and safety to raise their families; whereas Pakistan is the most or among the most dangerous and ALLAH-accursed place for Muslims to live on planet earth. How ironic!!

    Even my Indian Muslim friend told me it was ALLAH punishing the Pakistani Muslims with such grevious floods in recent months which are still there after nearly 2 months already—for the great evil they are doing with their Sharia Laws to massacre their own Muslim children, women and men, and to mass-slaughter other people in other lands, such as one Singaporean young lady lawyer on 27 November 2009 in their Mumbai massacre.

    allahu akbar? They must be mentally retarded!

    “Inspire me, Lord, to be thankful to Thee for Thy favours to me and my loved ones to do good deeds which will please Thee. Admit me, through Thy mecy, to be among Thy righteous.” An-Naml 27:19. “For the noblest in God’s sight is he/she who is the most righteous.” Al-Hujurat 49:13.

    • neutral? sitting on a fence will always hurt one’s ass in the end!!- I have been diligently researching “pacifism” and non-violence. And what I found was quite ugly- Ignoring evil does not make it change or go away- only makes it grow larger and more difficult to defeat.
      The coward’s way always takes a toll in the end- you end up dead or submitted or having to fight a bigger, stronger enemy- FOOLS!! they are fools and think they are wise, think they are morally superior to those who confront evil head-on with MIGHT

  5. The truth is never important in an ideology war such as we are engaged in now. Only the appearance of believability matters. Its what people WANT to believe that matters, for whatever reason.


    And so there would have been no such thing as islamophobia. I agree with the wise imam Agha Khan that the big problem engendered by the world of islam is due largely to Muslims’ pathetic ignorance [of the goodness of their Quran and Hadiths]

    If I may add, and the refusal of the mindless Muslims to open up their mind to learn and imbibe the good and beautiful teachings therein.

    You can now goto the link to read up on Agha Khan and his Islami Shia’s sect of Islam at:


    People who know Stockholm suicide bomber Taymour Abdulwahab painted a portrait of a once bubbly, fun-loving man who became increasingly radical in his views in Britain, and fell out with a local mosque there in 2007 over his extreme political opinions.

    That is what will happen to many Muslims when they get serious with their Quran—-because of the demons hiding there. They came out to possess spiritually unprotected readers like him and damage their ability to think and reason, though he was a university graduate.

    Taymour complained that he had to do the bombing jihad to avenge for the deaths of Muslim children, women and men killed by coalition forces. But the coalition forces have been trying hard to avoid innocent civilians from being killed, and Talibans are taking advantage of this and hiding among the civilians. Fortunately, this time, the suicide bomb exploded prematurely, killing him only. Serve him right, evil man!

    On the other hand, Talibans are not bound by such rules, and would deliberately and mercilessly bomb those innocent Muslim children, women and men in their never-ending suicide bombings in Pakistan and Afghanistan, just for their allah’s false promises of the eternally-free sex with 72 or more voluptuous paradise virgins.

    How disgusting!


  8. Too lste, with muslims having so many children per family and using their children asammunition to destroy Western civilization we will soon be overrun. If the greenies want to cut back on human activities they should start reducing the muslim infection.

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