Muslims opposed to House inquiry into radicalization of Muslims

Leading Muslims in the U.S. oppose an inquiry into radicalization of Muslims? Why pray tell?

The Republican who will head the House committee that oversees domestic security is planning to open a Congressional inquiry into what he calls “the radicalization” of the Muslim community when his party takes over the House next year.

Representative Peter T. King of New York, who will become the chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee, said he was responding to what he has described as frequent concerns raised by law enforcement officials that Muslim leaders have been uncooperative in terror investigations.

“When I meet with law enforcement, they are constantly telling me how little cooperation they get from Muslim leaders,” Mr. King said.

Indeed, Mr. King, a nine-term incumbent from Long Island, said that he had sought to raise the issue when Democrats had control of Congress, but was “denounced for it.” He added: “It is controversial. But to me, it is something that has to be discussed.”

Told of Mr. King’s plan, Muslim leaders expressed strong opposition, describing the move as a prejudiced act that was akin to racial profiling and that would unfairly cast suspicion on an entire group.

Because the jihad enables Muslims in every way, via

Update: NYC Mayor Bloomberg, backer of the victory mosque at Ground Zero and mid-East investor, also opposes King’s investigation into radicalization of Muslims

38 thoughts on “Muslims opposed to House inquiry into radicalization of Muslims

  1. Yes, I’ll write Peter King. Is it possible that someone with guts sits in the House of Representatives?

    The basic reason that “Radicalization” of Muslims and failure of leaders of Islam to cooperate with law enforcement is that they are all, if they follow the Koran, must by definition be terrorists. That is what the Koran commands that they do. The Koran says that Muslims must conquer. They must give the adult males the opportunity to convert or be beheaded. In that event, the women become concubines and the children become slaves. There must also be an inquiry into the sexual mutilation practiced by interlopers here in the US on little girls by Muslim barbarians and we must severely punish anyone who takes part in this inhumane practice.

    On the other hand, since several “Leaders” of our country, including the President, are themselves Muslims, IMO, they have no wish to do anything to contain these stone-age creatures and their inexplicable barbarizm.

    • Ya. Must mobilise all concerned Americans and get them out to parade their open support for this vital inquiry, if the Muslim leaders are resisting cooperation.

      “Resit the devil, and he will flee from yu. Draw near to God, and He will draw near to you.” Romans 8:31.

  2. Finally someone to look into the muslims here in America. It’s about time someone in Washington grew a set. This is not Racial Profiling in any way. Who did the 9/11 attacks, who blow a hole in the side of the USS Cole, who was the underwear bomber, who tried to blow his shoe up on a plane, who did the killing at Ft Hood, who was planing on killing passengers on the DC transit trains. IT WAS MUSLIMS!!!!!!!!! Catholic Nuns didn’t do it, Mormans didn’t do it, Jewish Rabbis, it was MUSLIMS!!!! Every Mosque in the U.S.A. sholud be closely looked into as some are supporting jihad in the states. islam declaired war on us and I don’t see these so called moderate peace loving muslims standing up on our side and stopped these muslim terrorists so in my book their non action and silence tells me that they feel the same as those doing the terrorist acts against us. Their silence speeks volumes. They are doing the silent jihad against all who are not muslim, they fuel the jihad by supplying the money.


      Ya. Americans need to write their support to Rep Peter King and organise rallies for their open supports. Otherwise it will be too late to start excising the islamic viruses when they multiply too much.

      Those islamic scumbags will see this as yet another instance of American weakness if they do nothing beyond talking, and that Americans can easily be pushed any which way they want to push.

      The time to concede and be nice is over. The time to show that Americans have the fight in them has finally come.

      Show it, O you valiant Americans!

    • It IS racial profiling, and I’m ALL FOR it. Fuck political correctness. Call it out wherever you find it. We have to KILL political correctness, before it finishes killing us.


    In Singapore, we have our investigation into radicalisation of our local Muslims too. If American Muslim leaders are resisting this, it shows the treacherous Muslim leaders are the ones that are protecting and even fomenting radicalisation of Muslims to hate and try to destroy America.

    Do not forget that once cleric Anwar Awlaki was also hailed as the ideal moderate Muslim leader . And see what he actually was—a hypocrite and a traitorous man, now the chief of al-Qaeda in Yemen.

    Obviously Muslim leaders in America have a lot ot skeletons to hide. And they are trying to evade by whining again about being discriminated.

  4. Thank GOD for Peter King!!

    I am willing to sell 1/2 of my possessions today to bring down the muslim soft jihad happening in America.

    Drive them out, Pete!

  5. After the exposure has been shown to the public of terrorism within the Muslim community, hopefully an indictment of C.A.I.R. and the Muslim Brotherhood will follow under the R.I.C.O. statute as a criminal enterprise in the United States.


      Ya. Rally support for Rep Peter king. Mobilise the Americans and draw them out for open mass rallies to enforce accountability on the perpetually whining and treacherous Islamic cry-babies.

      Otherwise America will be gone soon as these viruses will multiply very fast, if no detoxification is attempted..

      • We should give Hillary Clinton a one way ticket to Taliban country with out muslim garb. See what she would be forced to do under these religion?? of peacers?? She promotes builder of GROUND ZERO mosque with our tax $$$$$$$$$$$for his book. None dare call it treason. She should use the kind of money spent to distribute (air drop) constitution./Bill of Rights/Declaration of Independence in Arabic. Cheaper than sender our soldiers? I don’t think the Council of Foreign Relations and the eye on the pyramid would approve of it!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Very correct.

        So we must mobilise as may as we can to march in support of Rep Peter King and get them to write letters to encourage him not to relent on this most vital issue of accountability from the treacherous American Muslim leaders—-one of life or death issue for Americans.

  6. GOD (the Creator) bless you and keep you in his care Peter King. How many of our tax $$$end up in the hands of those who want to trash our constitution/Bill of Rights/freedoms? I would love to see brave people with bumper stickers with jihad watch/and creeping sharia websights on them. We still have freedom of speech. Don’t we?????????????????????????

    • Yes, it’s fear that places us all in harms way. I once was told that “when fighting evil you risk losing your soul.” Meaning, you can become just as evil.
      We’ve been threatened with Jihad, nukes, Shariah Law and just about anything else that is disgusting to our way of life.
      What we must do is say, “BRING IT ON”, but it will come at a price that the sheepeople and leaders of this country FEAR.
      Fear is our worse enemy in times such as these, and it’s used against us.
      Any where there is a Mosque, there is an army that hides behind the walls. They don’t need barracks, they terrorize those that dwell inside as much as those that live outside the walls.
      Know your enemies…have you ever asked yourself why the government has allowed Obama (a foreign muslim) and his HAMAS buddies into the WH?
      At least one congressman has said, “WE LOST THE WAR!”
      Why didn’t G.Bush stop this man from becoming president? Why wasn’t Obama vetted? Why is extremism here in our faces?
      Do the math and tell me what you come up with because it looks like that congressman told the truth….lol…Did i use congressman and truth in same sentence? WTF was I thinking!!!???


      That is why Americans better wake up in time and get into formation. Or soon they will wake up and find themselves in a totalitarian Islamic Republic of Americanistan!

      Then it will be too late to say anything.


    The latest assault by the forces of radical Islam on Sweden left many people scratching their heads and pondering one simple question: Why would anyone target Sweden? After all, few countries have a reputation as being more tolerant, more open and more accepting. INDEED, SWEDEN is widely viewed as one of the most liberal states on a very liberal continent, with extensive state-sponsored welfare programs and one of the highest levels of social spending as a percentage of GDP.

    The Swedes have also swung open their doors in the past few decades, allowing in significant numbers of Muslim immigrants. Sweden, for example, accepted more Iraqi refugees fleeing the chaos after the toppling of Saddam Hussein than any other country in the West.

    Earlier this year, after the IDF intercepted the flotilla planning to bring supplies to Hamas-controlled Gaza, the stupid Swedish foreign minister summoned Israel’s ambassador to demand an explanation. Shortly thereafter, the stupid Swedish dockworkers declared a week-long boycott of all Israeli goods and cargo.

    In April 2008, the mayor of the town of Sodertalje testified before the US Congress that his municipality with just 85,000 residents had absorbed more Iraqi refugees than the US and Canada combined. Muslims now constitute 5 percent of the Swedish population, with growing political and economic clout.

    So the question remains: Why would extremists hit Sweden? A clue to this could be found in the threat sent just prior to the Stockholm attack, which said in part, “Now the Islamic state has been created. We now exist here in Europe and in Sweden. We are a reality.”

    So what fuels their extremism is their worldview that is hell-bent on imposing global Islamic domination on the non-Muslim world. In other words, the bomber felt himself to be part of a larger movement, one that is seeking not to alter Western policy, but the very identity and nature of the West and the free non-Islamic worlld too.

    So no matter how much some might like to believe that steps such as withdrawing from Afghanistan will appease or address concerns raised by the extremists, they are sadly deluding themselves. If anything, the Stockholm bombing underlines the need for Western countries to adopt a firmer and more uncompromising stance against radical Islam.

    So Sweden, America and the rest of the world need to learn fast from the never-ending treacheries dealt on them by the forever whining Muslims who repeatedly repay others’ kindness to them with great evil to slaughter and maim as many of their benefactors as their evil propensity could lead them to.

    It just prove how true it is the midrashic dictum found in Kohelet Rabba that “HE WHO IS KIND TO THE CRUEL WILL END UP BEING THE VICTIM OF THE CRUEL TO THE KIND.”

    By failing to take a firmer stance against radical Islam, and refusing to stand by those ( such as Israel who suffer at its hands), Sweden’s stupid and feckless leaders will suffer more bloody treacheries promised by the treacherous Muslims they have helped so much, if they refuse to learn the lesson that islamic suicide bomber Taimour Abdulwahab has recently taught to the lucky Swedes, as he botched his mass sucide-bombing the first time, killing only himself.


  8. What could the Muslim community possible have against looking into the mechanism of radicalization of Muslims that these same groups profess are extreme manifestations of their religion? If they are extremists, then the moderates would welcome this inquiry and participate in it.

      • Moderates do exist. They don’t want Shariah Law anymore than you or I.
        The problem exist when you have a foreigner pretending to be an American that is pushing and using his people to gain his agenda.
        Think about it…Obama and the elites want only 500,000 million people on the earth…there are around 2 billion Muslims in the world, not all Shariah Law obedient, how do you reduce the population down without murdering Muslims in the process?
        I’ve met and befriended many Muslims in my life time. I’ve seen the good side of their religion and beliefs. Obama, Saudi and Iran are the only ones hell bent on forcing themselves and the extreme Shariah on to the rest of the Muslim and non-muslim world.

        • Those socalled moderates would like us to believe that everything about them is good but would showed their extreme intolerance when we, nonbelievers disagree the slightest with them.
          Of course those socalled moderates would pretend that they were moderate when they don’ t have the power to be extreme .

        • Deborah, ” I’ve met and befriended many muslims in my life time. I’ve see the good side of their religion and beliefs ” Where in USA or … ? It would be nice if you can just tell us the ‘good side of their religion and beliefs’ and NOT just say it. Did any one of them asked you to marry ? just curios.

        • I agree with you that you can not see the good for the bad. Radicals in any culture leave bad impressions on the entire system.
          One thing that I’ve seen good of late is the rebellion against Iran by Iranians. I’ve ran across a few posting that read something like, “We are here and we are fighting on the side of freedom of our people. We are standing with the United States to fight the evil in both countries.”
          Now, on the network news I’ve heard about the insurgence in Iran and how it’s being contained. They are fighting Amadabajab and his totalitarian regime.
          When my children were little, a Muslim lady came to me and told about the abuse that the baby sitter was inflicting on my babies. She offered to help me with them at no cost. Her family was kind to me and mine little ones. Something I’ll never forget.
          yes, it’s bad here in the states now. I can’t say I blame the Muslims for hating the US, neither would you if you investigate deep enough. However, my babies are now in danger of being harmed by extremists in both the US government and the Muslims world.
          We need allies and so do the good people around the world. Our fight is not with their religion, it’s with the terrorist and control freaks around the world making it about religion.
          No I was not asked to marry a Muslim. lol Hell, I’d be killed off in a nano second!

        • My friend you are correct, moderates do exist.
          Yet please do not generalize and write statements that you have no proof or support for.

          First of all, Obama is a Christian an has been raised that way and there IS proof for it. Please don’t tell me he was raised a muslim and he prays five times a day; he doesnt…

          By far the countries you’ve named do have horribly wrong religious ideals and faith in their governments (especially iran). They force their laws on their citizens and take away much of their human rights (especially iran). But as a fact I can tell you that the majority of the non-arab country, Iran, is ‘religiously ignorant’ and does not practice islam in its true sense ( much less sharia laws).

          You are also excluding all other countries that follow the same laws.

          • How could Obama be offered the Caliph position in Pakistan if he wasn’t a Muslim? They did offer him the position. Ergo, he must be a Muslim.

  9. The only reason they would oppose this is because it would expose the TRUTH about islam. This is the best news I’ve heard in a long time. Expose islam to the light of truth. Expose the FACTS about islam.




      Goto: . Do read his article with an intelligent mind.

      It is best, however, to get it staight from the Holy Bible what Jesus says about His ISLAM (doing the Will of His Father in Heaven) in Matthew 7:21-23. He warns Christians (His followers) that without His ISLAM, Christians will go to hell and not be able to enter the Kingdom of God. So people like Robert Laity must read here for themselves, and stop promoting their misconceived and misleading personal opinion):

      Jesus says: “Not every one who says to me, ‘Lord, Lord’ shall enter the kingdom of heaven, but he who does the Will of My Father (i.e do ISLAM) who is in Heaven. On that day, many will say to Me, ‘Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in Your Name, and do many mighty works in Your Name? And I will say to them, ‘I do not know you; depart from Me, you evil-doers.’ ” Matthew 7:21-23.

      So let this biblical enlightenment be the right antidote for those who still suffer from bad hang-ups over terms like “ISLAM (of Jesus and Prophet Suleiman (King Solomon)) with the “islam” (of Prophet Mohammed); and “ALLAH” (ALAH in Jesus’ Aramaic, long before the late-comer Quran came along in the 7th Centrury) with “allah”, the name of the moon god in pagan Arab’s confusing pantheon before his Prophet Mohammed elevated him to become “Allah” (something told to me by an angry Singaporean Islamist).

      That is to say that ALLAH has copyright to His Name “ALLAH” (or “ALAH in Aramaic), not that divine impostor allah, who was merely a stone idol in the pagan Arabs’ confusing pantheon.

      So “ISLAM means Submissiom to the Wise, Benevolent, All-Knowing and Omnipotent Creator God ALAH (or ALLAH in Arabic)”; while “islam means submission to the Devil allah, that divine impostor that most Muslims are unfortunately still worshipping). Look at all islamic societies for the empirical proof, which explains why they are often so bloody backward, benighted, oppressive, threatening and irrational. That is why many of them do not sincerely believe that it is humanity’s right to freedom of religion though it is the freedom enshrined in Al-Baqarah 2:256. So Muslims are mandated by allah to kill, against this provision in Al-Baqarah, any Muslim who dares to depart from Prophet Mohammed’s islam as ONLY his islam MUST be followed, like the pseudo-religion of communism in the hey-days of Communist USSR and China, such as what we are still seeing now in the terribly brutalised and oppressive and improverished Communist NKorea where their leader is their veritable god.

      To recapitulate: in the core of Jesus’ ISLAM is freedom such as enshrined in Al-Baqarah 2:256 (which can be found also in the American Declaration of Independence); and doing good deeds as James 2:14-26 and the Prayer of Prophet Suleiman urge upon us (in An-Naml 27:19); while the core of the islam of Prophet Mohammed is militant jihads which allah imposes on able-bodied Muslims as a matter of religious duty, which they must submit (islam), to spread and defend islam.

      That is why Muslims and their societies countenance to no end their traditions of senseless murders, self-imposed backwardness and close-mindedness, and thus are unable to think properly for themselves—again, something generally frowned in Mohammed’s islam (but is required for believers in the ISLAM of Jesus).

      Worryingly, what keep them going and doing this senseless, violent jihads is their faith in allah’s false promises of rewards of 72 or more voluptuous virgins for the eternally-free sexual services they hanker for from those virgins—even if it is to mass-slaughter, and maiming many more for life, innocent Muslim children, women and men in holy wars against their own people.

      allahu akbar? They must be mentally retarded!

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