NASA hires Muslim as chief scientist

Obama’s man at NASA, Charles Bolden, whom Obama told to make engaging the Muslim world the top priority for NASA, has followed suit. Bolden has hired a Muslim as NASA’s chief scientist. Recall earlier this year that Obama cut NASA programs while making outreach to Muslim countries NASA’s top priority. via CU-Boulder professor named chief scientist at NASA.

BOULDER, Colo. — University of Colorado-Boulder faculty member Waleed Abdalati has been selected as NASA’s chief scientist.

The 46-year-old associate geography professor will start the two-year term in January.

Abdalati directs the Earth Science Observation Center at the Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Studies, a venture of the university and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. His research focuses on understanding changes in Earth’s ice cover.

Abdalati will be chief adviser to NASA Administrator Charles Bolden on the agency’s science programs, planning and science investments. He’ll work with the White House, Office of Management and Budget, and Congress.

Abdalati previously worked at NASA for 10 years.

There were no internal candidates?

37 thoughts on “NASA hires Muslim as chief scientist

  1. nothing like letting the fox guard the hen house – let’s just give Islamicists all the data they need to put a stuxnet virus into our space stuff and get tech data to launch their own space stuff.

    What a wise POTUS we have.

    Can we impeach the muthafucker NOW?


        In the Bible, Prophet Suleiman is called King Solomon. So Muslims, Jews and Christians do have common grounds like this to intereact and help one another to become better, and help fulfill the will of ALLAH to make for a better world and a better America..

        So it is better that you do something to show how intelligent, sincere, good and an honest Muslim you are, instead of trying to make a fool of yourself with your mentally retarded response in your above post.

        It is time that Muslims stop tarnishing their religion of peace and stop wanting to show us that islam is a religion of mental retardation, evil, backwardness and benightedness; and then blaming non-Muslims for tarnishing their religion of islam.


      Why should it be non-Muslims like me working so hard to promote to you Muslim people this transcendentally beautiful Quranic Prayer of Prophet Suleiman, and not Muslims like you?

      How are you people going to open up your closed minds without wanting to show faith in this beautiful Quranic prayer, Sayidda? Why should people like you think that islam is only good to instigate and incite you people to do evil, to be backward and benighted? And to be so obssessed with rewards of free sex with voluptuous heavenly virgins?

      Or are your going to run away as Dzul and Yahya did from my kind invitation? In short, why are you people so afraid of this transcendtentally beautiful Quranic Prayer of Prophet Suleiaman and wanting to see it as as a “satanic verse”?

      “Inspire me, Lord, to be thankful to Thee for Thy favours to me and my loved ones to do good deeds which will please Thee. Admit me, through Thy mercy, to be among Thy righteous.” An-Naml 27:19. “For the noblest in God’s sight is he who is the most righteous.” Al-Hujurat 49:13.

    • LOL…great comment , dan…yes, the MF should be impeached NOW before he does any more damage to your great country// and I’m hoping there will be no stone left unturned once the new House takes over in EXPOSING this MF!! America NEEDS a Geert Wilders in politics! I think your man will be Colonel Alan West, he has spoken out against the Islamic takeover of the US and has plans for retaking your country!! first thing the House should do is call for THE BIRTH CERTIFICATE!! of course there isn’t one, not American anyway..the muslim needs to be exposed along with his liberal hacks who lied and cheated to put him in power!! TREASON charges should follow!!

  2. i am so hot over this one! my husband who in an AMERICAN and who graduated from a top university at the top of his class in engineering has wanted to work for NASA for years yet has been told that positions for scientist and engineers are very limited……..unless you are a MUSLIM!

    • Can you link me to his published work—or give me a name so I can do a search?

      This Muslim scientist named above does look like a global warming scientist, which may be the reason he was hired. Source to published work.

      I would hope that it was based on objective scientific credentials and not that he was Muslim—but you can’t be too sure…even with the dearth of American-born-and-trained engineers.

      • IN Singapore, if a Muslim is too religious, the our Government would not want them to be trained as our Republic of Singapore Air Force pilots.

        That was a long time ago; and 911 and the atrocious behaviours of Muslims after that, because of their damaged ability to think rationally and freely from the shackles of their benighted and oppressive religion, proved that the policy of the Singapore was the right one. But the perpetually islamic cry-babies have been playing their favorite hobby-horse—-whining and crying even to the United Nations about Muslims being discriminated in Singapore!

        However, Singapore do have good and sensible Muslims and leaders. And our government have been doing a lot to help them to become better Muslims through building them mosques, fund-raising; in education and in business/profession, etc.

        And yet we have arrested todate more than 40 Singaporean islamic terrorists who are well-educated and had good jobs, though we are such a ridiculously small country. Sad, isn’t it?

      • OTE, whether he is a religious moslem or not a religious moslems, he is still a moslem. Hopefully, Christianity have nothing in common with Islam.. Anyway, why did NASA hire him? Their islamic faith itself would harm our western freedom.

      • OTE, whether he is a relgious moslem or not, he is still a moslem. hopefully, Christianity have NOTHING in common with Islam. Anyway, why did NASA hire him? Their islamic faith itself would still cause more harm than good to our western development.

    • Or maybe your husband just suck at engineering. Sorry ass people like you are the problem with our country, we import most of our scientist from China and the Middle East because the American education system is horrible and American born students can’t compete with there foreign counter part, it’s obvious as fuck going to any engineering or physics department across the country and most of the professor are Middle Eastern or Asian. So be mad at your dumb ass husband for not being smart enough to keep up with the competition, that’s the problem with America, people like you feel entitled to things even though you don’t have what it takes to compete, and so you turn around and cry like a little bitch, now crawl back into incest infested, pbr flooded backward cave you came out you bigot.

  3. Au Contraire–Our Muslim President is not wise, merely practicing “Fitna” His goal is, as the Koran commands, to conquer the world and establish a Muslim Caliphate governed by a Grand Caliph. Islam is not a religion. It is a repressive, cruel political system. He has probably applied for the job. Austria has stopped a man yodelling because it offended Muslims. Fined 700 Lbs. Santa may not visit head start classes–might offend Muslims. In Spain a teacher was suspended because she discussed the process for making hams. These are lesser examples of how Islamic terrorists are taking over the world, including the US. And all of this talk about outlawing speech which could be considered bullying? All for the benefit of Muslims, in violation of the 1st Amerdment of the US Constitution. When Pelosi was asked if the health care law was Constitutional, she shouted “Are you kidding? Are you kidding?” as if the 1st amendment is no longer in effect. The truth is, it isn’t. Our last hope is the new Congress who are already showing signs of having joined the mindless oafs presently there.

  4. Let’s see how many muslims we can get into high postions so they can impliment more of their ideas and people Affirmitive action I believe it is called, where the best and brightest take the back seat to political idealogy.


      That is why we must do all that we can to help organise the forces of Good against the fast rising Evil tide of islamism. We must ensure that America will not be turned into Americanistan!

      And the mindless Muslims are currently the worst victims of this evil, murderous, backward, sex-obsessed and benighted religion of islam.

      Only the ISLAM of Jesus (in Matthew 7:21-23) and of Propeht Suleiman (King Solomon, in An-Naml 27:19) must be allowed, not the islam of “angel” Gabriel’s Prophet Mohammed.

  5. A NASA Muslim—not a suprise when we have a Muslim president. Ramadan dinners at the White House. Trips to Indonesia after a November 2nd whipping. Visits to mosques while there. Can’t call our enemy “Islamic Terrorists”. Gitmo detainees. Keith Ellison holding Friday prayers and easy access to the Muslim president.



    Such as help me to promote the transcendentally beautiful Quranic Prayer of Prophet Suleiman in An-Naml 27:19. Because this beautiful Wuranic Prayewr of Prophet Suleiman is the Long Sword of ISLAM which will cut off the sails from their irrational and bloody jihadism.

    Because they obviously want an islam of that “angel” Gabriel to subjugate and grind all non-Muslims under their oppressive, backward, benighted and murderous global imperium called World Islamic Caliphate.

    allahu akbar? They must be mentally retarded!

    {sayyida Amin, on December 20, 2010 at 10:33 AM said:
    Go and fly an imperial KYTE!} —-> Why do we need to be convinced by you that mindless Muslims like you are simply idiotic, Sayyida?

  7. So now we are hiring based on one’s religion??? Sounds like discrimination to me! One of the Christian or Jewish scientists needs to sue!

    Since when does the government hire people based on their religion??? (I know, I know, since we got a Muslim usurper in the whitehouse!)

  8. The 46-year-old associate geography professor

    and this makes his suitable as a scientist for SPACE PROGRAM?? how?

    and the fact that he is a global warming fantacistst proves OBAMA is working all anti USA fronts at once-

    why in HELL would we allow Muslims to be in ANY sensitive positions or departments- when we KNOW most hate USA or have potential to be SPIES and sabotuers? when we SAW with our own eyes how MUSLIMS react to to others who do not submit to them (Hassan NIdal, the Jordan ass-bomb doctor)

  9. Guys, there’s something really weird going on. I think it’s above and beyond the other issues with Muslims. Why would Obama want a Muslim in that position? Why would he have cut funding to NASA for everything but then made outreach to Muslims the number one priority for NASA???? This doesnt even make sense. There is something really weird going on.

  10. Obama promised the most transparent leadership ever, that was one of his many campaign promises.. well, this latest move along with all his others promoting islam that are too too numerous to itemise here, once again transparently reveal that America has elected a MUSLIM to the Presidency…unbelievable!! just Unbelievable!! how can so much in America change in just 2 short years, just imagine another 2 years before the imposter is removed!! will ANYTHING be left of the USA??


  12. I wonder how many of you would have made these silly racist and religious comments if the appointee had been a Jew. Cowards and idiots (and terrible spellers) you all are! The man is highly regarded, has published countless peer-reviewed articles, has received many awards, and all you nincompoops can find to say is Jihad and all that rubbish.

  13. Very radical and racism comments !!! guys and girls calm down??? the man is the best for the position …. NASA, USA and the science will get the benefits not the terrorists .. be realistic ????

  14. Your AMERICAN bullshit double standards will force not the radical Muslims but the moderate Muslims too to be more and more radical like you are … don’t forget there are many Christians live among Muslims societies and many of them are working in highly important positions … grow up baby minds

  15. I am a muslim . In our religion Our God has not allowed to attack any one even americans. The one who attacks and hurt others …are not muslims ….they have interpret our religion in a wrong way .They lie that they are muslims instead they are terrorist .Please americans our religion has only taught us to respect other religion help others and work for peace not BOMB STUFF .WE RESPECT EVERY HUMAN BEING . THOSE WHO ATTACK AMERICA CLAIMING THAT THEY ARE MUSLIMS ARE LIARS .

    • maybe you as an individual do but it’s not what Islam teaches… and stop posting the same comments under different names attempting to make it look like there are Muslims with the same message – we see yr login and IP on each comment

  16. The true muslims know only how to love not hate !! the one who kills are fake guys pretending to be a muslim….creating a wrong image of our religion ISLAM

  17. I never thought that common people in America are so prejudice. Unbelievable. Have any one of you ever met any Muslim, before commenting here on this post? You people are just spreading rumors to spread hatred among fellow human. Even if you only believe in Jesus as our Creator’s mighty messenger, then spread his message of love and not the hatred.

  18. if sharia law continues spreading……peace will be sustaining in the world and the fucking illuminati will be. destroyed insha allah….all americans one day will understand about sharia properly….we muslims will defeat the jews one day . and we are waiting for that day……

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