Muslim group, Sharia4Holland, to fight for sharia in Netherlands

An offshoot of Sharia4Belgium, whose website was taken down recently by Belgian authorities and three members arrested. via Muslim fundamentalist group launched in the Netherlands | Radio Netherlands Worldwide.

A group – Sharia4Holland – calling on Muslims to fight for the setting up of a Dutch Islamic state has started operating openly in the Netherlands, writes the Protestant daily newspaper, Trouw.

The group, which has split from Sharia4Belgium, wants Islamic sharia law to be introduced in the Netherlands. Dutch National Counter-Terrorism Coordinator Erik Akerboom and the Dutch AIVD intelligence agency say they are aware of the group and its activities. Mr Akerboom believes it is too soon to intervene. “As far as we are aware, no crimes have as yet been committed,” he tells the paper.

He declines to go into the scale of the group or who might be behind it. It is to be found on the internet, including on YouTube and facebook, where Sharia4Holland says it is “a group of young people from the Netherlands” who are prepared to fight for the law of Allah.

From Sharia4Holland’s WordPress site.

Wie of wat is Shariah4Holland?

Praise to Allah, He who gave life and brought death and He who has commanded the believers to fight. Some of them have refused and turned away, and few of them are those who are firm and have shown that a more exalted status. And peace and blessings of Allah, the leader of the Mujaahideen, the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), his family, companions and all those who have walked their way and have followed their lead until the Day of Resurrection . Amma ba’d and then,

Welcome to the site of 4 Shari Holland

The group Shariah4Holland been brought forward to present Islam in its purest form of the Aqeedah and Minhaj of Ahl Sunnah wal-Jamaa’ah. This is the Islamic teachings of the Quran, the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). This doctrine in its purest form has been interpreted by the sahaba, the companions of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), the tabi’ien, the students of the companions and tabi’oe tabi’ien, the students of the disciples of the companions. In short: according to the interpretation of the selefu salih, the righteous predecessors.

Shariah4Holland was created by a group of youths from the Netherlands with bleeding hearts who watched the number of so called Muslims who flock towards the ballot box going to vote for democracy and sharia, and thus directly the pure Islam saw disappear. Sharia is not only something that time of Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him), Sharia is for all times and places until the end of the world. It is a serious shortcoming that many mosques and Islamic foundations keep their mouths when it comes down defense of Islam. Sharia4Holland strives to sharia in the Netherlands to introduce and fight for the law of Allah, the legislation that is free from defects and shines in its perfection. The result is entirely in the hands of Allah, but Allah has the Ummah, to the perfect religion al-Islam, promises victory. Perfect as Allaah says in his Book: And verily Our word is preceded sent to Our servants. Indeed, they are certainly be helped. Indeed, they are our armies, especially the victors will be. [As-Saffa, 171-173]

And with this promise of Allah, and Allah does not break his promises, we try the banners of al-Islam to be hoisted high, knowing that Islam will ever prevail over all other communities. We will not rest in our da3wah to death will overtake us or flag of Sharia will blow up the Royal Family in The Hague.

Any Dutch speakers who can more accurately translate the last sentence? There are videos on Youtube too.

PS: Even though authorities shut the Sharia4Belgium website and arrested its members, Youtube continues to aid and abet the jihad.

17 thoughts on “Muslim group, Sharia4Holland, to fight for sharia in Netherlands

  1. Attempting to set up an Islamic state in your country is not treason? “Mr Akerboom believes it is too soon to intervene. “As far as we are aware, no crimes have as yet been committed,” he tells the paper.” Please support Geert Wilders & PVV to stop the insanity in Holland!

  2. whoever would have thought that the sensible Dutch would commit ethnic suicide. What a shame for a once great nation. Guess they are waiting FOR ALL THOSE PEACEFUL MODERATE..MUSLIMS to save their Bacon.

  3. Ridiculous. I remember the muslims who burned the poppy had their youtube page hacked, I wish the same could happen to the Shariah4Holland youtube group and others like them.

  4. Indonesia, the largest muslim country in the world was dutch east indies, a dutch colony. Pity the dutch did not FORCIBLY introduce their religion on the mussies there. Now they have the mortification of having islam imposed on their country.
    DONT pull down this site, it is good propoganda for muslims also for non-muslims, to show what the muslims want to do to all civilized countries in the world.

  5. Akerboom, you are aware that private American citizens are heavily armed AND the American government, by LAW, has NO records of who owns which weapons. HOWEVER, when a felon is released from prison, his debt to Society paid, he is barred from owning, or even possessing, firearms. NO new crimes have been committed by him, but, based on his past record, it is very likely that he SHALL again act against Society. So, Society makes it more difficult for him to commit his ANTICIPATED crimes. It has been proven, repeatedly, all over the world, and sworn to by the mohammedans themselves, that they intend to destroy ALL social norms except their own. Silence implies consent. So far, you have given your consent to the destruction of Dutch Society. I’m sure Geert Wilders is willing to tell you how you should be using pour authority. DO IT, while you still can.

  6. Religion is stupid. Religion has caused soooooo many wars in the past and in the present it is no different. If you want to believe in something why not believe in yourself… there lies the true power.

  7. I dont understand people who want to preach a religion. Preach to yourself first as we, the people are too inperfect to preach others. Why to make Holland a moslim state. If you moslim people want to better the world, start with yourself. I have been in Molsim countries more than enough to know there is a lot of work to be done there. Schoenmaker blijf bij je leest.

  8. Hi, Im a dutch speaker.
    Accurate translation of the last sentence:
    “We shall only rest in our da3wah when death will catch up with us or the flag of sharia
    will blow over the Royal Palace in The Hague.”
    Greetings, Peter

  9. Religions has been put down peoples throats for centuries. Religion, no matter what kind of, is not really something you won the contest for while still a sperm cell, or recently graceful relieved of moms uterus, detectable in your DNA, something you are born with, eager to share it with your toddler friend once time is there. The existence of a higher spirit is (in)directly forced into your brain by people, for instance by your parents, other relatives, friends, school, a government (yes, how wonderful to live there) or by yourself; due to the media or walking into a brainwashed person, completely convinced already during his life time, with or without the scripts. I do not claim that religion is bullshit.. For the people happy to have a holy soul [being able to put it a side the moment they beat up their kids, rape somebody or kill a convict or innocent; for example] it is a mighty tool to clean their conscience, using it you can blame others. It could be a tool to retrieve consolation and be happy again or to retrieve power for themselves and/ or to oppress others. At least it gives you a lot of excuses. However the original message is all about freedom and respect. It is simply too hard for common people to understand and to get the context of these. Whatever you want to believe, spreading religion is certainly not an issue of people egocentric in their believes, forcing it to other people using violence, misleading and indoctrination..

  10. Van een actie komt een reactie… yep ook omgekeerd is waar… ik kan dus aannemen dat door jou actie duizende onschuldige moslims inNederland een gruwelijke tijd tegemoet zien … Jouw haat tegen Nederland zal omgekeerd terug komen . Nederlanders zijn geduldig en vrijgevend – misbruik dit recht nooit . Misbruik het recht om in Nederland te verblijven als Gast denk ik dat jullie Alla sneller zien dan je had verwacht ….

    • And with this promise of Allah, and Allah does not break his promises, we try the banners of al-Islam to be hoisted high, knowing that Islam will ever prevail over all other communities. We will not rest in our da3wah to death will overtake us or flag of Sharia will blow up the Royal Family in The Hague.
      Mooi die is van plan om koningshuis op te blazen – oppakken die troep gelijk het land uit – nooit meer terug ! nix “hij bedoelde ” – gelul !Er uit ! Wij zijn varkens en Apenjongen – hij blaast het koninklijk huis op – kijk als je geen Nederlands kan lullen moet je of lessen nemen of je houd je bek dicht !
      Die “klont” Noemt ons allemaal -Varkens en Apenjongen – Niemand Reageert !Ze noemen je vrouw “Kankerhoer ” ze spugen op en tegen je – kom nou Nederland, word wakker

    • kijk , wat deze grootschreeuwende kruimel niet realiseert is dat als we als UN het echt” Zat” zijn -is er het volgende: “Kijk we hebben genoeg parkeer gelegen heid “-Nooit bij nagedacht natuurlijk maar bijna het zelfde als Napoleon en Rusland -opnieuw heb je Wilders standpunt bezegeld – je bent hier om Nederland over te nemen – weer een 80 jarige oorlog ?

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