Obama gives terror suspects access to frozen assets

The likes of the ACLU and CAIR can now get funds directly from the terrorists they defend. From Judicial Watch:

Caving in to the demands of liberal civil rights groups, the Obama Administration has quietly amended a counterterrorism sanction so that accused terrorists can pay for their defense with assets frozen by the U.S. government.

The exemption to the government’s Global Terrorism Sanctions was made official this week by the Treasury Department’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC), which is responsible for enforcing economic and trade sanctions based on U.S. foreign policy and national security threats. The office operates under presidential national emergency powers and acts largely on international mandates.

Among its duties is to freeze the assets of individuals or groups engaged in terrorist activities. Under executive orders signed by both Bill Clinton and George W. Bush, the OFAC can confiscate the assets of suspected terrorists identified by the Treasury Secretary if the funds are in control of institutions regulated by the U.S.

That means that individuals charged with terrorism can’t access money to pay for attorneys, something that has long bothered the left. This week the Treasury Department gave in, making it possible for terrorism suspects whose assets have been frozen by Uncle Sam to use the money to pay for legal representation. Suspects must apply for a special license from the OFAC, which will make the cash disbursements.

The official amendment in the Federal Register says that the OFAC is adding “new general licenses to authorize U.S. persons to receive specified types of payment for certain authorized legal services.” This also includes a license authorizing the establishment of legal defense funds that collect donations from persons who are not suspected of terrorism.

It’s unlikely that the mainstream media will give this much coverage or that White House press releases will tout it. After all, the official notice in the Federal Registry says that “public participation” or “delay in effective date” are not applicable because the amendments involve a foreign affairs function and executive order.

Jim Kouri adds, Obama caves to pressure to bypass terror sanctions:

This latest instance of the Obama Administration assisting terrorists is not a surprise to many working in law enforcement or the intelligence community. For example, the issue of Attorney General Erich Holder’s past legal papers came up after some Republicans asked why lawyers who had previously done legal work for terror detainees now had jobs in the Justice Department, something President Barack Obama successfully avoided discussing, and something conveniently overlooked by a Justice Department now saturated with Holder colleagues whose work records show they defended terrorism suspects and ‘Gitmo’ detainees.

Attorney General Eric Holder didn’t tell the Senate Judiciary Committee about at least six Supreme Court Amicus briefs he prepared or supported, his office acknowledged in a letter Friday, including two urging the Court to reject the Bush administration’s attempt to try Jose Padilla as an enemy combatant.

Not only did Holder withhold papers regarding the legal work for Gitmo detainees, but many of his DOJ staff are also recused from Gitmo cases. Holder also has a long history of supporting terrorists going back to his push for clemency of Puerto Rican terrorists.

18 thoughts on “Obama gives terror suspects access to frozen assets

  1. That’s the fault of Congress; they should have codified it. Hate to say it, but there is nothing that Obama could have done to stop it without a law; an executive order isn’t good enough.

    That said, why was the ACLU so concerned about that? I know that they’ll take on anyone, but still.

  2. Just another example of home grown terrorists, the ACLU is a terrorist organization. When was the last time that they defended an American that had been wronged? The ACLU should be prosecuted as an anti-American terrorist group.

  3. So now, if Osama bin Laden is captured alive, as Pres. Obama would prefer, and brought to trial in New York City, as Pres. Obama would prefer, bin Laden’s assets can be unfrozen so he can spend millions on the savviest, flashiest, slipperiest, high-dollar, high-profile criminal defense attorney in the world.

    • Not if a judge strictly obeyed the Constitution! A true American judge would deny bin Laden the right to a lawyer and a jury, even in civilian court, and true American appellate judges would uphold it.

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  6. otherwise i guess the government will have to pay for thier legal fees since our laws say if you cannot afford a lawyer one will be appointed for you, and if we refuse to allow them access to their money they cant afford a lawyer/

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