Nebraska: Judge dismisses Muslim’s pork lawsuit against jail

An update on this Muslim cocaine dealer‘s lawsuit…a temporary reprieve. Don’t be surprised if this case is refiled…the jihad is relentless.

LINCOLN, Neb. (AP) – A judge has dismissed a lawsuit that claims the Lancaster County jail in Lincoln served pork to a Muslim inmate while he was awaiting trial on a drug charge.

Dario Scott filed a lawsuit last October, claiming the staff served him a sausage and cheese scrambler with pork in it, despite assurances the jail’s kitchen didn’t serve pork, which Muslims often refrain from eating.

Scott sought $250,000.

The jail asked District Judge John Colborn to dismiss the case because Scott didn’t file a tort claim first with the county clerk as required by state law.

The Lincoln Journal Star on Monday says Colburn dismissed the case without prejudice, which means Scott could refile.

Scott pleaded guilty to a cocaine charge and is now serving 3 to 5 years in prison.

via Judge dismisses lawsuit against NE jail over pork.

44 Responses

  1. Pork? Why not serve him Anthrax on a piece of moldy bread.

  2. So if I go to jail I can pick what I want to eat? When I was a kid my mom would serve breakfast and we ate what she served, Jail isn’t the Hilton. Eat what you are served. Quit giving in to these Arseholes..Peace to all non-muslims.

    • Only if you’re a mussy. Vegetarians – scuse me if that’s outdated – get what they get. Eat what you want and donate what you don’t to Bubba. Maybe that’ll keep him off yer back tonight.

  3. Look! I know that there is a problem with the Islamization of our legal system and I’m not inclined to play ball with face covering and special pat down rules, but there is no need to violate this man’s religious beliefs by surreptitiously feeding him pork. I worked for a time as a police dispatcher and jailer in a TN town. We did not see our job as including teaching muslims a lesson or in causing them to violate their dietery laws. It is a simple matter to accommodate a “no pork” diet and it is a shame that anyone would see this as something they should deny the man. Our job was never to judge the accused or to impose additional punishment on a convicted offender. the law specifies the punishment and the jailer’s job is to see that the prisoner stays put and safe and does not pose a danger to himself or to others.

    Let’s not participate in the barbarism that is visited on christians by muslims in other countries. We really are better than that.

    • They should lose ALL rights the minute they’re convicted & that includes so-called “religious” rights. They should be made to earn back all privileges. Who cares if he was served pork, certainly mot me?

      • I agree 100%! Hes lucky theres not maggots in his food. Oh, wait, he might not mind.

      • IF you support OUR way of life and the US Constitution. the penal institution will have to make reasonmable accomodations for reasonable religious requirements, as funds and personnel and procedure allow for. That being said, there are certain rules inmates and detainees must follow if they are to be sucessful in a grievance. So too, we must uphold OUR rule of law and OUR procedures, therefor he must now prove pattern and practice and notice in the fed suit – much harder than mere negligence under state statutes – by blowing the notice of claim procedure, this moron fucked himself. and he should know that traditionally blacks are inferior in Islam.

        Pork stew.


    Dario Scott, who has plead guilty to a cocaine charge and is now serving 3 to 5 years in prison, filed a FRIVOLOUS lawsuit last October, claiming the staff served him a sausage and cheese scrambler with …pork in it, CLAIMING assurances the jail’s kitchen didn’t serve pork,” which Muslims OFTEN (?) refrain from eating”…HOW CAN MUSLIMS ‘REFRAIN FROM EATING PORK IF IT’S NOT SERVED??? BETTER YET, WHO TOLD HIM IT WAS PORK


    The jail asked District Judge John Colborn to dismiss the case because Scott didn’t file a tort claim first with the county clerk as required by state law.

    The Lincoln Journal Star on Monday says Colburn dismissed the case without prejudice, which means Scott could refile.

    *BRIAN, of Brian’s Right Perspective says it better than I did in a piece called “Cocaine and Breakfast Scramblers In Nebraska”

    “Finally a common sense decision by a judge. This inmate, and piece of human debris should be force to explain where cocaine is listed as kosher in the Qu’ran.” – Brian

  5. Pork for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Pork n beans as a snack and pork grease used to fry eggs, potatoes and hash!
    Pork n Pork at every meal!

  6. Did this man identify himself as practicing muslim BEFORE he was served breakfast? Reasonable accommodations.

  7. Just tell the DIAPER HEAD that it is ROAST BEEF!!!!

  8. Uh, is there any prohibition in his religious beliefs against SELLING CRACK?

  9. If he’s such a devout Muslim, then maybe he should not be a drug dealer, a crime that in many Muslim nations is punishable by death. Otherwise, eat what is on your plate and be glad of it.

  10. PORK? he’s gonna get lots of pork if he wins this case, a whole $250,000 barrel of pork !! , which isn’t a bad payoff for a couple of years in jail..just think he’ll have enough to buy himself a home, and set himself up as king of a crack whore house.. And you know , I think the ( Justice) system is so tied up in PC knots, he’ll probably win this case….how stupid have we all become?? muslims must think we’re a joke! gee, $250,000 in a couple of years, without working for it? Muslims are gonna jump on THAT wagon!! expect MORE of this sort of idiocy tying up the court system, from muhammadans..

  11. Uh…Why did the barbarian eat it? Personally, I think crispy pork rinds should be dropped from airplanes on every mosque in the country. Do them good. Maybe they’d stop eating goats and camels once they find out how yummy pork is. I do not believe that institutional kitchens, i.e. jails and prisons, should be disrupted just to cater to religious delusions about unclean food. While Muslims do actually eat a lot of dirt due to lack of knowledge of safe food, that shouldn’t make it unclean to them. After all, they only care about clean feet and nostrils. A pork chop has its place—right next to the mashed potatoes. Hey, Mohammed, how do you like them porkchops?

  12. So I presume then that Allah says that cocaine is OK?

    Do I hear that correctly ?

  13. I do a lot of 42 USC 1983 cases – forget this one. If he blew the state law statute of limitations, he gets the fed 3 yr statute for the 1983 action, but his burden of proof is harder – he has to show a persistent pattern of conduct – forget than one – the guy cannot afford deposition $$$ and there are no statutes that give him the bucks for depositions. Even if he gets the $$ from CAIR, he stlll has to prove persistent pattern and practice in this area – way too difficult to prove.

    He’s “dead porkmeat”.


  14. Great! I’m disappointed though that the judge didn’t say that the inmate did not have standing to file the lawsuit, instead of dismissing it on a technicality.

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  17. doesn’t this mean he will eat pork but doesn’t want to be porked? i.e. No penetration without representation?

  18. Yah, looked again…”sausage”…doesn’t want to be crammed, will eat pork, judge misunderstood

  19. mebbe he considers himself a piece of pork and therefore haram and doesn’t want to eat hisself, yah? And mebbe his real complaint is that he misses his chia pet – i.e. he’s chia not sunni

  20. Never mind

  21. Does this have anything at all to do with chia pets?

  22. What about Shia LeBoeuf?

  23. A friend of mine, Al Shtupinhuhl, wants to know if this has anything to do with Porky Pig.

  24. Porky Pig got porked by Bugs Bunny, but Porky bug-gered Bugs. Are there lots of Chias in Chi(n)a?

  25. can a muslim fellate a non-muslim if the latter eats pork?

  26. when a chia pet is put in jail does it still get watered?

  27. Well then, Americans in Muslim prisons will have to eat healthy food! Nyeah, nyeah, Nyeah!

  28. will the prisoner watch that great actor Porky Pig or would that be haram according to Imam Mami?

  29. imam mami says jihad on porky pig!

  30. imam mami say:erdogan changes name to turkeylurkey

  31. Imam Mami says: Touloose Lautreck too short!

  32. Henny Penny eats porky dorky, says Imam Mommy

  33. Thomas Rykala likes to pork!

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