Write a letter for Noor – Arizona honor killing victim

If you haven’t seen this at Jihad Watch, Write a letter for Noor Almaleki: No coddling of honor murderers in the U.S., or Atlas Shrugs, Write a Letter for Noor, go now.

Write a letter. Use Atlas’ as your template.

No Islamic honor killings in the U.S., no sharia law, and no plea bargains for Islamic honor killers in the U.S.

Case # CR 2009-007938-001
Defendant: Faleh H. Almaleki
Judge Ronald Steinle
State Prosecutor/Court Atty.

From a previous post:

Noor Faleh Almaleki just wanted to be a normal American woman…

On her Facebook page, Noor posted photos of herself and wrote: “I am spectacular,” punctuated with a smiley face emoticon.

Spectacular : )

34 thoughts on “Write a letter for Noor – Arizona honor killing victim

  1. Murder is murder. No such thing as an honor murder,at least not in this country. A crime is a crime attaching the word hate to it doesn’t make it any less or greater a crime. Sorry I meant in most cases. Islam is a hate crime against humanity.

  2. If the Judge allowes any part of SHARIA LAW to be used in the defense of this Father as HONOR KILLING then he/she should be REMOVED from the BENCH. SHARIA LAW is UN-CONSTITUTIONAL in this COUNTRY. He should have been charged with 1st degree MURDER, if found GUILTY, then DEATH is the only sentence for him. This is the worst crime that I can think of, killing your own FLESH AND BLOOD especially your CHILDREN.

  3. Any American citizen that advocates for Sharia Law to be used in United States courts should be tried in a legal, honest court for treason, convicted of treason and either shot or hung for American treason.
    James G. Borden
    Newsletter Editor
    National Headquarters
    Hilo, Hawaii 96720

  4. You will find the atty general eric holder will be a problem. Also Elena Kagan on the supreme court.

    These are PC pro-Sharia people our Muslim president from Kenya has put in place to protect and enhance our Muslim heritage. Whatever that means unless he is re writing history too.

    She needed the witness protection program and help from the NRA to protect herself from these Islamic Raging Thugs.

    Islam is not compatible with the west.

    I suspect a liberal judge would try to free these murderers.

    But we shall be watching…. Elections come up regularly. The senate may be democrat free very soon.

  5. SIMPLISTIC;THE GIRL WAS A U.S.A. resident;therefore U.S.A. law prevails.NO other law may supercede U.S.A. law.NO religious law may supercede bona-fide NATI0NAL LAWS IN ANY COUNTRY.Would Christian law or any other national law supercede SAUDI LAW IN SAUDI ARABIA?THE CASE IS CLOSED.MURDER ONE.THE FIRING SQUAD AWAITS…………..BURIAL PAID FOR BY THE FREINDS OF ALLAH

  6. And Bill O’Reilly of O’Reilly Factor fame doesn’t think Sharia law is being carried out in America. I’m sending this to him to wake him up. Everyone who reads this should do the same thing. He’s promised to expose this if he sees evidence of it.

  7. THIS is just the beginning…SHaria, Taqiyya, Jihad,…ALL will not only continue, but increase in intensity & frequency..!!! Europe is awash in Islamization & we’re NEXT. WAKE-Up, America…throw obama OUT and fight for our nation’s hard-earned freedoms! NOW…

  8. Disgusting. It seems only islamic women who were victims of whatever, get so much publicity. It is unfair that nonbelievers
    (if it to happen to nonbelievers), don’t get as much publicity or sympathy.

    • WLIL:
      It is sad when murder and abuse happen to any women, whether they are “believers” or “non-believers”…….in anything.
      The big point of difference is that this young lady was murdered for purely insane, lunatic reasons by a lunatic “religion” that is evil to the core.
      Their definition of honor is a crock of pure shit!

      • I can’t help them. Their own believers close knit community should be able to prevent abuse of believers and nonbelievers. I already got lots of my own problem as a nonbeliever. If their religion is so great, they should be able to solve their own problems.

          • And another thing is , if their “religion” were or is so great, they should not negatively impinge on our nonbelievers freedom. They can’t have all the special privileges and sympathy when us poor nonbelievers have almost nothing.

  9. It seems as if they want to use their religious problems to extract sympathy from us nonbelievers but don’t give us poor nonbelievers the due respect or sympathy.

  10. A “KEY” issue this tragedy illuminates centers upon Islamic Americans & foreigners using our own laws against us [w/ the approval of certain liberals/leftist’s assistance]…to promote their own intolerant & violent plans to convert &/or control the U.S. as an Islamic country! Quite a few notable & influential Islamic “persons of interest” have publicly stated that their goal is to make America Islamic ASAP…
    They will either take the U.S. violently [sectionally/whole] or they will use more subversive tactics. Look at what is happening in central & northern Europe..? In fact, there are now quite a few areas within the U.S. that have notable problems w/ their Muslim population…as several on this posting have written, we must become proactive & stop this now..before we ALL regret it..!!!

    • In addition & to bolster what I wrote earlier, in “Twitter” a responder named “@imamabumalik” stated:

      Rafi’ Abu Malik
      @6061 If you don’t like Islam you better move now. We Will run america. Just wait and see #sharia…”
      WELL, what do YOU think after reading that..?? This is not an isolated case/response, either. All over the world, Islamic violent adherents bully their own to comply and threaten all opposed to their ways so as to CONTROL and EXPAND their reign…How far will we allow this to go..???

If sharia law continues spreading, you'll have less and less freedom of speech - so speak while you can!

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