Michigan judge oks feds AIG sharia entanglement

Sharia keeps creeping, via Michigan judge spikes challenge to AIG rescue | freep.com | Detroit Free Press.

A federal judge in Michigan has dismissed a lawsuit challenging the bailout of American International Group on religious grounds.

An Ypsilanti man claimed the United States should not have bailed out AIG because the insurance giant sells international financial products specifically tailored to Islamic principles. But after more than two years of litigation, a judge said today that such products are not a result of direct government action and represent just a fraction of AIG’s revenue.

U.S. District Judge Lawrence Zatkoff in Port Huron says the bailout is not an “excessive entanglement with religion.” He says it’s not comparable to tax dollars going directly to a church or religious institution.

An Ann Arbor law group that takes cases on behalf of Christian causes says it will appeal.


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7 thoughts on “Michigan judge oks feds AIG sharia entanglement

  1. Anything Sharia financed I thought some of that went to a dark hole somewhere. I know they don’t pay interest pe se, but there is a fee that goes towards a fund somewhere.

    They are saying that they are a religian, so now they say they aren’t. They can’t have it both ways can they?

    Maybe someone can set me straight on this. Thanks

  2. In political Islam duality prevails. On one hand 3% of Islam is religious but 97% is political. Therefore, in the Muslim mind both are true and carry the same weight. We know that two things of the same nature cannot be true- one is false and one is true or visa versa. This is the problem. They can argue both sides with irrational rationality and pull the wool over our eyes. Very crafty indeed!

  3. creeping/creeping/creeping. This is getting creepier. Bound to happen sooner or later in our small towns of Royersford Pa. and Spring City,Pa; 2 black burqa wearers in store with more then one full grocery carts in Royersford and Muslim run dinner. The times they are a changing. Food stamps??????? Where are the men? Watching Al jeerzera TV. Jihad profiler? on Duty. Remember 911!!!!!!!!!! Am I a racist?

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