Muslim Brotherhood foments uprising in Egypt

As the Ikhwan’s stealth jihad rolls on in the U.S., via The Media Line.

The Muslim Brotherhood, Egypt’s largest opposition group, has tacitly threatened to emulate the popular uprising in Tunisia that brought down President Zine Al-Abidine Ben Ali, if its demands for political reform are not met.

“If this regime doesn’t fight corruption and cancel the state of emergency, it will face the same situation and difficulty the Tunisian government faced,” Essam Al-Aryan, the Muslim Brotherhood spokesman, told The Media Line.

In a statement issued Wednesday, the Brotherhood declared that if the government did not quickly take responsibility and initiate a serious reform process, stability in Egypt would not last long.

Unlike many other Islamic movements, the Brotherhood has traditionally shunned violence in favor of gradual reform of society along religious lines. But the movement’s success in winning seats in parliament was reversed last November when official rigging of the elections result deprived the Islamic movement of a single seat.

Traditionally shunned violence? The Muslim Brotherhood’s official slogan:

“Allah is our objective.
The Prophet is our leader.
Qur’an is our law.
Jihad is our way.
Dying in the way of Allah is our highest hope.”

And then there is one of the Brotherhood’s militant wings, Hamas…but back to the story.

In its Wednesday statement, the Brotherhood specified 10 far-reaching demands for political reform, including ending the 30-year long state of emergency, which allows for extra-judiciary measures by the government; a presidential decree dissolving the “fraudulent” parliament; and constitutional amendments that would allow candidates to freely run in presidential elections. Egyptians are scheduled to go to the polls in September to elect a new leader, but observers said the only question is whether Mubarak will seek another term or opt to anoint a successor.

The Brotherhood also called for an immediate revision of Egypt’s foreign policy towards Israel, demanding that the government sever diplomatic ties with the Jewish State; annul gas and oil exports to Israel, and support Palestinian jihad against “the Zionists.”

Media Line conveniently did not print the entire demand regarding Israel:

Fifth: immediately reviewing the Egyptian foreign policy, especially regarding the Zionists and the need to cut ties with them and support the Palestinian resistance as well as the establishment of a Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital.

Ironically, it was Ben Ali, Tunisian’s deposed president, who predicted that the Muslim Brotherhood would take over Egypt. According to an American diplomatic cable revealed by WikiLeaks, in March 2008 Ben Ali told Assistant Secretary of State David Welch that the situation in Egypt was “explosive” and that sooner or later the Brotherhood would overthrow the regime.

Working on a coup in the U.S. too.

More: Muslim Brotherhood Using Web In Promoting Egyptian Street Violence

9 thoughts on “Muslim Brotherhood foments uprising in Egypt

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  2. Implied threats seem to me to be a literary device used by any and all muslims when they feel offended. But no to be taken lightly. With another president in the United States, this would be investigated by FBI and other agencies involved with domestic terror.

  3. It is great that You Americans are stated learning about The Muslim Brotherhood .

    Read T.M.B. s agenda about USA -and all other non-islamic countries :

    ” The Project ” .

  4. ME no like violent monkeys;me no like religious delusions;me concerned with so many old and new cults;Me no like Mid-East at all no more.Cannot negoitiate with monkey terrorists of any persuasion…….including those who are spraying us with barium and aluminu m salts…………hmmmmmmm.maybe same monkeys .

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