Dedicated prayer rooms for Muslims at Canadian public schools

…and Catholic schools.

WATERLOO REGION — Walk through the wooden door into the secluded, carpeted room with holy books and prayer mats, and it’s hard to believe you’re in a school.

But this is the beginning of a new phase for public and Catholic schools where prayer rooms could become commonplace.

Under a provincewide policy, school boards must be more inclusive and accommodate different faiths during the school day.

This could mean a private place for Muslim students who pray five times a day and for students who are fasting, a modified gym class and a separate room for them so they don’t have to watch their peers eat lunch.

Atieh Noori, a 27-year-old Muslim student at St. Louis Adult Learning and Continuing Education Centre in downtown Kitchener, uses the prayer room each day at lunchtime to say her midday prayers.

After school, Noori doesn’t have time for prayer so she appreciates the space.

A 27-year old student? Who clearly isn’t as dedicated to Islam as she’d like some to think. If you don’t have time it obviously ain’t that important. But rather than making a personal sacrifice, Muslims like Noori want everyone else to accommodate their Islamic habits.

The newly adopted faith and accommodation policy states that each student has a right to follow his or her beliefs free from discrimination or harassment. Areas of reasonable accommodation include observance of major religious holy days and celebrations, prayers and rituals, dietary requirements and fasting, religious attire and participation in school curriculum and extracurricular activities.

“Someone’s faith is part of who they are. Accommodating them brings understanding and shows we respect them,” said public school trustee Cindy Watson.

When you create a policy, it already reflects what you are doing,” he said.

Indeed. What you are doing is Islamizing by submitting to an intolerant ideology. Much more dhimmitude via TheRecord – Dedicated prayer rooms may be part of new approach by province’s schools….h/t @dhummi

Blazing Cat Fur highlights the severity of the problem in Canada noting the Canadian Human Rights Commission and the Muslim Brotherhood are both adherents of the right of  “Hisbah” under Sharia law:

Hisbah: Allows a private citizen to prosecute any individual who commits an act he considers a breach of the Sharia even if the plaintiff himself has not been personally injured by such an act.

43 thoughts on “Dedicated prayer rooms for Muslims at Canadian public schools

  1. Wont be long now that CANADA, my Fathers Birth Place, will become a MUSLIM CESSPOOL. Cant believe you people are so gulable to the MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD’S CRAP. S o sad to see such nice people DUPED. LOCK and LOAD.

    • aMERICANS ARE ON DRUGS;legal and otherwise;they are so doped up on sex;tv;money;keeping up with mr. jones…….so on………that they cannot function anymore………….They are totally dissfunctional ;weak;and ripe for takeover;that is why Islam is marching in un-opposed…..the government of the united states;a private concern does niot mind who keeps the sheeple in line ;as long as the fear and obey………HEIL MOHAMET!

      • Some Americans suffer from the erosion of traditional American values, not all. Most are just too lazy to give a damn about anything that does not directly affect them and some are simply too stupid to see the threat. They & the politicians will be the ones responsible for giving OUR freedoms away if you let them.

        • The ‘liberals” are so preoccupied with their hand out, They don’t see what they are giving up to get that “free lunch”!!!

  2. Hmmmm…to the Catholic Schools i can only say :”And God spoke all these words, saying: ‘I am the LORD your God… These are my Commandments ! ONE: ‘You shall have no other gods before Me.’May they burn in Hell for eternity

  3. APPEASEMENT;It will never end;the old sayi8ng goes;give em a inch and they will take a mile;that goes for anyone .I especially like the the one’…DON’T HAVE TO WATCH THEM EAT;’WHAT?The Mooslems dont like to watch non-muslims;eat?The gods of mankind ar manmade;ALLAH is no exception.This appeasement crap is nothing more than a melding and mixing of different crap chunks into a new world odor .accomadating all who might cause a riot if provoked………..the Rabid dog of false religion must be dealt with appropiately.Islam is a means to an end of protesting totalitarian behavior by the self -indulgent and the self important;this inclused relifious people who consider themselves superior to all the worlds infidels;all religious people are suffering from delusions of “I AM BETTER THAN YOU AND THE god DOES NOT LOVE YOU’ syndrome.By accusing others they prop themselves up and deal with thier fears and anxieties by doing so.REASONABLE people do not need to do this;although they suffer also from fears and anxieties.Reasonable people help each to cope.IN THIS AGE the war is the arsenic of the people versus reason…….REASON NOT RATIONIZATION………WHICH BELONGS IN THE AREA OF RELIGION.THE RATIONAL OF ISLAM IS;CAUSE MOHAMET SAID SO.!

  4. do you think this is what god wants? you to condemn other people and spray your ignorance? the hate that has been posted on this page is sure to be frowned upon by god. oh and by the way when you said APPEASEMENT I’m pretty sure the word you were looking for is toleration which the bible preaches about and for those of you taking bible quotes out of context and twisting them to your use here is on for you Luke 9:52-56: “…they did not receive him…And when his disciples James and John saw this, they said, Lord, wilt thou that we command fire to come down from heaven, and consume them, even as Elias did? But he turned, and rebuked them, and said, Ye know not what manner of spirit ye are of. For the Son of man is not come to destroy men’s lives, but to save them. And they went to another village.” that quote is about toleration why don’t you guys try it.

    • With islam, tolerance is a one way street, all tolerance is FOR them NOT BY them.. Lets have some churches built in Mecca & medina. Make muslims allow Christians to worship in peace in their countries and to re-build churches that are falling apart. Stop the murder of Christians in muslim countries, they are almost a daily occurrence. After these examples of muslim tolerance towards Christians have been met then maybe we can talk about the unrelenting unreasonable demands made by muslims in democratic non-muslim countries. Wake the hell up!

      • Oh and I forgot about the daily conversions to islam made by Christians who rightly fear for their own and their children’s lives. They are forced to convert to islam to be able to eat, live in relative peace and not die.Take your bible BS somewhere where people are stupid enough to buy it. This IS NOT the place.

        • yea I am pretty sure the Muslim kids at this school are the people murdering the Christians.lets not forget that from it roots Christianity has always been an imperialistic religion doing whatever is necessary to spread across the globe and you mentioned my bible BS here is another on for you John 8:7 “So when they continued asking him, he lifted up himself, and said unto them, He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her.”

          • In time they will be the ones murdering Christians, why do you think they are being desensitized to violence?

            Don’t you dare preach tolerance to me for people who don’t show one iota of tolerance for anyone but themselves (muslims). The facts are the facts and your bible quotes do nothing to change that. Perhaps you should point out that quote to your muslim friends, they could use a good dose of reality.

      • Hear, hear! Take that and shove it “Hayden” When other religions get as many rights as Muslims do, I can find myself being more “tolerant”!!! Until then, it is WAR!

        • do you not understand the flaw in your logic? if we all have the same attitude as you it definitely will be “war” because no one will be tolerant so why not let the Christians take the first step?

          • why not say your crap to the MUSLIMS?- let them make some efforts and words to that effect
            so far ZERO NONE ZILCH NADA ZIP ZERO- trhey say they beleive in Jesus

            and quoting NT (a bastardization of Jesus and his religion Judaism) has no meaning to many of us-nor weight- the only cheeks I turn to ISLAM are the ones I sit on- Muzzies put their asses to Jerusalem 5x a day and yet claim it’s HOLY to them- ISLAMOFASCSIM is not conducive to “tolerance” or “get along” READ IT’s books, listen to them- they will tell you DEAFMAN

            useful idiots, dhimmi appeasers are WORSE than Muslims- at least those Muzbots know no better or are immersed into the sick cult- you ?? what’s your excuse?

            see you had to go back 2000 years to find religion war by Xtians- and just FYI it was a responsde to JIHAD conquests of EU- only Muzzies do that
            nice try

          • What you fail to understand is that muslims meet tolerance with more demands and see efforts to resolve issues peacefully as weakness. The only thing they seem to understand and respect is force. They do not learn by our good examples. When you are dealing with a caveman mentality from the about the 7th century, turn the other cheek does not work. That has already been proven many times over.

            Now go away and grow up and while you’re at educate yourself about the facts ( not the MSM whitewash) about islam..

          • Let me guess, Hayden. Your a democrat. You are jobless. Not because you can’t find work but, because you wont look. You are on welfare. You only, if ever, go to church to be seen, not see. You probably live in your mothers basement and, you have a bad back. Probably from bending over kissing asses for a free handout. You are ignorant to a fault and in that it is bliss. I see you!!!!

          • ““Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.”

            It’s interesting that you “Hayden” would be foolish enough to post an insult intended for others that suits you to a tee.

            You’d be better off, going away, educating yourself about the facts of islam and coming back to try to have an intelligent dispute another day.

          • Time to grow up sweetie and realize that muslims DO NOT learn from our our good examples and the Golden Rule will get us all forcibly converted to islam or living in 2nd class Dhimmi status. I’m not going to allow that and I’ll be damned if I will take suggestions from a teenager whose probably lounging in his underwear in his daddy’s basement.

    • You are so very blinded and ignorant. What do you know of islam and sharia law? How much evicdence do you need that islam IS NOT compatible with western laws and values and more specifically the Constitution of the USA.. You can keep sticking your head in the sand or up keep it up your ass as keep mouthing the word tolerance as they drag you to the chopping block or place the noose around your neck for standing by your words, which yes, are somewhat noble but very ignorant.

      Others here have explained why you are wrong and why we are here, fighting islam and the spread of a POLITICAL IDEOLOGY, not a religion.
      Tell us, where is Christianity slaughtering people for NOT converting, murdering their wives and daughters for family honor, suing us at every turn when they do not get heir way(like prayer rooms for only muslims, footbaths, etc) and yet you want to give them a hug and accept them knowing full well they may be at your throat down the road. You mention the children of muslims, well it starts at home and with the parents, moron. Other true religions nad evolved and progressed. islam, as it is NOT a religion has actually regressed and for 1500 years has been the cancer of mankind.

      I am sure there is no convincing you as what you are saying is so very close to what got so many Jews slaughtered by Hitler and his ilk. So many stayed refusing to think it was becoming so horrible in Germany and Europe for the Jews.
      I will fight islam and sharia law to my last breath and I will take as many of them as i can with me.
      You DO NOT speak for me or many others who tread here and are part of the counter jihad movement. Jesus also knew when it was time to fight the evil that has been spawned from the pits of hell. Your words smack of the recent nonsense of Chrislam and you can take that and toss into the fire as that is where that ridiculous notion belong. Appeasing and tolerance will get you nowhere with islam except dead or you will cave in and convert.

      You sir, are a fool and blind to global events and 1500 years of islamic butchery and bloodletting.

      • to answer your question “where is Christianity slaughtering people for NOT converting” try the crusades, which did that on a much larger scale. also i liked how you ranted and bashed on a religion, much like Hitler, and then turned around and compared me to Hitler…smooth.

        • Google Christians murdered by muslims and have your eyes opened. It happens almost every day. If you are unable or unwilling to find the facts, let me know and I can supply you with lots of links. Start with Pakistan.

          As for the Crusades, they began after Christians got fed up with the muslims raping, pillaging and taking over most of their Christian territory. As far as I’m concerned they waited too long and were far too kind after the atrocities they bore from muslims.

          You should stop before we find out how really ignorant about this subject you are.

        • Hayden: Show me where in the entire New Testament Jesus Christ of His apostles ever commanded Christians/His followers to use physical attack against others to spread the gospel? Nowhere. But I can show you verse after verse in the koran where Muhammad commanded Muslims to use physical attack against non muslims.

          Furthermore, Hitler had Muslims as his allies, like the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, Al Husseini, who produced entire Muslim SS units to help Hitler murder Jews.

        • What do you of know of Hilter and the Grand Mufti,
          you ignorant little troll? Look that up and see
          where Hitler got the idea of the final solution.
          BTW, compare you to Hitler? Umm, no. I save that
          for the real islamic sympathizers and you are not
          down to that level, yet.

          The crusades? Sure and again, Christianity has
          evolved and moved on, unlike islam. But please
          keep entertaining us with your ignorance. take
          a visit to the site called Religion Of Peace and you
          will find all the evidence needed to tear down your
          arguments and foundations upon which you claim
          to stand upon. You know NOTHING about islam.
          Read the qur’an, ahadith and sura and get back to
          us. BTW, i have read the qur’an, three different
          translations and it is a most horrid jumble of
          mishmash and perversion.

    • why dont you pull your head outta your Arse, & realize when Sharai law takes over you will be the one running to another town.My God destroyed the tower of Babble Destroyed the Philistines, & here real soon at his return will Destroy them & there Satanic God! how dare you try & turn my God who is all powerful to some liberal weak & passive God. My God says when you are at war Destroy every man woman & child.& grind there city to dust! Amen & God Bless America! & Canada. wake up before its too late!

      • please show me some support for your statement” My God says when you are at war Destroy every man woman & child.& grind there city to dust”

        • If you are only 17, you really don’t have a good grasp on life and how it works. You go by emotion. Plus, you don’t have enough time in to get any wisdom. So, shut up and come back when you are 30, maybe you will have some wisdom by then, as of now, you haven’t got any.

          • until then you can just keep referring to those you disagree with as “idiots” or hiding behind quotes to suggest those you disagree with are ignorant and stupid…and then whining about your age… oh but wait…when all else fails… RACE CARD!!!!!!!

  5. This makes me extremely angry. What can they be thinking. How long has it been since the Lord’s Prayer has been recited in public schools, yet muslims have been given special prayer rooms?

    Please , please write to your political reps and ask them to stop all muslim immigration until they have had a chance to study what is and has happened in Europe. The politicians are simply not equipped to deal with this, they need educating on the matter. They are selling our countries out from under us. At this rate islam will take North America without a shot fired.

  6. First of all, “Hayden”, show me what chapter and verse of the New Testament Jesus or any of the apostles command the followers of Jesus to physically attack others and create a state-church? Nowhere at all. Whenever people have taken up the sword in offense against others in the Name of Christ, they have done so against the clear teachings of Jesus Christ and the apostles. But whenever Muslims/Muhammadans take up the sword/violent physical attack against non-muslims, they are following the explicit commands of Muhammad, such as in Surah 9:29 and 9:125.

    Secondly, regarding the Crusades. Jesus never told Christians to take up the sword, as stated above (defense of oneself and family are allowable), these were a centuries-delayed reaction to centuries of Mohammadan conquest. Who started the wars? The Muslims. The Muslims started to attack, threaten, and conquer from the Arabia outwards, therefore, they were the initiators, therefore, whatever befell them and befalls them today is their fault. Just like the Nazis, they started the war.

    Thirdly, we have a right to use secular military power against aggressors who seek to dominate us. This is the goal of Islam. Islam is not a religion. It is an international criminal organization with one over-arching goal: Total world domination.

    Fourthly, any “peace” verses that are cited from the Koran, were abrogated according to Muhammad and Islam by the “sword” verses.

    As others here have stated, Islam and Muslims have a one way “tolerance”. They want their ways to be tolerated but do not want to tolerate anyone else.

    My open unmet challenge to any Muslims or Muslim allies: show me one single uniquely good thing Islam has done for the human race.

    • I believe what you are saying is very radical to say the least but i respect it more that some of these other guys who are just idiots who want to call me names and shout prejudices with no cause because you seem to have done your research.

  7. Well then.. do we see christian prayer rooms or chapels on campus for students of other faiths to pray?! If there is none, then the muslims prayer rooms should go as well.. Sorry.. but that’s just the way I see it.. This is not about being fair, this is about them pushing their weight around and getting their way.

  8. So …as a Christian…If I want to pray during the day..they will let me? Heck no they won’t.

    No prayer for Christians!

    Where are our chapels in public schools?

  9. In Indonesia, anybody who wants to hold a prayer meeting at home or just have friends from church to sing hymns and discuss their faith is at risk of not only attack from FPI Islamonazis, but from the authorities, who say you need a permit for any place of worship.
    Naturally, It’s hard to get the necessary signatures from the requisite number of neighbours,. for even Muslims who are not hostile are threatened by bigot clerics, who say they won’t perform funeral rites etc. for those who display tolerance.
    Yet every single large public building, malls, office-blocks, you name it, has a mushollah, or mini-mosque, built-in for the benefit of Islam.
    Double standards everywhere.
    Read Ross’s Right Angle expat blog for regular reports.

  10. @hayden,
    Sweet heart, you have to wait for your wisdom and discernment. It takes time.
    I understand what you are trying to get across.

    But…You do not understand the Islamic way.

    They really are taught to kill us Christians. It will happen. It is in Revelations. This is the scourge that is part of the End of Times prophesy.

    Hayden…we are in the End of Times IMHO.
    Prepare your soul for what is to come.

    Will you stand up for faith and allow them to behead you? Or will you fight for your life?

    Most here, even though they are not aware of End of Times prophecy ARE fighting for their lives.

    They just do not know how to respectfully state what they feel. They are angry!

    Do you understand that Co-existing and tolerance are NOT going to work with these people? Unless YOU can bring them to Christ …they are lost to the devil himself.

    I suggest you read up on what is happening..truly happening. Do NOT use the main stream media. They are LIARS! Try David Horowitz, Brigitte Gabriel, and Atlas Shrugs ..the book and the website… to learn what is truly happening!

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