Allen West’s Keynote Speech at CPAC (video)

Just a few excerpts related to the topic at hand, but you can watch it all at KitmanTV.

Vodpod videos no longer available. Vodpod videos no longer available.

Previous posts and videos from Allen West here. Get to know him if you haven’t already.

10 thoughts on “Allen West’s Keynote Speech at CPAC (video)

  1. I like Allen West. Most of all I like what he did for his troops in the middle east.

    They were captured by the Taliban, and one of the Taliban members was captured by West’s group.
    When the savage would not tell West where his men were West pulled out his gun and shot the guy all most in the crotch. Then the savage told him where his men were.

    For this West was criticized and disiplined by the military, for which he took early retirement, but had it not been for his brave act, his men would have been killed.

    Our military is loaded with PC crap, and girly men who have been so dumbed down, or scarred to speak out, we are not winning any battles against these savage rabid cavemen terrorists.

    This is the only language they relate to BOOM!!!!

    • True Patroit:
      Glad you brought out that info about West.
      He was as right as rain to do that to the taliban.
      I am a Canadian, and I think West is a super fellow.
      I hope he runs for President and cleans up.

  2. To bad that after Allen West got the INFO. from the MUSLIM CRUD that he didn’t shoot the CRUD IN THE HEAD for good measure. This former OFFICER had the RIGHT ATTITUDE in getting the INFO. where his men were without having to ask his PC leader for permission to QUESTION the CRUDE in QUESTION. A true leader. LOCK and LOAD.

  3. “As long as there is a bone in my body I will defend the United States!” or as close as I can remember! I LOVE Alan West! LOVE HIM! Thanks to all those in Florida, retired military officers and patriots, for giving him to US!

  4. Finally, someone who has actually done what it takes to defend our country is in office. This guy should be a top candidate for national security adviser at the least. I’d vote for him for president!! He cuts through all the BS and gets down to the nitty gritty. So refreshing to hear it told like it is.

  5. I truly hope he runs for President SOON. We need him, so badly. He’s a true American, and I LOVE HIM. If he decides to run I will actively campaign for him. He’s an inspiration, and I just wish I could tell him how much it means to me to see and hear him address an audience. Without a teleprompter no less! His intelligence far outstrips anyone else in any public office as far as I see it. GO WEST!!!

  6. An excellent speech! I watched it 3 times now. What a great man to have in Congress. He makes our current POTUS look like a small child.

  7. Too bad Alan West could not have been our first black president than the miserable wretch that occupies the White House today. In fact Obama, a s a man, dosen’t make a pimple on West’s backside. I hope West’s values and views don’t get corrupted and watered down by the Washington establishment, and , yes, that includes a lot of Republicans. But somehow, I feel he is one representative that has been and will be his own man. God bless him.

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