Bloomberg hopes to grow sharia finance with new Islamic platform

No doubt this is part of the reason why NYC mayor Michael Bloomberg has been working behind the scenes to help build the Ground Zero mosque despite massive opposition. via / Media – Bloomberg extends Islamic service.

Bloomberg will on Monday launch an Islamic finance platform, sharpening the expansionist financial information company’s emerging markets strategy and providing a vote of confidence for a sharia-compliant market that has seen growth slow.

The service, available on more than 300,000 Bloom­berg Professional terminals, includes news and data covering more than 1,500 Islamic bond issues, 35,000 stocks and 500 funds, as well as a database of sharia scholars and their fatwa endorsements.

“This is a reflection of our belief in the future of the market and the region.”

…The private company, which in October will mark the 30th anniversary of its founding by Mike Bloomberg, argued that its platform would be more comprehensive than others, and that it could contribute to the growth of Islamic finance.

Bloomberg began covering Islamic finance in 1992, but this takes it to a different level by deepening the content, he said.

Bloomberg couldn’t take it to a different level if he listened to the people of NYC and opposed the Ground Zero victory mosque.


American Thinker found the story: From Bloomberg to NPR: Selling out to Shariah for Fun and Profit

20 thoughts on “Bloomberg hopes to grow sharia finance with new Islamic platform

  1. Let’s hope it makes him go bust, the filthy scum! Or is he using this to make more money out of non-mozlems, who invariably have to pick up the bill, as mozlems do not pay interest!!

    Beware, the jizya of al Bloomladen!!

  2. The bottom line is this: Islam is not a religion, it is an international terrorist organization and should be treated as such. America has the Constitution. That is THE Law of the Land. If you do not abide by the Constitution you are not to be in America. Simple.
    Sharia law violates the Constitution (as well as all morality) and cannot be tolerated on American shores.
    A Muhammadan claimed that his “rights were violated” if he could not follow Sharia based inheritance and money laws. TOO BAD! This is AMERICA. Sharia is in violation of the Constitution. Either he follows American inheritance laws or he does not and he leaves. Do you see Chinese, Irish, English, Japanese, Argentinians, and others being allowed to impose their own cultural and foreign political laws on the USA? NO! Why should the Muhammadans be allowed to?

  3. I wonder what kind of blackmail the Muslims who demanded all this accommodation engaged in against Bloomberg.
    I think he is submitting under some kind of duress. No one is this generous.
    No one.
    Not unless
    1. the reward is great or
    2. the sword is really hanging over their head if they don’t.

  4. Was there ever any question as to why Bloomberg was courting the barbarians and helping them build their victory mosque? Was there money in it for Bloomberg? Is there nothing he won’t do to make a buck?

  5. Isn’t Bloomberg Jewish. If the cameileon changed religion) he should be happy he can still has his head here, Then again if the deceiver/destroyer/country snatchers may do it when done using Bloomberg. Pray for him if he is illegally being threatened/extorted/or greedy. Sin is the enemy!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Did Bloomberg the dhimmi cave to jizya? Looks like it. The Jew is now the Muhammadan’s dhimmi, and willingly, of all things. Bloomberg of all people should stand with us against Islam because he is a Jew. Islam teaches hatred of Jews and advocates slaughtering them. Just like Muhammad did.

  7. BLOOMBERG is just another DICK HEAD ASS KISSING CAMEL DRIVING LOVER. Just another UN-AMERICAN garbage monger. Cant run N Y CITY so he has to see what else he can DESTROY!!! LOCK and LOAD.

  8. New York, long before Boss Tweed came on the scene, had a reputation, much envied by Chicago, for corrupt politicians. Keep Gitmo for the likes of this man. Revoke his citizenship as a start.

  9. I wish that Jews had excommunication like Christians do…or snubbing..I wish that he was in jail. Too bad Joe Arpaio didn’t sue Bloomberg for interfering in Arpaio’s territory concerning guns. Bloomberg is slime…leaving NYers without guns while shoving Islamists down their throats. I am blessed I got out in time.

    BloomMoslem should definitely be tried for treason against Americans and ALL rabbis should be fighting him…but in NYC it won’t happen. I even asked a rabbi to fight him, and never got an answer.

    IslamisGarbarge: You are so right. Smart Jews would never do what BloomQUISLING is doing…Decent and moral Jews wouldn’t do this. He makes me ashamed and ANGRY…As another commentor said…we will need very soon to lock n load.
    G-d Bless America.

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  13. Part of the money from sharia finance gets sent to terrorists through the charities that money is send to. People need to know where their money is going. Peace to all non-muslims.

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