South Dakota: Lawmakers unite behind anti-sharia bills

via Lawmakers Unite Behind Anti-Shariah Law Bills.

Pierre, SD – A bi-partisan group of state legislators have united behind to two bills that would protect South Dakotans from dangerous and risky foreign laws. The first bill, SB 201, would prohibit South Dakota courts from using dangerous foreign laws that deprive parties of the same fundamental rights granted under the constitutions of the United States and the State of South Dakota. The second bill, SB 170, would require investment products to carry a disclosure if the security is controlled by risky foreign laws.

State Senator Dan Lederman, stated, “Invoking Shariah law, in criminal and especially in civil cases, is a means of imposing an agenda on the American people while circumventing the US and state constitutions by using foreign laws which do not recognize our constitutional rights and liberties in US courts. It’s a hostile foreign law that has no place in American courts.”

State Senator Reid Holien, supporter of SB 201 in the Senate announced, “I have seen first-hand the evils of Shariah while in Europe. Now I’m concerned because people have tried using it in courtrooms around America. I’m very concerned that many who use Shariah as a defense are often trying to justify criminal and violent behavior. Or in the case of civil proceedings they are trying to justify forced marriages. The bottom line is that we can’t let people use dangerous foreign laws in state courts.”

Representative Manny Steele from Sioux Falls is also concerned about the proliferation of dangerous laws that run counter to American rights and liberties. “I have deep concerns about the use of any foreign law in a South Dakota courtroom that condones violence and abuse. America is a tolerant nation and our courts should not be endorsing or condoning the use of foreign laws like Shariah or any other.”

Most recently, supporters of Shariah have attempted to use it in over eleven American state courts as a defense in criminal and civil proceedings. For example, civil claims attempted by proponents of Shariah include the defense of such atrocities as forced child marriages, polygamy, and harsh “prenuptial penalties”for women and children in divorce and child custody cases.

Another area of great concern to legislators is the proliferation of risky foreign investments in the post 9-11 world. In light of those concerns, legislators have joined together in support of SB 170 which would require foreign-controlled investment products sold in South Dakota to carry a disclosure to investors.

Shariah Compliant Finance funds have exponentially multiplied in the last decade. And so have the concerns about where those investment dollars are going. For example, recent federal investigations like the Holy Land Foundation case have shown that Shariah Compliant Finance funds have contributed investment funds to Islamic charities which in turn have funded terrorism including the 9-11 attacks.

Representative Charlie Hoffman from Eureka is concerned that certain investment funds are pouring dollars into charities which subsequently fund terrorism. “At the state level we are limited in what we can do for national security, but what we can do for our country when it comes to the financing of international terrorism, is require investment products controlled by foreign laws such as Shariah to carry a disclosure so South Dakota investors know what they are potentially investing in.”

14 thoughts on “South Dakota: Lawmakers unite behind anti-sharia bills

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  2. I had a guy arguing with me and was calling me a bigot and everthing else. He was saying that sharia law was not in America and I need to get my shit straight. I say that if you have one muslim in America you have sharia law. According to the Constitution, sharia law can not be established in the USA. But these arseholes will just keep trying..So we need more laws to make sure it doesn’t happen..Peace to all non-muslims.

    • If you know the truth about Islam, that is not bigoted. Knowledge is power. We are becoming weaker and weaker because of ignorance of Islam.
      When will we, as a people, wake up to the danger living among us?

    • We must be ever vigilant, because your statement that ” these arseholes will just keep trying ” is all too accurate
      In the end, Islamists freaks will be eliminated from our civilized nations. More and more people are waking up to the danger that the presence of those vicious creatures bring to our societies.
      We will defeat them !

  3. We need a new House Committee on Unamerican Activities and Sharia should be number 1 on the list of investigations. Number 2 should be the socialists/leftists/progressives/liberals/communists a/k/a democrats and the unions and other organizations that promote this anti American garbage.

    All of these people are trying to overturn the Amreican Constitution, thus the Republic for which we stand and its time we put a stop to it!

  4. Finally a State GOVT. gets it. BRAVO to these brave AMERICAN FOLKS. You have it right. Washingtom doesn’t get it. Down with the MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD as they are behind all the termoil in the WORLD. LOCK and LOAD.

    • Unfortunately, Washington does get it and they are part of it. Our federal government is riddled with these barbarian Muslims. In fact, IMO right up to the top–The White House. I read recently where an Iranian who held top secret clearance and worked in our nuclear industry, embezzled one and one-half million dollars, which he sent to his brother in Iran. It was from some kind of family relief fund. I question two things about this. Why was this Muslim working in a top secret facility and why was there a slush fund with that much of our money in it? He was one of the top executives there too.

      To have knowledge of the nature of Islam is not bigoted. To not have knowledge of the nature of Islam is ignorance. Do we live in a world where black is white and wrong is right? I fear we do.

      Islam is not a religion. It is a cruel, bloody political system invented by a camel-driver who ran away with his boss’ wife and explained their absence by proclaiming a new religion. He was a murderer, plunderer, slave holder and pedophile. There is no room in this country for foreign political systems to exist, much less their barbaric and cruel law become our law.

      • You ask what was this muslim doing in such a top secret facility…well, if you remember the minute Imam Obama came into Office he advertised for Americas finest and best young muslims to apply for 8000 jobs in the White house administration! thats where all those muslims are today , 8000 of them, One is a devout muslim and Assistant secretary to janet Napolitano at homeland Security, another on the Homeland Board, both appointed by Obama along with his choice of Janet, the incompetent who could not be present when an inquiry into the Christmas underwear bomber particularly called for her accountability, which she didn’t attend! this is the rubbish Obama hired to the highest positions in the land, and no-one questioned any of it.. What is wrong with Americans? why was there no protest about these positions for muslims in high security, when islam is at war with America?

  5. These South Dakotans need to listen to their leader, imam Hussein obama and his lieutenants. There is no threat in islam or its laws. This is made-up stuff from Robert Spencer who is known as an anti-islam agitator. He has made common cause with the international anti-islam leader Geert Wilders and has spoken favorably of the British hate group E.D.L. That being said, GO SOUTH DAKOTA!

  6. I hope we follow suit in Texas!

    This is exactly as the founders envisioned. States rights trump federal law. I’m certain that our present administration will attempt to find a way around this. They will try to ban states from doing what is constitutionally mandated. Oklahoma is having a devil of a time with their law.

    Let us pray that all states follow suit and this becomes the law of the land, as it rightfully should.

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