Dearborn officials sued by Christians jailed for preaching to Muslims

Bravo. An update on sharia law in Dearborn. via Sharia in the U.S.A.: Christians Jailed for Preaching to Muslims–Dearborn, MI Officials Sued.

The Thomas More Law Center (TMLC) announced today that the City of Dearborn, its Mayor, John B. O’Reilly, its Chief of Police, Ronald Haddad, 17 City police officers, and two executives of the American Arab Chamber of Commerce were named as defendants in a ninety-six page federal civil rights lawsuit filed in the Federal District Court in Detroit this morning.

The lawsuit, brought by TMLC and co-counsel and Sharia law expert, David Yerushalmi, stems from two separate police actions at the June 2010 Dearborn, Michigan Annual International Arab Festival.

Richard Thompson, TMLC President and Chief Counsel, commented, “Muslims dominate the political and law enforcement process in Dearborn.  It seems that police were more interested in placating the Mayor and Muslims than obeying our Constitution.  Sharia law makes it a crime to preach the Gospel to Muslims.  This is a classic example of stealth Jihad being waged right here in America.  And it should be a wake-up call for all patriotic Americans.”

The first incident occurred on June 18, when police jailed four Christian missionaries when they witnessed Dr. Nabeel Qureshi, a Muslim convert to Christianity, peaceably discussing his Christian faith with Muslim youths.  The other three, David Wood, Paul Rezkalla, and Negeen Mayel, were arrested along with Qureshi for allegedly “breaching the peace.”  The Christians were led away in handcuffs by police to the applause and cheers of Muslim onlookers who just witnessed a victory of Sharia law over the Christians.

Watch Video of Arrest

The second incident occurred on June 20, as two missionaries, Rezkalla and Josh Hogg, stood on the public sidewalk handing out the Gospel of John to passersby willing to take them.  The Christians were there for approximately 5 minutes when eight City police officers descended upon them, seized them, and brought them to the police command trailer located inside the festival where the Christians were admonished, photographed, and ordered to stop their peaceful religious activity.

Watch Video of Police Seizure

The police assaults and arrests of the Christians, captured on video, caused a national furor over the lawless tactics of the City’s police department.
Dearborn is considered home to the largest Muslim population in America.  As a result, it is evident that City officials, including the Mayor, engaged in this unconstitutional official action solely to please this significant voting bloc and to submit to its will.

The lawsuit was filed on behalf of Acts 17 Apologetics, Dr. Nabeel Qureshi, David Wood, Paul Rezkalla, Negeen Mayel and Josh Hogg.

Read the Law Center’s Federal Complaint here

Robert Muise, TMLC’s Senior Trial Counsel who is handling the matter, stated, “While the videos of the police violating the fundamental constitutional rights of our clients are utterly shocking, it is perhaps even more shocking that City officials, including the Mayor, would engage in a propaganda campaign to smear the good reputation of these Christians even after they were acquitted by a jury of the bogus criminal charges.  All of this is strong evidence of the fact that Sharia is negatively influencing the City and its officials.”

More from Answering Muslims, Acts 17 Apologetics vs. City of Dearborn: Lawsuit Complaint Filed Today:

So far in Dearborn . . .

  • We’ve been physically assaulted for asking a question at a booth that invited us to ask questions.
  • We’ve been thrown in jail for having a peaceful conversation.
  • We’ve been slandered and libeled by the Mayor.
  • We’ve been blasted by the media (especially by Niraj Warikoo of the Detroit Free Press).
  • We’ve been forced to undergo one of the most ridiculous criminal trials in Michigan history.

If you’ve been following this blog for the past two years, you’ve seen Muslim security guards assault our sister Mary Jo Sharp at the Dearborn Arab Festival. You’ve seen Dearborn’s own Corporal Kapanowski assault our sister Negeen. You’ve seen falsified police reports, written by corrupt police officers trying to justify their unlawful arrests. You’ve seen police officers (who take an oath that they will support and defend the Constitution) take us into custody for attempting to hand out copies of the Gospel to Muslims outside the festival. You’ve seen lies from the Mayor, lies from police, and even lies from Christians trying to curry favor with the local Muslims.

For a complete summary of our experience in Dearborn, click here.

Enough is enough. Today, the Thomas More Law Center filed a massive 96-page Complaint against the City of Dearborn. Mayor John B. O’Reilly, Police Chief Ronald Haddad, seventeen Dearborn police officers, and two members of the Arab Chamber of Commerce are officially being sued. If the City of Dearborn refuses to honor the U.S. Constitution, we hope this lawsuit will help persuade them that, so long as Michigan is part of the United States, they have no choice in the matter.

Of course, the City of Dearborn is no stranger to civil rights lawsuits. A Christian wrestling coach sued the City after he was targeted for his faith by a Muslim principal. (The City settled out of court.) Two more Christian teachers at a majority Muslim high school are now suing after being targeted and persecuted for their faith.

Much more at the link above. And from a separate post at their site, a potentially devastating revelation regarding Dearborn and the police there:

On a horrifying note, one of the police officers in the jail told us that there are honor killings in Dearborn but that they get covered up by the police department. He said that he had walked into houses where girls had been beheaded or had had their throats slit. (But check the local newspapers. You won’t find any mention of these crimes.) The officer told us that some of the officers in the department support what we’re doing.

22 thoughts on “Dearborn officials sued by Christians jailed for preaching to Muslims

  1. This is America. These Muhammadans need to assimilate and accept American Constitutional law and culture. The cops violated the Constitutional rights of those people.

  2. This is what they really are. They pretend to be a religion, but are not.

    All of these officials need to be in jail.

    Dearborn, Michigan was the first city these evil vile savages decided to infiltrate, and so now you have the answer to what happens when these “Hell Spawn” take over.

    All of these officials need to be jailed; and all Islamic filth needs to be sent back to the middle east.

    There is no place for them in most parts of the world.

  3. The sad reality is that Police and Politicians across America are violating our Constitution and their “oath” to defend the same. All America is violated when Americans in Dearborn have their Constitutional rights violated.

    Perhaps Americans, some with bibles, some without, should converge on the city’s next Arab festival by the tens of thousands. May the Lord make it so!

    • I think that is an excellent idea. The Americans should be made up of Christians, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists, Scientologists, any religion you can think of. And ALL of them should PEACEABLY converge on the next Muslim festival, get their permits for public speaking, make sure its all legal. And then PREACH! Make sure there are cameras too.

  4. Personally, I cant stand either Christians OR Muslims, but I will always stand for the Constitution.

    Those Christians have the RIGHT in America, granted by the US Constitution, to stand peaceably on a PUBLIC sidewalk and preach to their heart’s content!

    If ya dont like their message, then just keep moving on like I do, but arresting them because they were preaching to Muslims is UNCONSTITUTIONAL!

    Sharia Law is NOT American and does NOT override the United States Constitution! Sharia Law MUST NOT BE ALLOWED in the USA!

    Muslims, you DONT get any more or less rights than Christians, Jews, Hindus or any other people of any other religion in the USA! Get over your arrogant selves, you don’t belong here if you think otherwise!

    • Sara,
      I feel somewhat the same way.
      Fundamental Christianity, for me, is hard to stomach. But at least the message is good.
      I would make a deal with the devil to fight Islam and Muslims if need be.
      I’d rather stand with a Christian than a Muslim any day.

      That bit about honour killings in Dearborn being covered up almost borders on the Twilight Zone!!!
      If that is true….WHAT THE F**K!
      I try and keep my paranoia under control, but if this is a fact, then there are forces in this world that are going to be almost impossible to combat…let alone defeat…

  5. Creeping,

    Good, the authorities should be sued over this, even if it was not Muslims that they were preaching to. These people were simply trying to peacefully spread their faith, nothing more.

  6. Any attack on the Muslim enemy will never equal the rage they display toward all of the world. This totalitarian system has been responsible for more death than all the others together. These people will actually kill their own children and wives, so what would they do to us?

    When you turn your back on God, you get a plague called Islam. These are the people of the book. (revelation)

  7. this is great!! sue the bastards! lets do as the muslims do! and use there same bullshit tastics against them! hope this gets full blown all out news coverage eventually!

  8. Sharia law can coincide with our democratic constitution as long as no crime is commited. These missionaries preaching at a musslim festival were inconsiderate to the musslim’s faith and had no business to preach to kids without the parents consent. America and many democratic countries seperate church from state which is why teachers cannot preach religion in schools, so missionaries shouldn’t be teaching musslim children christian beliefs knowing that its against their parents approval. I personally believe that religious intoleration is just as bad as racial intoleration and both impede on citizens constitutional rights.

  9. What about those abusive islamic asian shabby workers or savages who inconsiderately tried to impose their meaningless islamic crap to nonislamic elderly vulnerable people in elderly care homes ?
    What about those lazy islamics who inconsiderately used precious working time to preach about their islamic ideology to nonislamics in workplace?
    Those islamics expect us nonbelievers to be ever so tolerant. It is horrible when we nonbelievers were being forced to tolerate islamic evil nonsense.

    • For the last 3000 years or so people everywhere have tried to impose their religious practices on other people and most of the time it just leads to closed ended conversations and often war. I’m nowhere near old enough to say that I have had enough experience with multiculturalism, but I have been around and talked to many different people with different religious and cultural backgrounds. I have also done a lot of research in my three years of schooling on multiculturalism and try to keep an open mind about religion which is probably why I don’t have any set religious beliefs. But I just recently read a short reading by Abul Fazl from the late sixteenth century titled “Akbarnama” which was about a meeting with missionaries and scholars from all different religions and I found it really interesting if you have time to look it up. I don’t think people should be forced to tolerate any preachings if they don’t want to, but the more you know about how people think and what they believe the better off you are to defend your own beliefs.

      • I as a nonbeliever don’t have any set of beliefs to defend. Reading about horrible experience is different from having to experience it on almost daily basis in an intolerant shabby islamic asian dominated society. I don’t mind people preaching or practicng values that are compatible or proved to be incompatible to mine but if their values or culture are proved to be incompatible to mine decent values and are known to continously deny me the opportunity to have a normal productive life as a human being with aspiration to aspire my best and to do good in their horrible islamic asian dominated society, then obviously, I do not wish to be part of them or have anything to do with them, given a choice. I am living in a horrible multiethnic asian society that is being dominated mostly by horrible islamic asian culture and I did have lots of bad experience from abusive islamic asians and abusive nonislamic asians and I get very discouraged by all the unpleasant islamic asian influenced nastiness that I encountered in their islamic asian dominated societies.

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