American Bar Association, like CAIR, advocates for sharia law in US

Another ‘whose side are you on’ alert from Pamela Geller aka Atlas Shrugs, The ABA Does Damage Control:

Tuesday, in an article called The ABA’s Jihad in The American Thinker, I exposed the Islamic supremacism taking root at the American Bar Association, breaking the story of the ABA’s support for Sharia law. I revealed the notice, circulated among ABA members, of an organized ABA campaign to oppose the anti-Sharia legislation that has been introduced in 14 state legislatures. Then on Wednesday the ABA issued a statement in response to my article, claiming that “the American Bar Association has taken no action in support of, or in opposition to, judges considering Islamic law or Sharia.”

How dishonest and disingenuous.

The ABA statement said that the organization has “nearly 400,000 members, many of whom volunteer with any of the ABA’s 2,200 entities. One of those 2,200 entities is the Section on International Law, which has elected to assemble a taskforce of several individuals to examine this issue.” The statement makes it sound as if this examination is completely neutral: “These individuals are examining whether the proposed changes to the law impact important constitutional questions.  They are also considering implications for international commerce.”

Above all, the ABA claims that this taskforce has nothing to do with the organization itself: “The actions of a few interested members within one section are not and cannot be interpreted to be those of the entire American Bar Association. Claims to the contrary are erroneous.”

This is spin and damage control. In my Tuesday article I quoted the Section on International Law stating that the ABA’s Executive Counsel “has organized a Task Force to review the legislation of 14 states — Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Georgia, Indiana, Louisiana, Mississippi, Nebraska, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah and Wyoming — in which anti-Sharia legislation has been introduced.”

There was no way this Task Force could be understood as neutral. Clearly it was dedicated to working against anti-Sharia legal initiatives. The Section on International Law document said: “The Section’s Executive Counsel [sic] has organized a Task Force to review the legislation of 14 states — Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Georgia, Indiana, Louisiana, Mississippi, Nebraska, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah and Wyoming – in which anti-Sharia legislation has been introduced.  The goal of the Task Force is to have a Report and Recommendation against such legislation as well as an informal set of ‘talking points’ that local opponents of these initiatives could use to make their case in each of these states.”

This should incite justifiable public outrage, and actually increase support for and awareness of the legislation among the grassroots electorate.

A source knowledgeable about the ABA has also informed me that the organization’s Middle East law committee recently began a lobbying campaign, which the ABA’s international law chair endorsed. It was a political act, not a neutral study. This source sent me ABA policy guidelines that make it clear that policies that are formulated by small committees or “entities” can and do become official ABA policy under certain circumstances, and those circumstances are present in the case of this pro-Sharia Task Force.

This puts the ABA on the spot: either its policy mechanism on Middle East law has been taken over by Middle East-based lawyer(s) with Islamic supremacist sympathies, or the Middle East law committee does represent the ABA’s actual positions.

Further, is there any ABA group or task force assigned to helping those who oppose Sharia to craft legislation to ban it? No. There is only an initiative to oppose those fighting the Sharia.

Particularly troubling is the non-democratic way in which the ABA made the decision to oppose the anti-Sharia initiatives of various states. A tiny minority of the ABA’s total membership steers its policies, which almost always are developed from the top down. The pro-Sharia initiative seems to have been pushed forward through what the ABA calls a “blanket approval” or even more rapid “technical comment” procedure, and seems to go beyond issuing mere statements to actively organizing lobbying to influence state legislation – a practice that is generally forbidden for tax-exempt organizations.

All this makes it obvious that the ABA’s statement disclaiming any support for Sharia was completely false and dishonest.

If the ABA continues to forward this deceitful rhetoric, I will expose even more information about its support for Sharia.

There is one way the ABA could make at least partial amends now: it’s time the ABA created a task force to help those of us who are fighting the introduction of Islamic law in America.

We’re waiting.

Are we living in an alternate reality? Please do expose them further. Each and every ABA individual who is pushing sharia law in the U.S.

35 thoughts on “American Bar Association, like CAIR, advocates for sharia law in US

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  2. Creeping,

    This is so stupid. Just imagine how outraged these people would be, if someone in their organization tried to defend attempts by Christians to implement Biblical law, and rightfully so, yet they don’t have a problem with Sharia? How many of these people actually understand what Sharia is and what it advocates.

    • Your question must repeated to the ABA.
      The ABA is supposed to confer authority on lawyers.
      They deal and trade in authority, respect. I have written that they will lose mine if this campaign of unreasonable protection for Sharia continues.
      Sharia is not international law.
      It is Islamic tradition.
      There is no reason in it.
      No tribunal process created it.
      It is not part of United States law in the same way the Atlantic charter would be.

  3. APPEASEMENT IN THE NEW ORDER ;This is further evidence of compliance(SUBMIT)to the new order of the geo region stretching from AFRICA TO AFGHANISTAN-PAKISTAN.This is a vast region ;a region of natural resources essential to commerce and national securities of many nations.Notice the ‘revolutions………an amalgam of Muslim culture and sham democracy….NOT A REPUBLIC.The powers that shape public policy are legal eagles..some eagles need to lose thier flying privledges;after they finnish spraying us with ouch wizz gasses………via chemtrails;;;;;;;;;it’s all the same people………the movers and shakers………the torch has been passed to the next generation of movers and shakers;all trained by thier mentors

  4. it’s a good reminder that cannot be repeated too often;THE PLAN ;As in Europe,set up autonomous regions….creeping regions that push thier tumourous tentacles outward until the base(al qaida)has been established………..the skeleton of the new order………….FRANCE.OVER 700 NO GO ZONES…FRANCE IS DEAD.YOUR NEXT

  5. Is there ANYTHING that attorneys wont’ do for money??? Some are good people but it seems the majority are nothing more than prostitutes. For sale to the highest bidder.

    Attorneys know the Constitution. Surely they know the sharia law is simply not acceptable under the Constitution. No matter how they want to spin it, that dog don’t hunt!

    • Sara, in my humble opinion, the term “lawyer” and “good people” just cannot be spoken in the same breath. I am one of the guzillions of people who absolutely loath the bastards.

      It also boggles my mind how the American Bar can possibly condone Sharia as I would hazzard a guess that 75%-80% of all lawyers are Jewish.
      (for greater clarity, I loath LAWYERS, NOT Jews…)
      Don’t these birds know that Sharia would string them up if given the opportunity?
      What is happening out there??????????
      Good God!!!!!

      • “Sara, in my humble opinion, the term “lawyer” and “good people” just cannot be spoken in the same breath. I am one of the guzillions of people who absolutely loath the bastards.

        After a good giggle, I must say you are correct. What else could be said about an entire profession that lies for a living??

        • I can’t resist:

          You are on a desrt island.
          You have 1 gun with 2 bullets.
          On this island with you is Adolf Hitler, Osama Bin Laden and a lawyer.
          Who do you shoot?

          You shoot the lawyer twice.

          • Mind if I use this one??? Love it. In all this seriousness and very real danger, we all could use a giggle to lighten the mood.

            I do thank you Amboyduke.

          • You certainly can us it.
            You are right about a bit of humour…it helps immensely.
            However, you are also so very right about the fact that the world is in very real and serioius danger.
            I am, (I think) a fairly well adjuated individual, but every day it seems there is some secret power in the world that appears to be moving us to some kind of direction or destiny.
            Maybe it’s that New World Order you often hear about.
            Maybe, that New World Order will be headed by an entire Islamic Caliphate.
            I do know this: It will only happen with enormous bloodshed, because most in the West will go down fighting.
            I ceryainly know I will.

          • Amboyduke:

            I’ve had the same thoughts concerning a One World Order with Islam as the designated religion/cult.

            Christianity and other religions allow too much freedom to control large populations using terror.

            Islam would be a much easier vehicle of control.

            And we could bring up the Illuminati, who hate the Christian Church, but maybe that’s for another post.

            I’m glad to hear I’m not the only one thinking this.

          • Sara…lots of people are thinking along these lines.
            Not just right wing “Christian” loonies, either.
            What I can’t seem to understand is why the news media isn’t reporting more of the “wierd” shit out there? There’s lots of it!
            The Muslim Brotherhood is moving quickly behind the scenes to set up their regime. The whole Arab Middle East is ripe for these assholes to go into action.
            It seems every one in the West is a chicken shit or something?
            I read on another website a huge list of things that have happened in Egypt (and that whole area) since Mubarek has been given the boot, and the subject title was “All the News That’s Fit To Delete”.

            It was directed at hte New York Times and it listed all the anti Israeli things that Egyptian Muslims were saying about their intentions. It was horrible, and yet not a single grunt in the Western media about any of it.
            Thank God for the internet…at least we get to make our own minds up as to what is legitimate or not.
            Apparently Nostradomus spoke of the end of the world happening in Iran with all kinds of flashing lights…? This will take place after China invades Europe…? Time will tell but God knows we are living in some pretty interesting times…

          • That’s very interesting. I don’t feel quite so paranoid. Hollywood couldn’t make some of this stuff up.

            Whatever your opinion of Mubarek, he was the only protecting our interests in the Mideast among the Muslim nations. And yes, the Muslim Brotherhood is moving right in place. They’ve even got their Manchurian Candidate in the White House. And yes, I’ll fight. My dad taught me to shoot many years ago.

            And now our Nobel Peace Prize recipient wants to send troops into Libya??? What is our national interest there? I can’t decide if he ‘s just stupid or crazy like a fox. A Muslim fox.

    • isn’t the ABA one of those big separation of church and state organizations. how can they support law that comes from a religion. but then the liberals have always been hypocrites.

      • Tommy Mc Donnell,

        I’m a big supporter of “the separation of church and state” as people often call it, that’s why I get really upset when people who normally champion secularism, condemn anyone like me for opposing sharia.

  6. No where in the United States Constitution (the LEGAL Head of the U.S. Government) does it authorize ANYONE to form a Bar Association. People who live in glass houses should leave the rocks alone…Or is it one unconstitutional group helping to form another unconstitutional law or group if they want shari’a law, go to Saudi Aribia or Iran, they already have it. this is America and the Constitution is the Supreme Law of the Land, as well as the Legal and Rightfull Head of the United States Government, NOT ANY Public SERVANT, they all must take an Oath swearing to God to Protect it. And He set up this Nation, “One Nation Under God.” Hate to be in the shoes of ANY Oath breaker come Judgement Day, And it is Near. Mark My words and see if ALL Oath breakers wind up in Hell for a 1000 years, followed by the second death, when God kills theyr souls. As well as ANYONE who kills an innocent Person…72 virgins, thats a LIE from the father of all lies, the serpent, As is “the Earth is flat like a sheet or a rug, and does not move.” – The Qura’n. Change Your ways, or suffer the price, You have been warned, And don’t cry for mercy on Judgement Day if YOU refuse to listen to the TRUTH.

  7. I am a lawyer. I do not belong to the ABA and quit it 12 or more years ago. The ABA is just a trade organization you join for a fee. It has no authority to license attorneys or take any other steps other than provide education. forums. Those are of limited value. Most lawyers are not members of the ABA. just as most Drs. do not belong to the AMA. Both organizations have been taken over by liberal zealots. We ignore what they say and do. They do not represent many of us nor speak for the vast majority of lawyers.

    • so that begs the question – are you regular lawyer concerned with foreign laws being used to set precedence in the US, including Islamic sharia law in any form?

  8. This is new to me. I appreciate new information I can share with others. Each site has it’s own unique information we can use to share with like-minded Patriots. Thanks.

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