Sunday Night Video: DJ Gaddafi – Zenga Zenga (the remix)

Since there is a sharia-compliant version, we decided to post the version that has gone viral.

A remix of a rambling 75-minute speech Gadhafi delivered on Tuesday, set to dance music and featuring the strongman alongside footage of two gyrating girls, has gone viral on the Internet. It has racked up almost half a million views on the video-sharing website YouTube since it was posted three days ago. Called “Zenga Zenga,” the music video mixes Gadhafi’s quotes with club beats, using lines in which he vows to fight “inch by inch, home by home, alley by alley” as the chorus for the song. The clip was created by Israeli musician and DJ Noy Alooshe and appears to be wildly popular in the Arab world despite its origins in the Jewish state.

He has also posted online a version of the spoof hit without the scantily clad dancing girls to take into account sensibilities in the Muslim world. That version has some catching up to do in terms of popularity, with about 50,000 hits so far.

“There were some curses, but still most said it was a great remix,” Alooshe said.

“One guy even said that when Gadhafi falls we will dance to this remix in the streets of Tripoli – that would really be something.”

8 thoughts on “Sunday Night Video: DJ Gaddafi – Zenga Zenga (the remix)

  1. That is FABULOUS! Thanks for the giggles. I have to share this one!

    And I agree, he makes about as much sense on this as he ever has! Sort of reminds me of Adolph Hitler!

  2. Wild!! But the “fun” is tempered somewhat, knowing how many hundreds? thousands? he’s just killed this past week, pig dung be upon him!

  3. No kidding RON this makes much more sense than the original speech, lol! Thanks for that.

    This snake eyed, cross-dressing child murderer needs to be put to the ICC or any international court for his hundreds of crimes, and to try him for every single murder would take 500 years.

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