Pakistan: Children playing suicide bomber game (video)

Yesterday we posted on children being trained to wage jihad in Sudan, today it’s children in Pakistan acting out suicide bombings. via Video of children playing suicide bomb game circulates in Pakistan | Mail Online.

A shocking video has emerged from Pakistan depicting children role-playing a Taliban suicide bombing.

The 84-second clip shows Pashtun children recreating a terrorist attack, with one boy dressed in black – the ‘bomber’ – being embraced and wished well by his friends before setting off on his deadly mission.

In the single-take video, the ‘bomber’ then approaches another boy, dressed in white, who appears to be mimicking a member of the security forces and tries to stop him.

But the young Jihadi then ‘detonates’ – with other boys throwing sand into the air to simulate the explosion – and others rush in to examine the children who are playing dead.

Ahsan Masood, a Pashtun from Waziristan in Pakistan, posted the video on Facebook because he ‘thought it was funny’.

He said he believed it had been filmed in Khost, Afghanistan, and that it had been sent to him via his mobile phone by a friend.

It has been described as ‘horrifying’ by a children’s charity in Pakistan, but others have said it could be seen in a positive light as children role-play to deal with the violent circumstances they see in their everyday lives.

Some previous Creeping Sharia links from the religion of peace and child abuse:

8 thoughts on “Pakistan: Children playing suicide bomber game (video)

  1. Can’t find it online, but Sports Authority has a really good commercial depicting a young American boy in his backyard, acting out his scoring a play at a imaginary World Series game. Juxtapose a few frames at a time sliced between the imaginary jihad/baseball videos and make a commercial to illustrate the suicidal mental slavery of a child under Islam.

  2. A fun game. Send this video to your politically correct judges, schools, and politicians, demanding that it be played here. Ask the CAIR backed muslim federal reps to explain it away. Their explanations will tell you this is totally because of you , and look what you made us do is a favorite. Ah, the “we are the victim” blame game.

    After all the politically correct are insisting we accommodate every whim, desire and demand, and that you pay for it.

  3. And my children’s school was concerned about them playing “Red Rover:. I wonder if they’d like this culturally diverse game?????

  4. “JESUS said suffer not the children to come to me” It be better for a mill stone to be hung on these evil teachers of Islam neck. JESUS it is so hard to love these people as you have loved me!!!!!!!! Please don’t let my heart to become hardened. When suicide against non-believers of Islam becomes idolatry Muslims should really take at what Christ is about.

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