Cali: Missing 13-year-old girl fled to avoid arranged marriage in Pakistan

Preying on the weak. via Missing 13-year-old girl fled to avoid arranged marriage in Pakistan | Mail Online.

A 13-year-old schoolgirl who was missing for more than a week ran away because she was terrified by her mother and stepfather’s alleged plot to send her to Pakistan for an arranged marriage, police claimed today.

Jessie Bender’s parents are accused of keeping their plan secret from detectives after reporting that she had disappeared from their California home.

Their claim that Jessie was abducted by a Facebook predator was proved false after she was discovered hiding with a relative at a hotel about 30 miles from her home in Hesperia, California.

Speaking to MailOnline, Hesperia Sheriff’s Department spokeswoman Roxanne Walker said Jessie’s stepfather, Mohammad Khan – who is from Pakistan – and her American mother, Melissa, were planning an arranged marriage for the teen.

‘There was something to that effect in the works and the daughter was scared.

‘She was found with the uncle who was protecting her from the parents,’ said Ms Walker.

Detective Gerald Davenport was carrying out interviews today to determine whether the parents will face prosecution.

One line of inquiry is whether there was any intention to involve Jessie in an arranged marriage in Pakistan while she was under age.

Police also slammed the Bender family for ‘misleading’ them over Jessie’s disappearance, wasting time and resources.

Mrs Walker added: ‘Bender family members misled detectives and withheld critical information and as a result delayed the investigation and recovery of their daughter Jessie Bender.’

Jessie’s family had reported her missing on February 22.

They told police they feared she had been abducted by a man she met on Facebook.

It later emerged her mother Melissa admitted to police that the family were set to go on a two-month trip to Pakistan on February 23.

She confessed her daughter had been upset about having to go on the trip – but insisted ‘she was fine with it’, and said nothing about an arranged marriage.

It is not clear what relatives Jessie has in Pakistan although it is believed her stepfather Mr Kahn may have connections there.

Jessie and her three siblings have been taken to child protective custody by county social services, and no arrests have been made.

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19 thoughts on “Cali: Missing 13-year-old girl fled to avoid arranged marriage in Pakistan

  1. This STUPIDTY has to stop here in AMERICA. THe Muslim people have to live by OUR LAWS OR GET THE HELL OUT of this COUNTRY. No if’s or Butt’s about it. If they dont agree then GET THE HELL OUT OF OUR COUNTRY and go back to HERDING CAMEL’S and take the MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD Vwith you. LOCK and LOAD.

  2. Jessie and her three siblings have been taken to child protective custody by county social services.

    This will really rile them. Children taken away by the infidel? How dare they?

    • True.
      Because in the history of Islam, it’s been the other way around for a damn long time.
      Slave raiding.
      The little side-trips to Greece to collect more slaves for the Ottoman Empire.
      Yeah, we know about it.
      And we haven’t forgotten yet. Even though the Greeks, it seems, have.

        • Yes, I agree that islamic attitude are horrible. And it is even more horrible when I noted how those too many supposedly nonislamic asians in malaysia and singapore let their children under the care of those horrible islamics maids from indonesia who are known to be very abusive.. really scary. that is how they spread their bad habits .

  3. It’s a shame that the coverage of this shocking crime is in the British newspapers, not in the US. Why is it not OK to report the simple facts of this case?

  4. Napoleon once characterized Tallyrand as ‘s**t in a silk stocking’. Now there are muslims, women and men who are ‘s**t in colorful robes.

  5. I hope she is NOT returned to the family.
    Why are these religious converts allowed to whisk their young girls out of the country for arranged marriages. This is one reason everyone should have to reveal their “religious” affiliation at the border. In fact IMO muslims should be microchipped for identification . It’s the only way to stop these idiots from smuggling their female children out of the country for arranged marriages & female genital mutilation.

  6. For the love of Christ will you people stop referring to yourselves as infidels. The Muslims are the unbelieving infidels. Infidels is and english term used during the Crusades. We are the true believers in the TRUE GOD. Not the pagan moon god allah and its satanic followers.


  8. The “mother” requires psychiatric care by first being admitted into an asylum. The “husband” should be deported. If the husband is an American citizen, he just lost his citizenship. Islam and the U.S.Constitution are like oil and water so, therefore, Islam, muslims, goat and little boy lovers, O-U-T. Either shoot them, hang them, jail them, deport them, just get them OUT of America!

  9. these people are nothing but animals…pure and simple. If marriage of a child of six years old and sex by eight by an adult Arab male is legal…what are we dealing with here folks?

    Do we want this coming to America? I don’t think so!!!

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