Florida, Alabama, Missouri propose bills to prevent sharia law in U.S. courts

We’ve been assured over the years that no one in the U.S. wanted Islamic sharia law. Not Muslims and certainly not non-Muslims. Yet with each proposal to prevent sharia law from being used in U.S. courts, the pro-sharia contingent of Muslims – starting with terror-linked CAIR, and non-Muslims – primarily media outlets, continues to grow.

via Bill filed to ‘stop the spread of Sharia in Florida’

State Sen. Alan Hays, R-Umatilla, last month filed an “Application of Foreign Law” bill for the legislative session that begins next Tues., March 8. According to a right-wing blog, the law is an attempt to “stop the spread of Sharia in Florida.” #

Red County blogger Richard Swier writes that the controversial anti-Muslim group ACT! for America sent out the following press release about Hays’ bill: #

The American and Florida Laws for Florida Courts (anti-Shariah Legislation) has been filed in the Florida Legislature. We have sponsors in both the House and the Senate. #

The purpose of American and Florida Laws for Florida Courts is to preserve the sovereignty of the US and Florida and their respective Constitutions by preventing the encroachment of foreign laws and legal systems, such as Shariah law, that run counter to our individual constitutional liberties and freedoms. #

“This bill is much needed to stop the spread of Sharia in Florida,” Swier writes. #

The summary of the bill says the law “specifies the public policy of this state in applying the choice of a foreign law, legal code, or system under certain circumstances.”

via Tilley, Curtman seek to ban Sharia law from state courts

State Legislators announced House Bill 708 Tuesday, that would ban Sharia law, as well as other foreign laws, from being applied in Missouri courts.

State Representative Paul Curtman (R-Pacific) is sponsoring the legislation, and says Missourians should be governed by American law.

“I think this is another important step in defending the rights and liberties of our citizens,” Curtman said. “Our heritage is grounded in the idea that our government must protect those rights and liberties. This legislation will help make it clear the constitution and laws of our country are the only laws that should be considered when governing our citizens in our country.”

via Alabama senator tries to ban use of Islamic law

ANNISTON, Ala. (AP) – A Republican senator from Cottondale has introduced a bill in the Legislature that would ban the use of Islamic law in Alabama courts.

Sen. Gerald Allen can’t cite any examples of Muslims trying to have Islamic law recognized in Alabama courts, but he says the bill is designed to protect future generations from erosion of the Constitution.

The president of the Birmingham Islamic Society, Ashfaq Taufique, told The Anniston Star that the bill is an effort to “demonize Islam and Muslims.”

Allen says his bill is based on a constitutional amendment passed in Oklahoma. A federal judge temporarily blocked its enforcement in December pending further hearings in court.

17 thoughts on “Florida, Alabama, Missouri propose bills to prevent sharia law in U.S. courts

  1. More and more states are getting on the bandwagon. We need more states to get with the program. Then maybe our regime leaders might sit up and take notice. Doubtful though.

  2. If they want to live under Islamic sharia law which is Satan’s law go live in a country that all ready has it. In America we do not obey sharia law we use American law, the Constitution. Don’t like it, get the HELL out of my country. Plain and simple.

    • I agree with your opinion regarding above.
      American should not pander to their backward, inferior sharia law. Those islamics don’t have the right to introduce a totalitarian ideology to a land of freedom and prosperity.

  3. The idea of preventing Sharia Law from getting a solid foothold in US courts will have extreme difficulty in gaining movement because there is big big MONEY behind the notion of a “one world government.” In order to get everyone on board (so fewer people can control everyone) they need to sprinkle the cake with a few of everyone’s laws which means every nation needs to remain open to adopting the laws of others. We already know how that’s working for the EU but evil doesn’t stop just because people see it’s rotten.

  4. Please, the only law we should uphold is the law of the USA. We are NOT a foreign country and we should NOT even be having the discussion, but I can see the way out society is going that this is necessary

  5. So glad the president of the Birmingham islamic society chose the right words when he said ” the bill is an attempt to DEMONIZE islam and muslims…in other words is he saying that sharia if enacted, is DEMONIC? I’ll agree with him there! but I would add that islam itself is demonic, stirring hatred of all things and people NOT islamic…and RACIST against Jews!! great religion of peace and tolerance?? laughable if its vile influence wasn’t so tragic with the ongoing slaughter of millions of kuffar..

    • I am from Alabama. We will not put up with these raghead savages I can guarantee it.

      Alabama has Patriots that will kick them out !!

      We have put up with 40+ plus years of the race card BS propaganda and liberal lying news media and their spin.

      Nothing is working for these thugs, and they will be sorry they tried to mess with Alabama I can assure you the muslims will regret this crap.
      We are well prepared for their lying propaganda; & they are exposed for the lying savage cowards they are.

      In fact this entire nation is sick of these thugs.

      Time for Ahab to get back on his camel and go home to the middle east. They do not belong here.

      • Good for you , Patriot! wish we had a few good men with balls over here! Americas biggest threat is Obama, who is pro -islam, if not a muslim himself! Our Aussie Prime Minister is presently in your country no doubt getting lots of tips on how to import more muslims who are arriving by the boatload as ” refugees” funny that, seeing as most of them already have existing family living here, who also scammed the system as refugees.. They are paying people smugglers to cross to australia on rickety boats, and now we have a labor union Prime Minister, ( equivalent of your Liberal/ Dems) OUR Liberal Party here are the Conservatives..We are fighting the PM on introducing carbon Tax, which she solemnly promised her government would never do, now she’s getting tips from O on how to ram it through without the peoples mandate! Obama knows all about that!! we have also had a government body set up by the PM to investigate hate speech and racism and Islamophobia!! we are not even allowed to discuss Islam without being told we are phobic and intolerant!! the PM is building MORE detention centres to house MORE boatpeople .. Under our last CONSERVATIVE government under Howard we didn’t have a boat for a year, as soon as this islamist apologist took over goverment we’ve had hundreds of boatloads . She is openly stating she supports MULTICULTURALISM at a time when Germany, France, and Britain have admitted its been a dismal failure!! we are all hopping mad about the carbon Tax! whats the bet Obama too will also try to get this in the sneaky way, by royal fiat!! these arrogant communists believe they are ABOVE the people in knowing what is best for us!! Julia Gillard will LOSE BIG in the next elections but thats a few years from now when she’s destroyed our economy as all communist unionists always do when they hold power !!

  6. Unfortunately, this bill did not get out of committee in Arkansas. There were only 6 on the committee, with 4 voting against and 2 for it. The king of Saudi Arabia gave the University of Arkansas $20 million for their Middle East Studies Program, so that is why these dhimmi state senators voted it down. They sold our freedom for a few pieces of silver.

    • Can you prove this? I’m not saying you are making this up. If this is true, we need to flood the University with calls and get this investigated more!

  7. Could it be that shari’a will be a presidential election topic, a litmus for candidates? Will it be an intro to the lengthening list of muslim initiatives to destroy democracy in the United States. How will the unions support their traditional party the Democrats should the Democratic candidiate have to defend a pro-shari’a election plank called the ‘Dearborn initiative'(what I label the muslim murder of America)?

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