City of Edmonton launches sharia compliant women-only swimming

Just in time for International Women’s Day. Institutionalizing Sharia. It started as sharia compliant swimming for Muslim women and has been adopted by the city behind the veneer of a “safe” alternative to swimming with men. Creep creep. via Edmonton launches women-only swimming | Edmonton Sun.

The city of Edmonton is providing a place where women can get together for an all-female swim.

What started as a program run by Muslim women has been adopted by the city to ensure women of all different cultures have a place to feel safe in their own skin.

“When we decided to run it as a drop-in program, we were sure there were other women out there who maybe don’t go swimming because they’re not comfortable or just don’t want men to see them,” said Shauna Graham, Edmonton aquatic operations supervisor.

“The women really do enjoy themselves.”

Every Sunday evening, Eastglen pool caters to the women’s swim session and even offers a learn-to-swim lesson.

“It’s non-threatening for them,” said Graham.

Graham added the program is great for providing a place for the females to meet and connect to the community.

Expect similar gender segregation at the Ground Zero victory mosque and elsewhere.

30 thoughts on “City of Edmonton launches sharia compliant women-only swimming

  1. If it is truly a “women only” session then I have less of a problem with it. There are other religions that might have women that would feel more comfortable with an all female swim time. Many Orthodox Jews and conservative Christians would not want to swim in front of nonfamily men. I am in no way an apologist for Muslims and if this was a “Muslim only” swim time it would be a different story. I think a private facility has the right to have allotted times as they see fit- the gym I was a member of had a women only and 55 and older times set aside at the pool.

    • If ‘women only’ means ‘islamic women only’, it would be another one of their nasty islamic tactics to exclude us nonbelievers from a public facilities, which will be most unacceptable to us nonbelievers and make international women day such a meaningless farce.
      Are those islamic women trying out their islamic apartheid in Edmonton?.

  2. I don’t have a problem with it as long as men get their OWN private time. It should have NOTHING to do with religious preferences either.
    Simply males and females. Would they allow trans-gender people?

    • If it’s Sharia Law compliant, then no transgender, no gay ppl, no skin being shown, long sleeves & pants/dress. It’s not for the community, is for Muslims ONLY.

  3. This is sickening and typical of the mentality of people who work in the infrastructure of Edmonton.
    They promote immigrants and refugees to maintain all their cultural dress, customs, and bend over backward to not have them assimilate into the ‘now lost Canadian Culture’, these small minded bureaucrats who lack insite, really damage the climate of the city. There is a strong underground islamic movement in this city, and absolutely no awareness of it, even the Jewish organizations keep a low profile. No JDL in Edmonton. Mosques encourage as they do in all cities for the young women wearing head coverings to try for employment in visual places, such as taking tickets in theatres, working in the front lines at Tims and other places where there is lots of traffic, where parents and kids all attend openings of major kid flicks, or buy food, or shop, this is part of their program to try to normalize the sick patheitic head coverings worn by religious extremists, and those who are victims of gender apartheid.
    It is outrageous in this free democracy that we allow religious dress to be worn anywhere in the public sector.

    • That is the problems with those refugees and immigrants from third world counntries. They would demand special privilege and benefits even when they don’t deserve it. They would demand jobs even when they can’t do as well and make other co- workers miserable with their incompetence and bossiness.
      Those muslims and asians are one of the most intolerant and abusive lot while they expect other people to be tolerant of their backwardness, abusiveness, incompetence and shabbiness.

    • “It is outrageous in this free democracy that we allow religious dress to be worn anywhere in the public sector.”

      Yeah, we need to ban all religious expression, because that is what freedom is all about, right? ??!! You are a flipping retard. Fedoras off to you, sir.

  4. Following this story, I remember the attitude of the immigrants (read COLONISTS) who gave the impression Canada was THEIR country. Could this be the attitude preached into the heads of muslims yet to COLONIZE the New World? Are unsuspecting people being told they are not leaving home, just moving a little farther from their native village: that they carry the seeds of the SUPERIOR CIVILIZATION to those still living in darkness?

  5. Opening it up to all women allows the city to subsidize this aspect of sharia while at the same time socializing the concept among non-Muslims..

    Segregated prayers, segregated swimming, what’s next? Segregated gym classes in public school schools? Where does it end?

    • At the end of the day, us nonbelievers would rather have our own family pool than uncomfortably share a pool with a bunch of extremist that used their unpleasant islamic totalitarian ideology to exclude us disadvantaged nonbelievers from having any enjoyment in life. Time and time again, it just proved how selfish those islamics are.

    • So women who prefer to swim and use the facilities with only women are being influenced by sharia? Are you that clueless as to how all women are preyed upon by men daily in public life? Especially in an intimate setting like a public pool? Many women, regardless of religious codes of conduct, prefer to swim/change/shower away from men. How horrible that woman are given an option to swim and use the facilities in a comfortable women-only environment for a few hours on a Sunday evening! Your concern for women under sharia seems like extreme concern trolling- it sounds like you despise women and this is desperate cover. Your hate- for women and muslims- is disturbing.

      • What’s disturbing is how you project your feelings to things we’ve never written and yet you still fail to make any point whatsoever.

        In fact, we agree that women are preyed upon – particularly in the Muslim world…where rape is essentially legal or so hard to prove it’s legal…in fact the raped woman is often jailed. And in some Muslim countries marital rape is legal…justified by the Koran. See our post just days ago. We didn’t say it…the president of Maldives did backed by an imam quoting the Koran. Go leave him a nasty comment and see if they charge you with blasphemy.

        But you see, we don’t live in the Muslim world and there are norms, values and LAWS to protect all people. When a father can’t watch his daughter’s swim class or a mother can’t take her son swimming because Muslim women are in the pool – that is sharia law and it has no place in Western society.

        It’s not about you, or Muslims or women. It’s about liberty and freedom.

        “An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile – hoping it will eat him last” Winston Churchill

        • “And in some Muslim countries marital rape is legal…justified by the Koran. See our post just days ago. We didn’t say it…the president of Maldives did backed by an imam quoting the Koran. Go leave him a nasty comment and see if they charge you with blasphemy.”

          Canada and other “1st world” countries may give lip service to protecting women as a class, but how many husbands are actually convinced of raping their wives? A very small percent of all rapes are even reported, much less convictions for the perpetrators. It is all on the backs of women to prove that it happened at all and then to prove they were not “asking for it” in any number of ways. Sharia is disgusting. If you open your eyes, you will see disgusting abuses of women happening by the minute, every single day in every country in the world. Show me one nation that believes they have it locked down when it comes to treating women as human beings and I can show you thousands of human rights violations against women in that country.

          Do you genuinely wish to help women under sharia or just use them as an excuse to hate on islam? Do you actively do anything to help women in the real world? Do you donate or volunteer at local shelters where women abused by sharia- compliant husbands can get help in escaping their nightmare of abuse? I would love to donate a few bucks to a women’s shelter in your area, but there doesn’t seem to any links for actual causes. There is certainly a lot of talk here about concerns over women’s rights, but it is all seems lke an excuse to vent your anti-islamic rage. Good luck with that. By the way, if you want to send me the email of the president of the Maldives, I will be sure to send him a “nasty comment”. Sorry, man, but I am not afraid to be woman who opens my mouth when men would prefer that I did not. Male violence has not been able to stop me yet :)

  6. Those people are having wrong conception about Islam. They don’t fully understand. In our modern world, I don’t understand why so many people are very judgmental and blaming chaos or killings with other people. How they have proven the accusations without looking after what you have sighted like Christians killing Jews. You are correct and you understand well.

    I also agree that Islam is a religion of peace, that is a 100% correct. They share for the poor. And people all over the world have different perceptions and freedom.

    Me, as Catholic Christian believes that all religion are all good, whether Islam, Buddhist and a lot more. It is a member of religion, a believer who;s giving a bad image of his religion. Meaning if one Christian or Muslim did the crime, people will generalize the whole community. It could be a wrong perception, we should think and base everything in realities.

    I witnessed here in the Middle east how Muslim countries are helping other people regardless of their faith.

    I wish one day, those people accusing Islam and Christianity of bad things should be awaken and find for them the real truth. Don’t just speak and broadcast anything without any justified basis, it should be based on facts. Or else, it will lead to misleading other people.

    last, i dont think having ladies swimming pool is that big deal, alot of women doesn’t feel comfortable showing their bodies.. freedom in my openion is the respect of others.

    Continue to raise your voice, I salute you!!!! God bless and have faith in Allah

    • Hmm talks like a MUSLIM and claims to be Catholic yeah sure #FAIL 100%

      as for judgemental- yes when nutjobs kill people here we JUDGE THEM AS MURDERERS & send them to jail-MUSLIMS give them parades (look up Samir Kuntar) and Saudis give them money and all ISLAM says they will be rewarded in heaven for killing any non Muslims

      we don;t have the wrong conception, we see reality of it- you are delusional

      if you don’t see the difference you are a liar or Muslim or asskisser of Muslims

      have a nice day

        • @Isa….62Asshole. Wow–“…Asshole”???–THAT’S THE BLOGNAME YOU PICKED FOR YOURSELF??? Touché! Maybe you should preface it with “Dumbass…”! Wow, talkin’ about a “MORON”!!!!! BTW, “…Asshole”, Isahiah62 probably won’t even notice your comment to him–seeing you’re only about 5 yrs and 5 mos late with your reply!!!!! Here’s a better blogname for you, I highly recommend it–“Maggot-MUZZLUM-Moron”–(Oh, ahh, you can add the “Asshole” part if you like)! Yeah, that’ll work!!!!

  7. The whole of islamic community had been well known to be such an extreme big bully and had been known to make such a big nasty show of their islamic intolerance towards us nonbelievers.

  8. Those islamics criticised south Africa but they are worst than south Africa in their bestowing of special rights to their own islamic community. Those islamics said there are democracy
    in their rule but those islamics nastily and inconsiderately pushed their islamic agenda without considering our disadvantaged nonbelievers preference.
    That is why one cannot trust what an islamic or proislamic said no matter how “nice” they appear to be.
    It is incredible that there are still people deluding themselves over how ‘nice” those islamics are
    Those islamics had been more of a nuisance to us poor nonbelievers of islamics nonsense than of any help to us poor nonbelievers.

  9. I think those nasty islamics who never respect our nonbelievers freedom and who tried for so long to force us nonbelievers of islamic nonsense to respect their harmful islamic culture/ideology should stop forcing us nonbelievers to respect their nasty and abusive islamic culture/ideology.

  10. I agree. If this is a “women only” swimming place, I think it’s wonderful.

    As for the ignorant ppl who have no tolerance to other religions, beliefs, morals or simply feelings…. then you should just go swim in another swimming pool!

    You’re just full of hate, I pity you…

  11. I think there is nothing wonderful at all about any women only swimming place, if it include islamics who wish to spread their islamic hate or islamic totalitarian ideology disease via women only pool.

  12. Extremely nasty, pushy and intolerant islamics certainly deserved no pity for not respecting our nonbelievers right and feelings.
    Anyway, women only pool should be a personal choice, that have nothing to do with any ideology, and should not be exploited or dominated by any totalitarian ideology .

  13. THIS IS FOR EVERY ON HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




    THANK U..

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  17. Slightly disturbing how offensive it is to members of the general public in this mosaic of nations that muslim women request a ‘womens-only’ swim time. If other religions or cultures requested it, it would not have such a stigma attached to it immediately. Also, this country promotes freedom of religion, and the right to practice one’s religion so any other religion who wants certain swim times with males only or females only has the right to request it. Unfortunately, in this day and age, racism still exists and freedom means lack of culture, color, and religion. I am shocked by these reactions that state muslims are trying to push their religious practices on others. People please do more research on islam. Islam means ‘peace’ and that is exactly how muslim people are to act: in a peaceful manner. Therefore, no muslim is attempting to push their religion, they are simply trying to practice islam as correctly as they can. I think the saddest thing about Canada today, is that we were all immigrants at one point. Whether it was a couple hundred years ago, or yesterday.

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