The little White House lie: Thomas Jefferson hosted “iftar”

Ok, a big lie. There is so much Islamic propaganda coming out of the White House it’s hard to keep up. But this is the second time we’ve heard this little White House lie so we had to post it. via Warner Todd Huston’s Denial: Obama Nat’l Sec. Advisor Says ‘Many Different Faiths’ Turn to Terrorism : Stop The ACLU.

Speaking of garbling facts, McDonough also began his address with a lie that Obama himself has in the past perpetrated on America. In his very first paragraph, McDonough said the following:

I know that President Obama was very grateful that you led the prayer at last summer’s Iftar dinner at the White House—which, as the President noted, is a tradition stretching back more than two centuries to when Thomas Jefferson hosted the first Iftar at the White House.

It is simply untrue to claim that Thomas Jefferson held the first Iftar dinner in the White House. It is true that in 1805 President Jefferson hosted a late night dinner with a visiting Muslim official from Tunis, a dinner that came at the end of Ramadan. But there is simply no historical evidence that Jefferson imagined himself holding any Iftar dinner or that the visiting Muslim official even told Jefferson what an Iftar dinner was. It is spin of the highest order to claim that Jefferson “held” an Iftar dinner when there is no proof that he intended to do so.

McDonough and Obama both show that they are dangerously uneducated in the dangers of radical Islam. This speech certainly proves that Obama and his minions simply don’t get it. They don’t get it at all.

They get it. All too well. As noted previously, Jefferson had first hand experience with Islamic jihad, via “From the mouth of our cannon”: brief history of Bainbridge & Muslim piracy:

Like today, the leaders of America in the late 1700’s tried to settle the piracy issue through diplomacy. As such, two American diplomats, Thomas Jefferson, then the American ambassador to France, and John Adams, the American ambassador to Britain, were dispatched to London in 1786 in an attempt to resolve the piracy issue. They met with Sidi Haji Abdul Rahman Adja, the “Dey of Algiers” ambassador to Britain. It was during that meeting in London when Jefferson asked the Muslim ambassador why Muslims held so much hostility towards America, a nation they had virtually no contact with at that time.

The answer is as relevant today as it was in 1786 – perhaps even more so. Ambassador Sidi Haji Abdul Rahman Adja stated:

“Islam was founded on the Laws of their Prophet, that it was written in their Qur’an, that all nations who should not have acknowledged their authority were sinners, that it was their right and duty to make war upon them wherever they could be found, and to make slaves of all they could take as Prisoners, and that every Muslim who should be slain in Battle was sure to go to Paradise.”

Don’t expect Obama, McDonough, Ellison or anyone else to fess up to history.

45 thoughts on “The little White House lie: Thomas Jefferson hosted “iftar”

  1. A sample letter to send to Peter King:


    March 7, 2011

    Congressman Peter King
    339 Cannon House Office Building
    Washington, D.C. 20515

    Dear Congressman King,

    Please continue with the Hearings and do not be deterred from fact finding. It is most URGENT that these hearings takes place and that the dots are connected and made public. The Investigative Project, CAMERA, Middle East Forum, Hudson Institute, Pam Geller, etc., etc., ALL must be heeded. The facts are real, on the ground and time is running out to preserve a western type democracy and an American Constitution that really is humankind’s last best hope for Freedom and Democratic Secular ideals.

    There is an expression in arabic and expresses a consistent course of political and religious behavior for Islam : “al- wala’ w’al-bara”. It deals with loyalty to either the state or Islam and Islam must be chosen for Muslims. The problem is the Qu’ran and concepts of duality and abrogation. The problem is that the majority of Muslims profess Islam in it’s totality and are ignorant of what they profess (“true Islam is spoken in Arabic”). If you google the above term and read it and ask Congressman Ellison what that means, his answer will have to be illogical (or mere taqiyah) – to be a good Muslim, one must follow the Qu’ran exactly – no deviation is possible, hence no reformation is possible as did take place in all other great religions (after about 1400 years) – allegiance is to Allah and not the state. To be a good Muslim you must therefore adhere to jihad and the teachings and fatwas, etc. It gets tiring. Islamic extremism is therefore consistent with the Qu’ran – later teachings out rule the earlier – the violent over the “peaceful”. This can not be tolerated in America – political Islam cannot be separated from religious Islam – it’s like Nazism all over again – THAT is the problem.

    Please note that the Ikhwan Islam (Brotherhood) documents in the Holyland Foundation Trial (5th Cir Ct. Of Apps, Texas) are most illustrative of what the US government is up against and the need to take action and “weed out” those in government who would overthrow our government, our way of life and our proud American jurisprudence, all for antithetical Islamic jurisprudence and Shariah Law – the lists of “brother” organizations in America in that court evidence is astounding and scary.

    My letter will not be “P.C.” – I will say this clearly: it is the verses in the Qu’ran which drive extremism. Period. It is the verses in the Qu’ran which cannot be changed (al-wala’ w’al-bara), hence they must be obeyed. The Qu’ran commands the faithful to destroy the kuffar and demand jiyza, that is us.

    I applaud you, your gumption and your actions. Please stay the course and ignore the race baiters and haters.

    Yours in Freedom and American Constitutional Exceptionalism,

      • No, my people were on the receiving end of that one (IWO). This one is for real. Go read a koran. THAT should terrify you. It does me.

  2. Yes Congressman KING STAND TALL and EXPOSE the JIHAD thrust into OUR COUNTRY by the MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD, the pervayor of DEATH AND DISTRUCTION around the world. EXPOSE the 37 JIHAD TRAINING CAMPS here in the U. S. A. that the FBI are watching but doing nothing about them. It is go for BROKE NOW or SUFFER LATER. LOCK and LOAD.

    • excellent source for reality of the founders
      not the revisonism pumped out by OBummer and CO

      sadly the truth is losing to the MYTH
      all our news media except Fox have swallowed the posion koolaid of the liars

  3. I also applaud Congressman King’s courage in holding these hearings. If we do not know the enemy, how will we combat it? Ignorance is not bliss. In this case, ignorance is deadly.

    As to the “Iftar.” Since I sincerely believe that Barack Hussein Obama is a Muslim, I am not surprised by any lie he or his representative might tell. Of course Thomas Jefferson would not do such a ridiculous thing. It’s insulting to even contemplate a heathen celebration held by such a cultured man as Jefferson. President Obama, keep your “Iftars.” The American people want nothing to do with them and, I hope, with you next year.

    • This is a perfect example of racist, bigots who know NOTHING about our history.
      Thomas Jefferson hosted the first White House iftar. Mr. Obama referred to that historic iftar when he hosted his own White House iftar dinner in 2010.

      “Ramadan is a reminder that Islam has always been a part of America,” Obama said. “The first Muslim ambassador to the United States, fromTunisia, was hosted by President Jefferson, who arranged a sunset dinner for his guest because it was Ramadan – making it the first known iftar at the White House, more than 200 years ago.”

      The actual dinner took place precisely at sunset on Dec. 9, 1805, for Sidi Soliman Mellimelli, Tunisia’s Muslim envoy to the United States, who was visiting Washington for six months regarding a piracy dispute.

      Though the practice quickly fell out of favor, first lady Hillary Clinton rekindled the tradition in 1996 by hosting a dinner to celebrate Eid ul-Fitr, the holiday marking the end of Ramadan. And underPresident George W. Bush, the White House iftar became an annual ritual. Mr. Bush hosted eight iftar dinners during his eight years in office in an effort to reach out to Muslim Americans and emphasize that America was not at war with Islam.

      More evidence to counter the religious right in this nation who seek to redefine the USA as a Christian nation, which is clearly not the case. These are facts. You are a racist, bigot a-hole. That’s a fact, too.

      • In other words you are going to ignore everything that has been said and instead continue to repeat all the untruths and distortions. And you call others “bigot a-hole”!
        No Jefferson did not host an iftar.
        Øblowme distorted the circumstance of the Jefferson dinner party in order to curry favor.
        The United States is a Christian nation, founded upon Christian principles, but with a secular government.

  4. Normally we never hear the whole truth from any White House, much less the congress, but this White House never seems to tell any truth. Either on what they will do, what they are doing, or what they have done. No one outside ever hears the truth. They never speak the truth. To expect them to tell the truth about Muslim terrorists is laughable. They cannot bring themselves to even admit the possibility that the attacks on us are the result of a terrorist Jihad. Telling the truth about something that happened a couple of hundred years is to easy to spin to their advantage.

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  6. Now they want us to believe that Thomas Jefferson was a Muslim.
    Just like Muslims claim Moses, Abraham, Jesus and Mary were Muslims.
    Again, it is the imposition of a Muslim perspective on the West. If you have any integrity at all, you will dismiss it.

    • EIB,

      There’s also been some people who claim that Christopher Columbus was a Muslim, not to mention other historically figures who clearly were not, like C.S Lewis. I don’t know if they are yet claiming that Jefferson was a Muslim, but it wouldn’t be that surprise, but no one who knew about his actually religious views would believe that.

      • Thomas Jefferson had a Koran to study Christopher Columbus was a christian possibly of jewish heritage so the main reason was to find a new homeland for jewish people

        • John,

          From every thing I’ve heard, Christopher Columbus’ quest to find a shortcut to the east, and had nothing to do with Judaism, although it may have had something to do with Christianity.

    • As a matter of fact, all prophets were, technically speaking, Muslim. They all brought God’s message to the world. Now, if God had a message to send, do you think he would change the religion every single time? No. He just sent another Prophet and another book (preaching the same religion), every time the previous generation would start acting up again. Every previous Holy Book that has been sent to the world has been altered in some way or another, other than the Quran. It is, and has been, in its original form since it was sent to Prophet Muhammad PBUH from God. Don’t you think something that has not been altered in any way is more reliable than something that has been changed? I think so! And when did anyone ever claim that Thomas Jefferson was a Muslim? If I recall correctly, the point was the fact that Thomas Jefferson was TOLERANT of Islam unlike many people today. Islamophobia is an unnecessary type of phobia which spreads to people who are not tolerant of other religions. I am sorry, but this is the utter truth. I am tired of people talking badly about Islam in an effort to turn others against Islam. People have SO many misconceptions about Islam and they are all wrong. I am not Muslim, but I am human. I will stand up for what I believe is right and I believe that religious toleration is right. It is one of the main factors this country was founded upon. I recommend you read this article, it may come in handy for you.
      I also hope you reply. I really do want to know if the article helped you, or if you have any questions or a response to my arguments stated above. If you do not reply, I will simply believe you have nothing else to say on this matter; which will in turn make it obvious that your opinion was not very strong on this subject. Thank you and have a wonderful day.

      • as matter of fact you are misinformed and a liar Muslim- only Muslims think Jesus and prophets were Muslims – however since all the prophets and Jesus lived in a a time PREVIOUS TO MOHAMMED’s invention of ISLAM, by more than 5000 to 600 years, obviously a kindergartner could see that is not possible- Muslims like to retroactively change history and facts – Homey dont play DAT-
        AS for changes in the books- gee JEWS book matches the version found at Qumran same for 5000 years- and Muslims burned any copy of Koran that did not match the other ones- Koran was written 200 years after Mohammed died (he could not read or write)_ written by a group of men who supposedly remembered what he said- it has no chronology and none of it makes a dash of sense WITHOUT the stoires told in OUR SCRIPTURES-
        and Koran changes scripture saying ISHAMEL was the son sacrificed by Abraham obviously WRONG as itwas ISSAC—You are also 100% wrong on Jefferson- he had a copy of KORAN b/c USA (before we were even a country) ships were being raided by PiRATE MUSLIMS and he wanted to know why that was done, b/c our nations were not at war- the Sultan informed him in no uncertain terms this was his right as a MUSLIM that all Muslims can do the same- that waging war on non believers was HALAL-and their right as Muslims- Jefferson was not tolerant of this war on our ships in fact it is WHY the MARINES were formed- to combat piracy of MUSLIM thieves- listen to the song- ‘from the halls of montezuma to the SHORES OF TRIPOLI”
        we beat the Muslim scum then and you can count on getting same if you do not stand down and quit attacking us for your fake religion.
        Of course it is likley you only know the bastardized Muslim version of history

        It is not phobia of ISLAm it is disgust with people so ful of lies and hate- itis not phobia or hte to despise evil people who want you dead and threaten same at any opportunity- we do despise ISLMOANAZIS and fascist totalitarian heathens who kiss a black rock and think they worship the same G-d.who feel justified to Kill and torture and rape anyone notof their so called religion and who treat their own so basely – we see Muslims treatment of each other andit is not attractive- keep your filthy world OUT OF OURS and kiss off trying to tell us how to be, act and do- you are not an example of the best of mankind-

        • and we are tolerantof ALLOTHER RELIGIONS EXCEPT ISLAM for obvious reasons- no Hare Krishnas or Bahais are making threats to our lives, no Hindu sadhus are telling followers to kill Americans and doing so, we have many other faiths here so yuour lie that USA is not tolerant of religionis a big fat CAIR funded LIE (just one more lie told by Muzzies) IT IS ONLY ISLAM – why should we tolerate those who threaten us?? ISLAM is not a religion like others- itis ISLAm that has no toelrance for any other faith- see of just about ANY and ALL Islamic nations – church burnings, likking and kidnapping other faiths people, outlawing their speechand books and right o worship- take your dawa and shove it up your butt (make sure to use left hand)

          • not a Muslim and yet he posts PBUH after the name of the pedophile murderer– yeah

            a pox be upon him
            and you liar Mohammedean

          • WOW. I am getting sick of your ignorance. “not a Muslim and yet he posts PBUH after the name of the pedophile murderer– yeah”. You are SO disrespectful to the religion of so many people all over the world. You need to open your eyes and realize that we are not living in an 18th century world. This is the 21st century. Most people are tolerant to so many things like gay marriages, abortion, etc., so I suggest you should start trying to be tolerant to other religions.

        • First of all, you really need to stop assuming things. You talk like you believe you are superior to Muslims, when obviously, you are just sinking lower by talking badly about them. And would you by any chance have any proof of Muslims burning their own book? No, I don’t think so. Also, why are you talking like you are an aspiring thug or gangster? “Homey don’t play DAT.” Really?
          Second of all, please read this article, as will will help you with the confusion of Ishmael vs. Isaac.
          You sound SO ignorant in that last paragraph, wow. And as I have state above, I am not a Muslim, but I am human. I don’t understand how people could have so much hate against a religion before even having read about it or anything. If you do not believe me, try reading the Quran for yourself. I have not yet; I’ve only read parts of it, but let me know how it was, so I can read the whole thing :). I am assuming you are super conservative, and I know my assumption is probably correct. Have a wonderful day.

          • ’Ibn Umar al–Khattab explicitly admits,

            “Let no one of you say that he has acquired the entire Qur’an for how does he know that it is all? Much of the Qur’an has been lost, thus let him say, ‘I have acquired of it what is available”’ (Suyuti: Itqan, part 3, page 72).

            A’isha (also page 72) adds to the story of ibn Umar and says,

            “During the time of the prophet, the chapter of the Parties used to be two hundred verses when read. When Uthman edited the copies of the Qur’an, only the current (verses) were recorded” (73 verses).

            The same statement is made by Ubay ibn Ka’b, one of the great companions. On page 72, part 3, the Suyuti says,

            “This famous companion asked one of the Muslims, ‘How many verses in the chapter of the Parties?’ He said, ‘Seventy-two or seventy-three verses.’ He (Ubay) told him, ‘It used to be almost equal to the chapter of the Cow (about 286 verses) and included the verse of the stoning.’ The man asked, ‘What is the verse of the stoning?’ He said, ‘If an old man or woman committed adultery, stone them to death.”’

            This same story and same dialogue which took place between the companion and one of the Muslims is recorded by Ibn Hazm (volume 8, part 11, pages 234 and 235). Then Ibn Hazm said,

            “’Ali Ibn Abi Talib said this has a reliable chain of authority (The Sweetest [Al Mohalla] vol. 8.).”

            The Zamakh-shari also cited it in his book, “al-Kash-Shaf’ (part 3, page 518).

            These are unquestionable statements made by the pillars of the Islamic religion who transmitted Muhammad’s sayings and biography, “The Tradition”, and who interpreted the Qur’an— among them Ibn ’Umar, A’isha, Ubay Ibn Ka’b and ’Ali Ibn Abi Talib. Ibn ’Umar states that a large part of the Qur’an was missed. A’isha and Ubay Ibn Ka’b assert that dozens of verses from the “Chapter of the Parties” have been lost. ’Ali confirms that, too. In regard to this particular verse, the following incident is recorded in “The Itqan” by Suyuti (part 1, page 168),

            “During the collection of the Qur’an, people used to come to Zayd Ibn Thabit (with the verses they memorized). He shunned recording any verse unless two witnesses attested to it. The last verse of chapter of Repentance was found only with Khuzayma Ibn Thabit. Zayd said, ‘Record it because the apostle of God made the testimony of Khuzayma equal to the testimony of two men.’ ’Umar came with the verse of the stoning but it was not recorded because he was the only witness to it.”

            One can only wonder and ask, “Does ’Umar need another witness to agree with him? Would he lie to God and the Qur’an? Because of that, ’Umar said after that, “If it were not that people would say, “Umar has added to the book of God’, I would have recorded the verse of the stoning” (part 3, page 75 of the Itqan). Refer also to skiek Kishk’s book (part 3, page 64). Another confession by A’isha:

            “Among the (verses) which were sent down, (the verse) of the ten breast feedings was abrogated by (a verse which calls for five breast feedings. The apostle of God died and this verse was still read as part of the Qur’an. This was related by Abu Bakr and ’Umar” (refer to Suyuti’s qan, part 3, pages 62 and 63).

            Events Which Led To The Loss Of Some Verses

            A Domesticated Animal Eats Qur’anic Verses

            In his book (volume 8, part II, pages 235 and 236), Ibn Hazm says plainly,

            “The verses of stoning and breast feeding were in the possession of A’isha in a (Qur’anic) copy. When Muhammad died and people became busy in the burial preparations, a domesticated animal entered in and ate it.”

            A GOAT ATE PART OF YOUR QURAN accfording to your own founders of ISLAM

            and the story SAYS CLEARLY ISSAC no amount of Muslim changing the stories of the JEWS will ever change that

            I have argued this idiocy before with Muslims like you- Your Quran arguments mean NOTHING anyway- I dont care if you pray tothe spaghetti monster- it is the POLITICAL MILItary aspectsof ISLAm the THE FANTASY OF WORLD DOMINATION THAT WE ARE OPPOSED TO-the JEWHATER genocial fantasies — wake up and smell the camel farts you typed here

            want to see true ignorance- look in a mirror b/c if youare not a Muslims then youare the stupisdest dhimmi asswiper of Muslims I ever heard

            we know all your lies so save yourself the typing

          • All Muslim scholars concur—such as Al-Bukhari (part 6, page 225), Suyuti in “The Itqan” (part 1, page 170), and Ibn Kathir in “The Beginning and the End” (part 7, page 218) in which he remarks,

            “’Uthman burned the rest of the copies which were in the hands of the people because they disagreed on the (correct) reading and they fought among themselves. When they came to take ibn Mas’ud’s copy to bum it, he told them, ‘I know more than Zayd ibn Thabit (whom ’Uthman ordered to collect the copies of the Qur’an).’ ’Uthman wrote to ibn Mas’ud asking him to submit his copy for burning.”

            BURNT LIKE I SAID

            we KNOW we SEE and you can’t hide behind lies

      • Truth,

        The so called prophets you refer to would never call them selves Muslims, and there’s no evidence they ever foresaw the coming of Muhammad, and there’s very good reason to think they would not consider him a prophet if they met him, unlike what Muslims may believe to be the case.

        As for Thomas Jefferson being tolerant of Islam, technically he was tolerant of Muslims as far as I can tell, since he didn’t persecute Muslims, nor should he have persecuted Muslims, but that doesn’t mean that he always saw Islam as benign.

        Also as for the claim that the Quran has never been altered, even if it were true, it would give me no reason to look at it as a source of wisdom. There are things in there that are utter nonsense. I can find people on youtube refuting the so called Miracles in the Quran, as well as pointing out insistence where it actually contradicts modern science. Not to mention that it is utterly lacking in genuine moral teachings.

        Sam Harris: Islam Is Not a Religion of Peace

        Plus like I wrote earlier, there’s no evidence that any of the previous “prophets” foresaw the coming of Muhammad. For that matter, there’s no evidence that the previous holy books were altered in the way Muslims claim they were altered. Despite the fact that they were altered, there’s just no evidence they were altered in that way. No previous version of the Torah or the bible foretelling Muhammad’s coming, not to mention the fact that there is no evidence of an earlier group of Christians who believed that someone greater than Jesus was coming, ever.

        As for the claim that Islamic culture in general is more tolerant and less violent than western culture, just look at how peaceful and tolerant you’re average Muslim country is today.

        The 13 Worst Countries for Christian Persecution

        Homophobia on the rise in the Muslim world

        Afghan Convert to Christianity to be Executed within Days

        As for the founding father tolerating people practicing the Islamic faith, yes indeed they did, as they should have as long as they did not make special demands on others or violate the rights of non Muslims in the name of their faith.

        The Founding Fathers and Islam

        But they were also critical of Islam, as many of them were also critical of Christianity, and many of them to say the least, did not like what they saw in the Quran or the Islamic faith in general.

        No, Professor Ahmed, the Founders Were Not So Fond of Islam

        • “And when Jesus, the son of Mary said: ‘Children of Israel, I am sent to you by Allah to confirm the Torah that is before me, and to give news of a Messenger who will come after me whose name shall be Ahmad.’ Yet when he came to them with clear proofs, they said: ‘This is clear sorcery'” (Qur’an 61.6 )
          Also, regarding paragraph 3, would you like to show me this “utter nonsense,” as well as where it lacks “genuine moral teachings.” Did you know, many things that have been proven by science were in the Quran 1400 years ago?

          • Truth,

            Do you really think that quoting the Quaran to me is going to change my mind on this? That would be like me quoting the Bible to you, to convince you that Jesus was the son of God. The fact of the matter is that Muslims do not see Jesus as the son of God, and Christians and Jews never saw Muhammad as a prophet, and there is no evidence to suggest Jesus or anyone foretold the coming of Muhammad.

            Also the the So called Science in the Quran has all been debunked.

            Quran science debunked

            By the way, if you are not a Muslim as you claim, you still sound like one, because you are using arguments that only Muslims would use. I am not being disrespectful, but when was the last time someone who was not a Christian quoted the Bible in order to prove something that traditionally only Christians believed? Anyway, don’t you think you’d think I was Christian, if I tried to argue something was true, because it was written in the Bible?

  7. The little White House lie: Thomas Jefferson hosted “iftar

    It’s called Rewriting History according to the designer negro islamofascist slime Obama.

  8. I couldn’t post this excellent article to my Facebook page either! And I tried earlier to post a great one from Bare Naked Islam – and that, too, came up empty: Namely, all that was shown on the blank screen (other than my avatar) was “No Title” – and no way to access it, either. Do you think that Facebook is CENSORING Creeping and BNI? Wouldn’t be surprised – this is an uphill battle against the current Fifth Column of useful idiots!

    • It wouldn’t surprise me Joy…
      I think I’m a normal, fairly well adjusted sort…but lately my paranoia is bubbling to the surface.
      There seems to be an underlying movement afoot all over the world.

      Look at Europe…the crap in Egypt…if you think these Egyptians that CNN and the West in general are supporting want “freedom and democracy”…
      I would seriously think again.
      That entire area is ripe for a radical Islamic takeover.
      It sure makes one wonder.

  9. I have NO confidence in hussein obama’s veracity so I think this was/is DELIBERATE on his part, hoping no one will catch him out.

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  11. P.S. The founder of the Ground Zero Mosque commented that Freedom of Speech is the cause of Islamic Extremism. This is a very interesting way of thinking and odd that writing the truth about Islam is resulting in some individuals in Europe being charged and sued with what really amounts to Blasphemy against “Allah”.
    (i.e. Oriana Fallaci “The Rage and the Pride and The Force of Reason”) The truth is that our cultures are clashing (see Clash of Civilization) and Christian Judeo societies are trying to appease Muslims in the hopes of avoiding war. However, Islamic Terrorist attacks hit the 10,000 mark from the 9/11 event to 2007 (see ) and those attacks are escalating so there is no avoiding this situation and appeasement obviously encourages more attacks. Other writers and freedom fighters besides Oriana Fallaci are attempting to tell the truth about Islam. In addition, over 80% of Terrorist Acts being committed in America are by only 1% of our Population (Muslims) or Most Muslims Are Not Terrorists but Most Terrorists Are Muslim. One must conclude there’s an escalation of hostilities between Islamic adherents and the rest of the world so at what point do we Christians, Hindu, Buddhist, Jews and others consider these terrorist acts of racial genocide an act of war. And what ever happened to the Oklahoma and other states initiative to limit Sharia Law in America?

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  15. “THE LITTLE WHITE HOUSE” is in in Warm Springs, Georgia but NO MORE cause it has burned to the ground just like the other cottage FDR had built during the time he was seeking a cure for Polio in Georgia just a few days ago when lightening struck both cottages not to far apart from each other. Story:

    The cottages were part of the Georgia Department of Labor’s Roosevelt Warm Springs Institute for Rehabilitation. The state assumed ownership of Roosevelt’s treatment center in 1974, according to state officials.

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