Sharia creeps in Sao Paulo, Brazil (video)

While Beija Flor was winning Carnival again in Rio, sharia was creeping in Sao Paulo. via Consultor Juridico and De olho na Jihad (Google translated, clarifications welcomed):

The Universe Online (UOL) is free to pay compensation for moral damages in the amount of $ 30,000, a Muslim group. However, the ISP was forced to withdraw from their websites the game Virtual Fighter Faith (Faith Fighters) for alleged religious affront.

The gang retired judges sentence for first degree to understand that there is no harmful act in scenes to justify the payment of collective moral damage. The internet provider has been convicted in first instance to leave the game available on their pages. The parties have not appealed the decision.

In the game, the site offers clickjogos UOL, participants chose gods or religious figures to fight among themselves. One option is the prophet Muhammad, Islam’s top leader. The Muslim Mosque of Barrie (city located 423 km from state capital) has filed suit in court.  It claimed that the scenes damage the image of Mohammed, to put it as a character fighting against the deities of other religions.

The game is a version of another, Street Fighter, fighting between the two figures. Instead of choosing characters with greater muscle strength or martial arts techniques, the player can fight through religious figures such as Mohammed, Buddha, Jesus and Muhammad.

The rapporteur of the appeal, Judge Enio Zuliani, recognized as the right part of the sentence that sent the game to remove the page from MSN. He understood that the game “is a vulgarity” that pushes the boundaries of tolerance and insult the Muslim faith. Zuliani also pointed out that Law 8.081/90 provides that a judge can ban messages or pages on the World Wide Web.

The judge argued that freedom of worship is not confined solely to protect the places of meeting and liturgy. For him, the protection is broad and covers policies to prevent the legalization of discriminatory and prejudiced.”The game, though not profane, it is offensive and causes revulsion to people who do not play, which is enough to arouse interest law,” contended Zuliani.

Creep creep.

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5 thoughts on “Sharia creeps in Sao Paulo, Brazil (video)

  1. The creeping CRUD is all over the world now. Time to KICK ASS to not only the MUSLIMS but to the GOVT. ASS HOLES IN BED WITH THE MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD, the SCOURGE of the UNIVERSE. DEATH to this CRUD like in the CRUSADES of the PAST. LOCK and LOAD.

  2. They will have to learn about Islam. Then they will wake up. Giving them money is the last thing you should do.

    Politically corrects live everywhere, and must be educated or defeated in elections.

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