Dem: Don’t talk about jihad…or it will inspire more Muslims to wage jihad

Reminiscent of Obama’s failed Gitmo logic, via Fighting Words –

“I cannot help but wonder how propaganda about this hearing’s focus on the American-Muslim community will be used by those who seek to inspire a new generation of suicide bombers.”


And guess who is spreading the propaganda about the hearings? Primarily Muslims, aided by their sympathetic if not complicit partners in the media.

Terror-linked Islamic groups like CAIR and ISNA, but also Muslims like Professor of Law at Washburn University, Liaquat Ali Khan, who does his best to fear-monger and create jihad-worthy headlines for Muslim media to spread across the Ummah. Like this one, King starts anti-Muslim crusade in US:

King is “arguing that there is a threat from the entire Muslim community and that mosques have become centers of radical Islam.”

“So this broad sweep is very, very, disturbing. It doesn’t respect Muslims as individuals.”

Khan voiced that he was disturbed even more that the “House leadership has done nothing to stop him from launching this new crusade against the Muslims.”

13 thoughts on “Dem: Don’t talk about jihad…or it will inspire more Muslims to wage jihad

  1. No, King is not doing that. However, I sure wish he would. As Erdogan says, “there is no radical Islam – just Islam”.

    Well said, stealth Jihad man. Let’s close all mosques and run all this Shariah-loving scum out of America now!

  2. They get the Koran from their mother’s milk, by the time they are old enough to be here, they know the drill, on what to do. I cannot believe the ignorance of our representatives. There are books to read about Islam, all you have to do is read them. All they really have to do is read the Koran, then they would know, but they are too lazy, or stupid, or they don’t want to know the truth. We pay them B******* $170,000 a year for this kind of crap. They are supposed to be on our side, dumn b*******!!!!! Muslims only respect Muslims, but then they kill each other too. I don’t think this guy should get behind the wheel of a car sounding like that. I know I don’t want him working for me anymore. He likes them so much, go over and live with them.

    • It is also scary the way those well off nonislamic asians in malaysia let those supposedly moderate islamic maids (who are known to be very selfish, unhygienic and abusive, if they were given the upper hand) who rather slave for money in a foreign country, than take care of their own children in indonesia,
      Those irresponsible well off nonislamic asians in
      malaysia were known to employ lots of islamics from indonesia to take care of their nonislamic asian children!!!!!
      Those well off nonislamic asians refused to understand that they are helping those islamics to further abuse us disadvantaged nonbelievers.
      Those well off nonislamic asians in malaysia who got rich out of collaborating too much with islamics are causing harm to their nonislamic children as well as to our nonbelievers( in islamic nonsense) future.

    • Ms. Judy, politicians ARE abysmally ignorant AND they only care about financing, which the mohammedans give them, and the votes, which the mohammedans give their stooges. As for driving ability, have you ever heard of an American politician hitting anyone wearing mohammedan dress?

  3. Two very excellent statements above. This DUMOCRATIC CRUD from MISSISSIPPI is DEAF in BOTH EYES and BLIND IN BOTH EARS so to speak. All he has to do is get the book MUSLIM MAFIA and become EDUCATED. He reminds me of a BEER ADD from UTICA CLUB, 50 years behind the TIMES and that’s the way we LIKE IT. LOCK and LOAD.

  4. Benie and other useful idiots accept the MUSLIMS pfemise that JIHAD and terror is a response to our actions- like blaming rape on how a woman dresses- (like Muslims do) This is stupid and proves ignorance of history of ISLAM and follows the line of crap they have been sold- it’s all your fault that I did (whatever), absolving the Muslims on any personal responsibiblty for thei rOWN BEHAVIORS and actions- this is not only illegal but IMMORAL- if I murder someone I can’t say “oh the Devil made me do it” or “they provoked me”

    These DUMBOCRATS need to go back to school and learn history- long before there was an IRAQ or Israel or Gitmo or USA- Muslims raiders used their Korana nd Mohammed to justify KILLING RAPING AND LOOTING- it’s in our national anthem – shores of TRIPOLI – if our legislators fail in their most iomportant duty- to protect and uphold our laws- they need to GET VOTED OUT- and for sure should be tried under terror laws for aiding and abetting MURDER & LIBEL and Treason

  5. We will talk about jihad 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
    We will never let it go.
    The threat has been given.
    The threat is seen.
    We despise those making it, and we will resist.
    In short, we won’t submit.
    Islam is profane. Mohammed is a false prophet.
    What business do Muslims have in the West?

  6. Bennie, baby, there won’t BE a new generation of suicide bombers unless they are spawned, and indoctrinated, by the present mohammedans. Suicide bombing, especially by the young and stupid, is pretty much self limiting, as will YOUR infidel career be among a 51% mohammedan electorate.

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