Keith Ellison’s tears, bigotry and taqiyya

Weeping Keith. Several articles over the weekend exposing Congressman Keith Ellison’s defense of the ummah at Peter King’s Congressional hearings on radicalization of Muslims in America. Some worthy quick links, read them all.

Don’t Cry for Mohammad Hamdani Rep Keith Ellison – Ethel C. Fenig

Realizing the election of the nation’s first black president and his election as a black representative to Congress from Minnesota makes playing the perpetual black victim card difficult, Rep Keith Ellison (D-MN) has chosen to play the Muslim victim card.

Rep. Keith Ellison’s Bigotry – Matthew Shaffer

The belief that Mohammed Salman Hamdani was a victim of anti-Muslim bigotry was never based in reality. It was manufactured by the Left as a rhetorical prop, exploited as a bludgeon against people who want to talk seriously about terrorism. If Hamdani was singled out for his faith, it would appear he was singled out for especially high honors. Most 9/11 victims were not half so celebrated as he was. Rather than suffering from apocryphal American anti-Muslim bigotry, Salman Hamdani appears to have benefited from America’s eager inclusiveness.

Americans have long seen Mohammed Salman Hamdani as a hero. Too bad Representative Ellison saw him only as a prop.

Keith Ellison’s Taqiyya – Andrew G. Bostom

…it is reasonable to conclude that Keith Ellison’s deceitful pronouncements at Thursday’s Homeland Security Hearings, this past Thursday, and one day later on “Real Time With Bill Maher,” are consistent with the Koranic doctrine of taqiyya, Islamic religious dissimulation. Al-Tabari (d. 923), author of perhaps the earliest and most important authoritative Koranic commentary, explains Koranic verse 3:28, which sanctions taqiyya, as follows (translation by Raymond Ibrahim):

If you [Muslims] are under their [non-Muslims’] authority, fearing for yourselves, behave loyally to them with your tongue while harboring inner animosity for them … [know that] God has forbidden believers from being friendly or on intimate terms with the infidels rather than other believers-except when infidels are above them [in authority]. Should that be the case, let them act friendly towards them while preserving their religion.

The aforementioned Raymond Ibrahim, Weeping and Other Hysterics Have Muslim Apologists Nothing More to Offer?:

From Congressman Keith Ellison’s emotional breakdown to Congresswoman Jackie Speier’s accusations of “racism,” last week’s hearings on Muslim radicalization have made it clear that those who oppose the hearings have little of substance to offer. Still, the tactics used by such apologists—namely, appeals to emotionalism and accusations of racism—are influential enough that they need to be addressed and discredited once and for all…

Based on these initial hearings, it is clear that the apologists have little to offer. As Jennifer Rubin writes at the Washington Post, “The Democrats’ unhinged rhetoric and wild accusations did more to undermine their opposition to the hearings than anything King could possibly have said.” Yet crying tears or “racism!” is emblematic of a greater problem: politicians trying to appeal to the people’s emotions, not their reason—an approach that has historically had horrific consequences.

And some bonus background material, Understanding Keith Ellison – Power Line

…we still don’t know much about Ellison’s Islamic beliefs. Which branch of Islam is it that comports with the Democratic Party’s articles of faith on abortion, gay rights, female equality, and all the rest? Some day an enterprising reporter might ask him, but I doubt it will be any time soon.

The Curious Case of Keith “Crybaby” Ellison, CAIR and the Nation of Islam’s Man in Congress – Jesse Hathaway

Ellison campaigned on behalf of Malcom X’s daughter, arguing publicly that Qubilah Shabazz was innocent of murder, and that the FBI was trying to kill Farrakhan.

Two years later, Ellison added the surname “Muhammed” to his repertoire, serving as a local Nation of Islam spokesman. During a brief controversy regarding Minnesota Initiative Against Racism official Joanne Jackson’s comment that “Jews are among the most racist white people [she] knew,” Ellison declared that “we stand by the truth contained in the remarks attributed to [Ms. Jackson], and by her right to express her views without sanction.”


17 thoughts on “Keith Ellison’s tears, bigotry and taqiyya

  1. Ellison displays the total frauds in the Commocrat Party. These lying frauds & criminals will stoop to anything to destroy America.

    The crocodile tears were not convincing at all, and was blasted out of existence by the testimony of the Tenn. man whose son became one of these savage converts.

    Islam is exposed entirely.

    It is not a religion, it is an ideology evolving out of the 7ths century of madmen clinging to violence, murder of ones own children in the name of honor, or beheading one’s own wife in the name of honor, rape, pedophilia, mutilation of little girls genitalia, and anything dark and evil.

    This is what Islam really is, there is nothing to defend, and Ellison should be executed for his treasonous behavior. Hey Ellison go hug on a Muzzie for which they will behead your sorry soul, and good riddance. What a side show of frauds.

    • You are right, True Patriot. Islam is not a religion. It is a political system which seeks to repress and order every human thought and action, to bend us to an 8th century mentality. Their founder was a moon-goddess-worshipping pedophile. Pedophilia is widely practiced in the Muslim world and is thought admirable because it emulates their barbarian pedophile founder. So are the rest of the crimes against humankind which you list.

      There is no honor in Islam. Only blood, death, misogyny, repression and horror.

      Ellison didn’t fool me with his crocodile tears. Just furthering their favorite practice, victimhood. Like they all do when they come here or convert to that despicable way of life.


  2. I agree. The Constitution and Islam are mutually exclusive. According to Islam, they can even murder their own fellow Muhammadans, if it helps the overall cause of jihad terror/Islamic expansion. Thus, the Muslims who died in the Twin Towers terror action, were sacrifice victims for Islam, and, they say “Well they are Muslims and went to Paradise”. That is the Islamic attitude consistent with the Koran. Evil. Vile. Horrific.

  3. Keith Ellison’s sworn allegiance is NOT to our Constitution nor does he preserve, protect and defend it against ALL enemies, foreign and domestic!

    Ellison’s allegiance is to Allah, the Quar`an and their tribe…period! The Quar`an commands ALL Muslims to lie, cheat and steal if it furthers the cause of Allah and Islam!

    Ellison totally hates Americans and everything America IS! He is a treasonous fraud!

  4. I don’t care what branch of Islam he is from. I do know that by all branches silence and failure to condemn the radicals actions, they are guilty by association. And they are more than likely financially supporting them as well. There is no place for them here. Since they have contributed so much to NASA (according to Obama), why don’t they get a rocket and blast off to another planet?

  5. He is from Nation of Islam a black separatist movement that has adopted Islamic trappings to hide black nationalism. Mainstream Islam has denigrated blacks since it’s inception and was a vital factor in keeping the transatlantic slave trade going. Some of the worst racists I ever met were middle eastern Muslims who thought that anyone who was not an Arab was less than a perfect Muslim!

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  7. He cried that a Muslim died.

    The infidels, he does not give a crap about. He sees them as dogs and pigs, as taught in all the Mosques.

    He is NOT an American any more he is a treacherous koran enforcing lying muslim.

  8. After reading you responses I can see that you guys are walking down the line of extreme racism towards arabs and muslims.

    If you have a problem with a people then be clear and concise about what is your problem so that we can address it and maybe possibly could help you all feel more comfortable.

    But if you request something yelling and screaming then only a very few talented people can look past that and actually see what you want.

    So why don’t you make a charter of all your grievances against Islam and suggest what steps muslims need to take to appease you.

    Islam is a religion to stay, it isn’t going to go anywhere and the longer you guys are in denyal about this the longer there is going to be problems.

    Your approach breads more terrorist then it helps prevent. You have to be willing to meet somewhere in the middle and compromise with people of different faiths and cultures.

    You cannot go and make every “Brown” person that comes to your sands to a hat and monkey dance in front of you, then throw on a suit and top had and start singing Sweet home Alabama.

    People have every right to have whatever weird and strange cultural customs they wish. As long as it isn’t being imposed on someone else or endangering themselves or innocent people then it is perfectly fine.

    Finally I would like to see you guys spend even a half of a percent of your time that you spend about Islam in refuting and exposes the other religions and cultures that have plagues the US. Like Satanism, and the Gang culture that is so predominant.

    There is a 9/11 every month across the US in relation to Gang Violence. My sister was murdered in a drive by shootings. So when these politicians go and say that Islamic Terrorists are the greatest threat to US national security I cannot help but laugh remember the scenes in many cities across the US of drug addicts, prostitutes and gangsters.

    If you put together all the violence that is caused by these gangs and drug dealers you’d realize that this threat of Islamic terrorism is a laughing stock. I don’t know the statistics but just on the US border alone there has been 10’s of thousands of innocent people killed from the drug cartels.

    And then on top there isn’t just murder. I mean in some cases death is better than the situation that takes place due to these drugs being so widely available on US streets.

    At least terrorist are not forcing your daughters into prostitution and making your sons peddle drugs for them. At least the terrorist are not ruining your sons and daughters lives for life making them addicted to drugs and drop out of College of High School.

    At least the terrorists didn’t put 1/3 of the Black and Latino Population behind bars due to a “Gangster” mentality.

    At least the terrorist didn’t foreclose on millions of peoples houses due to Lone Shark tactics on wall street. At least the terrorists don’t back 80 percent of the population in debt and make millions become bankrupt every time they visit the hospital.

    Come on folks, we are all humans here and you guys have been duped into focusing on some small insignificant thing so that you’d be distracted from your rights as Human Beings. Not as just Americans but as Human Beings.

    1% of the population holds 95% of the worlds wealth. While at the smae time you still have people living in homeless shelters, you still have people in Africa dieing of starvation.

    You have a system in some countries which force little girls into prostitution like in Thailand and India. Also you have child labor and people dieing because they cannot afford medicine for simple illnesses.

    Before 9/11 America prided itself as making their top priority the welfare of the people. After 9/11 americans became so caught up in being scared form the boogie man that they forgot their values and ideals and allowed rich and greedy elites come and steal everything from under their noses.

    And then at the same time they brainwashed and over-exaggerated an insignificant enemy so that you would be distracted from the real problems.

    • OK , lets address your BS one point at a time!
      Islam is in every nation in the world!
      Christianity is in every nation in the world.
      IS Christianity a race? NO! neither is ISLAM, so there goes your first LIE!
      Islam is a political /religious system, nothing more!
      As for racism against arabs, you may have a point because most arabs are muslims and it is arabs who comprise most of the middle east with its Sharia form of Islam EG: beheading for leaving Islam, or blaspheming your book,hanging gays, stoning women, chopping off hands and feet for theft, enforced wearing of the burqa and subjugation of women, killing of non muslim minorities EG: just this week in Nigeria 69 churches burned and 10,000 Christians made homeless!!
      ANSWERED by what I just stated
      I also note you are an APOLOGIST for the TERRORISTS, in your estimation they must be saints! “at least the terrorists don’t do this and dont do that ” is BS …PROVEN by what I stated above! MUSLIM TERRORISTS are inflicting death and misery in every part of the world! THERE IS MY clear and concise charter against islam..Enlighten your ignorant mind by googling what is happening to NON MUSLIMS in the Phillipines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Nigeria, Papua New Guinea,Sudan,Kenya, Egypt, Iraq, in fact everywhere in the world Muslim attacks on NON MUSLIMS, especially CHRISTIANS , are rising which of course is not surprising as they have their mandate from the evil quran itself!! so shove your Islam where the sun don’t shine . YES! we know Islam is a permanent fixture in the world, it doesn’t mean we have to allow you lot to subjugate and dictate to us how WE should live or what we should believe.. Study the HISTORY of your “greta, peaceful, tolerant religion”and you will see a history of SUBJUGATION of all non muslims , BY FORCEif necessary!! piss off with you muslim crap! ISLAM is the major problem facing America and the world, stop trying to use other issues like domestic crimes to deflect attention from your murdering cult! !

      • Oh, and one more thing, Because islam is not a race but a “religion” we infidels have every right to question what you believe, and put it to the test of other religions and are just as free to reject your ideas as we are free to criticize, accept or reject Christianity, Hinduism, satanism, any cult or set of ideas… this is what made America great, FREEDOM OF SPEECH< the very same freedom you muslims want to stamp out, Oh, freedom of speech goes ONE WAY with you lot, YOU can be free to spew hatred of Israel, Jews, Christians, and America is Satan" BS but when we criticize YOY then its boo hoo …racism..intolerance, hate speech! in your sick minds, we, the tolerant, must tolerate YOUR intolerance with all things non islamic!! WE know our rights as Human beings, NOT as infidels as you muslims so demeaningly label us…how about YOU MUSLIMS reading up the Human Rights Charter and on what the word TOLERANT means! fricking hypocrites!

    • well Anne beatme- I was going to post a one by one line response as most of what youcalim is pure bullcrap-
      however I am tired of trying to educate idiots and debunk lies one at a time
      so the short answer

      as ye sow so shall ye reap
      Muslims havce noone but themselves to blame
      hate, racism, killing for Allah is YOURS
      we didn’t START THIS FIRE- we are putting it out one flame of stupid and hateful at a time
      If you are unable to see WHY people react to ISLAM in these ways then you are BLIND and have an incurable mental illness

      yes some posters here have a crude way of expressing their ANGER and frustration with MUSLIMS, but the site itself is just broadcasting what anyone needs to know about this toatlitarian imperialist militant political INVASION and colonization by ISLAMICS

  9. The problems and danger of islamic totalitarian influence/infiltration and islamic misrule is very real. The fact that islamics had been using their islamic ideology to terrorise the free world is unacceptable and unforgivable. People would not stop talking about it because proislamic leaders, islamic leaders and islamic community were extremely racist (though islamic people is not a race) and caused too much instability and too much unhappiness to many of us nonbelievers in the free world.
    The fact that islamic culture/ideology is more dangerous than any other black culture because islamic totalitarian culture/ideology had not only caused the deterioration of our nonbelievers quality of life, but also had been extremely intolerant of the free world.
    If islamics cannot improve the world problems, the islamics should interfere less on the free world and concentrate on their own islamic problems.
    I think most of us nonbelievers don’t have that many problem with the free world. It is the islamics that are unfairly pushing their islamic problems to us nonbelievers of islamic nonsense.

  10. Those mean nonislamic asians are also to be blamed for pandering to horrible islamics nonsense .
    Those islamics are only nice to money and would never be truly nice to us nonbelievers.
    Those islamics who caused so much grief and created so much racism in this world should acknowleged their own racist attitude first.
    The fact that those arrogant nasty islamic or proislamics came to this site to throw their islamic nonsense on this site just proved that islamics is certainly one of the most nasty humans, that is if there are really humans.
    That is why diversity or multiculturalism, should not be forcefully pushed to anyone who don’t agree with it.
    Those islamics should also realised that not everyone is going to accept their two-faced unrealible islamic system whether they stay or not..

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