Tulsa Mosque Has Extremist Ties

An update on the Tulsa police captain who was reassigned for not attending a mosque outing, via Joe Kaufman at Hudson New York:

Captain Paul Fields, a 16-year veteran of the Tulsa Police Department (TPD), has filed a lawsuit against his superior, after he was demoted for refusing to order officers in his command to attend a social event being held at Masjid al-Salam, the Islamic Society of Tulsa (IST). He claimed that it was against his religious beliefs, and that his rights were being violated.

For his “insubordination,” Fields, who has received countless commendations and who has never had any disciplinary action taken against him, was reassigned and placed under investigation.

It is not Fields, however, who should be investigated, but the mosque sponsoring the event.

Given the extremist ties of the Islamic center, one has to wonder why the captain would be asked to do such a thing in the first place.

Captain Fields received a directive from TPD Deputy Chief Daryl Webster on February 17, 2011, to order his officers to be in attendance of IST’s Law Enforcement Appreciation Day to be held on March 4th. He refused to do According to the opening paragraph of IST’s constitution, found on its official website, IST “shall establish and maintain continuous affiliation with the Islamic Society of North America.” The following paragraph states, “The aims and purposes of IST shall be to serve the best interest of Islam in the greater Tulsa area [by working] in cooperation with ISNA.”

According to the Tulsa County Property Assessor, IST is owned by the North American Islamic Trust (NAIT). Both ISNA and NAIT were named by the U.S. Justice Department, as recently as November 2008, as a party to the financing of millions of dollars to the terrorist organization Hamas.

In October 2006, a member of the mosque, Jamal Miftah, wrote an op-ed published by Tulsa World, denouncing al-Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri and violence perpetrated in the name of Islam. For this, IST representatives labeled Miftah “anti-Muslim” and a “traitor to Islam” and threw him out of the Islamic center.

In June 2007, Miftah filed suit against the mosque, alleging that IST had been involved in “money laundering” and stating that the money could “ultimately be funneled to undesirable organizations for illegal activities.” According to his court petition, he and IST “were not in agreement…with regard for the need to avoid funneling cash donations to organizations with close links to Jihadist terrorists.”

Today, on the homepage of IST’s website, one can see an announcement for a February 2011 event hosted by IST featuring Siraj Wahhaj, a U.S. government named “unindicted co-conspirator” for the 1993 World Trade Center bombing, and sponsored by ICNA Relief USA, a group that, like ISNA and NAIT, has been associated with funding Hamas.

It appears that Captain Fields was right in his refusal to assign his officers attendance at the IST event. TPD should take note of the facts regarding IST and its association with extremists and act accordingly. Any contact between TPD and IST only serves to grant the Islamic center legitimacy, which it most certainly does not deserve.

But the media is all too eager to promote Islam and its peaceful facade. Case in point – no mention of this mosques history just a glowing headline, Mosque’s Law Enforcement Appreciation Day a success.

17 thoughts on “Tulsa Mosque Has Extremist Ties

  1. I would believe it. I am a former Muslim as I have mentioned before and my first real experience with Islam was in Tulsa. At the time (early 1990’s) the IST held services in an old church in a poor neighborhood near the university of Tulsa. Somehow after barely having two dimes to rub together and a couple of years after I left Islam in 1995 they bought an old school building and built a mosque to rival anything in the Middle East. Being a woman and not an Arabic speaker I was out of the loop for knowing anything about the real working but honestly that could have been about 80% of anyone that attended. There were no real membership records- probably more than a few people came on holidays but not at any other time. The worst thing was a Libyan man who was in leadership matching American convert women with men who needed green cards. This was how I met my ex and it was absolutely a nightmare. This was a pretty lucrative sideline for him since the men paid hundreds to thousands of dollars to marry and stay in the US and marriage to an American was the only option. Most of these men stayed with their American wives long enough for the all important green card and dumped her for his “real” muslim wife as well as bringing his family here. I was lucky, I got out and did not have children to get kidnapped.

    • Thanks for sharing that. There are still a lot of really “naive” American women willing to convert & marry who help to perpetrate this scam.

      Please broadcast your plight far & wide & maybe together we can shake some reality into these dhimmi dummies.

  2. Of course it has “extremist ties”! It is Islam. There is no “radical Islam” – Islam is Islam – a force based on violence. Based on the writings of a minor desert chieftain pedophile, Islam has encouraged violence for centuries. It isn’t going to stop anytime soon!

  3. You may find it interesting to learn the Islamic Society of Tulsa got funds to buy a mosque from a man who is a top Muslim Brotherhood leader in Kuwaitt while he attended the University of Tulsa in the 90s.

    I know this happened because they wrote about this purchase in one of their newletters. Oh, they didn’t mention his affiliation with the Muslim Brotherhood, or course. I found that out after doing some research.

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  5. TPD Deputy Chief Daryl Webster needs to be fired.

    He is anti American and supports the enemies of America.

    People like that make me sick with their down your throat PC rhetoric

    Islam supports child sex and woman abuse. So it seems he is supporting that too? Ask him.

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  7. It’s so obvious, not to mention conniving, that this is how the Muslim community will slime it’s way into our society so they can infiltrate us! They’ve already done it in the Los Angeles P.D.! I believe they figure if they can get sympathizers and Muslims in the US police departments, that through bribery or a misguided sense of loyalty if they successfully convert them, that they can set up an early warning system so that when they go into full Jihadist mode they will be able to protect themselves from raids or discovery! Believe me when I say, the Muslims are NOT here to join us in singing Kumbaya around the camp fire in camaraderie! They are here ONLY to destroy America from the inside! And since we have a President that is either too stupid to see it or he doesn’t care or he’s all for it, they have already infiltrated our government at the highest levels! I salute this man for standing up for his Godly rights, which unfortunately are being trampled on a daily basis now by good old Political Correctness, the death knell of this country!! I never believed in Obama and his pathetic “Hope and Change”! Our only “Hope and Change” will come from Christ… no one else! But we can slow the tide of evil by stopping this ego maniacal tyrant in 2012 by voting him out!!!

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