Obama Counterterrorism Adviser won’t bring bin Laden to Gitmo if captured

Of course the odds of this decision even having to be made are slim and none, yet it shows the utter disregard Brennan and Obama have for the will of the American people. via Obama Counterterrorism Adviser Slams Congressional Efforts to Block Guantanamo’s Closure – ProPublica.

President Obama’s counterterrorism adviser, John O. Brennan, delivered the administration’s most forceful public call to date for the closure of the Guantanamo Bay Detention Center and the use of federal courts to try some detainees held there.

Pointing the finger at Congress, he called legislative efforts to block prisoner transfers to the United States for trial or detention an “unprecedented encroachment” on Obama’s authorities to prosecute suspects.

He said any “terrorists captured in the United States would be prosecuted exclusively through the criminal justice system,” and not by the military, as some members of Congress want.

Brennan described the closure of Guantanamo as an “essential national security objective,” and noted that its continued use was “preventing other countries from handing over terrorism suspects to the United States.”

“I believe in this,” he said later, at the conclusion of a speech at a national security symposium sponsored by The Atlantic Philanthropies and New York University’s Brennan Center for Justice.

In his remarks, Brennan alluded to recent Congressional hearings led by New York Republican Rep. Peter King that focused on Muslim radicals in the United States. Brennan called it “un-American,” to single out individual groups based on ethnicity, political affiliation or religion.

In a lengthy conversation afterward with reporters, Brennan said that if captured, Osama bin Laden would not be taken to the prison at Guantanamo Bay, categorically disputing a recent claim by CIA Director Leon Panetta.

“All the steps we are taking are to decrease the population there, not increase it,” he said. He did not say where bin Laden would be held, just that there were other detention “options available if we find people overseas. Certainly, if they are charged with crimes in the United States, they will be detained and prosecuted in our courts,” he said.

Asked whether Libyan leader Muammar Qaddafi should face charges in connection with the 1988 bombing of a Pan Am flight over Scotland, Brennan said: “I want justice to be fully served for any type of terrorist attack that has taken place. So if there is additional evidence that would lead to the potential investigation and prosecution of other individuals, we need to make sure we can do that.”

Brennan said the United Nations Security Council resolution imposing a no-fly zone over Libya “sent a very clear signal” that Qaddafi needs to stop attacks against civilians. “The United States is not going to stand by and watch this,” he said, “nor will other countries.”

Unless they are Arab and Muslim countries, then they will stand by and do absolutely nothing to help the people.

And if it is un-American to single out any group based on religion – why is Obama using billions of U.S. taxpayer dollars to pay jizya to Muslims around the world, and hiring people because they are Muslim?

Fire Brennan Now.

13 thoughts on “Obama Counterterrorism Adviser won’t bring bin Laden to Gitmo if captured

  1. John O. Brennan is just another BUTT LICKER of the DISASTEROUS OBUMMAA FAKE GOVT.. TOTAL LOOSERS. Time for a real CHANGE, in a GODLY MANNER. LOCK and LOAD.

  2. What is unAmerican is Obama giving away our tax money to those barbarians in the Middle East. For instance, millions to repair the sewer system in Cairo because it was damaging a mosque. You never knw, maybe that’s Obama’s home mosque, since he is, IMO a foreign born Muslim.

    Rep. King is a true American for holding these hearings amidst much opposition by those who are either on the side of the barbarians or are too stupid to know what we are facing from Jihad.

    • truly scandalous – GENEVA refers to UNIFORMED SOLDIERS- so Obama and Hillary have really stepped WAY out of bounds here.
      AND how can this be made effective for current inmates of Gitmo???- when they were arrested this “law” (more properly called a dictat-) was NOT in effect and therefore does STILL not apply to those but only to future captives.

      I cannot wait for these Muslim loving jewhater anti Americans to get the fuck out of office- OBIMBO does nothing in face of any real threats to USA but always got his hand out to our enemies.

      Making G Bush look like a damned genius. Obummer and Swillary — BOOB & Buffoon- great team

  3. He is right. Imam boama will have him sent to New Jersey where he will stand a fair trial and be acquitted and mohammad’s god allah will be vindicated.

    • Only if Eric Holder decides to prosecute! Given his track record, that’s not a sure thing. Holder turns a blind eye to many things near and dear to Obama’s heart. Like the Black Panthers intimidating voters.

  4. GITMO on a tropical beach made with every MUSLIM amenity in mind, square meals, no torture etc

    damn straight Osama should never be put there- he should be crucified (when in ROME) in public

    Muz think beheading is scary to our troops— wait till they see Osama die on a cross

    you can put the two crooks next to him Ghaddafi Duck and KhaKA-meni

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  6. How much longer must be we be subjected to this lunacy? These jihadists are either POW”S or enemy combatants. Either way, the military has jurisdiction, in my opinion.

    I believe the Geneva convention rules out POW”s therefore, they must be enemy combatants. The civil justice system has no place here. This is for military courts.

    Does anyone know a reason why Congress could not pass a law defining enemy combatants? It sure would help.

  7. Hey all of you losers talking sh*t without contributing anything. Now that Obama took out bin Laden, what other Bush disasters do you want cleaned up???? Go back to your talk radio, losers.

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