Muslim Genocide on Black Africans (video)

Hat tip to Kitman TV, Tidiane N´Diaye – Muslim Genocide on Black Africans Through Mass-Castration

or if removed…

…a book published in France by Gallimard, entitled Le Génocide Voilé (“Veiled Genocide”), exposes the cover-up of the Arab-Muslim slave trade, denounces the attempt to place all of the blame for slavery on the backs of Western countries, and goes so far as to qualify the atrocities committed by Arabs to Africans as “genocide.”

The author is Tidiane N’Diaye (photo), a Senegalese Muslim, anthropologist, economist, and researcher at INSEE (National Institute of Economic Studies).

Watch the video and read the interview.

Related video: Jihad on Horseback: The Darfur video banned by Al Arabiya

Update: DP sent us this noting his surprise that it was on Bloomberg

  • Muslim Pirates Sold a Million Europeans as Slaves: Lewis Lapham

    Mar 24, 2011

    Author Adrian Tinniswood talks with Bloomberg’s Lewis Lapham about his book, “Pirates of Barbary.”

    Download (listen to the podcast) – Americans paid “tribute” (jizya) for 20 – 30 years to ruler of Tripoli (modern day Libya)

9 thoughts on “Muslim Genocide on Black Africans (video)

  1. I am CAIN; I WORK NOT;YOU are ABEL;you shall do my work as my slave and bring that work before the LORD of all the Earth for approval and credit.YOU shall have credit privilege;I CAIN shallo the real wealth of land cattle sheep goats and gold.I am RA ;you shall be consolidated.Your chains shall be yopur debt.Your credit card shall be your visa.Your leash shall be as long as your status in Muslim or world society.Behave!SUBMIT!or I shall yank your chain and cause whiplash!

  2. What is the role of United nation. Time is now to solve these problems and expose the dirt of islam.
    To solve all converts to isam should be reconvert to their roots.

  3. It is shame that the vast majority of Afro-Americans Muslims and the White Americans also don’t know the truth or don’t want to know the truth about the slavery in Islam. There was slavery there before Islam, but at the times of Mohammad slavery became more prevalent and profitable, Mo himself had black slaves.Go to YouTube ,type in ” john alembillah azumah” and listen to it.

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