Cain clarifies remarks on Muslims

Herman Cain is driving liberals and leftists nuts, not to mention the stealth jihadists like CAIR. via Potential GOP presidential candidate Herman Cain, in Palm Beach, elaborates on Muslim remarks

PALM BEACH — While a “Who’s Afraid of Islamic Law?” conference was going on about 75 miles south at the University of Miami today, potential Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain defended his recent statement in Iowa that he wouldn’t appoint Muslims to cabinet posts because of his concerns about Islamic sharia law.

“I have this bad habit of telling the truth and speaking my mind. Political correctness isn’t exactly on my agenda,” said Cain. The conservative businessman and former radio host, who has opened a presidential exploratory committee, spoke to a luncheon audience of about 50 at the Beach Club.

“I want people in my administration that are 100 percent dedicated to the constitution of the United States of America, not sharia law,” Cain said of his Iowa remark, which he said came in response to a reporter’s question.

“We have a First Amendment. They (Muslims) have every right to practice their religion, freely. Don’t try to force it on us and the rest of us and don’t bring sharia law into American courts. Its real simple — American law in American courts. That’s the way it ought to be.”

In a brief interview afterward, Cain was asked if he believes a Muslim can be loyal to the constitution.

“They could be,” Cain said. “But I haven’t done any surveys to find out how many Muslims are loyal to the constitution. But I don’t know any Muslims who will subvert sharia law for our laws. That’s the problem I have. And I don’t have time to do the research to find out. I’d have a country to run.”

If ever the term “tiny minority” applied, it’s here.

14 thoughts on “Cain clarifies remarks on Muslims

  1. Go get them CAIN, consider them as ABEL, remember the bible, CAIN SLEW ABEL!!! When Cain Slew Abel, that was bad, but Cain going after SHERIA LOVERS in our day and age is GOOD for vour COUNTRY. LOCK and LOAD.

  2. The minority tiny as it may be is growing. Wilders has done great things in awakening the people in Europe to the Islam and the Koran.

    My guess is that he will be found guilty of Hate Speech in his upcoming trial. Fortunately this will be a big mistake by the Multculturalists.

    Also, fortunately America is ahead of the curve on this as opposed to Europe which is behind the curve. The list of those opposed to Islam and the Koran is growing in America and will continue to grow thanks to those like Wilders and those in America like Cain, Geller, Spencer and others.

    However Wilders is still ahead of the curve on this issue as he is one of the few have identified Islam for what it is and that is a political ideology

  3. He and Trump are my two favorites – both businessmen who understand and appreciate capitalism and both “get” the Mulsim problem…

  4. To his credit, Trump openly stated his opposition to the GZ mosque . . .
    Trump Denounced Ground Zero Mosque as ‘Insensitive,’ ‘Somebody Knocked Down the World Trade Center’ and even made a bid for proposed mosque building but in 2008 stamped his seal of approval on the UAE real estate market.. . .having joined with Nakheel LLC as president and chairman to build a tulip-shaped hotel on a man-made island shaped like a palm tree, Palm Trump International Hotel and Toweras well as a home at Dubai’s Palm Island development, Trump is too flakey to be taken seriously as a dedicated Conservative.

    Read more: a look at NY Mag comparison of Trump’s stance on social issues circa 1999 with his stance today. Flip Flop Kerry has met his match.

    In October of 1999, [Trump] switched from the Republican Party to the Independence Party to run for president. (Switched again to the Democratic Party in 2001.) vs Republican Party, since September 2009. (after he voted for Obama)

    “I’m totally pro-choice,” he told Fox News on October 31, 1999. vs “I’m pro-life,” he proclaimed in his CPAC speech on February 10. “I’m pro-life. I think that’s a big social issue,” he told Fox News’ Greta Van Susteren on Monday.

    In 1999, Trump said “”I’m very liberal when it comes to health care. I believe in universal health care. ” vs “I do not think it’s Constitutional,” Trump said last week of 2010’s health-care reform legislation. Asked if it should be repealed, Trump said, “I do.”

  5. It’s the LAW, stupid; Islam specifies Illegal (by US Constitution & law) treatment of gays, women & others. Muslims are allowed to lie to Infidels (that’s me and maybe you). So much for the oath to uphold US Constitution and US law that all federal workers must take. No place for this crap in or near US gov’t or US courts. Case closed.

    Run, Herman, Run!

  6. It’s the LAW. Islam specifies treatment of gays, women & others that is ILLEGAL under US Constitution & US law. (Curious how the left misses or chooses to ignore this (at their peril, methinks). Muslims are allowed to lie to Infidels (that’s me and maybe you). So much for the oath to uphold US Constitution & US law that all Federal gov’t workers are required to swear. There is no place for this crap in our US gov’t or our US Courts. Case closed.

    Run, Herman, Run!

    • Sorry for two posts- twitchy computer. On the other hand, given current US reading & thinking skills, maybe not such a bad thing after all…
      Best regards, Ed

  7. Cain says what I’ve written previously, enforce the law and the muslimites will either go willingly or be deported.

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