Nebraska man to run for Congress on anti-sharia platform

Hamas-linked CAIR and their Islamophilic shills in the media to go ballistic in 3, 2, 1…

COLUMBUS, Neb. — A Columbus Republican will again challenge U.S. Rep. Adrian Smith in Nebraska’s primary election — and this time, he’s targeting Islamic religious law known as Sharia.

Dennis Parker, a music director at his Lutheran church, filed with the Secretary of State’s office earlier this month. He’s seeking the 2012 Republican nomination for Nebraska’s vast 3rd Congressional District seat, currently held by Smith. Parker also challenged Smith in 2010, but garnered only 12 percent of the vote.

Parker says he announced his candidacy a year before the filing deadline to give him time to warn Nebraskans of Sharia “spreading like an undetected disease.”

The Islamic law has drawn the contempt of conservatives. At least 13 states introduced measures this year seeking to prevent state courts from enforcing foreign law, including Sharia.

via Columbus man announces 2nd challenge to western Nebraska Congressman Adrian Smith :: The Republic.

11 thoughts on “Nebraska man to run for Congress on anti-sharia platform

  1. I recently got a phone “town hall” call from Adrian Smith. One of the people who got to ask questions asked about what was going on in Egypt. Adrian Smith said the liberal media’s line that the revolution there was “Democracy”. I knew at that point that Adrian Smith was utterly ignorant about who was behind the uprising (The Muslim Brotherhood) and what their agenda is (An Islamic Theocracy and a new Caliphate), and I knew Adrian Smith is probably just a career politician, a “go along to get along” politician. I hope Dennis Parker isn’t just taking this platform as a way to possibly win an election.

  2. If I were a resident of Columbus, Nebraska I would definitely cast my vote for Dennis Parker. And he’s a music director at a Lutheran church? Yes, indeedy, he’s a patriot we need to keep our eyes on and support if he keeps on his righteous path.

  3. all the media (except a couple, Here, fox) is in complete denial or even worse promoting the fact that Sharia is coming. I will not stand for it and I applaud Mr Smith for his standing. I never thought in my life time I would see the destruction on the US but guess what, if we keep voting in non patriots (IE: obama, ried, pelosi,ect.etc) we are in trouble….I will not submit and WILL not go down without a fight……peace my fellow site members

  4. Great! Now, if only more politicians would run on this platform. They ALL would get elected no doubt. Democrats and Republicans are together on this one.

  5. If only all candidates would run on this platform!!! How anyone who is a US citizen can support Sharia law is beyond me. Sharia cannot exist under our Constitution. The Constitution must be protected at all costs.

  6. We here in Australia also have at least one Senator not afraid to call Islam to account for its human rights abuses, and is vocal about Islamisation..Cory Bernardi!! wherever we are in the world we should seek out these brave committed patriotic leaders and encourage them with our financial and written and verbal support…lets get on the bandwagon so they feel that they are not just a lone voice crying in the wilderness of our governments political stupidity….

  7. Mr. Parker, if you’re going to oppose shariah, please make sure you know your stuff & have done your research well.

    What we don’t need are anymore people who think they know what they’re talking about but don’t, It delegitimizes our position.

  8. 9With apologies to victims on all sides) The difference between AIDS and islam is islam is MORE deadly to its victims and no medical treatment is available.

If sharia law continues spreading, you'll have less and less freedom of speech - so speak while you can!

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