Muslims kill, US politicians consider limiting Americans free speech (aka sharia)

If the freedom of speech is taken away then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter. ~ George Washington

Islamic sharia blasphemy laws to be imposed by U.S. politicians? Stand up and be heard people. via Reid: Probe of Quran Burning Considered.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid says congressional lawmakers are discussing taking some action in response to the Koran burnings of a Tennessee pastor that led to killings at the U.N. facility in Afghanistan and sparked protests across the Middle East, Politico reports.

“Ten to 20 people have been killed,” Reid said Sunday on CBS’ “Face the Nation.” “We’ll take a look at this of course. As to whether we need hearings or not, I don’t know.”

Sen. Lindsey Graham said Congress might need to explore the need to limit some forms of freedom of speech, in light of Tennessee pastor Terry Jones’ Quran burning, and how such actions result in enabling U.S. enemies.

“I wish we could find a way to hold people accountable. Free speech is a great idea, but we’re in a war,” Graham told CBS’ Bob Schieffer on “Face the Nation” Sunday.

“During World War II, we had limits on what you could do if it inspired the enemy,” Graham said, adding certain speech can “put our troops at risk.”

The OIC, CAIR, the Muslim Brotherhood, and Muslims around the world are salivating at the possibility that burning a Koran or speaking critically of Islam is on the verge of become a crime in the U.S. – unless Americans stand up and fight for our very survival.

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54 thoughts on “Muslims kill, US politicians consider limiting Americans free speech (aka sharia)

  1. They kill every day since the 7th century. Reid missed the point. This is a religion of hate.

    The Imam agitated using this, but he would have used something else if the koran burning did not happen. The reason did not matter. Its about being Muslim.

    Its about Muslim hate. We tolerate the intolerant and this is the result.

  2. To: Harry “the cowboy Reid”
    Free speech is a great idea if we are in a war or not.
    Mr Reid please stop defending autocratic dictatorial Islamic regims, they are similar to Nazi Germany.

  3. Reid and Graham represent what is wrong with the political party in America today. They do not respect the Constitution. Given their oath of office, this talk is tantamount to treason! Any member of Congress who advocates, and votes for a law that usurps the Constitution is violating their oath of office.

  4. As I have been told time and time again that we are not at war with MUSLIMS but with AQ. Who cares if some muslims are inspired by acts over since we are not at war with them.

    • Get this straight, islam is at war with us. Muslims are mandated by the koran to either convert kuffar, enslave kuffar as dhimmis or kill kuffar. Islam has declared war on the kuffar, read the koran, sira & ahadith if you don’t believe me.

      Also all muslims are commanded to engage in jihad, whether that be soft: pen, mouth, immigration , money/zakat, breeding etc. or hard jihad of the sword. The only sure way for a muslim to enter paradise is by death during the commission of jihad..

  5. Before the koran was burned, moslems killed Christians. The koran was burned and moslems killed Christians. I think that morons like Reid and the rest of anyone who thinks that we should shut up because moslems kill if we don’t obey sharia should crack open sharia laws and the koran and find out why moslems kill and why they get upset if we criticize islam. No matter what we do they will kill Christians – it is just an excuse. Just like the excuse to shut us up by calling us islamophobes, or bigots and racists – they are trying to shut us up by intimidation. the worst intimidation in the form of blowing up Times Square – but they will try to do that anyway.

    We can do what the ancestors of those Pakistanis did and accept intimidation and do nothing and then we see their descendents have been condemned to islam and behave as we see them behave – OR we can continue on and NOT cave in to their demands for us to follow sharia.

  6. It is the Qu’ran that is at fault. * “Martyrdom is therefore the ONLY way for a Muslim to obtain forgiveness of sins” Surat Al Tawbah 9:111.
    * “Jihad (fighting for Allah’s cause) is ordained for you” Surat Al-Baqarah 2:216.
    * “Kill the Mushrikun (non-Muslims); wherever you find them, and capture them and besiege them, and lie in wait for them in each and every ambush” Surat Al-Taubah 9:5.
    * “They (non-Muslims) shall be killed or crucified or their hands and their feet be cut off from opposite sides, or be exiled from the land” Surat Al Maidah 5:33.
    * “And if you are killed or die in the Way of Allah, forgiveness and mercy from Allah are far better than all that they amass” Surat Al Taubah 9:111.

  7. Islam is a grander form of bullying which has even Obama in an uproar over protecting those little first graders! You can’t outlaw bullying. Its already WRONG! The Muslims are nothing but bullies who threaten violence, commit some violence and then laugh at our cowering beneath their supremacy. Bullies have to use brawn because they don’t use brains and that is obvious because Islam is devoid of rational thought process. The only way to win is to fight back harder. But so many have bought the lies and are already dhimmied. Even the bible describes the end times as being a victory for the antichrist (who i believe will be Muslim) until God pulls the plug on evil, deals judgment and finally restores life to the earth. But in the meantime fight for your freedoms, speech and gun rights.

    • yes, I believe you are right…the antichrist will be muslim , and the ‘beast’ religion will be islam..( biblically the beast is a political religious power….suits islams description to a T..

  8. appeasement is slow death. it is unconditional surrender and murder by a million needles. we are the citizens of the several states of the u.s.a; at one time leader of the free world.

    we enjoy free speech. take it from us, islamics or anyone else, and we will glassify you. you are guests here. i will practice tolerance, and i have firearms. i will burn a book, or a flag, if it suits me. i also enjoy eyes over you. kill for “islam”, and i will bury you in pig guts. i am a christian. i tolerate the ideas of non christians. as the dalai lama once said. “if you are threatened, you have the right to defend yourself”. this has the right ring to me. kill, and we will destroy you. know peace, or no peace. i don’t care either way. kill, and be killed. … or don’t kill; live in peace. my fellow americans are watching you in america. act like americans, or get out.

    accept us, or accept that we will defend ourselves, our families, our way of life. our “president” may not represent me. if you have questions, read our constitution. i recommend that muslims accept that you are not us. are we separate but equal? this is not inequity. if it isn’t good enough for you. tell me, and i’ll kill you. if it is good enough for you, rock on.

  9. Moslems will kill Christians and Jews regardless of what we burn or say. Harry Reid is an old cow who needs a pasture.

    Where was that old schmuck when Torahs were burned at an Indiana University a few months ago…oh, right! Jews don’t behead people for that or for anything.

    I do not tolerate Muslims. I won’t. It’s going to be a battle of one on one very soon.

  10. Harry, leave my constitutional rights alone! You have no right to violate them or try to obstruct or take them away from me….You will be facing a whole new ball game in the United States if you continue to flaunt the Constitution and corrupt if for your own maniacal ideas…

  11. Mr. Harry Reid is no longer relavant and i consider him a waste and we need to just by our time and remove him from office, after wehich I’m sure he has enough dirt onj him as to us being able to put him in prison, as the traitor he is.

  12. Dingy Harry Reid makes me think of my pedophile uncle…..really and truly. He is an idiot if he thinks that muslims only killed because of the supposed Koran burning. They have short fuses – if you farted the wrong way they would behead a bunch of people.

  13. The funny thing about it is that when someone in the West offends them, they kill each other. Just as when the Danish cartoon was published depicting Mohammed with a bomb in his turban. How many of them were killed? What did it accomplish except dead Muslims? So I say let’s have more Koran burnings and cartoons. Let them kill off each other. Their intelligence has been so degraded by incest that they think they are accomplishing something. Rock on.

  14. Take a look at Lindsey Grahams Senate website. It has a picture of a Half Moon as on the muslim worship houses. What’s that?

    • linda, I went to his site, yes, he has a crescent moon and a date palm on there…maybe you should email his youtube account or his site and ask him WHY, and mention having a crescent on his page won’t score him any brownie points…exactly the opposite will turn people off. ..oh , that is except for the muslims… maybe he’s after THEIR vote!

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  16. “Dirty Harry” will not be able to succeed at this.

    The Supreme Court just ruled in favor of that bunch of lunatics at the Westwood Baptist Church in Texas who stands outside of our dead soldiers funerals and shouts hatred, and horrible things ot the families of the fallen.

    Can’t have it both ways. The Supreme Court ruled it was an infringement on the 1st Admendment of the Constitution, therefore it also applies here.

    This is how stupid politicians are, making up the rules as they go along to suit an issue, rather than following the law of the Constitution in the first place.

    Idiots and embociles running DC. Absolute idiots.
    And since our soldiers went to war for this country Dirty Harry, you just lost the entire argument.

    These soldiers died for the abused freedom of speech. In this case of muslims BURN BABY BURN.



  17. Islam – based on the writings of a minor desert chieftain pedophile – exhorts its followers to kill. Still. Today. There are some similar passages in the Bible – Christians stopped. Islam celebrates death – Christianity celebrates life. And, last, but not least, Islam is NOT a religion – it is a political institution with specific political goals that are incompatible with a free society.

  18. What a bunch of hooey…No one burnt a queeran before 9-11, and thousands were murdered. Did they ban Islam from America? No, they said You can’t judge a entire culture by the actions of a few…Shari’a law has been planned for a long time now….And they (muslims) have been burning Churches and the Christians in them for months now…(no one denounces that)….I think it’s time to declare War on ALL of islam, They have declared war on Us…Quit coddling up to them just because Osama says to (no I didn’t misspell that) I liked Him better with the beard, at least then He said how He really felt about America…The only time I’ve heard Him be truthfull…These moon god worshipers (allah or satan) have been killing thouse who don’t think like they do for hundreds of years, it’s in theyr book to do so, “Seize and kill the infidels wherever You find them.”…(so don’t blame the queer’an burners)…That’s just an excuse and nothing more….”muhammad would take a bath with the little Girl and fondle Her.” Bukheri 6:298…(written by a pedifile)…”the Earth is flat like a sheet or a rug, and does not move.”…(so the space station is a hoax?)….”muhammad cut the moon in half.”…Hadith 54:1…(how He did this it does not say)…”Camel urine shouls be drank as medicine for thouse who are feeling sick.” Burhari 1:234. (do they obey this one?)…Satan is the father of ALL lies, so this is His Unholy book…Wake Up World…They will not stop killing untill ALL who do not think as they do (warped) are DEAD…The cult of death and pedifiles…One Woman is on trial for quoteing the queer’an…(how insane is THAT) It “offends” them to quote it…(because it’s hog warsh, fables and tall tales.) Feel free to quote the King James Version Holy Bible to Me any day…

  19. If Harry Reid wants to limit the speach about the CAMEL DRIVERS then he can start with him self. It is now very real that DIRTY HARRY is a PIMP for MUSLIMS along with LINDSY GRAHAM. I say TIT for TAT, the muslims kill Christans and burn there CHURCHE’S, then why not KILL MUSLIMS for there OFFENCES against CHRISTANS and burn down there MOSQUES. Looks like the THIRD CRUSADE might be about to begin. Gin up MALITIA’S stand ready. LOCK and LOAD.

  20. Every one had better be willing to get off their lazy asses & fight this one if push comes to shove.

    They might decide to ban your beer to appease muslims next boys, think about that for a while.

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  23. I will keep burning the Quran, because it is a false book full with hate, hatred and terrorisim. and let those whom they defend the islam and making consessions go to HELL because Islam is the REAL HELL.

  24. “During World War II, we had limits on what you could do if it inspired the enemy,”
    Maybe, but my parents were never told that they couldn’t burn a Nazi flag, or a copy of Mein Kampf, and there were plenty of cartoons around ridiculing Hitler.

  25. I hate to say it, but this makes me laugh. My first experience with Islam was playing in bands with Muslims in the 1980s. We learned- NEVER mention Islam, NEVER mention treatment of wives/ girlfriends, NEVER insult the poor Muslim by saying “kiss my azz” or other ” insults to their manhood”. So we came up with a new rule- NEVER allow Muslims in the band!
    LOL LOL there is NO moderate Islam. Americans have been bullied by their PC obsessed leaders and media into believing that jive. Well, sorry. Islam is the enemy.

  26. Great topic/bellweather for the coming national election; do you favor a constitutional amendment limiting free speech when the speech is about muslims?
    Do you favor federal prosecution for citizens espousing ideas contrary to muslim beliefs?
    Would you support imams crafting laws governing behavior appropriate to islam for Congress and states to pass?

  27. “We wish we could hold people accountable” … WTF does that mean?!
    How about holding Muslims accountable for their atrocities? Terry Jones didn’t kill anyone, or did they notice that?
    Our elites have lost their minds.

  28. The day our government makes laws to protect thin skinned muslims ears is the day we need a new government. One that is not so stupid.

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  30. In the last 1400 years, Islam has killed 270 million people Harry. They kill about 300-400 a week, Harry. Just what makes you think that they won’t kill you too. Is that why you all are sucking up to them like you are??? You don’t mean J-S to them, you ain’t a big deal to them, like you think you are to us. In fact, I don’t think you’re a big deal either.

  31. Dingy Harry we can all expect to have him say theses things because he doesn’t and hasn’t cared about the Constitution from the start. With RINO Lindsey Graham, this will be his final days in the Senate since he has shown us all where his true beliefs are and they are NOT with the founding fathers!

  32. Harry needs to spend less time on Brokeback Mountain with his poetry spelling compose friends and more time defending the Constitution

  33. I don’t like book burning but the qur’an is the ultimate symbol of the most hateful idealogy on this earth.I don’t think it would be so terrible to have millions and millions of people buring qur’ans; in every city across the civilized world. The leftists would go crazy and a clear message would be sent to the muslim world. It doesn’t matter what our governments do; we don’t want you.

    • your whole entire nation is and was built on a complete lie. and freedom? what freedom? yous are imprisoned by your very ownselves overeating overheating, overliving i mean over spending. every thing yous americans do is completely out of order ISLAM and muslims are far superior to the short fused minds yous americans have. just remember the very ‘CONSTITUTION’ yous talk about when your ill minded partner cheats on you and when your child is robbed and raped and the suspect gets out of prison a few years later and theres nothing you can do about it,OR when your wife decides to have sex with your friends and the law is on her side and the full earnings of your entire empire ends up in her greasy hands and you still have nothing you can do about it. Or when the government bring back the bodys of these lost mental servicemen (who rightfuly deserve death and it will be the case) but when you see your brothers face and the agents pretending they cared and you know nothing about what really happened or as he government take all the nations money and fill up the terrorists zionists who have claimed many innocent lives and the whole country cannot even eat whilst theyre laughing with the witches in israel your families have died of cancer and alchohol problems that very product they fed to them and put tax on it to fill theyre zionist partners whilst you and your families will be dieing theyl be in bunkers with there families just remember when the time comes these politicians will abandone you and jump under the ground then i want you to remember that when islam was giving you safety and you critisized it and when islam was giving you security you ridiculed it and its entire existance when islam was giving yous fair laws yous made a mockery of the logic in the wisdom behind it was all from god. yous all rebelled against the almighty allah and the messiah (jesus) will return and if we live i bear witness that he will march to jerusalem for the final battle the believes against the disbelievers and the christ will say to those who claimed to have followed him “i dont even know yous get out of here” just REMEMBER it was yous that made your desicion and remember your CONSTITUTION. WHICH WAS CLEARLY AND CURRENTLY IS A BIG LIE BY ALL THE JEWS AND EXTREMIST CHRISTIANS. GOOGLE MUSLIM POLITICIANS THEN GOOGLE JEWISH POLITICIANS THEN CHRISTIAN POLITICIANS . YOUS ARE SO DAFT THAT YOUS DONT PAY HEED TO THE FACT THAT YOUR WHOLE NATION HAS BEEN HIJACKED BY ZIONISM ITS NOT JUDAISM ITS EXTREMIST JEWS AND CHRISTIANS. ALL OF YOUR HIGH POSITIONS IN SECURITY, POLITICS ARE JEWISH AND ALWAYS HAVE BEEN THEY ARE GOING TO BE THE CAUSE OF YOUR EXTINCTION. BUT AMERICANS ARE THE CAUSE OF THEIR OWN EXTINCTION NOT ONE DAY HAS PASSED WITHOUT THEM MASS MURDERING HUMANS. MY SIMPLE SOLUTION. DEATH TO ALL AMERICANS DIE SLOW ,MA GOD BRING DOWN THE WRATH UPON YOUS AND ALL ALIKE YOUS AMEN.

      • Sallal,

        You and your Mohammed are children of Satan and a female dog, and you will never rule over America.

        You have nothing good, so you can only try to kill the good you find, which is why you hate Christians and Jews. Like that bastard Ishmael you will be driven from all that is good. Your heritage is nothing but hate, abuse and death.

        Bug off.

      • ha ha ,get a load of salad dim what a RANT from a diabolical mind filled with satan….thats islam, a MENTAL DISORDER!!

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  35. This is such an inane response. What if a woman wears something sexy and provocative and is raped. Should we now hold the woman responsible for the crime of rape. Makes sense to me… no wait… Islam does that!

  36. The youth movement continues using the signing of a 34 years old. In the event the front office was really so excellent at evaluating talent wouldn’there be a young RB on our practice squad or on someone else’s roster to fill this role? Leach, Rabach, Pollard, Floyd, Mason, Ricky Williams…almost all their signings – and intended signings – seem like the past painful rounds of the fantasy football league draft.

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If sharia law continues spreading, you'll have less and less freedom of speech - so speak while you can!

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