U.S. adds Saudi bombmaker to terrorism blacklist

Doing the Saudi’s a favor – release some more oil supply now #*&@!es. via U.S. adds Saudi bombmaker to terrorism blacklist | Reuters.

(Reuters) – The United States on Thursday added a Saudi bombmaker who is a key suspect in the 2010 al Qaeda parcel bomb plot against the United States to its official terrorism blacklist.

Ibrahim Hassan al-Asiri is believed to work with the Yemen-based al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) and already tops Saudi Arabia’s terrorism list.

“Al-Asiri is an AQAP operative and serves as the terrorist organizations’ primary bomb maker,” the State Department said in announcing the designation, noting that al-Asiri has also been accused of recruiting his younger brother as a suicide bomber for a failed attack on Saudi counter-terrorism chief Prince Mohammed bin Nayef in 2009.

“Although the assassination attempt failed, the brutality, novelty and sophistication of the plot is illustrative of the threat posed by al-Asiri,” the State Department said.

The U.S. order is aimed at stemming the flow of resources to al-Asiri by freezing all of his property which may be under U.S. jurisdiction and banning any U.S. citizen from engaging in transactions with him.

al-Asiri got his brother to put a bomb up his ass but an errant text message set it off killing only himself and not the Saudi prince.

5 thoughts on “U.S. adds Saudi bombmaker to terrorism blacklist

  1. Time to add SAUDI ARABIA to the TERROR LIST with all the MOSQUE’S and MADRAS’S school being built here spewing HATE AGAINST THE U S A. There oil is not worth there CRAP IN OVER THROWING the GOVT. here. We have more oil than they do but DINGLE HOOFER in the GREY HOUS has stopped the drilling for it. If I was the owner of the BIG OIL COMPANIES and owned the land, my rigs would be drilling and to HELL WITH OBUMMMMAA! He is destroying the right to the defense of our NATION. LOCK and LOAD.

  2. It is obvious the U.S. government did NOT consult CAIR in this matter before taking such unilateral action. Humiliating a muslim is not in the best interests of peace. Just ask mohammad’s god allah.

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