Homosexuals burned alive in Iraq (video)

Like much of Islam, this is not suitable for children. ROP via Islam Watch

Homosexuals burned alive in Iraq, Sharia punishment for sodomy.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Update: Historical evidence of Muslim atrocities flushed down the Youtube memory hole, but other sources remain:

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click to watch video

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237 thoughts on “Homosexuals burned alive in Iraq (video)

  1. I hope the lesbians of Code PInk and the gay boycotters of Israeli products have a good close look at what they are ultimately condoning & promoting.

    • I suggest we all save this video, and when the Boycott Israel ninnies post their next lot of propaganda on youtube , link to this video….. those useful idiots are the palestinian stirrers best friends, trouble is they know not what they are supporting, because they don’t investigate their sources..

      • Anne, if you were to truly “investigate your sources” you’d realize and see this video for what it is: a piece of pro-war propaganda. I am no apologist for what I just saw here but I also know what atomic bombs do, and I’ve seen what a lynched and burned black man looks like hanging from a tree in Mississippi. As I wrote above, what war does in general is what we all need to look at and agree to stop it. I don’t care if people tell me that we’ve always had wars. Let’s start looking at war as a DISEASE that we must eradicate instead of promoting. Are we going to succumb to every piece of war propaganda? Are we going to sink back into savagery or cure this plague invented by our human species?

        • how.. what is your suggestion? How do you combat this specific act?
          Literally what should we do?
          Forgive them?
          Try to educate them? How? teach them that violence is wrong?
          What? I am lost with this one.
          They will not chance fast enough for all the people that they will kill before..they change…if they ever do.
          We are born to live. When we are born the only thing that we have is “our lives’ we are alive and others have no right to take our lives.
          If they try to take our lives I see reason that we should let them.

        • Janet.

          Well, where does one start…?
          First I will say that you do bring up some legitimate points as far as the history of war and the hidden corporate motivating factors that have historically driven the war machine behind the scenes.
          Religion has also played a large part in supporting these efforts because religion has control over people and can help sway them into believing they are supporting a “righteous” war.

          The comment about the WW! propaganda poster with the “Hun” spearing a baby is a good example of the bullshit that is used to inflame the public to throw their support behind a country going to war.

          I’ll give you those points. True.

          However, there is one huge difference between a poster from 1914/15 and a graphic video such as the one above. A very HUGE difference.
          Not to mention all the other videos that our contemporary media allows us to watch on this little old computer. If you are even minimally aware of what we can see on here, how do you explain all the hideous, graphic, violent garbage that these people (Muslims) do all over the world?
          These images are REAL. There not a drawing by some war mongering propagandist.
          Even if you were to say some were fake…there is a shit load of them…they can’t all be fake.
          These postings/videos on here and other websites are not put up by some ministry of war or propaganda. These are posted by people who see this going on all over the world.
          It is fact, not propaganda.
          If any one is guilty of propaganda it’s the mainsteam media.

          Islam is on record as stating EMPHATICALLY that they have every intention of creating a world wide Caliphate to establish Islamic world domination.
          They tell us this day after day.
          As Pete below said: What do we do?
          It is one thing to have reasoning discussions with a group of people who are at least OPEN to reason, but Islam can never fit into this category.
          They are by and large an inbred group of people who are mentally deficient and this makes them half nuts to begin with. It also makes them more vulnerable and likely to buy into their religious insanity. Do you ever see how their one eye is looking for dew worms and the other is gazing at the moon? That’s due to their inbreeding.

          -How about the way they teach hatred to their children?
          -Little children being trained as suicide bombers?
          -They think Jews are a cross between a pig and a monkey?
          -They can lie to further their Islam. It’s called taqqiya.
          -You either submit, pay a tax, or get you head severed from your shoulders.
          -Check out “ashura” on google…let me know what you think of that little festival?
          I sincerely want you to get back to me on that one…please.
          -The graphic beheadings they have posted on the web?
          -Honor killings…even in your country? Young girls…
          -Acid thrown on their gorgeous young faces…by their own FATHERS and BOTHERS! Ruined for life?
          -The good old Koran tells them how to beat their women…so as not to leave any marks on her face.
          -if a Muslim ever wants to leave Isalm, they are to be killed.
          How can you not despise these people and all they represent?
          Classic Islam.
          I don’t think these things are driven by any war mongering government…they are real.

          How can you say the people on here are having a knee jerk reaction?
          I believe you are a newcomer to this site, which is great. I hope you continue to post.
          However, most of these posters have been following this Islamic garbage for quite some time, and I can assure you it is in no way a “knee jerk” reaction.
          We’ve watched this shit unfold for a long time, and it’s getting worse.
          I am in no way a member of a religious group but I can tell you right now, I will never “submit” to Islam under any circumstances.
          I am also no fan of “right wing Christianity”, but if I have to side with anyone to fight Islam, I would rather it be people like these.

          You said:
          “As a fervent believer in freedom of expression, and as an American I know that I have to extend that right even to someone who condemns me for exercising my freedom (to disagree with you)”

          Islam is using your entire Constitution to further their agenda, and they are masters at doing so.
          When the time comes, (and it will if the U.S. keeps appeasing these pukes) they will eventually be able to take control of the United States and impose their sharia law in your Great Nation.
          I know that sounds far-fetched, but most people thought Hitler was a “comic” in 1932/33, and in 15 short years they sure changed their tune about that.

          In closing I will say this: I am an old hippy,
          (more or less) and I am probably as astute and as aware as you seem to be about the history of war and the big money forces that have supported it throughout time.
          This, I think, is different. If you research the Koran and Islam you will see we are dealing with a whole new ball game this time around.

          I hope I am wrong about all of this, but I fear I am not.
          I hope I haven’t bored anyone too much. :-)

          ps: Janet…read the book “Rule By Secrecy” by Jim Marrs. I think you would enjoy it.

          • I notice janet has not replied…we have asked her HOW we are to deal with muslims who wage war against us, who commit these terrible acts in the name of their god, we have asked janet fo answers, apart from defending ourselves against them , which means we can do either of two things, we can submit to cruelty, to ethnic and religious cleansing to avoid war, OR we can defend our loved ones, our people and our country against an implacable hostile enemy who has made no apologies about their plans for us…submission, death, or slavery…so which course should we take, janet? we either resist which means WAR, or we allow ourselves to be raped, slaughtered, burned alive…so WHAT is your proposal? please respond soon..

          • I do hope Janet responds to your excellent post, but I’m not holding my breath. I can’t tell you how many conversations I’ve been in like this.

            Once confronted by the facts about Islam, folks like Janet never do respond.

            Gee, I wonder why? Maybe it’s because their fantasy-world thinking has been shattered by facts.

          • “Do you ever see how their one eye is looking for dew worms and the other is gazing at the moon? That’s due to their inbreeding.”

            My my, I’m sorry I even attempted to engage the regulars on this blog. The above quote is of the type of insane ramblings that you’d expect to see in Mein Kampf, or from a Mullah in a an impoverished desert land. Was that a serious comment, dew worms and the moon? What the hell?!

            By the way, I’m not a Muslim, but after looking up Taqqiya, I see that it’s a Shi’ia tradition. Considering that Shi’ia constitute just 15% of all Muslims in the world, you’ve just tried to use a doctrine practiced amongst a minority to indict the great majority. That, lady, is just bad logic, and I lol at you for that.

          • Ackbar said
            ” By the way, I’m not a Muslim, but after looking up Taqqiya, I see that it’s a Shi’ia tradition. Considering that Shi’ia constitute just 15% of all Muslims in the world, you’ve just tried to use a doctrine practiced amongst a minority to indict the great majority. ”

            The example of Muhammad all through Quran and the Hadith is that he LIED to the enemy until he grew strong to turn on them like a rabid dog that he was! no code of honor whatsoever…and muslims are exactly the same today..

          • Anne.

            True as true can be.
            Akbar is probably like most Muslims…they hardly know what’s in the Koran…the just follow their Mullah’s blindly.
            I posted a rather long response to Akbar, but C.S. has not added it as yet…?
            I don’t think it was offensive…?
            Time will tell.

          • Akbar,
            I sent in a post yesterday that has somehow disappeared…? It wasn’t even posted.
            You aren’t worth the time for me to re-do it and re-submit, especially if C.S. sees fit not to allow it.
            It is his webpage and he is in charge, but believe me, we haven’t “surrendered the fort” by any stretch of your imagination.
            I hope someone like yourself is seeing a psychiatrist.
            You sure have a great deal of anger.

            I must say this:
            I don’t for the life of me understand how someone who is as obviously bright as you, (bright enough to apparently leave Islam and claim to be an athiest)
            and yet still displays the stupidity it takes to defend Islam.
            Maybe a shrink could figure that one out?
            Get back to us with that, will you?

          • “Akbar, on April 14, 2011 at 5:18 PM said:
            I think both of you surrendered the fort sometime yesterday, enough is enough now ok?

            Hi Amboyduke..
            I didn’t see your post on Ackbar but I’m sure it was a doozy ( aussie for “good one” ) ..
            But just cos one day passed and no response from me, ( SOME people actually work!!) our delusional friend assumes we have surrendered so to speak, well seeing he was well and truly sent packing yesterday, and had said he was done with us all and had put in his last post, thats quite amusing….I think he is “fatally attracted” to this site and his imaginary battle…its called doing “Dawa”

          • Good historical study here Amboyduke. I, along with many of the hippie generation, know that you are expressing the exact same views we all have. If history teaches us anything at all – it certainly does repeat itself. You noted historical aptitude is admirable here. I only wish that those who are so fervent about freedom of expression rights would realize that this type of freedom of expression was nothing that our founding fathers ever considered being a possiblity in our country. Islam is evil as there is no honor in murder or lying – evil in its purest form – Islam.

          • What do you call that atomic bombs that killed Hundreds of thousands of Japanese people is Christianity that ordered them to do so .. The World War II had caused 100 millions deaths without even a one single Muslim in it .. do you understand from the massacres that happen to the American natives , that Christianity is cruel ? And for the Jews if someone comes to your country and claims that this land is a holly land for him and asks you leave it for him would you do that ? And I need you to quote the part that says they are a cross between a pig and a monkey from Quran ,, Israelis are thieves and killers and search for Mohammed Aldorra to see how cruel they are

        • Hopefully, a few things that were mentioned, bothered her enough to check out the gruesome facts about islam. Until, your eyes have been truly opened to the horror of islam, it is hard to believe any people could behave like they do. Maybe, her eyes are opening and she’s waking up to the nightmare of islam.

        • You cannot eradicate war when you have disease ridden minds like those in the video, trying to convert more level minds by torture killing and mayhem. Everybody and nation has the God given right to self defense, Sometimes that means war.

        • Keep living in that bubble sweetheart. People like you turn the other way when terrible things happen to other people. You’ll find out if you keep that up that eventually YOU are the other people. Just wishing for peace isn’t enough, others have to be on the same page. Radical Islam and others are not. Hitler won his advantage with people like you. War is hell but being cowardly or condoning evil is worse.

    • let me translate. the terrorist said that he would not show any mercy for any traitor whom works as an informant for the us forces . there is nothing said about homosexuality. who ever mad this video has propaganda in his mind

  2. I choose not to watch this because I know it will be graphic, but once again the intolerance and sub-humanity of islam is exposed in all its depravity!! if there was ever an argument that the devil exists the evil of islam proves there is a demonic powerful force that takes over ordinary human beings and turns them into monsters of the lowest form..only fit to be exterminated…these are not members of the human race, they are another being altogether!! and burning people comes as naturally as breathing to them! unbelievable that 1.2 billion can stand by and watch and say NOTHING!!!! behold the abomination that causes desolation! ISLAM!

    • I agree with what you say. Islam is not a religion. It is a political system which is worse than the Nazis ever dreamed of being. It breaks my heart that our young men and women in the military are in Iraq and having to protect those animals. We need to leave them all to their own devices and deport the ones who are here and are not citizens. They are intolerable, even though we are constantly told we must tolerate them because “Islam is a religion of peace.” Their prophet was a pedophile. They wish to emulate him. They are insane.

      • I agree, NSH, our military must be brought home SAP. the war wastes our money, resources, and the lives of our youngest and best… we need to look after our own interests, stop muslim immigration altogether, return those who are not productive or assimilating into our societies, ( possibly 99.9%) block our borders, and arm ourselves to the teeth to repel these invaders who are sworn to jihad and a world caliphate…As for janet pratt, she may like to join them and spread her love not war message to the ones that are actually the warmongers, the muslims!

  3. I’d like to be there when these animals have to answer to Almighty God for what they do. Allahu Akbar? Yes, they will see how great God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit truly are. Vengeance is mine, saith the Lord, and although I don’t have a vengeful spirit, the evil that I’ve recently witnessed makes me at least want to see barbarians answer to God.

    • No, no one is going to or will do anything about this.. they’ve already crept their way into this administration here in the U.S. If sympathizers and the liberal political correct crowd have their way, as in some states already, they would implement Shariah for these people. For the ignorants that can’t think for themselves, these posts and stories are posted to make you aware what will and very well can happen if we continue to open our borders to these kinds, Bad enough most are entering illegally because the bozos in Washington won’t do anything about securing our borders. I could go on….

  4. Though it is considered a sin in the Bible they are BURNING the WRONG people, the one’s that need BURNING ARE THE MULAHS’ AND THE IMAM’S ALL OVER THE WORLD. They are holding the MUSLIMS from receiving CHRIST as there way to go. LOCK and LOAD.

    • Your response is a typical knee-jerk reaction. Those who posted this video are classic war-mongers. Read what I wrote above and think before you fall for what the war-profiteers want you to do.

      • Like I said in another reply, these stories and videos are here to warn us as to what is coming if we don’t wake up to the Islam ignorant and sympathizers in Washington. All you have to do is see what UK, France, Australia, and Italy are already dealing with.. this is not about instigating hate.. its about preventing this hate from infiltrating our nation!

        • If as you say this (stories/videos) are not about “instigating hate” I’d suggest you re-read what some of the others have written here. And tell me you don’t recognize it as hatred. If this thread is any example then the hatred is “infiltrating”. I wish I knew how to counter what the professional war-profiteers and power mongers have been able to succeed at for centuries. My mother was a little girl when WWI broke out. She told me about posters she saw that depicted “the Hun” with little babies speared on their bayonets. That was the kind of mind-control and fear-mongering propaganda that helped convince young uninformed boys to become that generation of “cannon fodder” in the trenches of Europe. Today the same kind of imagery gets the same kind of results from those who refuse or just can’t and don’t learn from the past. (And that’s all I have to say for now…)

          • War, hate anything but the subject of the thread.

            Funny you mention mind-control,, you should look into that for yourself.

            You’re wasting your time here, we’ve all been around the block with deluded lefty, liberal , progressives many times. We’ve seen all the tactics you use before. We’ve been called all the names you bunch like to use to try to silence the truth. BUT like the politicians, the deluded and the MSM we haven’t been paid off or brainwashed and we’re wise to you. Don’t waste your time.

      • jane pratt, what a fool you are..”those who posted this video are classic war mongers’ ??????????????? a bit like saying they are responsible for the CONTENT of the video…thats like blaming a rape victim for reporting a rape…you are insane, I’m glad you have been restrained and are back on your meds..

  5. Why am I not surprised to see how easily this video produces a knee-jerk “let’s kill the Moslems” response. Regardless of how horrible what is depicted here is, no one should forget that war does this every day…and on both sides. Flame throwers in WWII, napalm in Vietnam, atomic bombs, depleted uranium weapons, cruise missiles, “smart” bombs…How far back should we look to see how repulsive everything to do with warfare is? But it is sooooo profitable for those who create wars. Will we ever learn?

    • And for those who want to call me naive or an apologist for what these men have done in this video, or for those who want to throw around more nasty remarks about “lesbian code pink” women as if all of us who oppose war are living with our head in the sand….well, my friends, you are only taking turns being the ones in the pit one minute and being the ones pushing others into the pit. Make no mistake. Equal opportunity killing. That is what war is.

      • You need a good deprogramming.

        Code pink members are stupid enough to buy the fakestinian propaganda and are unable to see the truth & the facts. They don’t oppose war, they oppose Israel. Israel is simply defending herself and she is vilified for doing it and the idiots of CP are lapping up the fakestinian propaganda like the little trained seals that they are. I have zero respect for them.

        And this thread is NOT about war, it’s about an evil totalitarian, political ideology that promotes the hatred & slaughter of homosexuals & your friends at CP. It is practiced & condoned by the people (terrorists) that you defend.

        And I’m NOT your friend, you are an enemy to the freedom of the people of America because of your delusions.

        • This thread is PRECISELY about war. And if anyone here needs a good “deprogramming” I’d suggest you look in the mirror. I haven’t said a single word about Israel, nor have I said I am a member of “Code Pink” much less the communist party. All your raving about that is a function of your own “programming”. You are taught to identify and to hate/kill whoever the current “enemy” is. You pick and choose from what I’ve said here and twist it around with your cliched expressions. As a fervent believer in freedom of expression, and as an American I know that I have to extend that right even to someone who condemns me for exercising my freedom (to disagree with you).

          • NO!! this thread is about RELIGION…the religious cult of ISLAM… these morons are burning the homosexuals ALIVE because their BOOK says to destroy homosexuals!! get out of here , you are an apologist trying to label this religious doctrine with a warfare label… this is RELIGIOUS warfare of JIHAD against all non muslims and those who break the rules of their disgustingly depraved book!! and guess what, madam? you are against war? then if you don’t fight theses sadists YOU will be killed eventually!

          • Nice try but those lefty tactics don’t work on intelligent people.

            Code Pink, you brought it up not me, quote “for those who want to throw around more nasty remarks about “lesbian code pink” women ” and I did not call you a “commie”, your addled lefty brain made that one up.
            I also didn’t say you said anything about Isreal, I was referring to CP members (which you brought up).

            As far as twisting anything goes, you’re the one twisting the practice of religion, islam murdering homosexuals into a war theme. I have also presented the above examples of your twisting.

            Grow up sweetie and as I said before, go get yourself a good “progressive” deprogramming. You’ll feel a lot better, cease to twist & confuse things and finally see the facts before your eyes. Refreshing, no?

      • What does this video showing human beings set afire have to do with war?

        Islam has declared war on all of us – which includes you, unless you are a Muslim.

        Grow up and take your moral equivalence and your “All you need is love!” philosophy elsewhere.

      • When you do some serious research and reading about islam, its past and present, your ideas about war might change. When you defend all religions and idealogies as equally wrong, it only demonstrates, you haven’t done your homework about islam. Read about “mohammed as the perfect man,” and you will vomit about what is done in his name. Bestiality, pederasty, misogyny. Do the research.

      • You certainly have the right to descend to name calling but if you know so little about your species history that you can’t see how humans behave in barbaric ways in all wars than I’d suggest you go back to your history books. In the American South blacks have been burned alive and lynched. In the American west a young gay man was beaten to death and draped over a barbed wire fence to die. In our parent’s generation people were tortured, starved, gassed, burned to death, in supposedly civilized Europe by Nazis. In that same war the Allies incinerated a whole city by carpet bombing Dresden. During the “crusades” Christians slaughtered Moslems and vs versa in ways that would make what we see on this video look like a quick and painless death. Visit some of the lovely, picturesque castles of Europe and go into their dungeon/torture chambers. (I have) Or climb into the hellish underground horror caves in North Africa (now covered with beautiful gardens) where European Christian crusaders were chained to the walls and left to rot in the dark. (I have , have you?) I am no arm-chair “liberal” who just pontificates about what I know next to nothing about.

        • You certainly know all of the lefty tactics and some of the ones islam uses too. Stick to the subject (which isn’t war or slavery), defend your position, don’t use tu quoque or subject changing .

          Better yet, go educate yourself about the topic at hand before going to sites and starting debates about what is not being talked about ie: war

          It’s about a religion/cult/political ideology at work not war. It’s about islam (religion/cult/political ideology) practicing it’s hateful doctrine from the koran, sira & ahadith.

        • Just noticed this gem,”During the “crusades” Christians slaughtered Moslems and vs versa in ways that would make what we see on this video look like a quick and painless death”

          After years of rape , pillage and land loss the Christians finally decided to fight back the muslims in self-defense. IMO, they didn’t do it soon enough or violently enough.

          And it has NOTHING to do with this thread. It must be a way for you to seek attention because you have absolutely NOTHING to offer on the real subject.

      • You are absofigginlutely right my friend.
        This garbage must be kept out of our country 100%
        Not a difficult concept to comprehend.
        NOT a religion…a totalitarian political theology AKA psychotic BULL SHITE!!!

  6. Dontcha just love how superior people like Janet seem to think they are? Calling us names before anyone makes one comment to her… Seems like she is the one with the “knee jerk reaction” and is much more of a hypocrite than anyone she is judging! Typical of the libtards to cry ad naseum, “I know you are but what am I!” tit for tat crap… “I know this is bad but look what the evil Christians did 800 years ago!” like that is relevant to what is going on TODAY!

    • There’s an expression that pretty much covers your notion that today’s horrors have nothing to do with today: “those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it”. If you think that what I have written here is a suggestion that I think I am “superior” as you have written, you are quite wrong. This is not about a personal assault on anyone…at least not from me. It is all too easy to name call and all too easy to play a “divide and conquer” game by suggesting that one person is opposed to the group, which is what you are doing (whether you realize it or not). What is “going on today” as you state is just an extension of what has been going on for centuries. I for one would prefer that the human race evolves to a less hateful and destructive species….

    • and the obligatory cries of racism, pointing to slavery in American history while ignoring Arab/Muslim history and what goes on today

  7. This is no knee jerk reaction. This is the reality of Sharia law. Violence against women, homosexuals and all nonbelievers. It’s in their Qaran and spoon fed to them from childhood.

    Man is a violent creature by nature. The only way to eradicate war and violence is to eradicate all of mankind. It’s in the DNA and cannot be bred out. Just as we cannot breed out the hunting instincts of our feline friends. We can only educate and remain ever vigilant.

    I don’t like war. I don’t like violence. I haven’t my beloved children just to have their lives snuffed out in war. But I accept it as reality and the price of freedom, mine and yours.

    • You wrote: “The only way to eradicate war and violence is to eradicate all of mankind.” Sad to say humans are doing a pretty good job of that, what with the ongoing research and development of more and more lethal weapons systems. I don’t think you can prove that violence is somehow in our DNA. The desire to survive may be inherent but violence is what is resorted to by those who have not learned to transcend fear.

      • Ever heard of a hormone called “testosterone”? Do your homework on it.

        The basis for almost all wars is power and money. The desire for these is inherent in mankind and always has been.

        As for name calling, most posters have not. with the notable exception of YOU and a couple of others. Watch the hypocrisy .

      • If islam and its adherents were removed from this world, we’d be on a much better road for peace. islam is a scourge.

        • By that logic, black people are a scourge. Should we massacre every black person we can find, simply because “most” blacks in Africa are genital mutilating savages? Should we kill most blacks in America because, on average, black people slow economic growth in the United States?

          Think before you type people.

          • These black people aren’t trying to rule the world with a Caliphate.
            They aren’t trying to ram their way of life up our ass.
            You’re all over the map Akbar…with several contradictions.

          • The contention I was responding to was, “If Islam and its adherents were removed from this world, we’d be on a much better road for peace.” That statement justifies any and every manner of ethnic cleansing you can imagine, provided that cleansing promotes “peace.” My post was a logical follow-up.

            As for the Caliphate nonsense: how does that even make sense to you? Yeah jack, the Mooselimz are gonna send their fleets of aircraft carriers carrying their famous fighter aircraft (hint: there’s a little sarcasm here) across the Atlantic and attempt to invade a first-rate military power and enforce Shariah on a historically Christian country. Please don’t say stupid things around me; you are under no threat of a tyrannical “global caliphate.” You’re just another 9/11 paranoia case, get over it already…and that goes for most of you here. 9/11 was terrible; get over it. See if you can keep those two ideas in your head at the same time.

          • Akbar…
            They tell us this all the time…they are going to establish a world wide Caliphate…they are doing a pretty stellar job of it in Europe and England.
            You know they think long term..and they are patient.
            They are also currently winning through demographics.
            You know damn well this is true.

      • Violence in our DNA is proven statistically: the better killers have more children, like themselves. YOU are proof of what it takes to survive. How tall are you? Most women are shorter that most men, even though having children is a major strain on a woman’s body. Brute force, killers, are NECESSARY to survive. That same attitude, with it’s MUSCLEPOWER, took most of the available food. ONLY women who didn’t need much food survived. NOW, in America, EVERYONE has enough food. Result? Well fed women are reaching their full DNA potential by growing taller than men. I am not a sexist. The same has happened to the current generation of Japanese on a protein rich diet. They must stoop to enter the doorways of their much shorter grandparents, who ate mainly rice. Violence is resorted to by those who have NOT been taught what that violence costs them, personally. Either smack the kid upside the head when he misbehaves, or teach him more gently, as the Chinese and Japanese do, what is socially unacceptable, but TEACH them to be a part of Society. Mohammadan parents let their sons run wild, and reap the whirlwind.

  8. This is absolutely horrible. Where is the complete outcry? The Muslims rioting against such inhumane actions? Where is the UN and all the leaders standing up against such actions? Why are we still bowing to the insane behavior of these people. Call Islam for what it is and refuse to put up with it!

    • There’s no outcry over this because, in the Arab world, they have bigger concerns than human rights abuses: like, you know, finding a job and making enough money to feed their children. Do you really expect countries like Yemen, where most are illiterate and can’t even read the news, where people are completely dependent on the charity of Islamic organizations, to ignore the task of making enough pennies to feed their children, just so they can valiantly march in the street?

      I swear to God, the lack of awareness that some of you possess is stunning. Did anyone here go to college?

        • Stephen: Let’s be clear, most of the terrorists from Iraq, Libya, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, and Pakistan are poor people with few options. American Muslims are not susceptible to Islamic indoctrination precisely because they are not as poor as their fellow Muslims in the Middle East and North Africa.

          If you’re asking me to explain why many of the 9/11 hijackers were from wealthy or prominent families in Saudi Arabia and Egypt: well, men like Mohammed Atta and Khalid Midhar were likely chosen to infiltrate the United States and plan the 9/11 attacks precisely because they were educated individuals with language skills and personal resources that Al Qaeda could tap. Contrast the 9/11 hijackers with the terrorists who throw themselves at our troops in Iraq, especially in the years before the surge. Ironically, it was eastern Libya where most of the Iraqi insurgency came from, and most of those people are dirt-poor fools willing to do what they have to to provide for their families, much like terrorists from Yemen and Saudi Arabia.

          To answer your question with a question, are you asking me to explain outliers like Mohammed Atta? If so, it’s a pretty inane request: how many educated Europeans or educated Christians have been indoctrinated by religion to commit atrocities in Ireland and even the United States? Hell, Mullahs have indoctrinated lily-white Europeans like most of the people here. Why aren’t you asking me to explain those outliers?

          Your question has a bias, but I’ll answer it as plainly as I can: smart people with college degrees and oodles of money can be led down “Satan’s Path” too. The key point, which renders the answer to your question moot, is that most Islamic extremists who fling themselves at troops with superior firepower are poor, ignorant, and desperate, but the exceptions only demonstrate that human beings of all stripes are capable of irrational action.

        • And let me supplement my answer by saying that, at least so far as Saudi Arabia is concerned, we as Americans MUST understand the feelings of many upper-class individuals in that part of the world who resent the dominating influence of the United States in their countries. Ever since the late-70s oil crisis, Washington and Riyadh have been the strongest geopolitical allies in the world next to London and Washington. Elites in that part of the world, the ones who do read the newspapers and who do have the money to afford luxuries like volition and opinions, routinely become political dissidents, dissidents against Washington and dissidents against their own coopted government. These elites no doubt believe in Arab sovereignty, but Arab sovereignty is a myth and every educated person in the world, including Osama Bin Laden, knows it. You, as an American, and me, as an American, cannot escape the broadstrokes of imperialism with which our country paints its foreign policy. I am happy for Uncle Sam’s imperial might: that’s what keeps my gas cheap and dependable, but from the elite-Arab point of view (and even the peasant-Arab point of view), their oil, their assets, their national wealth is being coopted by Washington, London, Paris, and every other Christian capital of the world, and the imperial presence of American troops in Arabia is proof-positive that Arabs don’t run their own country. What would you do if you were in their position?

          I’m not saying that Washington’s cooptation of Arab nationalism justifies terrorism, but the violent backlash is to be expected. Elites in EVERY country surely resent the influence of foreigners in their country; to deny this is to deny your own capacity to be a rational human being. Now imagine if your country was bought and paid for the way the Egyptian military is bought and paid for by Washington. Stephen, without justifying their decision to murder innocent human beings, you have to at least understand the impulse that leads Arabs, poor or elite, to engage in war against the United States.

          And it just so happens that the most effective way to conduct a war against the United States is, you guessed it, jihadh. My final point: if these people weren’t strapping bombs to their chest in the name of Allah, they’d still hate our guts, and they’d still be finding ways to kill us. Islam is the vehicle, not the root.

          • Oh No! Islam IS the root of all the ills afflicting arab islamic countries.
            Because of their jew hatred instilled in them from their Quran, they are not open to following Israels example of high technology in agriculture, by which Israel since 1948 transformed an arid unproductive region into the breadbasket of the Middle East . Israel even transports tulips to Holland .
            But muslims are instilled with Jew hatred with such passion that they could never admit her achievements, that she is a shining jewel amongst the ignorant masses of the Middle East
            Arabs produce nothing except oil, and yet for all the wealth that oil brings their countries they are dirt poor, ignorant, illiterate,…that is because they are not democracies but live under the 7 th Century serfdom of islamic law, the Sharia, .
            Islam and Democracy are diametrically opposed, so arabs will never be successful, as they live under a tribal system… It is time for arabs to take responsibility for their own misery, by looking at the root causes, one is greedy dictators and tribal leaders, Saudis are a good example and yet these same hypocrites are the custodians of mecca, the biggest money spinner in the arab world during hajj.but whichever way you look at it Ackbar, I agree with you that they’d still hate our guts… just like they have hated the guts of all infidels throughout all the centuries in every country they invaded… And your excuses are very poor for why they hate us as in our troops in their countries…. thats a red herring , Ackbar, explain then why Muslims in ALL countries are killing, suidide bombing non muslims…whose troops are NOT in their countries, they are just civilians trying to live their lives without getting butchered…try looking at India, Kenya, Sudan, Phillipines, Thailand,Papua New Guinea…the list is as numerous as the countries on our world map, and these conflicts involving aggressive Islam are NOTHING to do with American troops ..At least 17,000 Islamic terror attacks all over the world since 9/11..NOPE!! . try a new angle Ackbar, this one is not working..they commit murder in the name of jihad because that is the nature of the beast, ISLAM..

          • Anne: You aren’t worth the 30 seconds it takes to read a post. Regardless, I perused your post and OUCH, it must hurt to be that ignorant. I’m sure Stephen will agree. Let the educated people talk please.

          • Just for good measure, after perusing, I should point out the various idiocies that dot your post:

            1) American troops stationed abroad have nothing to do with terrorism? Funny, Osama Bin Laden disagrees – in fact, one of Bin Laden’s ultimatums is the immediate withdrawal of “infidel” forces from the Holy Land. You look pretty stupid arguing that terrorists aren’t upset about troops stationed in Arabia when Bin Laden, the Godfather of Jihad, made that very issue the centerpiece of his war against the West.

            2) You make it sound like Israel is the only economically productive economy in the Middle East. Turkey, Egypt, Lebanon (when there’s not a war), Jordan – all are Middle Eastern countries with moderately healthy, moderately well-rounded economies.

            3) Greedy dictators are a problem in the ME, as you correctly note. Of course, because you are NOT as educated as me, you don’t have the capacity to connect the dots, and I provided all the dots for you. Here’s an easy breakdown of it for you: greedy dictators like the King of Saudi Arabia are the problem. I told you that Riyadh and Washington are closely linked. So why can’t you go one step further from what you posted and recognize Washington’s culpability in the support of dictators like the King of Saudi Arabia, like Hosni Mubarak, like Musharraf…the list goes on.

            Anne, let me tell you the difference between people like me and people like you: people like me have heard arguments like yours, have researched the facts behind those arguments, have then exposed themselves to counter-arguments, and synthesized these arguments in order to come to a intellectually sound conclusion. Then, people like you: you tie together rambling, uneducated posts full of untested opinions and theories. Your ignorance is blinding, please shut up and let the educated people speak. You’ve insulted me and claimed undue victory in a circle-jerk with your fellow bigots far too many times for me to take you seriously now, even if your posts revealed some semblance of reasoned opinion.

          • And just to be clear, your posts NEVER reveal a semblance of reasoned opinion. That wasn’t a backhanded compliment, you’re all stupid from where I’m sitting.

          • yeah, whatever..Blah blah blah…your words are empty Ackbar, just address my points.. Sudan , Phillipines, Papua New Guinea, Bali, Thailand,Kenya, India Nigeria, etc.. all under attack by islamists, NO FOREIGN TROOPS.. please explain

          • Oh and Ackbar, let me just add that true intelligence is not revealed by how many words one can string together in superfluous high sounding phrases, but how few words one can use to get their point across…oops sorry but you failed the test..

          • Good talking to you Stephen.

            Anne, please, PLEASE just stop. I’m not even going to insult you anymore because it’s just not fun anymore. All I’ll say is that at least half of the countries on your list are examples of SUCCESSFUL third-world economies, albeit many of those countries have serious political and religious issues.

            Thailand? India? The PI? Kenya? Nigeria? Kenya and Nigeria are the jewels of a god-forsaken continent, why the fuck would you pick those countries to make your point? India is the largest democracy in the world, and despite its sectarian conflicts, is a robust economy that WILL surpass the U.S. one day precisely because India knows how to cultivate an educated population. Thailand is an east-Asian success story too.

            Sudan is a shithole. So what? In Uganda, a shithole on part with Sudan, the Roman Catholic Church has the largest number of adherents in Sudan, not Sunni or Shi’ia Islam. Yet you’re ignoring Uganda. Why? ‘Cuz you’re a bigot, I think we’ve established that here.

            I fully admit that I don’t give a shit about Papua New Guinea or Bali.

          • Damnit, second correction: “The Roman Catholic Church has the highest number of adherents in UGANDA, not Sudan.”

          • Anne, please, PLEASE just stop. I’m not even going to insult you anymore because it’s just not fun anymore. All I’ll say is that at least half of the countries on your list are examples of SUCCESSFUL third-world economies, albeit many of those countries have serious political and religious issues.

            Dear Ackbar…FIRSTLY, lets just stop with the VICTIMHOOD , shall we.. Applying true muslim tactics, YOU are the aggressor who attacked first and when your bully tactics don’t work you cry bigot!! and become the victim…how priceless! your gutter language firstly to Mo and then to me when I came to his defence, speaks volumes about your intentions on this blog, the type of person you are, and your complete lack of empathy with ANYTHING said on this site ,..
            You also have no empathy with anyone here, apart from Stephen who gives you the respect you so richly DON’T deserve, as respect is EARNED..

            SECONDLY, Let me say this… your DEFENSE of Islam, while vilifying Christianity , gives rise to suspicions that you are NOT an Atheist, as you claim, but an undercover muslim with an agenda…
            your gutter language is unfortunately also a symptom of the contempt MUSLIMS hold towards all other opinions.. this is where you betray your roots, the root of Islamic intolerance..
            I even feel a tad sorry for you, as you are the fruit of the rotten tree that is Islam, nothing good can be grown from evil.
            THIRDLY, Ackbar, I know you claim superior intelligence, so it is not through stupidity that you are ignoring my point which is that ISLAM is the AGGRESSOR in all the countries I named, there are many not named also, but you CHOOSE to talk about their economies…Our subject here on this blog is about ISLAM, so please address my point..

      • Its time the Arab States took responsibility for creating their own poverty,
        I guess facing mecca 5 times a day can impede productivity…its much easier to blame the West and the JOOS for all their ills.
        The Quran is a great opiate for the ignorant masses, keeps their minds fixated on the filthy infidels while they forget they live like rats in sewers provided by governments who themselves live in obscene luxury eg. gold plated taps in mansions, private jets, pleasure boats….

        • To Anne in Australia: If Akbar is an atheist, I’m the Easter Bunny! He’s a Muslim, through and through. Lying comes as easily to Muslims as breathing.

          • Yep, Sara, I believe you are right….he never criticizes muslims ,or their evil prophet, nor does he condemn their vile terrorist acts, in fact he puts what they do down to Western Imperialism, while ignoring the rampant Arab Imperialism perpetrated in bloody fighting all over Africa, particularly Kenya, Nigeria, Sudan,,,,Also he heaps scorn upon Christians and the Christian/ Hebrew God..but not a word against the muslim allah tho, mind you….

            Ackbar vowed YESTERDAY that he was packing his camel and leaving us “dipshit, dumbass, ignorant ” Fuck off cunt.” paleface bigots ( HIS words)..
            But I fear he has a case of “Fatal Attraction” to this site…will he and his potty mouth ever leave?.

  9. Vermin Muslim scum. I have never known a sector of society so inherently pre-disposed to violence and cruelty. I hate Muslims!

    • Don’t hate Muslims. Hate Islam. It is what turned these people into animals. Without Islam, I am sure they wouldn’t be this repulsive in their behavior. We, as a country who believes in freedom, need to officially state that Islam is not a religion but a lethal political system that is doesn’t produce anything good for the world. Only then can this ideology be stamped out and the muslims freed from their bondage of hate, violence, and submission.

      • Lets say this:

        Islam is the ideology;
        Muslims are the Ideology’s foot soldiers.

        Ergo: How can you NOT hate Muslims?

        They are the most fucked up of all humanity, and they will make Hitler look like a pussy if they are not stopped.

      • Finally Figured Out Islam: You’re almost there. You need to go one step further. Don’t hate Muslims, don’t merely hate Islam, but hate religion. It’s a hackneyed argument, but it rings true throughout the ages: poor, uneducated people with poor standards of living are prone to invite tyranny into their lives through religious compulsion. Christians have done this too, I should not have to tell you that.

        Long story short, if there’s no difference between these savages and your Christian-savage ancestors of the last millenium, then there’s no point in stopping with just Islam – European Christianity bears the selfsame evils, but Christianity’s evils are masked by the wealth and opulence of first-rate industrial powers with democratic governments, like Britain, France, and the United States. Your hate should be directed at religion practiced by poor, ignorant, and disenfranchsed populations be they European Christians or Arab Muslims.

        • Oh, please! You are free to hate all religions if you choose. But don’t promote the falsehood that says Christianity and Islam are more or less the same.

          Show me where Christianity (or Judaism, for that matter) has open-ended commands for believers to do violence to unbelievers. Show me where Jews and Christians are committing such acts on a regular basis, all over the world, in accordance with such teachings.

          I’ve lost track of the times I’ve asked this question. Never once have I received an answer. Do you know why?

          Because such a thing does not exist.

          So save us the Christianity=Islam routine. It’s a lie and you know it.

          • I didn’t say they were “the same” Mo, I know too much about both to make that claim. You’re equivocating and it shows.

            My post speaks for itself, you didn’t rebut any of it. Let me cut to the case: Is Christianity practiced today a threat to human rights the way Islam is a threat to human rights? No. You won’t see me compare right-wing Christian opposition to gay marriage in the United States to burning gay people. Comparing the state of the religions today is intellectually worthless and, more often that not, a vain contention harbored by Christians who feel superior because they are Christians.

            You ain’t superior ’cause your Christian boy, you’re superior because your parents, grandparents, great-grand-parents, and so on overcame the hatred inherent to medieval Christianity, medieval Christianity which was no better or worse than Islam today. How did your ancestors overcome this hatred and oppression of Christianity? Easy: money. Junk bonds. Television. Casinos. Jobs. Abundance of food. Education. Opportunity. And most importantly, THE LAW. the law which is truly responsible for the west’s success. NOT Christianity despite the vanity of Christian pastors and the armies of stooges who follow these self-serving pastors.

        • Akbar…
          I have no time to respond to you right now, but I will.

          By the way you sound on here, you fit the bill for a typical, shall I say, “moderate Muslim”…?

          I’ll be in touch…you can count on that.

      • And if your impulse is to respond with “Well European Christians don’t act like savages anymore!,” don’t bother. No shit Europeans don’t act like this anymore, they’re filthy rich and they have the peace of mind that comes with democratic governments and high standards of living. You think Muslims would be burning people in the street if their countries were shitty warzones with high infant mortality and no job opportunities?

        The point is that “evil” religion is not fixed in the stars: religion, all religions are capable of both good and evil. You guys look quite stupid ignoring this fact.

          • Akbar, you really are a hoot…you had a whole discussion all by yourself, asked the question, answered it and then did a summary of your whole debate …WITH YOURSELF… lol…get out of here, you are a total waste of time and a tool of islam… Islam and any other religion on this earth are POLES apart, that is Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism etc, whose founders were PACIFISTS, NEVER waged wars,and whose writings promote PEACE…but not ISLAM, whose founder declared JIHAD on all non muslims, was a warmonger, robber, slaver, torturer,paedophile, polygamist,beheader, racist, murdererand the ideal man that muslims try to emulate…and they are doing a fantastic job of it all over the world…YOU are the stupid one for ignoring this fact.!

          • Anne from Australia: And the Old Testament, which once taught and still teaches adherents (Christian or Jewish) that the “God” worth serving is a violent, jealous, sociopathic entity that uses natural phenomena to murder men, women, and children simply because they do not give homage to Yahweh, or simply because they are “sinful,” or simply because they are gay…do these facts taint the proper practice of Christianity or Judaism today?

            Of course not. Christians and Jews just ignore the gory, violent nature of their God for the very reasons I listed above, and they are allowed to ignore these “violent,” fire-and-brimstone aspects of the Old Testament because most Americans, Europeans, and fat pale Australians like yourself don’t need to believe that crap. They’re happy, far happier than most Muslims, who are poor, illiterate, years behind the West and they know it…which makes them practice their religion in ways that appear violent, just as violent as the way your religion was once practiced, when the Old Testament had more sway amongst poor, illiterate, angry Christians who were years behind Muslims and knew it. See what I did there?

          • Ackbar let me address your lameduck points piece by piece

            And the Old Testament, which once taught and still teaches adherents (Christian or Jewish) that the “God” worth serving is a violent, jealous, sociopathic entity that uses natural phenomena to murder men, women, and children simply because they do not give homage to Yahweh, or simply because they are “sinful,” or simply because they are gay…do these facts taint the proper practice of Christianity or Judaism today?

            Christians follow JESUS teachings, not ONCE did he advocate the killing of homosexuals, rather He said that GOD will be the Judge at the day of Judgement of ALL people, unlike the god of the muslims who says that MUSLIMS are the judge and executioner.. Please show me the ( non existent) text of Jesus teachings that say otherwise, or shut your lying mouth..

            Secondly neither Christians or Jews execute homosexuals, if it was their religion to do so they would be DOING just that! but muslims are sure as hell killing , and hanging gays, and teaching to kill them even in mosques in the West, ( BBC footage of secret surveillance of british mosques”throw them down from a cliff, kill them” NIIICE!)

            now your next piece of tripe

            Of course not. Christians and Jews just ignore the gory, violent nature of their God for the very reasons I listed above, and they are allowed to ignore these “violent,” fire-and-brimstone aspects of the Old Testament

            Gee golly gosh, Akbar, isn;t it you muslims that claim muslims worship the same god as Christians and Jews and here you are badmouthing him

            I’m glad you have now proven that islams god is not the God of the two Abrahamic faiths,, Christianity and Judaism.. Onya ! Akbar..now stop shilling for islam and jihad yourself off this page where pure infidels gather .. Pray do not contaminate this site further with your ignorant praise of islam. . please take your own advice to us .. you are not amongst friends and your kind are the enemy

            As to your insulting words to Mo, it is YOU who can f*** off! WE were here first and this is OUR blog..the blog of dedicated infidels, and anti Islamists… now to put it as politely as I can , sod off, tool !

          • I’m a graduate of the University of Southern California, B.A. in History, Cum Laude. I’m a law school student in Los Angeles. I’m descended from a Muslim father who is now deist. I myself am an atheist.

            I’m pretty secure in one fact: in 23 years, I’ve gone further than a fat Australian paleface who was probably shagged by a Mooselim who never called her back. If this sounds like an irrational conclusion to you, then suck it up bitch, you just arrived at half-a-dozen conclusions about me that aren’t true. How does it feel?

            You can keep your little community of bigots and dumbasses. You all can continue to bitch, I’ll use my law degree and my college education at a world-class institution to prove to the world that even a Muslim’s son can live amongst bastards and racists like you. I am better than you, you know it, I know it, every rational reader knows it. Fuck off cunt.

          • And since we all know that your next response is something along the lines of, “LOOK SEE HE CAN’T ADDRESS MY POINTS” — I wish I could illustrate just how ignorant your points are. You say Christians are to follow Jesus’ teachings: uh, hey dumbass, the Old Testament is part of the Bible too. Even if it weren’t, the Five Books of Moses, the entire Torah = the Old Testament.

            Christians executed homosexuals at one point in time. WOOSH! Feel that? That’s my point passing over your sloped forehead.

            Anyone here with an education, who has something good to say, please respond. Mo, Anne, dumbasses like them: keep your opinions to yourselves, especially if all you’re going to do is insult me and supplement those insults with half-baked ideas that I evolved past sometime in middle school.

  10. Be ready to die or live for what you believe is the truth and will will have no fear of being killed by the enemy of truth or mistaken friendly fire. Jesus said, I am, the Way, the Truth and the Life no one comes to the Father but though me.” And again He says ,…”he who believe’s in me shall never die”

    • I personally would prefer death for myself and my family rather than be forced to accept Islam as my religion and exist under Sharia law.

      Should it come to that extreme, I’m not scared to fight or die. It’s preferable to the alternative.

      • ATTENCION! all fundamentalist behavior is an exstension of natural law.BEHOLD;the nature of the BEAST; M.A.N.Hitlers natural supremacy law was the same thing but a different culture.These people are ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS JUDGING.They are either self-appointed;god-appointed;or satan appointed.WHICH IS THIER MASTER?Do they not have the same master world-wide?thier logic has been replaced by mind control …mind control from birth;Pavlov doth rule the worldWhat you are seeing in this video is an re-enactment of CAIN judging Abel;ALLAH BE DAMNED.HE IS FINNISHED.

  11. “Sharia has an answer for all of societies problems”, the oft repeated mantra of those seeking a global Islamic theocracy.
    The video simply shows devote muslims demonstrating sharia’s answer to the gay marriage issue.
    It is true that the sharia has answers to all the questions society faces and needs to find answers to.
    Too many people assume sharia’s answers would be in line with what they as non-muslims would choose. Possibly they only look as far as the requirement to give to charity, a laudable goal, and assume that all other stipulations of sharia are as equally “enlightened”.
    The simple truth is that some of those answers are HORRIFYING, and would immediately, and correctly, be denounced as hate speech of the worst kind if uttered by anyone but a muslim quoting their “special books”.

  12. From what I have read..adult male Islamists buggar young male Islamists all the time. For their sexual pleasure. Who is to say the adult male Islamists are not the reason some of these boys or young men become homosexual.

    And the way they judge…these boys may have not even been homosexual.

    All the homosexuals in the USA..better take heed…if you allow Islam and Sharia in the USA…you will die the same way they do over there!

    So why vote for people who pander to them?
    Come on over to the Right side.

  13. Do you know what I find remarkable about this video?

    Those poor human beings that were burnt to death…never uttered a sound.

    Were they gagged? Or were they brave souls?

    May God burn every one of those Islamists for what they do to women, young men, and children!

    • They were totally brainwashed. They put up no resistance when they have their head severed or are hanged. and by their beliefs they have been judged and have a one way ticket to hell. This is the mentality that the multiculturalists are inviting into our culture. This is the mentality we will one day face in battle in our streets, and those of us who protest are called bigots and racists. Our leaders are more our enemies than are these mindless creatures.

  14. I am a follower of JESUS CHRIST no theocracy will ever chnge that! I would rather die in the name of Christianity rather than submit myself to satan/Islam. They just don;t get it they can’t change our fundemental beliefs!

  15. “We should invade their countries, kill their leaders, and convert them to Christianity.” Ann Coulter, September 12, 2001. Enough said.

    • Well, no. You haven’t said HOW? It is more cost effective to ignore them, isolate them, quarantine them, let them wither on the vine. Libya is an excellent example of what NOT to do. Both sides hate us infidels. Let them kill each other off while we sell arms and ammunition to BOTH sides.

      • that was exactly my own thoughts on the Libya situation….arm both sides to the teeth , and let them kill each other off,….while they are busy fighting each other they are too busy to plot killing us…and the world will be less polluted.

  16. it has come to my attention that a patient of mine, whose medical condition has required restraints; was able to remove same and log onto my computer during my lunch hour. fortunately ms. bratter has been located and sedated. i apologize for this inconvenience to all.

  17. How can you not HATE a religion that would do something like what is in the video? How can you not hate those that say they are muslims? How can you not hate anyone that would do this? Peace to all non-muslims

    • What are you, islamophobic? You don’t HAVE to hate these poor deluded fools. Pity them for being out of step with modern times. Ridicule them for saying ANYONE from the 7th century is the “perfect man” for today. Satirize mohammad for being a transvestite, not that there’s anything wrong with that. Report their crimes, like sexually abusing animals, with contempt. But hate only harms you, morally and physically.

  18. Americans Against Radical Muslims Unite!!!

    The info below is FIOA and anyone can read it. It was published in 2010 BUT it is a document that was printed in 1955 by the FBI… This is just part one of three and part one is 125 pages long… enjoy just a few paragraphs of part one you “white devils” lol Thank God I am saved by grace, in the name of the ONLY HOLY ONE Jesus Christ… Amen, John Scott

    SAC LETTER NO. 55-43

    THE MUSLIM CULT 0F ISLAM — Captioned monograph has been prepaired by the Central Research Section at the request of Special Agents investigating this Cult and should be added to your field office library and afforded the usual security precautions.

    As we know, though small, this is an especially anti-American and voilent Cult about which almost nothing is known by the average Agent, who has found it most difficult to investigate. There-fore, you are requested to make certain that every Agent now investigating this Cult, and every Agent newley assigned to do so, study and absorb the contents of this monograph…

    3. Disloyalty and Disrespect for the United States Government

    Intertwined with defiance of the provisions of the Selective Service acts is a vivid disloyalty to the Government and a continual disrespect for its laws. Buch comments as “no good Muslim registers for the draft, vote or do anything else in the Devil'sgovernment, are repeatedly made throughout the various temples.In a publication obtained from the headquarters of the MCI in Chicago,entitled “The Final Call to Islam, ” the following appeared: 'Of all the governments of the world there neverexisted one so wicked as America, which has misledthe Holy People of Allah, and deceived them intoworshiping a God that they cannot see, nor hear,that is a God which does not exist. For this cause Allah, has stretched forth his hand against the wicked America to bring her down, even to dust and ashes, a country whose land is full of churches and in them wickedness is practiced beyond words to describe.
    In 1942,Elijah Mohammed colorfully described the American flag as follows:
    The flag you see here is the flag of the white devil. The white that you see, and notice that you don’t see any black any where on it, represents the white race; the red represents the blood that they lose keeping it for the white devil alone, the blue background, the white stars represent justice to the whites, not the red men or the black men but only for the white devils….

    He told his people not to display the flag of the white devil because the flag ment nothing to them but a banner with stars and srtopes and a piece of blue cloth, but the flag of Islam meant their very salvation…

    Lost Tribe of Shabazz

    One of the numerous explanations offered by the Cult for the origin at the American Negroes is that they are members of the Lost Tribe oi Shabazz…

    The women who head the Muslim Girls’ Training and Girls’ Civilization Training are responsible for training the female members of the Cult in domestic duties, and educating them so they will be able to assume intelligently their responsibilities after the civilazion of the white man has been obliterated.

    The room where the meeting is held is generally of the auditorium type and usually has, in the front, a speaker’s rostrum situated on a platform. Behind the rostrum, the flags of the United States and Islam are painted on a blackboard. Above the Stars and Stripes is the word “Christianity”; below, the words “Slavery, Suffering, Death.” Directly beneath the word “Death” is a cross to the left of which is a pitcture of a Nigro hanged from the limb of a tree. Over the flag of Islam, which is composed of a white crescent and star on a field of red, the word “Islam” is printed; beneath the flag are the words “Freedom, Justice, Equality.” Stationed about the room are a series of guards who stand in military fashion at all times and who are relieved every thirty minuites, weather or not an individual is speaking, by other guards after an exchange of military salute.”

  19. No more doubts about Islamic fundamentalism : not a matter of a minority at all,no wonder such cruelties are rife in muslim countries,we are just been allowed the chance to witness it by the shootages, but it has been going on for ages there ! Fatwa on Islam !!!

    • >no wonder such cruelties are rife in muslim countries

      And every day, plane loads of immigrants from these countries keep landing in America.

      Islam has always been openly hostile to western countries, and has made many attempts to invade Europe. In fact, Charles Martel stopped an islamic invasion of Europe in 732 a mere 125 miles from Paris.

      The last islamic invasion of Europe was stopped in Vienna on…you guessed it…..Sept 11, 1683, which is exactly why Osama choose this date to attack the WTC.

      Islam is a backward ideology, and as such muslims have not been able to keep pace with western nations. Just because it lacks the military means to conquer, in no way means they have lost this desire.

      What the west is doing in Europe is nothing short of cultural suicide. What islam has failed to accomplish in 1400 years despite repeated and constant attempts, Europe is giving them on a silver platter, and charging the citizens who point this out with hate speech.

      When muslims marched in the streets of London with signs that read “Europe, prepare for the real holocaust”, they werent kidding. The history of Islam is one of genocide and cultural erasure, and this will happen in Europe. Just because it doesnt happen in a day doesnt mean its not going to happen. If western civilization in Europe survives, it will be in the same situation as Israel today – in constant conflict with muslims around them. In fact, there are already no go zones in France where police can not enter. This is essentially Islamic territory ruled by sharia law, and paid for through welfare by french citizens.

      The exact same process is occurring in the US, and the exact same effect will result.

      Unless something changes, this is the end of western civilization. History is full of civilizations that have been destroyed or otherwise disappeared, so thinking it cant happen to America is delusional arrogance. Not only can it happen, it IS happening right now.

      American politicians are allowing massive immigration to the US while declaring Islam a religion of peace. One of the first things Obama did when elected was run over to Cairo to attempt to appease muslims.

      Muslims dont listen to Obama, they listen to allah, and allah tells them the only way into paradise is to kill and be killed fighting for allah – to spread sharia law world wide.

      At least this is one benefit to being old…I wont live to see it. I just hope the chamberlains get out of the way and a Churchill finds his way into power.

      Because without it, in a couple hundred years, americans will be taught muslims landed on the moon, and no one will have heard of the beatles, bach, picasso, einstien, newton, or any other historic figure from western civilization.

      And after Islam asserts itself in North America, America will languish and fall behind the chinese, just like every other islamic state on the planet. China will be free to take it if it has the assertiveness to do it.

      Yes this is bleak, and contains speculation, but this is also the picture the pieces are painting. There is much that CAN be criticized here, but to a first approximation, this might not be too far off.

      • “Because without it, in a couple hundred years, americans will be taught muslims landed on the moon, and no one will have heard of the beatles, bach, picasso, einstien, newton, or any other historic figure from western civilization.”

        Holy cow, I’d forgotten about this issue, and how Muslims love to erase past history and replace it with their own version of it! (It’s what the Koran is, after all!)

        I hope I do not live to see this either.

      • Hi Jed,, great post…unfortunately there are a lot of Chamberlains, and no Churchills… One man I DO think would have that statesmanship, presence and military savvy is Colonel Alan West…he recognises Islam is the enemy and calls it for what it is . a political agenda( caliphate) under a religious guise.. He could be the very first great African American leader, he is an inspiring speaker, I hope he will be the next POTUS, this time a REAL African American and a true patriot! also he’s NOT a Democrat!!

    • Oh, that makes me feel soooo much better, This is me rolling my eyes,

      Barbarism is barbarism. Against gays or kidnapped Iraqis. It doesn’t matter.

  20. Islam = Irrationality. They kill people for making love with each other, yet they allow people to screw animals. Allow? They condone bestiality. The “learned islamic scholars” have decreed that the animal must be killed after the sex act, but the meat must not be sold to one’s neighbors.

    • I read somewhere, (maybe here,) that something like 50% of all muslim men have their first sexual experience with an animal. Because of the amount of intermarriage, many muslims are mentally deficient. We are dealing with uneducated subhumans with a perverse moral code.

  21. @Anne-Austrailia Janet won’t respond because liberal radicals are also cowards, just like the savage muslims. Their profiles are very similar.

    One group(liberal radicals) pretend the love trees but fight to make sure innocent babies are killed, the other
    (muslim savages) just go ahead & kill everyone through beheading, stoning, raping, pedophilia etc.

    Oh but wait all pedophiles and child molesters are radical lefties, & so are serial killers.

    Love your comments Anne_Austrailia. Keep up the good work.

    Join me everyone jjliberty@twitter aka True Patriot.

    No liberals allowed, or muslims, or Communists, or Obama Zombies. You will be blocked :-)

    • thanks for your kind words, true patriot., I know all here speak from heartfelt convictions, and concern about islam…..would love to join you @jjliberty but I don’t twitter

  22. I have watched this video a few times and these guys are already dead. They don’t move at all except the one leg moves, just drops and when they are pushed in they look like they are stiff. Just like in the movie Untouchables when Sean Connery “Jim Malone” sticks a gun in the guys mouth and pulls the trigger and blows the guys head off..Good PR if you ask me. And it works..Peace to all non-muslims.

    • I’m seen similar such clips where they are clearly NOT dead. Why would anyone make such a clip using dead bodies?

      If I was in that situation and alive, I would fight/run so they would shoot me, rather than being burned alive. I wonder if this is what happened.

      Either way, its clearly religiously motivated, and barbaric.

  23. Anne,

    First, know my post was long-winded…but I wanted to cover as much pertinent information as I could.

    Second, I can’t tell you how many times I have asked these same questions over and over in other posts and other than one fellow who was very bright and stimulating, not one time have I ever had a response…nothing…zip…nodda…S.F.A….

    They have no alternatives to what you said.

    The one time mentioned above; the person just said that he felt Islam will just FADE AWAY!!!
    He was a classic apologist for the bastards and tried to defend their actions by citing historic events from the past. He was rationalizing every thing they do.
    It’s bound to get pretty wierd pretty fast.

    • It just may FADE AWAY, but not before the oil money fueling it dries up, in about a hundred years. On its own, it’s just TOO out of step with modern times. Their deplorable contempt for education is enough to do them in. The koran, alone, is not enough to sustain a civilization. In fact, it’s keeping mohammadans mired a thousand years in the past. Look at the Gypsies. They kept doing things the way they did in the “good old days” until, after WW II, they discovered themselves on the fringes of society. They still haven’t caught up. And mohammadans haven’t a chance of modernizing as long as they consider a caravan raider like mohammad to be their ideal, the “perfect man”.

    • Actually Amboyduke, I found your response not longwinded at all, maybe janet may have tho,,,

      your points were very relevant, but relevance is not a strong point with people like janet, I fear, who have a favorite mantra they apply to EVERY situation whether it would work or not..

      janets favorite mantra is “make love, not war” ..well, I think we would all agree with that, that would be the ideal if everyone stuck to the rules of being humane to each other..no sane person prefers WAR and killing.
      …But Islam cannot be handled in that manner…BECAUSE there is no love for ones fellow man in Islam, there is NO social conscience in Islam , there is no tolerance in Islam, and WAR is prescribed for the followers of Islam.. as is ethnic and religious cleansing !

      so janet must either accept that the non muslim world is forced into defending itself because of the very nature of islam which is AGGRESSIVE
      ( like we were forced to do with the Crusades when Islam was set to invade Europe after butchering its way through the then christian Middle East)

      If janet doesn’t like to accept this reality , then she and her ilk can feel free to opt out of critical thinking, retire to the sidelines to navel gaze while repeating their mantra, while the rest of us realists can get on with the REAL job of defending our lives, our loved ones, our homes, and our country from the 1.2 billion fanatics who claim this cult as their ideal moral code..

    • Thank God! What a “convenient idiot”. People like her are cowards in my eyes. They refuse to look things in the face and call them by their right names. Cowardice. Their only defense is name calling. What idiots.

  24. @ Anne (reply button is not showing)

    Thanks for your points to Akbar. I’m sure he(?) will respond to them as soon as he does to my points.

    Which is to say, never. (Just like Janet.)

      • “Akbar” – it’s Muslim Terror bomber “practice!” Grab your backpack bomb – strap it on and go “test it out.”

        Muslim’s suck – you’re a poser Muslim – most likely an American college student/liberal/retard – so stfu.

        • You’re right, a poseur. Mommy and daddy’s little boy and Che worshiper. Probably a member of the Student Labor Union and a lifetime member of the Karl Marx Fan Club, standing up for his fellow collectivists, Muslim extremists.

          • You’re an elderly obese American with diabetes.

            See? I can lower the debate too. Any chimpanzee or mechanical engineer can too.

    • I responded to Anne today at 10:25 PM, it appears directly before her post, something you haven’t figured out how to do after…how long on this blog? Unlike you, I have the secret knowledge that allows me to respond directly to people even when the “reply” button doesn’t show. If you convert to Islam, I’ll show you how it’s done.

      What a tool. Is this “Mo” person an accurate reflection of this community? If so, all of you can fuck off. :)

  25. I hate how the ‘reply’ button is often not available, as it makes responding to specific people even more difficult.

    This is @ Akbar –

    You’re going to sit there and deny you are comparing Christianity & Islam as being equally violent, when your post is right there for anyone to see otherwise? And after reading all of this to hear you claim you know “too much” about both religions? Laughable!

    And this nonsense:

    “You ain’t superior ’cause your Christian boy, you’re superior because your parents, grandparents, great-grand-parents, and so on overcame the hatred inherent to medieval Christianity,

    What Christian boy? LOL! Who is being superior? YOU are, with this mostly incoherent rant.

    “medieval Christianity which was no better or worse than Islam today.”

    So you’re saying Islam and Christianity are more or less the same? It’s incredible to me how people can bold faced lie, and then in the next breath say (or more accurately, type) the very thing you are denying. Again, all in public for anyone to see!

    3 paragraphs of this, and not once do you provide the evidence I asked for. That’s because you know there is none.


    • Hey dipshit, I’ve been on this blog for an hour and even I know that all you need to do is click on the same “reply” button I clicked on to have your post appear below mine. Don’t talk down to me when you can’t figure out how to use your own community’s blog fool.

      A PSA for Mo: Stop telling people to respond to your posts, you don’t offer anything of intellectual value when you post, you set out no clear thesis, and in lieu of that thesis you ask a bunch of rhetorical questions to evade my point. Shut up.

      • Hey, Akbar, instead of calling a perfect stranger silly names, why don’t you answer my challenge?

        Shut up? What are you, five years old?

        Please answer my challenge. Here, I will repeat it:

        Show me where Christianity (or Judaism, for that matter) has open-ended commands for believers to do violence to unbelievers. Show me where Jews and Christians are committing such acts on a regular basis, all over the world, in accordance with such teachings.

        • Read my posts, I’ve explained it clearly for everyone to see. You weren’t even smart enough to understand the distinction between 1) comparisons between presently practiced Christianity and presently practiced Islam, and 2) the essential nature of Christianity vs. the essential nature of Islam. As to Point 1, yes, Islam as presently practiced is far worse than Christianity from a human rights perspective; as to Point 2, the essential natures of both Christian and Islamic ideologies are the same because they are both religions with inherently violent pretexts to belief: Old Testament in the Christian/Jewish belief, parts of the Koran in the Islamic belief. Now I’m repeating myself, even though you never responded to this distinction in the first place.

          Yeah, I know what you’re doing: you ignored my points and then posted an inane, rambling response right at the top of the page so returning readers will think that I came in here guns-ablazing from moment one. Not the case. I was respectful, you attacked me first, even though you obviously have the brain of a sub-Muslim. Ouch, sucks for you boyle.

          • Christianity is a religion of peace, even though not all christians are peaceful, or follow their religious teachings.

            Islam is a religion of hate and violence, even though not all muslims are violent, or follow their religious teachings.

            Seriously, trying to compare islam and other religions as somehow equal is nothing more than self delusion, or ignorance.

            You claim to be an atheist with a university degree. As someone with a degree, I can tell you one of the most valuable skills you learn in university is the ability to think critically and rationally about a topic.

            If you are really an atheist, you are not “brainwashed” into having an emotional attachment to this religion.

            Yet you exhibit no real critical thinking skills in this debate, and are clearly responding emotionally to whats said.

            Both are hallmarks of an uneducated religious person (no offense intended to religious people).

            Let me respond to one thing you said…

            >comparisons between presently practiced Christianity and presently practiced Islam

            Islam preaches the killing of others, and there have been over 17,000 terrorist attacks by muslims in ~70 countries since 9/11. One of the most recent is muslims rioting and killing people because someone burned a book on the other side of the world.

            This is all I need to know about islam, there can not possibly be any redeeming qualities in this religion to outweigh these evils.

            But this is not all I know about islam. The list of atrocities and horrific teachings from this religion knows no bounds. The fact that not every muslim acts this way is not a redeeming quality, but a mere sign that there is still room for Islam to get worse.

            If you were a person of good faith, you would recognize the harm islam causes and speak out against the barbarity in it, not attempt to whitewash it by trying to claim its ok because others are “just as evil”.

            And finally, you say

            >I am better than you, you know it, I know it, every rational reader knows it. Fuck off cunt.”

            So, you are an intolerant, racist supremacist?

            Jeeze, why doesnt your comment surprise me coming from a muslim?

            At least you arent tryng to justify the genocide of jews, so thats a plus, in a kinda sorta way.

            Have a nice life Mohammad.

          • You people are insane. I’m being called a Muslim even after after you recognized that I said I am atheist? That’s the hallmark of a bigot.

            Shit stays the same. “Communist!” “Muslim!” “Jew!” When uneducated trash is backed into a corner, or made to feel insecure, they lash out at people by accusing them of being the very thing that they despise, even if the person they are accusing has no connection whatsoever to the thing being despised. Bigotry, bigotry, bigotry, and right now, I might have faith that one person here has the ability to see that: Stephen. If he doesn’t, fuck it, consider this my last post. I know enough about critical thinking to take a step back from this blog and notice that I have introduced the most facts, the most history, and the most nuance on this blog. Me. This is another bigoted circle-jerk in the internet without me, so you can fuck off too if you don’t like being told the truth.

          • Christianity today might be a religion of peace, Christianity of 1000 A.D. was not. This is where a person of critical thinking capacity would re-read what I meant when I drew a distinction between presently practiced religions and the essential nature of all religions.

            Seriously, nobody sees this? Nobody sees what’s going on here? Let’s get one thing straight: you morons here pummeling an entire religion and ignoring the shortcomings of your own, you morons are not the reason why the USA is the number one country in the world today. Doctors, engineers, lawyers, educated people — they make America great. You people? You’re just peasants lucky enough to live at the right moment, at the right time, in the right place. If you lived at a different moment, in a different place – like, France in the 11th century? – you’d be calling for holy wars by Christians against infidels. And yet few of you see that.

            And I’m being accused of lacking critical thinking skills? What a hoot.

          • MORE from the refined mind of Ackbar, a muslims son as can be seen from his tolerant speech..lol

            ” fuck it, consider this my last post. I know enough about critical thinking to take a step back from this blog and notice that I have introduced the most facts, the most history, and the most nuance on this blog. Me. This is another bigoted circle-jerk in the internet without me, so you can fuck off too if you don’t like being told the truth.”

            yes , we all bow to your superior intellect, O Ackbar Of the most history, the most facts( according to your one eye)and the most nuuuanced, all hail to Ackbar the Great, your illustrious presence will be our loss….* sniffle*

          • Jed, your post was excellent, but methinks you hit a raw nerve with Ackbar….truth hurts I guess, anyway well said! are you new to this blog? I haven’t seen you comment before now..

          • Akbar Akbar…….Christianity is based on the new testament only. Hence the name Christ ianity. If you actually knew anything about Christianity, I would hope that would be evident.

          • Jed is saying he doesn’t believe you Akbar. Nor do I, but I won’t be so tactful. You are a liar. You do have an emotional reaction to criticism of Islam and you do try to white wash the violent nature of the religion.

            And your thinking IS tortuous, ” if the person they are accusing has no connection whatsoever to the thing being despised” No connection? You claimed in your post to Anne that your father was a Muslim. That is hardly “no connection”.

            You wrote: ” I know enough about critical thinking to take a step back from this blog and notice that I have introduced the most facts, the most history, and the most nuance on this blog.”

            Nuance? There is nothing nuanced about your posts. They are black and white, like being hit with a sledge hammer. And frankly, in addition to a papable anger, what you have introduced into this blog is a malignant form of sophistry.

          • And by the way Akbar, I have an MSME ……

            And there is something seriously wrong with your view of this country.

          • You have an MSME? Wow, that’s a great personal credential in a discussion about the history of religions. Who am I to throw my history degree in the face of a numbers person in a discussion using words to explain history? lol

          • But I think I’ll do it anyway: I have a history degree, I’ve studied what we’re talking about, you have a mechanical degree, you’ve studied things that go vroom vroom and that’s the limit of your vocabulary. Who the fuck are you to tell me how to choose my words, how to view the history of Christianity, or the the history of this country?

            Calling me a liar? Poor form. Chaining me to my parent’s beliefs? Beyond hypocritical, malicious even. Ignoring my even-handed and proportionate negative assessments of Christianity and Islam? Dishonest. You’re the liar cunt, go fuck yourself too.

          • Akbar:

            You seem to have forgotten your own posts…but given that it’s been a while, perhaps you should review them…..

            I believe it was your fifteenth rant…….

          • “using words to explain history?” What the hell is that supposed to mean. Are you suggesting that a degree in history is necessary to know the words needed to explain history?

            You really are a deluded, pompous ass.

            You got your little BA and now you think you’re a genius………?

            Considering what I’ve read of your posts, I would suggest that you are in dire need of a vocabulary.
            You seem to find it impossible to express yourself without resorting to coarse, puerile euphemisms

          • Hey moron, I’m not “suggesting” anything, I’m stating the facts: my education emphasized using writing and critical reasoning skills to express an informed opinion about history, this thread is about history, history expressed through words. This thread is not about differential equations or combustion engines, so who the fuck are you to thrust your engineering credentials in my face when an engineering education has absolutely nothing to do with the topic of this forum discussion? Do economists rebut the opinions of psychologists when discussing psychological depression? Do psychologists rebut economists when discussing economic depression? Do you or don’t you have the capacity to be a rational human being?

            If so, then take it from me: your admonishment counts for dick in my book, so save the bluster, ok? I don’t know who hurt you, but it wasn’t me honey. You got issues.

          • Your ignorance and stupidity is so profound as to be pathological.

            Mommy and Daddy must be proud……….

            I know this might have escaped that gibbering mind of yours, but there are some things that engineers can do that history hacks can’t even imagine. Particularly when those engineers have double majors. Gee, I wonder what other science I might have been interested in?

            Perhaps one day you’ll regret being an obscene bore, but it will probably take something
            dramatic and painful.

            And by the way, Katherine Llewellyn is not my real name. That’s the funny thing about these blogs, you never really know who you’re talking to.

            ta ta dumbass

          • Well there you go. I don’t hide behind internet anonymity by creating a false handle and misleading others, I don’t feel the need that you feel to live in two worlds, one in which you’re Katherine Llewellyn the engineering double-major telling a history student how to study history and the other in which you’re whichever meek, faceless person you happen to be.

            I like how you’re trying to qualify your superior attitude towards me by injecting the same useless bombast and florid speech that you criticized me for using. You have the self-awareness of a fungus.

      • Well atleast akbar confirms in his posts that at some point christianity was the same like 1000 years ago. All that islamic nonsens is just a trip back into time. They are still stuck at were the christians were over 1000 years ago. Get real all this bullshit will be over when they realise they are total tards who live 1000 years back into time LoL.

  26. ” I’m a graduate of the University of Southern California, B.A. in History, Cum Laude. I’m a law school student in Los Angeles. I’m descended from a Muslim father who is now deist. I myself am an atheist.
    I’m pretty secure in one fact: in 23 years, I’ve gone further than a fat Australian paleface who was probably shagged by a Mooselim who never called her back. If this sounds like an irrational conclusion to you, then suck it up bitch, you just arrived at half-a-dozen conclusions about me that aren’t true. How does it feel?
    You can keep your little community of bigots and dumbasses. You all can continue to bitch, I’ll use my law degree and my college education at a world-class institution to prove to the world that even a Muslim’s son can live amongst bastards and racists like you. I am better than you, you know it, I know it, every rational reader knows it. Fuck off cunt.”

    Dear Ackbar,
    you have proven you have NO education, you are only a foul mouthed muslim typical of the bigotted types we meet every day…you were brought up a muslim, that is why you have so much hate in you and disregard for the dignity of the humanity””” yeah, sure , I can claim I’m a doctor of philosophy, that I have a Masters in Law, and Economics….it doesn’t make it so!! and you prove you are uneducated, and you know how I can tell?? Educated persons do not make RACIST statements against white, black or any other ethnicity..they also do not use gutter language, you have indulged in both ,,, so your claims are just that ….what a total wanker. you are .BTW, wanker is a very respectable term, as it is what muslims do a lot of , so that makes it acceptable * snigger * snort gosh this is fun! lol

    “Christians executed homosexuals at one point in time. WOOSH! Feel that? That’s my point passing over your sloped forehead.” ….( loving your islamic scimitar practising your beheading skills, Ackbar. “.you can take the boy out of Islam but you can’t take islam out of the boy” )

    . Woosh,,, feel that going past?? Ackbar?? thats ME flinging that pile of BS back at you, it was lying there in a huge smelly pile on the ground so I shovelled it up with a BIG shovel and flung it back at you….suck it up, dear Ackbar, it will go well with the camel piss your prophet said is SOO good for you…
    wow, what a smorgasbord of good food you are having tonight …enjoy brother, enjoy!

      • thats true .. Mo, but you have to admit he’s pretty amusing, all the waffle about a SUPERIOR education by such a SUPERIOR being, a ‘ muslims son.’ ..what a hoot!..these knuckledragging muslims have a real problem with grandiose ideas of their own importance and their superiority….that is the first tell tale sign of a psychopath, and Islam was founded by a psychopath…all fits . doesn’t it….

        • True on all counts! I only wish he’d been open about being a Muslim to start off with.

          I’ve noticed that, though. So many of these Muslims are so foul-mouthed. That’s what they think their god wants? They are supposedly so religious but have no problems calling perfect strangers the most obscene names – even when the other person has not done anything of the like to them.

          If nothing else, it’s good to have this out in the open. Anyone reading can see for themselves how each side behaves.

        • Christianity was founded by a man who thought he could talk to God. Nothing insane about that, right?!

          ……..pfffft BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA! And you think you have the right to wag your fat-finger at Mohammedans? lol

          • And Islam was founded by a guy who could only talk to an angel…. Not important enough to talk to the big guy?

          • Jesus didn’t claim to talk to God, he claimed he was the son of God.

            And the merchant Mohammed went into a cave and came out a prophet.

    • Note to Anne from Australia: Nice day’s work! You handled that ignorant foul mouthed Akbar very well. And you’re absolutely right. Intelligent people have no need to interject profanity in every sentence. Sometimes profanity is well used to emphasize a point. Other times, it’s just that, profanity. Kudos again on a job well done.

      • Thank you Sara….I have met many Ackbars on blogs with false claims of superiority, trying to denigrate you with racist and sexual slurs…and every one of them has a superior education, is a nuclear scientist, has a Phd, with 50 letters after their name…..its all in a days work exposing the little men they really are..
        Btw , I enjoy your blogs too, very informed..

    • Interesting that Akbar stated “I am descended from a Muslim father, who is now a deist.” Rather than, I am the son of a Muslim father, who is now a deist.

      And later he says “prove to the world that even a Muslim’s son can live”, I thought he said his father had become a deist……..

      Additionally, someone should tell him that lawyers are a dime a dozen. And with the monstrous chip he wears on his shoulder and what appears to be a very limited vocabulary (given the amount of pejoratives he found necessary to express himself) I would say that his chances for employment are not very good.

      And by the way, Akbar, I’m a rational reader and I don’t think you’re better than anyone, especially after you called a woman a cunt.

      I don’t know what you said to him Anne, but it appears ol’ Akbar’s got his knickers in a serious twist.

      Hats off to you Anne

      • No, ditch-diggers and dependent old women are a dime-a-dozen. Don’t get real with me baby cakes, I don’t want to break your spirit.

        • Aw, look, everyone! Akbar is back!

          Let’s what you have this time. More obscene name calling? Incoherent blatherings? Falsely comparing Islam with Christianity?

          I love watching people like you spew their hatred and ignorance in public for the world to see.

          • You coward. You had nothing to say for three weeks and now you’re demanding a response from me?

            I get an email from this shitty site whenever someone posts, even if it’s some crazy bitch who responds to posts made a month in the past.

        • Your other comment made me literally laugh out loud! See? Hatred, name calling and profanity – exactly what I predicted. That’s all you have. Thanks for doing it in public for everyone here to see what a hate filled person you are. Didn’t you claim to be a Muslim? I can’t recall now.

          I do give you credit for trying to make it look like I’m the one who ignored you, instead of the other way around.

          Did you find those open ended commands from the New or Old Testament that instruct Jewish or Christian believers to commit violence against unbelievers? No? Maybe you need more time?

          Thanks for the laugh!

        • In this country lawyers ARE a dime a dozen. And history majors have a hard time finding work at McDonalds.

          And my spirit will be just fine, thank you…

          • If your spirit were fine, you wouldn’t be reaching into a month-old topic to respond to me.

            Mechanical engineers get paid the same as industrial engineers, you belong to the dance class of engineers. What’s the matter bitch, couldn’t handle the electrical and chemical math? lol

            We were talking about history throughout this forum topic. When I want to build a car engine, I’ll go to a blog about car engines, where you can help me out. Here, you have the ethos of a nobody, which is what you obviously are.

        • Once again, Akbar has no idea what he’s talking about. I believe he would refer to it as “talking out of his ass.”

          He knows absolutely zero about engineers, mechanical or otherwise. And his attempt at goading is not working.

          So, let’s get back to that tiny little BA, that he flouts like it’s gold. Or maybe we can discuss his need to pass himself off as a Muslim…………………

          Or maybe we can discuss why his male ego is so withered and feeble that he needs refer to women as bitches and cunts.

          • MY attempt at goading? How about your attempt at goading you ignoramus? You’ve attacked me ego, heritage, integrity, education, critical thinking capacity, vocabulary while offering nary an observation about the substantive, material discussion about Islam that I was leading.

            You would never speak to my face like this, I wouldn’t think twice about calling you a cunt to your face. Because I do have integrity, I do speak with a flavor of reasoned self-consciousness, and I know when insults are justified. Fuck. You. Cunt. You’re here to shame me for being the son of a Muslim, I don’t appreciate it and I have actually allowed myself to become offended by one of you bigots.

      • Katherine , thanks, but really all I did was show Akbar up as the woman hating , foul mouthed muslim bigot he is , allahblessed with a brain of miniature proportions…of course his over inflated ego went into shock mode to have a mere walking awrat put him in his place…inshalla’ ke’bab, allah be braised, oink, snort…( I’m having such fun with Akbar)

  27. Homosexuality IS wrong and a discusting and pointless act our reproductive organs are for recreation of life !!! Something same sec couples are in capable of !!!!!!

    • But not SOLELY for creating life. They are a marvelous source of recreation, giving individuals great physical pleasure, even if they are sterile. And have you ever tasted properly cooked Mountain Oysters? Yum!

    • If couples are just to have sex to reproduce, then what about birth control? What about priests who don’t have sex at all.

      Every time I read a statement like this one, i know I am responding to someone who doesn’t read, who thinks that this is the only “sin” worth persecuting, leaving out liars, adulterers, thieves, etc.

      Science has proven that it is genetic, not a choice. Give up these false ideas just as all have given up many other prohibitions in the Bible…do you wear clothing made of two different cloths (forbidden)? Do you (or your wife if you are male) cut her hair, wear makeup? Do you sacrifice your firstborn?

      I know you are going to jump on that last one saying it was only the pagan gods who requjired that, but then God did also, didn’t He?

      • For God so loved the World, that He gave His only begotton Son, that whosoever believes on Him should have ever lasting life. John3:16 KJV
        This God did for us o have salvation, Praise Him for that sacrifice. For I am a sinner saved by His grace.

        • And God so loved mankind that he gave us this wonderful thing called “sex” as a source of pleasure. Had it not been meant for pleasure, we’d be like the animals. We’d go into heat instead of having a sex drive that doesn’t diminish in healthy individuals. Of course it can diminish with medical conditions. Most of which we suffer at one time or another.

          • Also…
            “For God so loved the world he did not send a committee”

            (I can’t stand committees…they never seem to get anything accomplished…)

      • Nancy:
        I hate to burst your bubble, but science has NOT proven that homosexuality is genetic. I believe what you are referring to is the homosexual scientist who (about 6 or 7 years ago) claimed he found the homosexual gene. This was proven to be false. The gene was also found in heterosexual males. Unfortunately, the media deluged the public with the first story and buried the second.

        The beginning and much of the middle part of your post is so poorly written and confusing that I don’t know what you’re trying to say.

        In reference to those parts that I do understand, I can only say, haven’t you ever heard of the New Testament? And for your edification, Abraham was only man in the Bible that was asked to sacrifice his son, and it was a test of faith. No sacrifice was ever expected.

        You are quite confused and perhaps should do a lot more reading yourself.

        But what really amazes me about you is the fact that this video shows three men being burned alive in the name of Islam, and yet it seems to be Christians that you have a problem with……

        How demented are you?

    • As a straight person I support every person’s right to be gay or straight. And specially I support ANYTHING that muzzies oppose.

  28. HA HA HA laughing out loud. Who are these muslims trying to fool? Arabs and pathans (the guys from afghanistan) are the biggest homosexuals in the world. Riyadh in saudi arabia can classify as the gay capital of the world. With the restrictions on intermingling of sexes, cant blame them though.

    The pathans, from the af-pak region actually use women for procreation and men for recreation. They practise what is called “bachhabazi” sodomy in plain english. Even the british and US army soldiers were hit upon by these pathans, ( the most brainless people in the world.) these idiots actually wear lipstick and paint their finger nails to act as seduction tools.

    • Haha, a protip for you non-Hindu bigots: Hindu extremists are just as bad, if not worse, than Muslim extremists. Pot, meet kettle: you’re both batshit insane.

        • Absolutely. Muslims have been “converting” at sword point ever since that misogynistic pedophile told them to all those centuries ago. They’ve never stopped. Just find new and more sadistic ways to kill “infidels” and repress women.

        • hindu militant: Well sir, I’ll give you that. My personal feelings as to the partition of India is that Mohammed Ali Jinnah refused to cooperate with Gandhi and Nehru at one of India’s most seminal moments. Instead, Jinnah sought power of his own, and to that end he stoked the rage of Muslims. The result was the partition of India and decades of ill-will.

          But if you think that the violence of 1948 was one-sided, my Hindu friend, you’re just as delusional as the Christians on this blog. I say that with respect.

  29. Muslims fought alongside with Nazis during WWII. And they are still carrying out the Nazi agenda. Extermination of Jews, homosexuals and anyone who disagrees with them.

    Appeasing Muslims will have the same results that Chamberlain had appeasing Nazis.

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  33. creeping shariah and other inflamatory outbursts.

    Most of you are ignorant gandoo’s who know nothing about everything and yet think by shouting your useless mouths off – you prove something.

    If you lack any real knowledge about Islam or life – or are just another holier than thou hypocrite besmirching and mouthing off against other ethnicity’s – go and spend the rest of your miserable lives fasting in the desert until you whither up and die …


    • @ owen_mshengu_sharif

      LOL! How I love the internet. People can spew off their incoherent, ignorant, illiterate nonsense for the world to see!

      Here’s a hint. Instead of this blathering mess of insults and perceived victimhood, how about speaking out against the behavior of your co-religionists? But nope, not a word on that.

      Well done!

    • Hi sharif, isn’t it you and Ackbar who belong to the desert, like your prophet?
      we know much about Islam, we see its bloodsoaked daggers raised in every part of the world.
      when we look at islam, nothing speaks louder than ACTIONS…your words are cheap, but actions of muslims reveal the evil bestiality that is islam, just look at Sudan, Nigeria,Kenya,etc..
      you also are evil because you are an apologist for islam…and your satanic god allah…
      in’sha’ állah…you will all answer for your crimes one day…be assured of that!

    • sharif is as dumb as a bucket of rocks , I quote him: “hypocrite besmirching and mouthing off against other ethnicity’s”
      O dumb one. .. Islam is not a “race” or “ethnicity” ..
      Just as Christianity is not a race or ethnicity,
      BECAUSE both islam and Christianity exist in every country and race in the world!!
      Christianity isn’t a “race ” either!
      Islam and Christianity are just a set of religious ideas, and so to pull the race card shows how ignorant sharif is…but thats muslims for ya!! all dumb and they all shout racism when we question islam to try and shut us up… must be awful to have to defend filthy ungodly scum like muslims
      And sharif we know all there is to know about islam and you should be ashamed to be a muslim belonging to the most racist cruel, sadistic murderous cult in the world…Islam is the Beast religion of the endtimes..be sure of that sharif, and my prayer is that God torment you in your mind until you turn away from this evil .. It must be awful to have GOD as your enemy.. good luck with that!..

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  36. (What follows is what I saw while webbing!)


    Here are Bible verses Barack Hussein Obama doesn’t like to think about:
    Proverbs 19:10 (NIV): “It is not fitting for a fool to live in luxury – how much worse for a slave to rule over princes!”
    Also Proverbs 30:22 (NIV) which says that the earth cannot bear up under “a servant who becomes king.”
    And Ecclesiastes 5:2-3 (KJV) advises: “let thy words be few…a fool’s voice is known by multitude of words.”
    Although Obama is not descended from slaves, he may feel that he’s destined to become a black-slavery avenger.
    Or maybe an enslaver of all free citizens!
    For some stunning info on Pres. Obama and his fellow subversives, Google “Michelle Obama’s Allah-day,” “Obama Supports Public Depravity,” “David Letterman’s Hate Etc.,” “Un-Americans Fight Franklin Graham” and also “Sandra Bernhard, Larry David, Kathy Griffin, Bill Maher, Joan Rivers, Sarah Silverman.” Also Google “Prof. F. N. Lee’s ISLAM IN THE BIBLE [PDF].”
    PS – Since Christians are commanded to ask God to send severe judgment on persons who commit and support the worst forms of evil (see I Cor. 5 and note “taken away”), Christians everywhere should constantly pray that the Lord will soon “take away” or at least overthrow all US leaders who continue to sear their conscience and arrogantly trample the God-given rights of the majority including the rights of the unborn. Do we need a second American Revolution?
    PPS – For a rare look at the 181-year-old endtime belief which has long neutralized millions of American patriots by promising them an “imminent rapture” off earth – which has diverted them away from being prepared to stand against all enemies, domestic as well as foreign – Google “Pretrib Rapture Dishonesty,” “Pretrib Rapture Diehards,” “Edward Irving is Unnerving,” “Pretrib Rapture Secrecy,” and “Pretrib Rapture – Hidden Facts” – all by the author of the bestselling nonfiction book “The Rapture Plot” (the most accurate documentation on the pretrib rapture’s long hidden birth in Britain in 1830 – see Armageddon Books). Also Google “Stamping Out Harold Camping.”

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  39. Where are we heading to? this world is taking step to a ignorant and unpleasent direction weather muslim or non-muslim. gay or lesbo , we the inferior have no option to commit such immortal act. GOD Guide us to a world of peace and love.

  40. this is insane how you burn a human being alive??? just for being gay? gay or not theyre still humans, them heartless and ignorant bastards who can burn human alive are the ones who will go to hell.

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  42. Nossa como é triste ver uma coisa dessas. É lamentável que a raça humana continue tão ignorante como antes !
    Esses rapazes são seres humanos, e são como qualquer um!!
    Eu achei isso uma falta de humanidade, É por isso que esse país nunca sai da merda.

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  44. If it is God’s will, let the gays be burnt. I do not support this, but God has chosen the Muslims to burn the gays. God knows why. Because gays are evil people.

  45. If the gays were evil with me. They should pay what they have done unto me. No escape. They do not know who I am. I will not hear their cries nor I will support them in the days of trails. I will be happy when the gays beg and cry unto God, that neither God will hear them for having rejected me. The gays never liked me. I hope they burn in hell, too.

    • Islam is a religion that teaches hate. Why? Because its founder was a warlord and child rapist. That is pretty hateful, don’t you think.

      Therefore, those who follow the religion (properly) and its founder, hate.

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  47. This is a solution for Immorality , thats not being savage , this is reality ! Please accept , improvement of people and perfect system can be only with this reality of Sharia system…for economic system too..for happiness of life and afterlife , be muslim…turn your head to europe or usa , immorality is everywhere , there are millions of alcholic and sex and drug addicted…little girls getting pregrant in early age ! you cannot stop islam with the lies and attacks…see the spreading of Islam in the west….Islam is reality ! Not a medieval system !

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  51. It is absolutely permissible to punish by burning. I’ve been questioned among the great experts, and the punishment of burning homosexuals is still being carried out today, just secretly. But I would never burn or kill anyone. It is my belief that life is a gift from God, and no one has the right to take it away.

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